Summer Reset: 30 Days, 30 Actions (Plus a 21-Day Staff Challenge AND Giveaway!)

21-Day Summer ChallengeAt the onset of our annual 21-Day Challenge this past January, I offered up a post that proposed thinking small—“41 Primal Action Items and Individual Experiments for Success in 2017.” The idea here wasn’t shrinking our scope to the exclusion of big visioning, but homing in on the day to day aims we can set for ourselves that make the big changes happen.

I think June is a good time to revisit that premise—and to host another 21-Day experience for those more inspired in the summer months. 

For several weeks now, we’ve all seen the calls for “swimsuit season.” And while that’s not a bad motivation in and of itself to make positive changes, it’s hardly the only reason to feel spurred to a Primal reset.

In January, it’s easy to get caught up in the stir to turn over a new leaf. “This year is the year I’m turning my entire life around.” And maybe it is. But for some people, that aim ends up feeling too big and distant, and their ambition is short-lived.

This time of year, however, (at least for me) it’s easier to think about a Challenge in more immediate terms. I’ve honestly seen people more inspired by the closer-in question, “What kind of summer do I want to enjoy?” There’s an automatic framework implied here. It’s not about what one should do but what one wants to do. It’s less about living a healthy life than living up the good life…summer’s specialty.

So, what kind of summer do you want for yourself? Take a moment and really ask. What activities do I want to enjoy? What seasonal foods do I want to take advantage of? What do I want to have the energy to take on? Where can I build more leisure into my week? How can I be outside as much as possible? In summer, the means and the end can often feel more potently one in the same.  

Likewise, it’s easier to stay in the scope of daily choice if your goal is to relish the season one day at a time. Grill the best meats you can get your hands on? That’s dinner tonight! Use the freshest produce in new ways? There’s your salad to go with said meats. How about a walk after dinner to take in the extra light and balmy evening? Early light makes a few sprints in the morning sound pretty good with time for coffee on the deck afterward. You’re always looking for the next thing to enjoy, which sounds like the perfect way to live a great Primal life to me.

Personally, I like mini-challenges as an overlay to the larger endeavor anyway. There’s an instantaneous kick-back. No long arcs of progress to get vague about. Do the action today and bask in the benefit. Uncomplicated achievement. Immediate gratification…

In that spirit, I’m offering 30 actions for the 30 days of the month. Pick all or as many as you feel inspired to do. Let them prompt other ideas. Use them to get the momentum going. Claim your summer, and don’t let any of it slide by unappreciated.

30 Days, 30 Actions

June 1st: First things first. Commit to the most resonant elements of slow living this summer. Make clear intentions to keep your schedule and pace in check. Because, really, does anyone want a hectic summer?

June 2nd: Write down everything you eat in a day and how you feel afterward. Clarity is a good starting point, no matter what level of change you’re looking to make.

June 3rd: Practice some cold water immersion in a larger lake or river that’s still cool this time of year.

June 4th: Unplug today (or maybe one day every week).

June 5th: Join my staff in taking on a summer Primal Blueprint Challenge. Yup, no need to wait until New Year’s for the support and fanfare of a group endeavor. We won’t be giving away any cows this time of year, but you’ll be in excellent company with tips, recipes, and stories from some of my Worker Bees. (See below for more details!)

June 6th: Assess your true fitness level.

June 7th: Meditate today (or try an alternative to sitting meditation).

June 8th: Feed your microbiome with some fermented delicacies, and spend some time in the dirt.

June 9th: Find a favorite Primal recipe on MDA.

June 10th: Hit your local farmers market (or take a day trip to one nearby). Enjoy the vibe and the collect as many recipes as you can.

June 11th: Take a nap…preferably outside.

June 12th: Experiment with a supplemental food that’s new to you.

June 13th: Spend the whole day barefoot.

June 14th: Do one (or more) of the awesome workouts featured in our guest posts lately:

June 15th: Get a retreat on the calendar ASAP.

June 16th: Go keto for the remaining two weeks. We’ll have recipes for it all summer long in addition to informative articles (including a definitive guide next week).

June 17th: Hike a new trail or park in your area, or devote the day to an urban hike.

June 18th: Skip the commercial kits for a “summer detox” and try safe and genuine forms of detoxification support.

June 19th: Relish summer the old school way.

June 20th: Bike to work.

June 21st: Invest in collagen for health—with the rich quality bone broth or a high quality supplement.

June 22nd: Upgrade your morning coffee routine.

June 23rd: Give some serious thought to activities and people who drain you. Give yourself permission to take a break from them for 21 days (or as many days as possible) if you can. Just maybe this is a gift you should’ve given yourself a long time ago…?

June 24th: June is National Camping Month. Whether it’s a solo adventure or a full-family endeavor, commit to one night under the stars this month as one of the great Primal joys (with added benefits of course). The National Wildlife Federation every year sponsors the Great American Campout event. They’re taking pledges and even hosting a contest with some fun prizes, so take advantage.

June 25th: While you’re at it, try your hand at some Primal survival skills. Pick at least one, and set out to master it in the wilds.

June 26th: Expand your Primal eating into a new international cuisine.

June 27th: Encourage someone in their health journey (e.g. friends, family, MDA comment board/forum), or submit your success story to MDA to offer the ultimate inspiration to others.

June 28th: Try a sweet meat of some kind—grilled, braised, slow-cooked, sautéed, open-fire roasted…whatever sounds most appealing. This usually isn’t the first thing Primal newcomers do, but it’s a tasty threshold to cross. Order it from a clean eating restaurant if you’re not ready to cook up the innards yourself.

