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Summer Survival Tips

Last week, I discussed winter survival tips and gear. That’s what most people mean when they talk about survival situations: staying alive in harsh snowy conditions. But there’s also summer survival. What do you do against the heat? If winter survival is all about maintaining body heat, keeping metabolic rate high, increasing both true temperature and the “feeling” of being warm, what is warm weather survival about?

There are a few primary things you need to take into account when dealing with warm weather survival:

Staying hydrated.
Avoiding excess sun exposure.
Staying cool during the day (and warm at night).
Staying fed.
Tending to wounds and injuries.

In other words, you need to focus on the bottom two levels of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs: food, shelter, water, warmth, security, and safety.

These tips and this gear don’t just apply to full-on warm weather survival situations. They also apply to “simulated” warm weather survival situations—camping, hiking, backpacking. Any time you’ll be out in the heat for more than a few hours, paying attention to all these basic requirements will help you have an enjoyable and safe journey.

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