It’s Shiny, But It’s Still a Scam

gettin jiggy wit itI got a question last week from reader Barbara about colloidal silver supplements. For the record, this alternative health remedy is both ineffective and unsafe. It’s the latter that concerns me most, of course. A lot of the things we do for health are ineffective (homeopathy for starters; glandulars are another). Others are actually dangerous (the fat-free diet trend of the 90s that’s contributed to our metabolic syndrome epidemic). Colloidal silver supplements fall into the dangerous category.

Colloidal – a term for suspension of micro particles in liquid – silver is purported to treat or cure everything from acne to leprosy to AIDS to cancer to, most commonly, infection. Colloidal silver is touted as an all-purpose anti-viral, anti-bacterial therapy. Of course, those diabolical scientists have suppressed the truth about colloidal silver’s benefits. It’s the “natural antibiotic”! Going further, evidently Americans are suffering from a massive silver deficiency epidemic.

In truth, colloidal silver supplementation has zero health benefits and carries substantial risks. For all the talk about widespread growing resistance to antibiotics (a public health concern I cautiously share), a run of antibiotics to treat an infection is far superior to colloidal silver both in terms of efficacy and safety. Of course, the goal here is to boost your immunity naturally through a good diet, prudent supplementation and regular exercise, but everyone gets sick now and then. Colloidal silver isn’t the answer. Regular intake will result in silver “ash” deposits that can and do show up in unfortunate places like the eyes, skin and organs – permanently. (This condition is called argyria. Click here to see a picture of a bad case – but be warned that it’s very disturbing.) Moreover, silver is not an essential nutrient required by the human body.

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  1. Okay, no silver, but how about colloidal gold? Do they make a colloidal diamond supplement? Because I wouldn’t mind having glitter eyes.

    1. How ridiculous to call Colloidal Silver unsafe. Silver has been used as an anti-viral, anti-microbial agent for thousands of years. Roman soldiers pointed silver into thin sheets and placed these over wounds to aid in healing. Rich people being born with Silver Spoons in their mouths simply signified how they used the “silverware” to improve their health.

      Colloidal Silver works by interfering with cell respiration of disease organisms, so they choke o themselves and die. What’s even better is that the dead bacteria still absorb the Colloidal silver and work to kill the rest of the bacterial colony, even after death. Colloidal Silver also does NOT kill healthy cells ; it only kills disease organisms. It beats MRSA, Osteomyelitis, boils, burns, acne, etc,.

      I read about a “Study” titled ‘Colloidal Silver harmful to human cells’ – BUT what they didn’t point out was that the cells were Leukemia cells! Do that’s a great thing, but it was “spun” so that Big Pharma can say there’s a body of evidence saying it’s harmful to humans. They would LUV to get this stuff banned (like they have in Europe), so that people have to take their drugs. Prescription drugs kill 100,000 people per year in the U.S. – Colloidal Silver doesn’t kill anyone. The choice is yours.

      1. Katzie I agree! No one wants the natural way anymore! I have been taking Colloidal silver and gold for years! It’s wonderful!

  2. It’s amazing how these things that do not just contain zero nutritional value, but actually have harmful ingredients in them, get passed off as being healthy and nutritional.
    McFly…glitter eyes do sound nice, I will admit.

  3. Heavy Metal Supplements. Not the music, but the contents themselves. If your stomach is filled with metals, you will eat less, but weigh more.

    Not sure what this means, but I sure have shiny skin and a magnetic personality, err body.

  4. Colloidal Silver and other nutritional treatments are one thing, but how about the really wild stuff that’s out there right now?

    Examples for weight loss: Slim Slippers (control your weight by walking on magnets, with the aid of reflexology), caffeine tights(of all things), caffeine sun screens. You think nutritional supplements are often a “stretch?” I just wrote a blog piece on these alternative methods for weight loss. Incredible. Off the wall, and out of the ball park.

  5. I’ve been making & taking Coll Silver now for approx 2 years & haven’t been sick one day in that time. I’ve also made it for friends who’ve had great results similar to mine.

