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The Annual Primal Blueprint 21-Day Challenge Begins Next Week! (and Here’s How to Prepare)

Happy 2016, everybody! I hope each of you had a spectacular holiday season, chock full of laughter, community, and a few primal treats to drum up happy stomachs and warm comradery. Now, with January 1st just behind us, it’s time to make the changes and commitments we all need to set the foundation for an exceptionally joyful 2016. With a new year comes new goals, which is why our team is ready to announce our favorite, much anticipated goal achieving event of the season: The Primal Blueprint 21-Day Challenge! This year’s challenge will run from Jan 11th-31st, and we have quite the lineup of contests, prizes, and all around fun activities planned for everyone who wants to participate.

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Take the 1000 Day Challenge!

First off: This isn’t the start of a new longer-term Primal Challenge. 1000 days would be fun, but I’m pretty sure we’d run out of ideas — and sponsors. Apologies to everyone out there chomping at the bit for a few years straight of new contests and prizes. You’d get sick of it yourself; trust me. Plus, that shorter 21-day Primal challenge format works because it’s the perfect way to quickly kickstart real change, disrupt bad habits and establish new ones. Today’s challenge concerns long, lasting, sustained, momentous change that happens over a greater timescale.

Let’s try a thought experiment.

Think about 1000 days. Try to picture it. It’s a long time, isn’t it? Almost three years. A lot can happen in 1000 days. Why, in 1000 days, a person could accomplish any number of things:

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Contest: Bacon Bonanza

The Prize:

A Bacon Bonanza prize package from U.S. Wellness which is comprised of all this bacony goodness:

Sugar Free Beef Bacon
Sugar Free Beef Bacon Tips
Sugar Free Pork Bacon
Sugar Free Pork Bacon Ends
Canadian Bacon Slices
Canadian Bacon Ends

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What Is the Point of Your 21-Day Challenge? (Plus a Contest)

Last week I kicked things off by saying it was time to make this 21-Day Challenge personal. In other words, I asked, what were you done with? What behaviors, conditions or trajectories were you ready to jettison to welcome a healthier, more vital life? I think it’s always critical to identify what isn’t working for us at any given time. When we’re clear on what doesn’t fit our intentions for our lives, we can cleanly let go and move forward.

That said, I don’t believe change itself comes from negative assessments, and I appreciated readers’ comments last week that affirmed the power of positive language. The fact is, when you come at anything in life from a mental place of lack – diminished self-esteem, low expectations, small thinking, little self-worth, fearful scarcity, poor confidence – you’re setting yourself up for a meager win if not outright failure. In that regard, it’s a question of efficacy. If you don’t see yourself as a cause worthy of investment, if you don’t believe in your inherent power, if you hedge your bets out of cynicism or anxiety, you’re cutting off your endeavor at the knees – right from the start.

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Contest: Prizes for Your Thoughts

The Prize:

Squatty Potty – You think Grok took a seat on a porcelain throne when nature called? Of course not! Toilets are modern inventions. Grok squatted, and so should you. Why? Well, squatting opens up the colon for fast and easy elimination, which is said to relieve constipation, straining issues, hemorrhoids, bloating and more. But what are we to do? Is it time for all-out bathroom renovations? No, there’s a simpler solution, and that’s where Squatty Potty comes to the rescue. Watch the video below to learn what a Squatty Potty is and win one today by participating in this contest!

The first 15 participants of this contest will get a free Squatty Slim. Retail Value: $50 each.

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Contest: Share Your Success Story

The Prize:

Nick’s Sticks – Need a Primal snack? Like your beef grass-fed? Nick’s got you covered on both counts with his Grass-Fed Beef Sticks. His Snack Sticks are made with 100% grass-fed beef or free-range turkey and seasoned with Redmond organic salt. The lucky winner of these delicious treats will receive one 25-pack (2 sticks per pack) of beef sticks and one 25-pack of turkey sticks. Total retail value: $150.

