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The Primal Blueprint message has been received and taken to heart by thousands of Mark’s Daily Apple readers. I receive emails nearly every day with inspiring, life-changing success stories. People that reversed diabetes; lost 50+ pounds and took back control of their lives; refined their diet and exercise program to attain goals they thought were impossible. Here is just a small sample of the amazing accounts of transformation I have received. Check back every week for a new Primal Blueprint Real Life Story.

If you have your own personal success story and would like to share it with me and the MDA community please drop me a line via our contact form.

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Latest Success Stories

Real Life Stories

Amber's Keto Success Story

Name: Amber


In their words:
Looking back, I can see the pattern of little “nudges” pointing me in the right direction, but it wasn’t until a podcast guest mentioned keto that I thought hmm… maybe there is something to this. The guest mentioned your name and I quickly ...

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I Thought Any Weight Issue Could Be Corrected With Chronic Exercise

Name: Kevin Christensen

Age: 35

In his words:   “I am now low enough in body fat to somewhat see my abs, this was never the case even in 2-3 hours a day of college basketball practice over a f...

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Career Development
Overcoming Addiction Included Changing My Diet

Name: Zachary Johannsen

Age: 32

In his words:   “I’m hoping that others will see, if nothing else, the power that nutrition and lifestyle have over brain function to overcome addiction a...

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Thyroid Disorders
I Hope I Can Make This the Best Decade Yet

Name: John Fortuna

Age: 71

In his words:   “From my perspective the most important impact this lifestyle has had on me is psychological, my outlook on life…….getting old but s...

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Career Development
The More You Seek, The More You Find

Name: Mark W.


In his words:   “This is not the end, however. There is always room for improvement. It is easy to become complacent and think that we have ‘arrived&#8217...

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Heart Disease
My Quest for Information Became Personal

Name: Bradley Nickell

Age: 47

In his words:   “In June my mom was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, in July my stepdad passed away from complications from diabetes and my wife suddenly was alle...

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Heart Disease
Success Story Follow-Up: At 70-Years-Old I’m On a Roll!

Name: Alvin Dannenberg

Age: 70

In his words:   “I am healthier today than I have ever been. Some of my old friends think I am a fanatic because I have changed so much, and they haven’t. Oh ...

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Success Stories
Success Story Follow-Up: At 44 Years Young, I Feel Great!

Name: Federico

Age: 44

In his words:   “Being in a natural, mild state of ketosis pretty much all the time—thanks to my super low-carb, high-fat, and moderate protein regime—my su...

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Depression & Mental Health
Being Keto-Adapted Is One Helluva Ride!

Name: Aaron H.

Age: 35

In his words:   “It seemed so crazy that it was even possible that I went from being a completely sick and depressed fat guy knowing nothing about food to a rip...

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Muscle Building
Discipline Equals Freedom!

Name: Hilmir Petersen Hjálmarsson

Age: 35

In his words:   “People ask me, ‘How can you do this? Eat no carbs, sugar, bread, etc.?’ My answer is: How could I not—when the results and benefi...

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