    Once the silver is produced it must be filtered to remove excess silver.

    Mark, the ammount of evidence that points towards silver being excellent for just about most things is fairly staggering. I’ve used it on warts, for dental hygiene in a gel. I’ve used it also on cysts & friends have used it too with quite outstanding results from either feelings of being better than they’ve been in a long time. A friend took a couple of litres & had a chest infection made well after 3 lots of antibiotics didn’t do a thing.

    No doubt you have a different slant on these things which I’m quite interested in hearing.


    Steve Martin.

    1. “friends have used it too…feelings of being better”

      Wow, I’m convinced! Who needs like actual scientific studies over the years when you’ve got secondhand testimonials of friends with their feelings.

      1. And bactrim sulfamethoxazole/trimethoprim has various documented journals of being used to treat and cure various diseases, yet also hospitalizes a great number of people per year due to its poisonous, inhuman contents. There is no record of this metal ever being harmful to anyone aside from 1 case in the last several hundred years of its use. So go research bactrim and look at its testimonials. Then, go ahead and look at silvers. Just because the government doesnt grant funds for research to non-patentable materials, doesnt make them lesser to what they do.

      2. How do you suggest doing it Silly John! When we take bad things for our health we feel bad!

    2. I’ve been taking a once a day had the flue for 2 month now and suffer from Lym like infection and lieshmania that is not recognised in Australia or ever been tested for once in Australia but yet doctors believe just because there been told that it’s not here in Australia but Manny people die from shaga desease which gets misdiagnosed as heart desease, no cure yet or simple drug that can help that I’ve tried.

  6. I Agree With Steve On This. I’ve Used It For A Severe Candida Outbreak That My Doctor Told Me I Would Have To Go On Anti-fungal To Gain Back Control Of The Situation. It Only Took A Week Before It Was Cleared Up Using Colloidal Silver. I Also Have A Good Friend Who Has Been Taking It For Over 10 Years And Hasn’t Been Sick To This Day. My Friend Started Using Colloidal Silver When All Else Failed To Help His Hepatitis C Situation As It Took 6 Months Using Colloidal Silver To Come Back HCV Negative. To This Day He Has Tested Negative For A Disease That Landed Him In The Hospital In Severe Condition. I Believe Everybody Should Reevaluate The Colloidal Silver Topic A Little More. I’m Not Saying It’s A Cure All, But I’m Certain For Some People It Works Very Well.

    1. I’ve used colloidal silver for years – it’s not all the same however, and I’ve found MesoSilver to be very effective….

  7. I personally had leprosy for over a year, no doctor believed there was leprosy in the united states and it was at the stage where my finger tips were about to fall off, my nerves were being to be exposed and enlarged, skin completely red, dull numbness of my skin no sense of touch, muscles atrophing, deformity in my hands and feet, every symtom of leprosy you can think of, lesions all over my body,

    then I started taking colloidal silver and it completely cured every single one of my symtoms, I am clean from leprosy praise God. it is not a scam.

    1. Hi Mike
      I know a friend whose brother got Leprosy
      Can you please details of how much colloidal silver you took and which brand.

    2. Colloidal silver is not a scam but a GOD SEND. I was undergoing diagnosis of MS for the past 4 years. I had tingling and numbness in the extremities, severe brain for, my vision was blurry in my left eye, my coordination was a mess.. cognitively I was a permanent drunk. This stuff cleared away all of it.

      This webpage is nothing other than propaganda..sure they don’t want you to take this “toxic” stuff because it will interfere with their plans..

  8. Personally i fap with a special silver formula. it works great! I have used it over 9000 times.
    oh and also, tits or GTFO.

  9. I put it in my eye for pink eye. It killed the pink eye bug as fast as a prescription I had recieved previously from the doctor when I had pink eye. I’m not sure if it could do the same thing if you drink colloidal silver.

  10. I’ve also had an eye infection that has cleared up when CS has been sprayed in it – after only a few days.

    A friend had a severe gum infection & had to have Panadol Forte to relieve the pain. She used some gel that I made with CS & it was all gone on the 2nd night. She used it on the 3rd night, as well, just to be sure.

