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Special Offer: Try Both Flavors of Primal Fuel – SOLD OUT!

**Update: Sorry Folks, this offer in no longer available. However, you can still check out both flavors of Primal Fuel by visiting PrimalBlueprint.com [1]!**

Instead of a contest today, I have a special offer for MDA readers…

In the two years that Primal Fuel [2] has been available, thousands of people have tried it, and if the daily emails I receive from happy customers are any indication, nearly everyone absolutely loves it. Some prefer the delicious Vanilla Coconut Cream variety, others the decadent Chocolate Coconut. I’m more of a chocolate guy myself, so I have a Primal Fuel chocolate shake regularly for breakfast, when I’m on the road and to satisfy the odd sweet tooth I might get. I’m confident that once you taste Primal Fuel and take a look at the short list of healthy ingredients on the label (nutritious fats from coconut milk, the gold-standard version of whey protein, just enough sugar to be tasty and Primal at the same time, and prebiotics) that you’ll love it, and it will help you get and stay Primal. This is why I’ve put together this special offer. I want MDA readers to have the chance to try it on for size, so for the first 300 people that take advantage of this offer they’ll get a trial serving of both flavors of Primal Fuel [3] for the cost of S&H ($3.00). (One order per household.) If you’ve been wanting to try Primal Fuel for some time now, this is your opportunity to give it a shot. Also, I have a 15-serving Primal Fuel in the pipeline, so stay tuned for that, too. Grok on!

Limited to First 300: Get a Trial Serving of Both Flavors of Primal Fuel for Only the Cost of S&H [3]