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If you’ve had 40 or more birthdays, there’s a good chance you’ve felt a shift.

I miss feeling like my best self. On a good day, I’m only operating at around 80%. 

I thought I had my lifestyle figured out, but my body isn’t responding anymore.

Feels like my metabolism has really put on the brakes this last year or two.

No way I’m throwing in the towel. I know that I can squeeze more life out of my days!


As a whole, we’re told this is par for the course at this stage of life. We sit in the doctor’s office as they tell us we’re “just getting older” or “welcome to your 40s, 50s, 60s.” Essentially, we’re told to accept it as the new normal.

But here at Mark’s Daily Apple, we never settle. 

You’re here because you know better. You’re here because you know that with the right tools, you can get so, so much more out of life.


Welcome to Strongest Year Yet, the community that helps you work with the changes that are happening behind the scenes, instead of exhausting yourself swimming against the current.

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