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Contest Results: Primal Lunch Pics

Last week I asked you to send in snapshots of your Primal lunches. And just as you did with your breakfast pics you emailed me over 100 fantastic photos! I’ve included them below. (Click on the thumbnails for full size versions.)

This blog post stands to represent a sample of what modern Groks all around the world are chowing. As you’ll see, as long as you stick with clean meats, veggies and fruits it’s pretty tough to go wrong.

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Aromatic Vegetables with Savory Flank Steak

Zucchini, eggplant, onions and bell peppers are in the summer spotlight at the farmers’ market. With so many of these vegetables available, we are always looking for new ways to use them.

The following recipe adapts the traditional ratatouille, and instead of tomatoes includes a delicious marinated flank steak. It’s a pleasant shift from the usual salad or plate of steamed broccoli to go with your dinnertime filet of salmon or other meat. The zucchini and eggplant comes out of the skillet slightly wilted but chunky, its flavors and herbs full of the marinade and juices from the beef.

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Moroccan Chicken Casserole

We all know the saying: variety is the spice of life.

Everyone craves variety on some level, especially when it comes to what we’re eating. What is the easiest way to add variety to your meals? Turn that phrase around and you’ll have the answer: Spice is the variety of life in the kitchen.

Take a look at your spice rack. Salt, pepper, maybe some dried oregano. How about paprika and cinnamon? What about cumin, turmeric, or coriander? These aromatic seasonings can enhance anything you’re cooking. If you’re overwhelmed by all the options in the spice aisle, consider using a spice blend such as curry powder, Cajun rub or Chinese five spice. A tablespoon or less sprinkled over meat before you cook it will add a whole new dimension of flavor. If you’re feeling adventurous, buy a bunch of different spices and play around with combinations.

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Contest: Kettlebellin’ like Magellan

The Prize:

A kettlebell! You know it’s Primal. You know I like ’em. Time to get one. GoFit makes an assortment of heavy Primal objects, and their colorful kettlebells top the list. The winner will receive his/her choice of kettlebell (between 7 and 45lbs). If you don’t win, you can grab your own at GoFit.net. And if you’ve already have a kettlebell, GoFit makes some tricked out pull up bars, medicine balls, and weight vests.

The Contest:

This one is super simple. Sign up for the newsletter. That’s it. If you sign up, you’re entered to win. How do you sign up? Enter your (real) email address in the field under “Weekly Newsletter” at the top of the column to the right. Click “Subscribe” and you’re done.

And if you’ve already signed up for the newsletter, you’re already entered to win; you don’t have to do a thing!

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Primal Quotable Quips

It’s hard to go anywhere in the nutritional blogosphere without happening across that ubiquitous Michael Pollan quote being bandied about: “Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.” I like Pollan, and I mostly agree with said quote (though I’d add, at the very least, “and plenty of animals”). It made me think that perhaps the Primal community would be well served with a reservoir of instant quips. So on the heels of last week’s related post (fantastic Grokkus, by the way) I threw these together. Use them to quickly explain the Primal stance to friends and family. Live by them and thrive.

Eat food. Only when hungry. Mostly plants and animals.

Our genes prefer us to be lean, fit, strong and happy. Let them have their way.

The world is your gym. Try to go every day. Guest passes are free.

Make your long, slow workouts longer and slower and your hard, fast workouts harder and faster.

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Contest: Your Thoughts for YouBars

The Prize:

Energy bars can be nasty business. 95% of the energy bars on the market are simply candy bars re-branded for the cardio crowd. Heck, even Snickers has its own brand of energy bar which – big surprise – contains almost the exact same nutritional breakdown as a plain, old Snickers. What’s a Grok to do with so few Primal options for a quick pick-me-up?

Enter YouBar. Don’t like the options at your health food store? Why not make your own! YouBar is a family owned company that lets you design your own energy bar using real, Primal ingredients.