June 29th: Envision something big for your Primal lifestyle and commitment to the good life (whatever that means for you) in July—and make a plan for it.

June 30th: Don’t forget to chase down more awe, pleasure, and euphoria this summer.

The Summer, Staff-Led 21-Day Challenge

Join several members of the Mark’s Daily Apple, Primal Blueprint, and Primal Kitchen staff as they kick off summer with a 21-Day Primal Blueprint Challenge reset.

Follow along on the Vimify app (accessible from your desktop computer or iOS-compatible device – iPhone or iPad) for Challenge prompts and progress, and see more of the staff’s tips, recipes, and stories on the PRIMAL KITCHEN®, Primal Blueprint and Mark’s Daily Apple Instagram pages. 

The Staff 21-Day Challenge kicks off on Monday, June 5th, so get set for next week with these preparation ideas. And for more guidance and tools, check out the 21-Day Transformation Challenge Packages—for the ultimate reset support.

The Giveaway…

And now I want to hear from you…. Which challenge are you willing to take this month? Will you be joining the staff on their 21-day reset? Choosing something (or several) from the full list here? A new idea entirely?

Share your answer on the comment board, and I’ll select one random comment for a PRIMAL KITCHEN® gift package that includes:

A canister of my new PRIMAL KITCHEN® Collagen Fuel (Vanilla Coconut or Chocolate Coconut)

A 6-pack of PRIMAL KITCHEN® Coconut-Cashew Bars

The full collection of PRIMAL KITCHEN® Dressings: 


The Deadline: Midnight tonight PDT

Who’s Eligible? Everyone. We’ll ship this prize package anywhere in the world!

Thanks for stopping by today, everyone. I’m excited for this summer. Are you? Offer up your Challenge commitments, and good luck!


About the Author

Mark Sisson is the founder of Mark’s Daily Apple, godfather to the Primal food and lifestyle movement, and the New York Times bestselling author of The Keto Reset Diet. His latest book is Keto for Life, where he discusses how he combines the keto diet with a Primal lifestyle for optimal health and longevity. Mark is the author of numerous other books as well, including The Primal Blueprint, which was credited with turbocharging the growth of the primal/paleo movement back in 2009. After spending three decades researching and educating folks on why food is the key component to achieving and maintaining optimal wellness, Mark launched Primal Kitchen, a real-food company that creates Primal/paleo, keto, and Whole30-friendly kitchen staples.

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  1. Cold water immersion kick off:

    Current sea tmp: 12.8°C / 55°F

  2. I’ll be following along on Vimify and working on cleaning up my eating habits again. I’m planning to go hiking, kayaking and swimming all summer long!

  3. Love this post! Very timely for me. First of all, I want to commit to a slow living summer. But wait…our PNW summer is notoriously short, so it’s easy to pack multiple camping trips (including an Oregon eclipse trip), daily lake and river floats, taming the wild yard & garden beasts, BBQs with friends, hikes, etc. On second thought, I am committing to a full boat of activities, but do so with a heart full of joy for summer fun. I will also commit to tons of cold water immersion, beautiful meals of grilled meat and colorful veg, spending a whole day barefoot, unplug at least one day completely (try to wrangle my 2 teens into it as well), and say ‘no, thanks’ to people and activities that drain and stress me. Looks like a great plan!

  4. I will definitely be hitting up the farmer’s market starting in June. Unplugging is also high on the list. Also, a reset sounds great; I’ve been preparing to move to a new apartment and everything from my diet, to my exercise to my moving routine has been all topsy turvy lately :/

  5. I’m going to do a body and soul challenge. For the body, I am going to make an effort to go the farmer’s market and try some new to me items. For the soul, I am going to reconsider the people and activities that drain me.

  6. I’ll join in on the whole thing! Great inspiration for a good summer

  7. I’m in! Camping, hiking, unplugging and relishing this summer are all in the works.

  8. I’m currently working on reducing the stress in my life, and eating healthier food. Your 30 Days, 30 Actions fits in well with both! My goal is try to get in as many as I can. Will also pop over to your Instagram to see new ideas.

  9. Love the 30 day ideas! For me, body and spirit priorities will be urban hiking and recommitting to my meditation practice.

  10. I’m in! Farmer’s market, cold water immersion (already done! but it’s a regular thing for me), barefoot, biking to work, all that… but I can’t get behind the “non-hectic” aspect. I love hectic. I thrive on it. I have a full-time job, kids who LOVE camping, a master’s degree to work on, a sailboat, fabulous hiking trails to explore, and a pile of friends to spend time with. Being better about my primal eating will give me the energy to do ALL THE THINGS!!!!!

  11. This is timely, as I’m already participating in the Whole Life Challenge. The only thing I wouldn’t be able to take on is a ketogenic diet. I understand it isn’t appropriate for people with thyroid problems.

    1. I too have thyroid problems and notice that when I go too low with carbs my mood etc gets really affected, everyone is different though (plus it seems to have various effects depending on the stage of my cycle… 🙂

  12. I’m in the last dregs of the process of wedding planning so there will be little to no pacing this summer. I have my excursion planned though, which is also a good excuse to unplug (though I know excuses aren’t needed). Going barefoot more often is a goal, as well as a true fitness assessment with marked improvements over time. I’m also open to your egg coffee thing, though the thought of raw egg concerns me… Thanks again as always, Grok On!