    My son is taking it orally at present for his pimples so I’ll mail back in a week or so with a report.

    Agyria is caused by Silver Nitrate or Silver Salts & not colloidal / ionic silver.


    1. To be true, colloidal silver DOES cause agyria, but only if you drink 10 cups a day for 10 years, which is how the people that have it, got it! You CANNOT get agyria from salts.

      1. FYI, TRUE colloidal silver CANNOT cause “argyria”. The stuff that is made with two silver electrodes and a 9-volt battery with some salt water CANNOT PRODUCE TRUE CS. I have been making my own CS with a commercially available CONSTANT CURRENT microprocessor-controlled unit since 1997. As a test, I drank 750ml of 15PPM colloidal silver of my own manufacture EVERY DAY FOR TWO WEEKS, with ZERO undesirable side effects. Since then we have used it to CURE everything from warts to candida albicans to suppurating surgical wounds, to pink eye, to gingivitis, to sore throat, to pneumonia (MD-diagnosed), to inner ear infections, and just about everything else we tried it on. PERIOD. ADVICE: IF IT HAS ANYTHING IN IT BUT 99.99+% PURE SILVER AND STEAM-DISTILLED WATER, DON’T BUY IT!!!! The salts have only ONE purpose: to keep the NON-colloid sized particles in suspension and extend the shelf life. Such stuff WILL cause argyria (blue-skin/Smurfman effect). Our CS has an INDEFINITE shelf life with ZERO additives.

        1. A car charger on trickle will use a constant 1w draw and take 16hr to make 35ppm of clear colodial silver it will turn the glass bronze you will use 1/3 of a point on a digital scale in a mason jar no other way better for the watt remains constant and does not go up the more that’s made.

  11. The suspected antibiotic properties *might* make it something worthwhile to use on your outsides on a short term basis…but are these people proposing you drink it? Yeah, i think you’d want to proceed with caution, to say the least. For the leprosy that the other poster mentioned…controlled studies would be helpful. There are other treatments for Hansen’s Disease/leprosy that might be less toxic. But as a second or third line of treatment…controlled studies would be essential.

    1. Due your due diligence, there’s been a staggering amount of controlled studies both in the US and in Europe. This blogger “Mark” clearly did none of his due diligence and has passed along awful and inaccurate information.

      Don’t use salts in your production. Dont use tap water or salts, distilled water only. People telling you to use salts have clearly not looked into the chemistry behind it.

      If your silver solution is clear, you have ionic silver (equally excellent for external wounds and eyes ears nose throat, not great for ingestion (unless you’re combating food poisoning, which is a stomach specific ailment) because the effectiveness dies when the silver ions meet the choloride in your stomach, creating silver chloride.) Drink colloidal silver (amber in color) because it’s actual silver particles, not silver ions, and will pass through without a problem.

      Both Ionic silver (clear) and colloidal silver (amber) are forms of silver you absolutely want to use, just know what you’re targeting.

      Whoever calls colloidal or ionic silver is a complete fraud or woefully ill informed, such as the author of this post.

      In it’s 3,000 year recorded history, the number of agyria cases is under 500. That’s statistically the equivalent of zero.

      Based on this authors misinformation about this highly documented and researched topic, he should lose any and all respect of his naive readership.

      I am embarrassed for this pseudo-intellectual.

      1. I’ve been sick for many years with a spiral bacterial infection and been making ionic silver to no avail should I turn it into colodial silver by useing backing soda and cornsurap

        1. Glucose powder, not corn syrup; even though corn syrup has glucose in it. Get the pure stuff, it’s super cheap. Then you can use verin to reduce for topical purposes. You can stablize them with soluble starch and sodium citrate to make better shelf life. You got to use tiny bit of soluble starch, mixed in distilled at 80 Celsius, until dissolved. Magnetic stirrer/hotplate is great.

