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Weekend Link Love — Edition 509

Research of the Week
Medium chain triglycerides increase ketones and brain energy metabolism in Alzheimer’s patients.

Got treatment-resistant cluster headaches? Try going keto for three months.

Prestige boosts testosterone in men.

Creatine improves cognition in healthy people.

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Weekend Link Love — Edition 508

Research of the Week
Bigger waists, lower vitamin D.

People with severe mental illnesses are more likely than the general population to have diabetes or pre-diabetes.

Broccoli sprouts improve symptoms in kids with autism.

Gene-editing with CRISPR might cause cancer.

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Weekend Link Love — Edition 507

Research of the Week
Removing your tonsils is associated with more infectious, respiratory, and allergic diseases across your lifetime. Having them removed by a trained professional isn’t much better.

Researchers recommend easing up on psilocybin restrictions.

Smoking one plant may help addicts stop smoking another.

Kids with ADHD or autism are more likely to have food allergies.

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Weekend Link Love — Edition 506

Research of the Week
Spin classes: good for your fitness, bad for your ears.

Merging academics with physical activity boosts both without sacrificing either.

In older adults, “negative wealth shocks” increase all-cause mortality.

A packed schedule kills productivity.

Keto-related changes to the gut biome mediate the reduction in seizure activity.

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Weekend Link Love — Edition 505

Research of the Week
Mice with breast cancer who do yoga (there’s a visual) have smaller tumors.

Chess grandmasters enjoy longer lives, just like elite athletes.

Throwing could be primarily a male adaptation.

More and more kids are overusing ADHD drugs.

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Weekend Link Love — Edition 504

Research of the Week
Healthy food rules at home stick outside of the home.

CBD (marijuana compound that doesn’t get you high) reduces seizures.

Smart people’s neurons have fewer connections.

People who live in small towns and rural areas are happiest, at least in Canada.
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Episode 245: Wayne Levine: Host Elle Russ chats with Wayne Levine, who coaches men and helps them become the best fathers, leaders, husbands, and authentic human beings they can be.

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Interesting Blog Posts
What’s the most vegan item in the supermarket?

Interesting research findings regarding the psychology of combat sports.
Media, Schmedia
Get ready for drug-resistant fungal infections.
Everything Else
This explains why ancient European hunter-gatherers never got around to planting things.

Back when China regulated that every apartment receive at least one hour of sunlight per day.
Things I’m Up to and Interested In
I can see this being a kitschy product or gag gift available in the next ten years: Miniature (living) neanderthal brains in jars.

I have to wonder: Did he get to choose which one he got?

I’m curious: Does the same thing happen in other species?

I wasn’t expecting this: People with more extreme political views are happier (and have more sex).

I’m sadly not surprised: Even the world’s remotest ocean has microplastics.
Recipe Corner

Instant Pot oxtail stew. No Instant Pot? You can still do it, but it won’t be so instant.
Perfect steak in a cast iron (plus how to care for the iron).

Time Capsule
One year ago (May 13– May 19)

How Your Oral Biome Influences Your Overall Health – It’s way more than just the teeth.
7 Reasons to Love Wheat – Give it up for the greatest grain of all.

Comment of the Week
“I am very proud of myself, through many years of self-reflection and meditation I’m sure I have the least Ego of anyone … possible ever. #myEgoIsLessThanYours”

– Exactly, HealthyHombre.

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Dear Mark: More Coffee Questions (plus a Vegan Vitamin Addition)

For today’s edition of Dear Mark, I’m answering five questions about coffee and one about vegan vitamins. First, was I wrong about Aeropress? Second, what’s my take on CA’s move to put a cancer warning on coffee? Third, is aluminum in coffee makers a problem? Fourth, how does instant coffee stack up? Fifth, how can a person figure out if mold toxins in coffee beans are causing “caffeine jitters”? And finally, are there any other vitamins I’d add to my recommendations for vegan keto dieters?

Let’s go:

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Weekend Link Love — Edition 503

Research of the Week
Intermittent fasting lowers oxidative stress and improves insulin sensitivity even without weight loss in men.

Lower microbiome diversity, more arterial hardening.

Deadlifts, not statins.

Keto is anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant, and this could help fight neurodegeneration.

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Weekend Link Love — Edition 502

Research of the Week
Someone was butchering rhinoceros in the Philippines 700,000 years ago.

A study finds that Koreans tend to prefer harder rice and Americans prefer softer rice. It’d be interesting to gauge the nature/nurture influence by looking at the preferences of Korean-Americans and biracial children of Korean and American parents.

Compared to those raised in rural settings with animals around, young healthy adults raised in urban settings without animals exhibit an exaggerated immune response to social stress and take longer to quell to resultant inflammation.

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Weekend Link Love — Edition 501

The fiber content of control diets in mouse studies often throws off the results.

Dark chocolate reduces stress and inflammation, improves mood and cognitive function. In humans.

The probiotic L. rhamnosus GG protects mouse livers against acetaminophen damage.

Baking soda could protect against autoimmune disease.

A novel form of CoQ10 designed to target mitochondria makes blood vessels appear and act younger.

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