    1. Good luck with your wedding- keep up your good primal habits as much as reasonable:)

  13. Will be trying my hand with the cold water immersion, unplugging for the day, & being barefoot!

  14. I would love to join The Summer, Staff-Led 21-Day Challenge! I am new to primal eating, but just purchased your 21 day transformation book and am excited to start! I would love the giveaway too as I begin to reset my body and my kitchen and my husband! It’s gonna be a trifecta reset! How do I keep accountable? That’s my one question!

    1. Welcome to the primal life!! Keep coming back to the blog, every day… no excuses… doing this is a way of surrounding yourself with like-minded people. If you run into any road bumps, tell us about it (there’s a forum for that too!)… the contributors here, on MDA, are smarter than your average.

      Good luck… you’re going to love the primal adaptations.

    2. To keep accountable I would recommend knowing yourself better, as in what personality type are you (Upholder, Obliger, Rebel, Questioner… From Gretchen Rubin), that way you can find what motivates you (internal, external or a combination) and set good primal habits etc that you’ll more likely stick too… Good luck on your journey 🙂

  15. I will be following along with the 21 day challenge to FINALLY commit to the PB lifestyle

  16. Jane C. I will work on my strength. Slow strength is the way to go. I will enjoy every moment.

  17. Definitely motivated to do the barefoot for the day, all the strength tests (not in one day though) and the unplug from media day. The no media for a day will sadly be the hardest for me.

  18. I recently picked up playing the piano again after not playing for several years. I’ll challenge myself to practice every day to hone my brain!

  19. Already doing a lot of them regularly, I’ll try the “unplug for a day”.

  20. I have to admit, I’m pretty obsessed with living a primal life… So obsessed, I quit my corporate job 5 years ago to start my own company “Ancestral Supplements.” This way I can live, work and play the primal life. Here’s to never looking back!!

    I’m pretty good at doing most of these, most of the time. I even did the June 14th… I gave love to my hips. I always go the month of June full on keto in an effort to show my kids, and the high school kids round the neighborhood, what “old school functional muscles” looks like (I know, defies modesty). My favorite is June 28th… Try a sweet meat. As my name would imply, I’m all about the innards.

    Another awesome post!

  21. I’m planning on incorporating aspects from both the 21 day challenge and the 30 Actions list… I’m recently recovering from a hysterectomy, so a lot of the activities are going to be a no-go for me (I’ve just barely gotten off bed rest and haven’t been cleared for anything but gentle walking), but I do want to use this time to slow down, discover some new recipes and cuisines, and get back into nature. I’m excited to see how I’m doing, physically and mentally, 31 days from now!

  22. Definitely down for more hiking and will try the wild cold water immersion, been trying to build up to it using cold showers after a workout.

    1. Hey Jon, I can tell you that the cold water immersion thing is awesome!! To state the obvious, there’s evolutionary science behind the “why” but even in the absence of that… it just feels awesome… like you’re reconnecting with your prehistoric environment… like you’re awakening an inner part of yourself… a part of yourself that expresses mental and physical strength that would make our barbaric forefathers proud.

      Do the cold thing… do cold immersions… do cold exposures… you’ll be glad that you did!

      1. Liver King, you inspired me. Count me in for the cold water immersion. I feel like I get unnaturally cold too quick. Ironic, since I spend most Saturdays trying to murder fish with a speargun in the Pacific. (Usually in a 5 or 7mm wetsuit!)

  23. I will be challenging myself to slow living this summer. After being short-staffed and holding the equivalent of two full-time positions for a full year in my job, a new person is coming on board, and my hectic work life will start to slow down after this weekend. I have already set my intentions to savor a slower pace, including a 2-week vacation later this month that will be spent at home relaxing and rejuvenating both mind and body.

  24. Great discussion today! I’ll be going to a farmer’s market and wanting to dive into the 21 day staff challenge! I just downloaded the app! Thanks!

  25. I am choosing to do both challenges. After finishing a year of graduate school, I need to get myself back on track. My stress levels need a check and I want to enjoy the outdoors again, without worrying about going inside to work on school. I have 3 months off until I start my Fall Quarter, so I am ready to focus back on me.

  26. Definitely on board for 30 days’ 30 actions AND the 21 day challenge. I need a major reset on my eating habits. In addition to these, my family (husband and kids 6 and 4) will be doing no screens on weeknights all summer and will instead be focusing on quiet nights reading, playing games as a family, etc.

    1. I will be doing most of the 30 days, 30 actions as well as the 21 day challenge. I definitely need to unplug for a day, go bare feet, focus on eating cleaner, and exercising.

    2. Love the idea of no screens on weeknights all summer… this will definitely strengthen and deepen the bond your tribe. If you don’t already do firelight only past sundown, you may want to invest in the Uvex safety glasses… they’re like $8 or so on Amazon… they make a huge difference (in blocking the blue lights) in the quality of sleep.

  27. Definitely want to commit to slower living this summer, as well as being outside and barefoot more. Unplugging will help with all of that.

  28. I can’t wait to join the whole staff for the 21-day challenge! After several summer weddings and a big Memorial Day, it’s time for me to reset. I am so excited to get back to eating well and feeling my best 🙂

  29. Love these 30 actions for 30 days. Along with that I’m definitely going to challenge myself to do some earthing every day of the summer during peak sun hours to get my daily vitamin D as well. I’m also going to challenge myself to have a lunch/ play date with a friend or family member at least once a week. I don’t have summers off, but I am definitely making it a priority to give myself a break from work and get myself outside and enjoying as much time with family and friends as possible!

  30. Going Keto, visiting Farmer’s Market, encouraging my niece who is going Primal, hiking, and a few more. Great list!

  31. This June I’m going to quit my job and try and make it on my own. Big challenge and couldn’t be more excited. No more sitting starting at a screen 8+ hours a day!