  12. whoever is calling CS completely dangerous is a liar. pure and simple. i know CS works for an extremely large number of health problems, knowing myself first hand. so, you can believe me who found out for myself or…you can believe the liar at the top of this web page who don’t know sh*t from fat meat about it. right! i see he’s trying to flog a ‘all about me’ book!

  13. I personally was DEAD for two, no THREE weeks and a single DROP of CS that accidentally spilled NEAR me not only brought me back to life but gave me smooth shiny skin, helped me lose seventy pounds AND helped me earn money in the stock market.
    Of course your results may differ. I look forward to READING YOUR RESULTS STRAIGHT FROM YOUR MIND! Yes, CS can do that, too.

    1. Sarcasm is a defense mechanism for people who have nothing of intelligence or substance to contribute so they use sarcasm to deflect their own inadequacies onto others.

      1. No, it’s for people that think the other person is stupid and not worth actually engaging. Which appears to be true in this case.

        Happy argyria.

        1. So you’re making these assumptions with no facts or scientific studies? Which the pro colloidal silver people have in spades. I agree with these people, you have nothing of any value to give and resort to sarcasm.

          Happy Idiocy!


  14. I have plans on producing the finest CS (Colloidal Silver) possible.
    Being as my nature is that of a perfectionist,
    so second best is not an option for me in this quest.

    In my research on this i have run into many kind of brick walls and crossroad….
    some road signs says DEAD END some looks to say MAYBE THIS WAY…

    In frustration i have to remind myself that disinformation is out there,
    fear is still being used to manipulate the public no doubt about that….

    Now it would be great to get more in to deep on this.

    I am seeking outside expertise and feedback to insure that only the highest quality product is created.


  15. These days I put 10 or 12 drops of Hydrogen Peroxide (3%) in a litre bottle of C.S. This is believed to make the particles smaller & enhance the ability of the C.S. to do it’s job.

  16. You could not be ore wrong about silver water. Of course using too much is unwise, but used correctly it is a life saver. Silver water is currently being out into bandages and pajamas in hospitals for staph infection, and bandages for burn victims. As it cannot be patented, it is not used in pure form. It is about money. Have a yeast infection? Use silver water, it will be gone almost instantly. Staph? A hospital will let you die before they will let you have an ounce of it pure to save you. A friend of mine came to my house, after being sent to the hospital by work as he was covered in staph. They gave him a prescription for antibiotics. He asked me what he should do, I took him to a local health food store and grabbed silver water. I told him to take it for three days. It was all over his body. He came back to see me in three days, it was gone. My dog got salmonella. This would be a big deal if I used pharma vet cures. I used silver water, he slept and farted for an hour, it was gone. Would you let a loved one die of staph or grab some silver water and save them. Try looking up the only thing proven to work against tetanus. Silver water. I wonder how many people you will harm with this article. Of course it should be used wisely, like many medications. Use it yourself before you lead others astray.If you were laying in a hospital bed, covered in sores antibiotics cannot heal, would you take some and live, or die to prove your very incorrect point. It cleans out bacteria so quickly you do not need to take it long enough to do damage. Incorrect usage does not imply it does not work, this article alone insures I will trust no information from this site cheers and good bye.

  17. You can’t just say CS works because a couple people say it works, i mean the sum of any two even numbers is even, 14 and 6 are even and 14+6 = 20, so it must be true for all cases :S.

    maybe if they run tests and 85%+ of people are cured from aids and STI, and everyother problem under the sun then yes you can back it.

    “All teenagers are bad drivers, i know a teenager who are bad drivers so all of them must be bad”

    1. No but just because the FDA hasn’t authorised it or because it hasn’t been tested doesn’t mean it doesn’t work. People use tea tree oil to sooth spots and heal scratches…has it undergone months of medical testing alongside acne/spot treatments? No….does this mean it is dangerous and will turn you into a tree? …NO!

      1. No research to back up any claims of effectiveness means you have no facts to argue with. Fund some research. Produce some actual facts and publish those in a scientific journal.

