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The Primal Blueprint message has been received and taken to heart by thousands of Mark’s Daily Apple readers. I receive emails nearly every day with inspiring, life-changing success stories. People that reversed diabetes; lost 50+ pounds and took back control of their lives; refined their diet and exercise program to attain goals they thought were impossible. Here is just a small sample of the amazing accounts of transformation I have received. Check back every week for a new Primal Blueprint Real Life Story.

If you have your own personal success story and would like to share it with me and the MDA community please drop me a line via our contact form.

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Latest Success Stories

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Success Story: Winning a 40+ Year Weight Battle



In their words:

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I Feel and Function As If I’m Half My Age

Name: Joe Lovely

Age: 49

In his words:   “I have been carnivore keto the past 6 months and I completely love the simplicity and feel slightly better from an intestinal standpoint compar...

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Success Stories
Nine Doctors Couldn’t Help Me

Name: Jenny Elwell-Gerken

Age: 35

In her words:   “Being Primal allowed me to heal up such severe disease after nine doctors couldn’t help me that I became an even stronger advocate than I’d...

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Autoimmune Disease
I Will Never Go Back To the Traditional Way of Eating

Name: Tim

Age: 60

In his words:   “Now that I’m 60, I praise the Paleo lifestyle, and I tell others all the time. I feel like a 30-year-old, and I can keep up to my 10-year...

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Career Development
Primal Health Chef: Using Food For Health

Name: Joel Linik

Age: 50

In his words:   “As I’m a Chef who has been training young students in University environments as new kitchen employees—and being aware that most people...

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I’m Able To Train Harder and Recover Better

Name: Jason G.

Age: 37

In his words:   “After implementing these methods, the change was remarkable. After three weeks, my body responded very well. I was able to recover sooner (zero...

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Autoimmune Disease
Focusing On My Gut Health Has Transformed My Life

Name: Kristen Graham


In her words:   “Since working with my functional practitioners, and getting into a safer working environment I am well on my way to being healed from a long li...

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Career Development
Life Is Full of Adventure and Possibility

Name: Elizabeth Resnick

Age: 51

In her words:   “At the age of 51, my energy levels have increased and I have better body composition than ever. But it’s so much more than that. I’m more a...

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Autoimmune Disease
The Only Side Effects I Have Are Feeling Better and Better!

Name: Larissa

Age: 31

In her words:   “One year later, I’m happy to say I am in complete remission and off ALL pharmaceutical drugs! I’ve never in my life felt better—physicall...

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Depression & Mental Health
My Mind Is Still Catching Up With the Reality Of My Transformation

Name: Kelsi L.


In her words:   “Over the past year, I have watched my weight plummet (with my Dr.’s supervision) very quickly. I stand here now today 158 pounds, and my ...

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