    1. I took this step 5 years ago… see my post above regarding “never looking back!” Life’s too short not to be brave… so be bold… pursue your purpose… live your passion!!

  32. I will do the 30 day and 21 day challenges. Not sure I can bike to work on the 20th as my car commute is 2 hours each way, but I think the rest is doable.

    1. I’m in…. 30 Days, 30 Actions Plus a 21-Day Challenge…. Total summer reset.

  33. Continue my new Sunday tradition (been doing it for a month)
    Grab my 20 lbs sledgehammer
    Go to the beach
    Do three sets of 16 blows to the sand (8 with each side) with perfect (*) form

    (*) ok ok ok almost perfect

  34. I am so excited to see this challenge for the month of June with so many fun activities to add to my life! A recent blood test ordered by my fertility specialist indicated some thyroid issues, which have never been a problem for me in the past. The resulting prescription for thyroid medication made me extremely concerned about side effects and other issues, so I searched MDA’s website for anything associated with “thyroid”. I found a wealth of knowledge, and recommitted myself to a primal lifestyle in a way that was much easier than before because I have a more legitimate “why” than “I want my pants to fit.” My new “why” has become, “I want to do everything I can to ready my body to create life in the most natural and healthy way possible.” I am so excited to incorporate many of these suggestions into my life because they are easy shifts that will help me reach my goal and keep my mind focused. And, the month of June is perfect because it gives me the chance to truly enjoy the summer! Thank you, MDA, for these awesome suggestions! ?

  35. Anyone else wondering what happened to June 7th through June 9th? By my count there’s only 27 actions in 30 days…

  36. YES! This is perfect. I’m revamping my life and spending more time getting grounded. The unplug challenge is going to be huge, as well as just getting out and enjoying the summer! Really looking forward to the 30 days, 30 actions challenge!

  37. I’m in. My focus will be on 3 things – healthy fasting, taking naps and cold water immersion (did I mention it goes up to 47 Degrees Celsius here?)

  38. I just started my primal lifestyle journey so I am excited to follow along with the staff 21 day challenge. I’m also going to try as many actions as I can in June! This is going to be so much fun!!

  39. I won’t be able to do many of those items (nap, bike, barefoot, unplug, etc), but I will definitely try many of the other challenges.

  40. I’m loving this! I’m committing to making me the best I can by ensuring my outside complements my insides; not looking at the closed door so long that I continue to miss the open ones; and stepping out in faith that I can do this by letting go of my fears of success. Meaning: I accomplished that now what? The point is health and happiness and I’m willing to face it down and conquer it!

  41. I have always wanted to do a backpacking trip. Like sleep under the stars, put up a tent, fish for a little while, eat what I caught, swim naked under the stars. Sleep in a hammock. I want to do it this June. A little bit of planning and a daring friend and it will be a blast, Whose coming with me?

  42. I’m doing t do as many of the challenges as i can and especially the 21 days. Did that last time and it really made an impact on my lifestyle habits!

  43. I’ll be re-committing with the 21-day reset. I will be looking to many of the thirty ideas for daily inspiration! We have a family camping trip planned for the end of the month and I want to bring my best self for me, my husband, and the kiddos. Here’s to a grockin’ summer!

  44. I will be joining in on the 21 day challenge and the daily challenges. Sounds just like the reset I need! I may add in some spa days as well. The nap outside sounds great

  45. I’ve gotten into some bad habits of late, and this is a good time to reset–I’d already decided it was PAST time to do good for my body. I’ll be watching the June items, and trying to do as many as I can (I have limited resources & some physical issues). I’m also committing to study bodyways and see what will work to help my body heal from some of the damage of past ill-care.

  46. Very new to this LCHF/Keto way of life – today marks the end of one month for my husband and I. The idea of a 30 days/30 actions plan really appeals to me. Enjoying the outdoors at night, a farmer’s market, a dinner party, SLOWING down, finding dark chocolate and using rosemary, sage, mint and lavender aromas. I am in the process of downloading the Vimify app on my phone so we can do the 21 day staff challenge as well. Ready!

  47. I will follow the 21-day staff reset challenge and join in on as many 30/30 actions as possible. Looking forward to resetting mind, body and soul this summer by taking slowing things down, enjoying nature and being as “off the grid” as possible!. I’m so glad I found this!

  48. I’m new to this (2 months) so it will be good for me to learn from all of you. I’ll be growing good food, spending quality time outside, and getting fit this summer.

  49. Woo-hoo for summer! Love these ideas! I’m planning to add more hiking into my summer agenda…possibly including camping under the stars.

    And will definitely be continuing primal eating, daily movement practice, and daily plunges in our glacier-fed lake!

  50. I am decided to stop binge eating(although i always binge on primal whole foods) for good!

  51. My goal is to meditate for an hour every morning this month. I’m a teacher, so I hope this will set me up for a relaxing summer with my kiddos.

  52. It is time for me to start playing my musical instruments again(after my recovery from my back surgery 😀 ) oh,and I will try to unplug :V

  53. I’m going to do the 30 days with you, thank you so much for creating this and sharing it!

  54. I’m definitely doing the June 3 challenge. I live in North Central Florida, when we have beautiful springs that are always 72 degrees. I’ve gone in when it’s 39 degrees out (feels like a bathtub!) and when it’s 95 out (brrrrr!). I’m going this weekend. I’m also going to do the June 14 challenge- I need to give my hips some love!