  18. This discussion brought CS to my attention, huge THANKS for it!
    Result: will always try it (won’t harm me if i try several days or couple weeks) before paying horrendous sums for too very often ineffective medicine/treatment which always will harm me for sure as a side effect.

  19. Best thing to do is to buy a CS maker. I ordered mine from here…
    That way you won’t be having to rush off to the chemist & you’ll save bucket loads in the end.

    Make a gel out of it too!

    As long as you are making ionic / colloidal silver then it’s as safe as houses; you’re not going to take too much of it. Drink lots of water to flush the baddies away. Use it in a nebulizer, drink it, put it in a nasal spray bottle, have a spray bottle handy to spray on your face when it’s hot (in the car). The list goes on & on.

    All the best


  20. Completely wrong about silver being a scam, sure you must be one of those types of persons that thinks only FDA approved medicines (which have killed more people than any colloidal silver, in fact colloidal silver has never killed anyone at all) are the way to go.

    For you info, it was silver that stopped the Bubonic Plague.

    Colloidal silver has been documented in medicinal books as being effective to kill viral infections since 1914.

    No its not a scam, its only gullible sheeple, I mean people that think its a scam.

    Colloidal Silver has never been safer as it is today.

    Colloidal Silver Atom….they are extremely effective, especially when they are 3000 PPM.

  21. I’ve used and will always use Colloidal Silver and homoeopathic remedies for both myself and my dogs. In moderation and when I need them and, used properly, they’re safer and cheaper than using drugs and chemicals. No-one’s turning blue here.

    I’m wondering if the naysayers here have actually tried them or are just going blindly along with Conventional Wisdom!

    I currently have a bandaid on a finger I accidently sliced on a file pin yesterday, which is impregnated with silver – my nicks and cuts always used to get slightly infected but not if I use these bandaids. No disinfectants or ointments; just wash and slap on a silver bandaid. Brilliant!

    I’ll try something if I think it has potential. If it doesn’t work for me, it’s out the door.

    1. Huge coincidence! Just got an email from a supplement site (yes, they’re flogging their products but I checked and this was reported in the media back in October):

      “Promising new research on the use of silver has emerged which may provide a potential cure for the common cold.

      The discovery was made by a team at the University of Ghent in Belgium. Professor Willy Verstraete, a microbiologist, discovered a method of attaching nanoparticles of silver to harmless bacteria called Lactobacillus fermentum. This bacteria, often found in probiotic yoghurts, when grown in a solution of silver ions, then excretes tiny particles of silver which stud the outside of the cells.

      Researchers tested the silver-impregnated bacteria against norovirus, which causes winter vomiting outbreaks, and found they leave the virus unable to cause infections. The researchers believe the same technique could help to combat other viruses, including influenza and those responsible for causing the common cold.

      Scientists said the silver-studded bacteria could be incorporated into nasal sprays, water filters or hand washes to prevent the spread of viruses.”

  22. It seems this blog post was counter productive. Looks like I’m going to have to try some Colloidal Silver.

  23. Wow, this subject is really amazing to me. I am about to graduate and receive my BScN in nursing. It is ironic that I am moving away from medicine and realizing that I have been more ill from antibiotics than my actual illnesses. One thing that I really don’t understand is that the ‘medical field’ is trying to discredit using silver as a natural remedy for illnesses. Meanwhile, I have used many dressings on people that are infused with silver in order to decrease the growth of bacteria and harmful pathogens. These dressings are even used on people with MRSA. I even have some non-adhesive foam dressing that is infused with Ag (called Biatain Ag).These dressings are provided by the hospital and I did not go to any health food store to buy them. Silver IS used in the medical field, not just by homeopaths and naturopaths. So why is it that they are trying to discredit the use of silver as a solution?
    Also, anyone who has learned the proper way to do research knows that this is a biased claim and can be considered ‘garbage’. Their is no evidence to support his claim of silver having ‘substantial risks’. Actually he goes into detail explaining the one risk this actually has. He also states that is it something that WILL happen if you take this on a regular basis. This couldn’t be more false, as I do not have any grey or blue friends. This can happen if you are taking extreme amounts and not following directions. However, even water is dangerous in extreme amounts. Our body depends on a delicate balance of everything (homeostasis).
    The last sentence was a tricky one and made me laugh. Yes he is right when he states that silver in not and essential nutrient. However, our body does have silver in it naturally and does depend on silver for certain cellular metabolic functioning. Nice try buddy, but this myth was just busted!!!! I am not saying that colloidal silver does benefit everything it claims to, since their is very slim proper, unbiased research to support this, I am stating that the article above is a bunch of bull 🙂 Also, the picture in the article is really shocking and tries to make his claim stand out to the reader. Their is a big difference between ashen grey (which is what older smokers can look like, and you see everyday) and the robot man that is spray painted in this picture.

