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Valentine’s Day Pink Primal Pancakes

Love is in the air today at Mark’s Daily Apple, and nothing says “I love you” like cooking a meal for the people who mean the most to you.

How about starting the day with a healthy breakfast featuring these heart-shaped Primal pancakes? And because we go the extra mile for the people we love (including ourselves!), we made these pancakes pink by adding freeze-dried raspberry powder—the perfect touch for our Valentine’s Day theme.

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I Believe Breakfast is the Most Important Meal of the Day

I’m part of a generation who was at one time, bombarded with the virtues of breakfast being the holy grail of all meals. How many of you were convinced that if you didn’t start your day with a big ‘ol bowl whole-grain cereal accompanied by a side of OJ you’d be destined to fall asleep in glass or (gasp) your metabolism would slow down?

The issue of whether or not you should have breakfast is a huge source of conflict. You’ve got your conventional eat-within-two-hours-of-waking-up wisdom, dysfunctional metabolic conditioning that tells you to ignore your hunger cues — and starve yourself until you can’t take it any longer, and newer studies that say that it doesn’t matter when you eat as long as you just eat less., .

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Gluten-free Coffee Infused Hazelnut Pancakes Recipe: Paleo, Primal, and Perfect

Is there a comfort food more perfect than a stack of pancakes? We leveled up your basic grain-free pancake recipe with coffee and hazelnuts for roasty, nutty perfection on a plate. Serve them with a touch of maple syrup or maple-flavored monk fruit syrup if you want to keep your carbs on the low side. Top your coffee infused hazelnut pancakes with some of the toasty chopped hazelnuts for an added crunch, not to mention a photo worthy of the ‘gram.

Here’s how to make them.

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Primal Breakfast Cookies Recipe

Breakfast cookies are a fantastic way to get some on-the-go nutrition. These cookies are loaded with healthy fats, different forms of protein, and a little sweetness and crunch. The ground cashews provide a sweet and nutty cookie that’s milder compared to almond-based cookies. Feel free to swap out ingredients to change the flavor of the cookies. Try different nuts or seeds, a mashed banana instead of applesauce, or a different flavor of collagen.

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