  55. My partner and myself are working on the program over at which is a well formulated ketogenic diet combined with Primal Blueprint style resistance training. We’ll also be making sojourns out to our local icey creek multiple times!

  56. I am decided to stop binge eating(although i always bibge on primal whole foods) for good!!

  57. I can definitely get on board with taking a nap outside! All 30 of the actions for June would help me hit a reset on how I think about life and balance work and fun. I plan to incorporate as many as possible in the corporate world!

  58. I’ll be doing the 21-Day Challenge! And a bunch of the 30 actions.

  59. Why smuggle totoaba bladders, when you can get all the collagen you need from Mark’s Collagen Fuel!

  60. I would like to unplug once a week. I will definitely be hiking. I would like to walk at night and stargaze.

  61. I want to unplug for the day! I’ll try to do this a couple of days this month!

  62. I already made a semi-summertime plan for myself of doing a few new/old activities outdoors – Frisbee, Tennis and Badminton at least once a week, walking outside at the minimum once a week, want to do 2-3 days a week outdoor activities, I can’t do too much outside as I burn very easily and need to wear copious amounts of sunscreen. I also want to learn to Rollerblade this summer as it’s a skill I’ve never learned.

    From your list I’ll try a few:
    1. new international cuisine Primal meal (not sure what yet but want to try one a week)
    2. writing everything I eat down and assessing it
    3. Planning to download that app on my iPad when I get home tonight! to join the 21 day Primal Blueprint

    That’s it for now, who knows, maybe my motivation will soar and I’ll take on more from the list 🙂

  63. At 62, I know the years will be unkind unless one takes good care. I’ve followed Primal Blueprint guidelines for 15 years and feel great. One must, however, stay vigilant not to fall victim to the rat race and easy junk food the world throws in our path.

    This reboot comes at a good time for me as we have just downsized to a home by a 3800 nature preserve and a 1400 reservoir. Our kayaks and SUPs are a five-minute walk from the water.

    I plan to follow all 30 June ideas and follow Instagram.

    I have been lucky to meet Mark twice and he never fails to inspire.

  64. Thank you for so many great ideas! I love the coffee recipe with the eggs! Will have to try!

  65. gonna do it all!…except the keto two weeks cause I’m still breastfeeding, and maybe postpone the cold water challenge until later in June…cause we live in canada where winter just ended!…and maybe not the camping, because I live in the woods already and there are grizzly bears and cougars out really… and I’m scared…..not sleeping cause of fear…so not primal:)

  66. I’m totally in it!!! Clean it up body, soul and mind!!! Praise God for the rejuvenation and healing to my soul and mind, but I could clean up my eating and physical activity a bit… Exciting!!!!

  67. 21-day reset is perfect! I’m in! And the unplug one weekend day a week for sure! Farmers Markets and Collagen a must 🙂 And I aspire to keeping track of my eating vis a vis a food log. All good stuff! Let June begin…

  68. I want to commit to the Summer Reset: 30 Days. I have been working really hard to continue my momentum in getting back in shape and this has a lot of different things that I would like to try besides just the 21 day challenge. The 30 day challenge seems more like a back to fundamentals challenge and I want to do that.

  69. I plan to try a few things from the list: farmers market, barefoot, cold water immersion, hike a new trail, set intentions, check my true fitness, and try some of the workouts. Also be sure to get outside more and get some sun. A nap outdoors is likely out of the question due to the abundant mosquitos and black flies.

  70. I am going to follow along on the 30 days,30 Actions doing what I can…. sweet meats… not so sure about that… and I am signing up for the 21 Day Transformation Challenge

  71. I will commit to the 21 day primal reset! Just ordered the book today on Amazon and it should be here tomorrow! I need to eat right and want to lose body fat and be a lean mean (old, ;)) machine!

  72. Intentionally committing to living slowly sounds wonderful and has given me much to chew on/think about. 🙂 I also love the idea of unplugging for a day (or possibly for one day a week).

  73. As a teacher I just finished up work today–so this Summer Reset is perfectly timed. First thing I did, switched my I Phone to “Less” on the news feed. Too stressful. I’m making this the summer of yoga, walking, hiking, eating lots of veggies and fruits, and doing the house and garden projects that have languished with too much work. And reading–always reading.

  74. TreeHouse Books is going to do the 30 day challenge in June as a test run so we can adapt something similar for our children’s Superhero storygame in July. Thanks for a great foundation!

  75. I am definitely committed to taking naps :). I will also be visiting the logal farmer’s market and taking part in National Cmaping Month. Maybe a few more

  76. I’ll definitely be doing lots of camping in June, which means lots of walking/hiking and some outdoor naps! Maybe I’ll work up the courage to jump in a glacial lake!

  77. This is a good time to finally thaw, cook, and eat the beef heart in my freezer. I bought it from a local farmer at the New Albany Farmer’s Market.

  78. The local outdoor farmers markets have just started up again, and yesterday I made my first CSA pick-up of the season. So eating copious amounts of greens, being completely dairy-free (love my Amish yogurt, but. . .) and strictly LCHF are on the agenda for me–as is getting regular sun exposure earlier in the day. . . .

  79. Thanks for this great support! It actually brought tears to my eyes, as this is exactly what I need right now. I want my second half of life to be awesome, full of adventure, full of love.

  80. I’ll go for days 6, 10 and 11.
    But what happened to 7, 8 and 9?

    1. You got me there, Michael. I must be ready for some summer vacation myself. All days are now present and accounted for. Grok on!

  81. Thanks for this post and offering!
    Only have a second here, doing some of these already, plan to find a new hike in our area with my husband and some friends in June!