BONUS: Use coupon code MDACHALLENGE at checkout for 10% off any order of Nick’s Sticks.

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Contest: Grocery Time

The Prize:

Fresh Fish! – Courtesy of Wild Pacific Salmon, the winner of today’s contest will receive 2 lbs of their choice of fresh-frozen fish overnighted to their door. Take your pick from Alaskan Halibut, Alaskan Pacific Cod, Steelhead Trout, or my favorite, one of the Alaskan Salmon choices. Salmon freaks out there know what a treat this is; and for any non-salmon freaks out there, prepare to be freaked, salmon style. Retail value: $100.

BONUS: Use ALASKA when ordering from wildpacificsalmon.com to receive a $10 discount on an order of 10 lbs or more.

Pure Indian Foods Ghee – According to PIF, they provide the only 100% organic ghee available in the market that has been made using the milk of pastured cows grazing on rapidly growing green grass in spring and fall only, when their milk is most nutritious. As a testament to their success, Pure Indian Foods family just completed 125 years in the ghee business!

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Contest: Make a Primal Blueprint Workout Video

The Prize:

Square36 Workout Mats – As the Square36 website says, “Do you ever wish you had a bit more space to fully extend and maximize your workout without feeling confined? Now you can with Square36, the world’s 1st oversized workout mat.” That about sums it up. This exercise mat is 6′ x 6′ and is 6 mm thick – thicker than most yoga/workout mats. With the Square36 mat you can easily convert your living room into a workout studio. Just unroll it and you’re set. It’s also great for couples yoga or as a play mat for children.

If you’re the winner of this contest you’ll not only get the Square36 STRETCH Oversized Yoga Mat (retail value: $99.99), but you’ll also receive the brand new Square36 CARDIO Mat (retail value: $159.99).

Rad Roller All-In Kit (All Five RAD Tools) – Massage. Release. Transform. That’s RadRoller’s slogan. If you’re a regular MDA reader you know I emphasize thoracic spine mobility and the importance or regularly rolling things out. Tight, knotted bundles of muscle fiber and fascia accumulate from bad posture, muscle imbalances, excessive sitting, and improper movement patterns. These knots harm us. They reduce performance. They promote bad form and joint degeneration. They need to be eradicated. That’s where RadRoller comes in. They help take care of those nasty knots.

A single RAD tool is great. A couple (or trio…or quartet…or full set) of RAD tools is even better, and RAD Roller’s power-packed kits serve up the best match-ups you can buy. From muscle flushing to trigger point release, spinal alignment to relaxing massage, RAD knows how to treat a body right from head to toe. Learn more about the comprehensive body benefits of RAD massage and release tools and experience relief in motion for yourself.

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The 2015 Primal Blueprint 21-Day Challenge Begins Now

If you want to lose weight, gain muscle, reduce stress, increase energy or just generally look and feel healthier you’ve come to the right place. Oh, and you can win lots of cool Primal gear, too. That’s right, it’s the annual Primal Blueprint 21-Day Challenge!

Before we get to all the details, let’s kick things off with a simple contest. Click on over to this page and register for the free Primal Blueprint 21-Day Challenge in the Vimify app. That’s it! I’ll explain more about the app below, but rest assured that you’ll be entered to win a $100 gift certificate to PrimalBlueprint.com if you register for free.

This contest ends at 8 pm PST tonight, January 12. A winner will be selected at random and everyone around the world is eligible, including people that registered before today.

Now, on to the challenge details…

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Contest: Make a Primal Blueprint Recipe Video

I announced this contest last week to give you a little extra time to work on it. And I’m publishing it again today just in case you missed it in last week’s post.

Per annual tradition, once again it’s time to make some delicious Primal dishes. But first…

The Prize:

US Wellness has long been a favorite meat spot for MDA readers. Several years ago they donated pemmican and the popular 5 gallon bucket of fat. The last few years they’ve gone whole hog. And by hog, I mean cow. And they’re doing it again this year. US Wellness has generously offered up a cow to the winners of this contest.

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