    1. EVERY mineral on planet earth can also be found in the human body (and in the same proportions!)

  24. Well, people used to put a silver coin in their wells to prevent bacteria from thriving in the water, they used to put in in water reserves on ships to keep the water free of bacteria, they STILL use it in babies eyes to prevent infection right after birth. It is antibacterial, but some people for some reason don’t want you to know this!

    1. Silver dishes, silver ‘silverware’; whooda thunkit?

      Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. Silver is used in water filters to kill viruses. Buncha witchcraft, huh?

  25. I have heard of breast cancer being cured by directly injecting colloidal GOLD right into the center of the mass! Colloidal gold is also used on burn patients IN HOSPITALS to prevent infection; it’s the ONLY thing that prevents it!

  26. And, for the person who mentioned colloidal diamonds: That is ONLY used when the person is in tip-top shape and has zero medical issues. Diamond ENHANCES the present condition of the person. It also enhances supplements.

  27. Colloidal Silver was used extensively prior to the 1940’s in which the pharmaceutical companies abandoned it to new antibiotics.

    People who discredit what they do not understand need to carefully do their homework before they start calling everything a scam.

    They are most likely paid bashers that belong to some kind of Big Pharma Trade Association.

  28. I’ve been using if for 2.5 years now. I’ve been on allergy meds for 15 years prior ending with Xyrtec and Flonase and I still got sinus infections at least 3 times a year. An accidental overdose of SineAid basically turned me into a hermit because the headaches are so great without a decongestant that I would stay indoors to try to avoid getting sick. I haven’t taken Xyrtec or Flonase in the last 2.5 years since I started using silver and I have not had one sinus infection in that time. I only spray it in my nose when I feel the sickness coming on. If this is psychosomatic then guess what, I’ll still keep on with it. Not having sinus infections for 2.5 years is fantastic!!!! I hike again and I camp again during the high pollen days. I researched and with the FDA trying to ban it…I make my own now. Something that works this well, no way I’m letting go of it.

    1. Mike, quitting commercial wheat products took care of my sinus problems. I’m currently experimenting with yeast bread and organic flour. I don’t think grains are a constructive food source but my quest for knowledge keeps me experimenting.

    2. I wrote my first message here on April 19th, 2011 stating I have not had one sinus infection since using CS only when I would feel one coming on. Just an update…today is September 7,2014 and no sinus infections to date. My old doctor was concerned that I was no longer taking my medication. He was more concerned about that than about me being well. Due to other complications that have nothing to do with sinus infections…he’s been fired. My new doc understands that it does work.

  29. Also…NASA uses nano silver in their water filtration systems. It just takes a bit of research.

  30. Well, all you doubters, tut tut…

    I had the Super Flesh Eating MSRI bug that no one could cure, I was being eaten alive from the inside out and had only hours to live.

    While getting my last rights, the priest sprinkled some “holy water” over me, coincidentally he had accidentally put Colloidal Silver in by accident instead of holy water. Within minutes I was walking around and half an hour later I was down at the pub getting arse faced!

    It works!!! Why don’t all doctors use it?

    1. As my wife was given acinetobacter superbug at a hospital ICU setting. I used the mesosilver on her . The sores was gone along with the fevers and the bug about three weeks. As I ask the doctor to use silver on her they refused, So I had to sneak it to her. Its increased he bloodcell count also. She now in rehab enjoying life again.