Like almonds? Coconut? Blueberries? Whatever you want. I designed my own a few weeks ago; they were delightful. I’ve listed the recipe below:

Almond Butter
Whey Protein Powder (Extra Protein)
Hempseeds, Pecans (Normal Nuts)
Goji Berries, Unsweetened Organic Shredded Coconut (Less Fruit)
Organic Clover Honey (Not Too Sweet)
Cinnamon, Organic Ginger, Organic Cacao Nibs

The winner of today’s contest will receive a free box of custom designed YouBars (or shakes or trailmix if you so choose). If you want my recipe, enter code “zidf0”, or you can design your own. And as a bonus for anyone who doesn’t win but still wants to build their own box of bars, for the rest of the month you can receive a 5% discount on any YouBar purchase by entering “Primal” in the coupon code section when ordering.

The Contest:

Put on your Oscar Wilde cap, because it’s time to serve up some wit. Today you need to comment about Primal living in as few words as possible. Funny, smart, insightful, whatever you say, make it count. It can encapsulate the whole of Primal living, or simply express a Primal idea.

Think of your best one-liner, post it in the comments section of today’s post: Primal Quotable Quips

NOTE: Leave your quip on today’s OTHER POST. Commenting on this post will get you nothing.

Win the YouBars and, if it’s good enough, I may even use it as the new MDA tagline. Happy quipping.

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Contest: Show Your Lunch. Get Maced.

The Prize:

A short mace! We’ve talked maces before; they’re Primal, they’re effective, and they’re so darned fun. Today’s mace comes from Stronger Grip. No overseas, mass-produced, Wal-Mart brand fitness here. These things are hand crafted by Ryan Pitts in his garage in a small town in Iowa. He sent me one a few weeks back, and the Worker Bees have been taking mace breaks ever since (no broken windows or computers yet, but we’ve really got to start using it outside). If you’re interested in buying your own, Stronger Grip is offering a 5% discount to anyone who mentions my name when calling to order.

The Contest:

Send me a pic of your lunch. Is it a big ass salad? Is it a giant wad of pemmican? Whatever it is, I want to see it. Like the breakfast contest, I’ll be making a collage of photos out of the submissions, so feel free to glam your ham or pimp your shrimp with photogenic garnish. But of course, the winner will be selected in a random drawing, so any snap shot will do. Email me the picture along with the subject heading: “Show Your Lunch”. As long as it’s your lunch and it’s not mac & cheese, you’re entered to win.

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Contest Results: Primal Breakfast Pics

Last week I asked you to send in pics of your Primal breakfasts. Nearly 100 fantastic photos flooded my inbox. I’ve included them all below. (Click on the thumbnails for full size versions.)

These photos stand to represent the variety of breakfasts on the Primal eating plan and how delicious Primal foods are. I know many people find the breakfast to be the most difficult meal to figure out when making the transition to the Primal lifestyle. Many of us grew up on Frosted Flakes, Pop Tarts, English muffins, waffles, pancakes and toaster strudels as early morning staples. As you can see, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Revisit this page from time to time for Primal breakfast ideas, and point skeptical friends and family to this page to see their mouths water.

I’ve randomly selected a winning photo. The lucky MDA reader that submitted the photo has just won 5 gallons of fat from U.S. Wellness. Yes, you read that right. 5 gallons of fat – beef tallow to be precise. And the lucky winner is…

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Contest: Facebook for a Book

The Prize:

The Primal Blueprint. You know what it is. Time to win it.

The Contest:

Friend me on Facebook. It’s easy. If you have an account, simply request me (Mark Sisson) as a friend. If you haven’t joined Facebook yet, now’s the perfect time! Even if you’re not into online social networking, Facebook is a great way to keep up with your buddies. The sign up is self explanatory. Click “Sign Up”, fill out the form and add me as a friend. It’s that simple. If you’ve already friended me, thanks for being my friend, but unfortunately you’re not in the running. Don’t worry though, there’s still a ton of prizes left. We aren’t even half way through the challenge yet!

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Contest Poll: Grokku!

With hundreds of Primal haikus submitted yesterday you didn’t make it easy on me. In fact, I had such a difficult time awarding one winner that I’ve decided to chicken out and make you do it! I’ve boiled it down to my top 10 favorite Grokkus. Vote for your favorite below. The winner will receive 6 bars of each flavor of pemmican, original, honey and cherry free, and salt free (that’s 18 bars of meaty goodness).

This poll only lasts until 3 pm PST, so place your vote now!

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