  82. I’ll definitely be doing slow living, unplugging, going barefoot and following the 21 day challenge.

  83. Will be doing the 21 day challenge to kick-start my healthy eating and banish the emotional eating. I also want to enjoy summer with my 14 year old and savor the moments left. Slow summer living seem to be the ticket.

  84. I want to make the effort to slow down and get outside more. I’d also like to do Keto for the month!

  85. The timing of this reset is perfect, but will be a challenge while helping our 22 yr-old son go through chemo treatments, fevers, transfusions and numerous hospital stays. One can say, “I’ll focus on getting healthy after life gets back to normal.” But that’s using food (especially comfort food) as a crutch or a drug. I don’t want to ‘eat my way through his illness.’Even zoning out on movies right now is just a distraction so I don’t have to think. So I choose living life in the middle of the storm…to read more and exercise mindfully(hauling 50 lb sacks of chicken grain does not qualify). To slow down and enjoy the hospital gardens or sit with the veggies on our farm. To have protien snacks (Epic Bison bars are my fav) with me at all times. To choose not to stop for a shot of junk food after a long day at the hospital. To cook more ahead and take meals to hubby and son that they can heat up (they are staying close to medical center). I want to learn Bushcraft and write a book while dangling my legs in a cold lake. Primal living is more than just the food. It’s a way of life that gives you a strong foundation to deal with whatever life brings. Thank you Mark for this challenge.

  86. I’d like to join in the 21 day challenge, but if I don’t, I’m still going to try to go on two outdoor family adventures each week.

  87. I’ll be committing to the 30 Reset Days, as well as the 21 Day Challenge!! My focus will be on realigning myself Primally in order to adjust my stress responses to a challenging new job. The 21 Day Reset will help me get back on track and put in where I want to be!

  88. Thanks for all the great ideas. I like the idea of taking it slow this summer. After all, eating right and moving more is a life long race, not a 3 month sprint.

  89. Okay, time to try food-journaling for a bit. Been thinking about it for a while now…time to just do it.

  90. I’ll be spending time on the gorgeous rail trail that is accessible minutes from my house. I love being on my bike!

  91. I’m excited to try the 30 days, 30 actions. I’ve been reading through them and for once seem to be saying to myself “Yes. Yep. Yeah I can do that” instead of my usual “That seems very difficult. I’m not sure. I’m not (blank) enough.” Etc. I’m going to document my actions for my own journal. Yay from Ireland!

  92. I love the idea of the 30 days 30 actions challenge. It breaks it down into manageable steps to help take action every day! I’d like to formulate my own based on digestive health for 30 days.

  93. I’m going to join the 21 day reset – seems like a good time of year for it. Will also take on some of the 30 Days, 30 Actions as they sound like fun. Not always by a lake or river but a longtime cold showerer. Did jump in a Canadian Lake back in April just after the ice left – leaves only December to March as months I have not been in.

  94. I’m starting the summer off right with a two week camping trip, starting June 5th, and will go into it after two weeks of being keto! I want to work on my primal survival skills and hope to forage for some of our own food! I also want to assess my own fitness level and do a natural detox during the summer.

  95. I just medically retired from the military (at 55) and am 100% rated by the VA. I was on different drugs over the last couple years, which put about 45# on me… I need to re-motivate and find my inner Grok again. This challenge is perfect timing… will follow Primal and start doing the 30 day list.

  96. After years of dabbling in Primal/Paleo and watching my 5.4 weight slowly creep up to 172 as of this morning, I am DONE and joining on fully for the challenge and whatever else it is I have to do to get my body and health back. Started this morning with a bone broth fast and will continue to Friday when I just switch over to Primal. Thanks Mark for the added impetus.

  97. This is perfect timing. I’ve been meaning to get back on a healthy eating plan, but it’s always “tomorrow”. This will give me accountability and feedback. Thanks for the second new year start!

  98. I would like to follow DAY-TO-DAY. I am traveling a lot this month so this could intersting… especially the bare foot all day one! I would love to at least make half at the bare minimum!

  99. Definitely getting some cold water immersion and surfing combo up here in the Bay Area!

    Also, I was already planning on taking June off of drinking and “being healthy and active.” This was just the motivation I needed to get specific and go for a new 21-Day challenge. looking forward to kicking that off next Monday!

  100. I’m in! I’m so excited to have my husband fully on board this time around. I see many walks with the pup, naps in the hammock, and new foods on the grill in our future!

  101. I love this idea! It is easy to get overwhelmed with long timeline goals. I really like the day to day goals. They allow us to experience PTC – present time consciousness – something that is hard to do if you’re only ever looking ahead to the end of a goal. This allows one to focus on the here and now. And, really, the here and now is all any of us is guaranteed.

    I especially like the idea of truly assessing one’s fitness. Many of us middle-agers still see ourselves as the fitter, younger versions of our 20-something selves. And most of us are delusional – I include myself in that group.

    I am definitely going to reflect on activities and people who drain me. I try to do this annually but it’s never a bad time to reassess.

    Once again, thanks Mark for sharing your wisdom.

  102. I’ll be spending as much time as possible outside this summer and brushing up on my outdoor cooking over campfires. Thanks, Mark (and staff)!

  103. Just finishing Whole30 in another week. Looking forward to easing right into a Paleo lifestyle.

  104. I’m starting keto and doing cold water immersion. Should make for an interesting summer.

  105. My summer challenge is to get outside more… spending time in my garden, and scheduling my workdays so my husband and I can take more hiking trips.