  31. Will this thread NEVER DIE???!?!?!!

    Nazis! Great Big Nazis with atom bombs who vote Republican! They use CS! Yes, Hitler used CS.

    Now go crawl back into your yurts and await the second coming.

  32. Silver is used on serious burns to reduce scarring. There’s no doubt in my mind that medical effects of silver are real; however, I can’t find a place for it in my own life because no-one has done serious research about internal dosages for specific uses.
    The medico-scientific community has been negligent, and the enthusiasts and conspiracy nuts have taken up the slack. But this tells us nothing about silver itself.
    For internal use it is probably the nano-particles (about 5% of ordinary CS; most of the silver in CS is ionic, not colloidal at all) that are antiviral etc. They may have higher risks too. The bast research is around the properties of silver nano-particles, not the ionic CS that’s everywhere these days.

  33. In order to regain some measure of credibility, I seriously suggest you NOT assume that it’s safe to just print whatever the NIH or FDA puts out. The chance of it being propaganda is always very high and any serious health-advocate should know this. There’s plenty of other reading you can do to thoroughly rebut the unexamined claim you make in this article. And, by the way, the (one and only) example of a “blue man” that the media always points to is that SAME one old guy who was showcased on 60 minutes years ago and who was OBVIOUSLY painted. Why was he painted blue? Ask yourself why. First, because the blue man thing doesn’t actually happen with colloidal silver; and secondly, because the medical/health establishment SERIOUSLY doesn’t want the masses learning the hundred and one uses of colloidal silver that would stop them buying or needing the toxic and costly products proffered by the enormous corporate intereste. Please get a clue, write your retraction and don’t be one of Them.

  34. Let’s say, for the sake of the argument, that colloidal silver has antibacterial properties and that it can can prevent a cut from getting infected. So what? You can buy a tube of antibacterial ointment for a couple of dollars.

  35. Really, Mark, I like this blog, very valuble.

    But, on this subject, ignorance. Just ignorance and superstition.

    You should be ashamed.

  36. I drank about two liters of CS (20PPM in distilled water) a week for months to cure my discoid eczema. I also nebulised it. 5 minutes a day three times a week in a professional grade nebuliser. Not a doctor in the world could help me and I was told it was chronic so I would have to be on all sorts of rubbish to “control” the symptoms. I have not had so much a a sneeze in nearly 3 years. I have being through hell because of this condition and I’m now back so I think I’m more qualified to comment on if it works or not Mark!

    1. So, drinking and nebulizing CS cured your discoid eczema? How many months did it take?

  37. I have been making and using my own colloidal silver for the past 12 years. I have never in that time suffered from flu or any serious infections. The rubbish about CS being disseminated by the FDA and its cohorts about CS is just that-pure BS.
    Their reasons are purely to protect Big Pharma.My wife, my friends, my dog, and my plants owe one hell of a lot to the properties of CS. I have not turned blue,grey, or purple. and am as healthy as I was when I was 30! I am 69 years old and will continue till I reach 100!CS is one of the best things I have ever “discovered” (Cape Town ZA)

  38. do some proper research on CS. this article reads like you did your research from limited sources as a person who never even experimented with CS. It totally works for me and so many people have turned their health around because of it. it’s actually amazing stuff! it’s totally safe if you take the correct doses in the lower ppm. saying its a scam because some guy overdid it and turned blue? common sense

  39. I wish that when argyria is mentioned people would tell the truth. It happens for one of two reasons (or both)
    1) The water used is not pure it needs to be filtered by reverse osmosis or distilled.
    2) The silver used is not 99.9% pure.
    Both of these will create a solution that contains colloidal silver but also high levels of silver salts and it is the silver salts that cause argyria.
    I have used CS on a persistent infection that courses of antibiotics only contained and it is gone. It is good internally and externally.
    As for the use of colloidal gold, gold unlike silver is known to be toxic at certain levels as is copper which is also being sold as a colloid.

