Guest Video: Stocking a Primal Pantry

shopping woman in supermarket store buying food and groceryToday’s awesome guest video is served up by Christa Orecchio, Founder of The Whole Journey. I think you’ll enjoy her personal shopping tour and helpful tips today.

Stocking a Primal kitchen can be fun but sometimes also tricky as you want to be sure products use the correct ingredients and sourcing. Today I’ll go beyond the basics of a Primal kitchen and help you find the most versatile and flavorful options in the store! I think you’ll be surprised by a few of them.

Today I’ll walk you through the aisles and share expert tips for:

  • Navigating the Bulk Section for Health and Cost-Effectiveness
  • Upgrading Your Snack Cabinet
  • Using Super Foods to Boost Health and Mood
  • How to Use Healthy Condiments and Sea Vegetables


The full 14-part Food As Medicine Healthy Shopping course navigates each section of the store (90 minutes of video) and will help you find healthy choices in any grocery store! These tips and tricks will help you improve your weight, mood, and digestion. Check out the full 14-part grocery store tour here.

Christa OrecchioChrista Orecchio, founder of The Whole Journey is a clinical and holistic nutritionist with a passion for helping as many people as possible to heal and achieve vibrant health. After healing herself from chronic candida, brain fog, thyroid and adrenal problems, Christa was able to access a new level of health and happiness she previously did not think was possible. This inspired her to leave the business world to study holistic nutrition in 2003 so that should could “pay it forward” and help others experience the same powerful shifts. Christa combines her holistic and scientific knowledge to help people heal from the root cause using food as their medicine with a mind, body, spirit approach to wholeness. She has 10 years private practice experience, is a local and national health TV show host, bestselling author of How to Conceive Naturally and creator of Kick Candida for Good and the revolutionary Gut Thrive in 5 microbiome rejuvenation program. Learn more about Christa at

Thanks again to Christa for the Primal tour today. Have questions or your own ideas for navigating the grocery aisles? Share them down below, and thanks for stopping by today, everyone.

Finally, want to take advantage of Christa’s final shopping tip? We’ve got you covered with a brand new Primal Kitchen Avocado Oil Spray.


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  1. This is one of the very few low content posts on MDA. It would be disappointing if this blog starts going downhill.

    1. Yep. Disappointing. Superfoods, holistic, tonics, over-the-top medical claims? Sounds like we’re getting into the “woo-woo”.

  2. Thank you Christa, you provide thorough pantry stocking advice. I love your credentials too.

  3. Awesome video Christa, I really enjoyed that! I buy many of the same products. I am going to follow your advice and buy some raw pumpkin seeds, and it’s been a while since I picked up some dried gogi berries. I love cashews so glad that is something positive. Great “food for thought” LOL. The one thing I’m wondering about is Brazil nuts, I think you only want to eat one or two a day, one nut has about 100% of the RDA, and unlike vitamins like B, C and E that mega doses can be OK, I don’t think you want to overdo the selenium. Coconut for president … I love that … it would be a major improvement over our current situation ha ha (sorry people, could not resist).

    1. I love nuts, particularly cashews and macadamias. I eat them frequently. Grinding them according to Omega 3 and 6 percentages strikes me as unnecessary overthinking. If a variety of healthful foods are eaten on a daily basis (meanwhile reducing or eliminating the ones that aren’t so healthful), I’m quite sure the body will be able to sort out the 3’s and 6’s according to its own needs and preferences.

  4. OT: “Thanks for stopping by the Mark’s Daily Apple Forum. Over the years, thousands of MDA forum readers have contributed their questions, support and insight with fellow community members. You’ll find good perspective and helpful ideas here for healthy, Primal living.

    As of 12/01/17, the forum has been archived. This means anyone—members and non-members—can search its contents; however, sign-up and posting functions are permanently disabled.

    Because the forum is archived, you won’t be able to reply or post, but you can explore its full contents for discussion on health issues that interest you.”

    A bit difficult to do when you remove the link to the forum from the top of the page and only leave the one at the bottom… I understand that it takes time to clean out the spam/advertising junk and actually archive the forum (not why it takes this long though), however if you understood the importance of the forum being kept up/available and the fact that people continue to visit it (to find a way) to stay in touch with their friends & find answers (primalforums dot com for many of them as the place to actually post without spam, we’ve got moderators… the same people that offered their help to MDA…). Hope you’ll reconsider your move. Anyway, thanks for all the information you’ve given us over the years, at no cost at all, providing the chance to jump into Primal without any financial obstacles, yet if needed there was more to explore. Having a platform to discuss things is important and not everyone wants to join social media. Wishing you all the best.

    1. Forum: Out of sight, no top link. Soon to be purged in its entirety? Most likely.
      The forum was essentially ignored for about 2 yrs before being closed. ‘Tis a lost cause.