  106. So perfect to see this now—I was just journaling my intentions for the month. Outdoor activities are a must for me! I have a park across the street from my place and my goal is to spend at least an hour there, every day, reading, journaling, picnicking… I think I’m also going to try to learn a survival tactic, too!

  107. Its our last summer in a home that I love before we have to move next year. I have wanted this summer to be special for both me and my kids. I am doing all of it. The 21 days and the 30 days, 30 actions. I want my kids to feel alive in the way I do when its summer and freedom and sunshine. Plus, I love feeding them well.

  108. I suffer from Hashimoto’s and have a gluten and lactose intolerance. All of this started two years ago. I’m tired of being in pain and being sick. I’m doing the 21 day challenge and trying as many of the actions as I can. I am so ready to take my life back!

  109. I am up for a reset. June is the perfect time to start. I forwarded to my ADAF husband who lives as a geo-bachelor during the week and is recovering from neck surgery a couple of months ago and a seriously stressful job.

  110. I love this post just as much as the “41 Primal Action Items and Individual Experiments for Success in 2017.” post! I am going to do my best to meet each daily challenge as they’re very do-able! I love that you emphasize health is all-encompassing, not just what you eat or how much you exercise!

  111. Cold water immersion! Live in cape may NJ and always a little timid about the chilly ocean water this time of year about 60 to 65 degrees! This year I’ll GO FOR IT!!

  112. Take a nap…
    Went to the park at lunchtime today and had a wee nap on the grass. Very relaxing.

  113. Thank you for the email that led me to this article. I am new to the Primal Lifestyle. I have felt this strong need to follow this way of living. It feels instinctual to live this way. I intend on joining the 30 days of action PLUS the staff-led 21 day reset. I am excited as I think this will be a great way to introduce a Primal Diet and make baby steps toward Primal Living. I am hoping my children and Husband can benefit from this as well. I love life! We only have one and I want to experience it all 🙂

  114. This is perfect timing for me. I’ve already signed up for a meditation class, and I’m working on integrating slow living into my schedule. I’m also lying down 20-30 minutes a day in yoga nidra. I love the idea of joining for the 21 day challenge this month, and it’ll wrap up just a few days before my 49th birthday.

  115. I am going to try both but I’ll focus primarily on the challenge. I want able to stick with the 21 day challenge in January but hope to be better this time around.

  116. I’m taking the 21 day challenge through Vimify, committing to eating healthier, and getting out of the house more often.

  117. Thanks for the timely challenge. i’m 77 and ready to make a turn forward. You make the challenges worthwhile and doable and fun. Very very well done. Plus the support you offer in the 21 day diet (I’m looking forward to using your daughter’s excellent cookbook which I recently bought. One problem: no link that I could find to sign up for your generous giveaway. Could you email me a link. I’m listed as a customer on your website. Thanks, Bob.

  118. Would like to do the 21 day challenge and get more into the Primal Fitness

  119. I am 77 and ready to step forward. Your action plan looks doable, useful, fun Congratulations. I also like your offer of support for the 21 day diet. I plan to use your daughter’s excellent cookbook if I can. Only problem: your generous giveaway has no link that I could find. Consider this my request . I’m signed up at your on-line store. Thanks again, Bob.

  120. This is perfect timing! I’ll be following along daily. Needed a little inspiration/accountability

  121. I want to dial in my sleep and relaxation this summer. After our first year of homeschooling it’s time to just relax and enjoy some sunshine and getting all the rest time possible!

  122. There’s a huge oak tree calling my name…I’m going to climb it like i would have when I was a child. #summeroldschool

  123. I will be using the 30 day challenge to kickstart a paleo lifestyle, and a chilled summer. I love the question’ What do I want my summer to look like.’

  124. I’m chasing down more awe, pleasure, and euphoria this summer ~ along with the 21 day challenge and as many of the other 29 challenges on the list! Here goes. . . !

  125. I will definitely be doing the reset and unplugging more! Have been feeling so sluggish lately and it seems that my phone is attached to my hand. Looking forward to this summer.

  126. It’s like you read my mind. Perfect timing ready to have a grok filled June. (Just need to convince the boss I don’t need safety boots on barefoot day?)

  127. It’s winter here in Stellenbosch, South Africa, but I think with a bit of creativity, I can do (most of) the 30-day challenge. We have a drought emergency situation at the moment, so I may add that as a focus area to the relevant ideas in the challenge.

  128. I feel totally exhausted and tired all the time so as the first step, my challenge for June is to improve my quality of sleep. I will be to turning the phone off after 8 pm, no coffee after 2 pm, etc. and watch the results.

  129. I will be doing most of the daily challenges as I restart AIP. I got off track and the challenges are all pretty much in line with getting back.

    Definitely: cold water immersion, starting some new ferments, and trying the new hiking trail.

    Argentines in summertime will always have some sweet meats grilling with chimichurri 🙂

  130. Definitely some early morning swims, I live right next to the beach

  131. The only item off the list that I don’t already do is the sweetmeats… June 28 I intend to cross that one off (hopefully it’ll become part of my routine.. Just gotta over come the “mental” aspect of it) am giving myself the first part of the month to research a really good sweetmeat recipe, any suggests for a sweetmeat newbie anyone?

  132. Such good inspirations to live a wealthy summer! I’ll try new primal recepies, a walk after dinner, learn more and practice this great way of living.
    And yes I will follow the 21th chanlenge.

  133. I’m going to clean up my diet and go Keto, and work on my upper body strength.

  134. Will work on the 21-day challenge. The challenges always keep me in check.

  135. Looking forward to more outside time barefoot in the sun and immersed in the still cold sea.

  136. I need a reset — been consuming too much sweet stuff/carbs. So I’m probably going to do the Primal Blueprint Challenge. (Also — I’ve been wanting to start some meditation techniques, so I probably will work that into the reset, too!)

  137. I actually did a full barefoot day on Tuesday!
    I will follow the 21 Day Challenge in vimify and try to find a natural spring to swim in since they are always a constant, chilly temp.
    And I really would like to make meditation part of my daily routine.

  138. Definitely ready to slow down and do a reset. I plan to do a number of the 30 actions and sign up for the 21 day challenge. Thank you for the motivation!

  139. I’m gonna try them both! I was just thinking this morning that it was time to clean up my primal act a bit, so this is just what I needed. Looking forward to it!

  140. Dear Mark,

    I am excited you shared the 30-day Challenge. My wife and I will begin this today! Living in Alaska, I can’t wait to walk barefoot, eat fresh caught salmon (or Halibut, as I am going this Sunday to try and catch some), and eat fresh berries from around the area. I have also been wanting to try and cook with Turmeric, so I suppose this will give me a great reason to jump on the adventurous cooking wagon. Thanks for all that you share, and for your awesome podcast you did with Joe Rogan; this podcast hit home for me and my wife, I’ve listened to it multiple times just to pull bits and pieces each listen.

    P.s. I am excited to nap outside!

  141. I was a little discouraged coming into “swim suit season” for I was not at the fitness level I had in mind back in January. Thank you for posting this article, this gave me the motivation to buckle down and fully commit to my goal.

  142. Since I have been trying to live more Primally since last March and mostly succeeding, I will try my utter best to adhere to all principals! My goal is to be ready for my Swimsuit coming July 18th, for that’s when we’ll go on vacation!

  143. I love the 30 day ideas! I’m committing to spend more time relaxing outside with my kids, since this is my first summer not working FT!!! I also plan to really think about the first days task of evaluating our family schedule.

  144. I am committing to 30 days of clean primal eating and I will be practicing at least 15 out of the 30 actions listed above. Also, I’ll be following Vimify for new recipes, tips, etc.

    Funny how life works, my boyfriend and I were talking about “resetting” ourselves for the month of June after our Montana trip. Sure enough, I check out MDA and see that Mark is hosting another 21-day challenge. It was meant to be 🙂 The world is talking to us!

    Best of luck, everyone and happy living! Check back with you all in 30 days.

  145. Love the unplugging idea as well as the cold water immersion! Gonna try and rock it!

  146. I am very much looking forward to the 21 day reset! It’s time to get strict with my paleo lifestyle again!

  147. Even though “June 30th: Don’t forget to chase down more awe, pleasure, and euphoria this summer.” is last on the list, I really plan on doing it daily! Now I have proclaimed it, so I should do it

  148. I’m doing the reset! Looking forward to the daily challenges, especially the cold water plunge, I’ve always loved doing that

  149. Family wise: spending more time outside as my son loves being outdoors and exploring.

    Personal: trying some new organ meats.

  150. What about legumes? You said they’re primal now, so are they still omitted in the challenge?

  151. I’ll be joining your crew for 21 days! Can’t wait to pump up a health kick for the summer!

  152. I like the idea of slow living. I am going to strive to do all 30 actions and join the 21 day staff program!

  153. Lots of this list is amazing but what spoke to me most was experiencing awe and euphoria! I was very sick for years and am in remisision now. I am in a new relationship and have a new job and am excited for the future for the first time in a while. I would be honored to try these products and use them to keep myself healthy for my all of my explorations!!

    Best of health to all of the other people who enter!

  154. I am so pumped to join another one of your 21 day challenges!! I really enjoyed the one in January! I am planning on joining a volleyball league on sundays and also making the goal of waking up before my kids so I can fit in a daily workout.

  155. I’m working on living a slow summer and just taking it all in. I’ve scheduled camping trips and in between, I just want to hang out in the hammock and not stress out so much about the little things.

  156. I am taking on both challenges as a reset – I have been unmotivated since the SAD foods took back over my life. Summer is a great time to start!

  157. Cold water plunge, camping, hiking and spending time away from draining people

  158. Looking into collagen and jumping full board back into the primal lifestyle!

  159. I just got the New Primal Blueprint audio book and put in my first order from the Primal Kitchen, I’m super excited. I just finished my first 5 day fast, which was amazing, and am saying good bye to beer. I live in Nelson BC, Canada and our lake will be cold till the middle of July so cold water immersion is not a choice and my vitamin D intake will be maxed as I’ll be spending lots of time on the beach with my amazing group of friends. Avid mountain biking, paddle boarding, camping, hiking and making sure to take walks at work will be keeping me on the road to success. Next stop, meditiation station.

  160. First Exposure to Primal Here! I Plan to start the 21 Day challenge. I think the 30 ideas are a great way to mix it up and keep the focus on learning the primal way of life. Onward and Upward!

  161. I started my first Primal Blueprint 30 day reset on June 6th, after devouring the book. (I didnt know the staff had a 21 day challenge that started the day before! Lovely coincidence!) I have never been completely off snacks or sweet things, and even though I don’t eat much refined sugar, I wanted to challenge myself to stay between 50-75g carbs with no sugar replacements at all. ( no stevia either!!!) That coupled with following all of the Primal Blueprint exercise regimens. I timed it to end on my 30th birthday. Best gift I could give myself!

    So far so good..! Only a few days going above 75g. But I am already feeling the energy shift, and loving it!!! 😉