  40. I hate seeing post like this guy made. He has no idea what he’s talking about yet puts forth ‘for the record…’. This is the type of misinformation that confuses people and frankly costs lives.

    Colloidal Silver WORKS. It has worked for a hundred years.

    Like ANY medicine it must be made correctly, stored correctly and consumed correctly. 100% of the ‘horror stories’ about colloidal silver violated one or more of these requirements.

    I have an immune deficiency which renders me very susceptible to infection. From age 8 I battled pneumonia time and time again. At age 14 I had to have half of one lung removed due to infection that antibiotics of the day (early 60’s) couldn’t clear up. The lung damage was done.

    I learned about colloidal silver some 15 years ago and even tried it for a very short time. But there was little information available and the story of the ‘Blue Man’ scared me off.

    Over the years my lungs have become damaged due to repeated infections. I have battled Pseudomonas aeruginosa in my lungs, requiring antibiotics like Levaquin, Cipro, Doxycycline and Tobramycin. Taken 10 days at a time I’ve needed as many as 15 to 20 rounds of these antibiotics in a year, year after year. And they were becoming less and less effective.

    Last year on 6/11/2012 I decided to try colloidal silver. I took two 6 cc doses daily (about 2 teaspoons) inhaled with my nebulizer. Within 3 days my lungs began to clear up. In less than a week the infection was gone. I don’t take it every day, but when I feel a flareup starting in my lungs I restart taking Colloidal Silver. If it doesn’t clear up within a couple of days I’ll start also drinking 1 ounce a day, never for more than a week.

    Today, 6/13/2013 I just passed one year with ZERO antibiotics. I’ve used about 1 8oz. bottle of Colloidal Silver per month on average. And I’M NOT BLUE.

    Yes, it works. Stop telling people it doesn’t. BTW, I don’t get any kickback for referrals but after my research I chose to buy my supply from Utopia Silver.

  41. I left a message on here back in 2011. Just an update. I still make my own silver and I still take it only when needed. Add two more years to it. 4 years and running…ZERO sinus infections…and no allergy meds taken in over 1400 days. It’s wonderful being free of pharmaceuticals and the side effects and enjoying the outdoors no matter what time of year it is!!!!! Believe what you want. As some of said it’s psychosomatic…then I guess I’m one crazy allergy free sinus infection fee outdoor enjoying mofo!

  42. There is a fairly new silver technology. It is not colloidal silver. The website is
    Any thoughts on that?

  43. When someone makes a statement one must ask whats in it for him or for the one whom he speaks for.

    Big pharma loses money so they come up with this after years of thinking of how to get it off the market. So now they came up with this. But experience of people using it and it saved their life shows the opposite.

    Never trust everything but question everything and keep in the back of your mind how someone could benefit of what they’ve just said.

  44. 7 years sinus infection free…7 years free of taking pills and sprays in my nose 365 days a year. I still make CS and use it whenever I feel an infection coming on. I love it.

  45. what a moron whoever wrote this article about colloidal silver, just stupid as can be!!!

  46. This type of article is just as damaging as the ones that over-hype. Colloidal Silver is recognized by the medical community as an effective broad-spectrum anti-biotic, and should be used with all of the same precautions. There’s plenty of research available.

  47. For the love of all that is sacred, I implore the admin to please lock this thread off. Enough with the fruitcakes and their nutty claims.
    If the admin will not lock this turkey then I demand the CS crowd either provide a very real, very hard and VERY reputable study performed by a highly placed lab and vetted in a REAL science journal or go away.
    Yes, I invoke the science version of PICS OR IT DIDN’T HAPPEN.(
    Any takers?

  48. Hey,

    It’s amazing just how these things that do not merely include absolutely no dietary worth, yet actually have unsafe components in them, get passed off as being nutritional and also healthy. Glitter eyes do seem good, I will certainly confess.

    Anyway, thanks for this great post. Keep up the good work, Mark!


  49. Ok, this article is full of misinformation and opinions, not facts. My children are living proof that Colloidal Silver is one strong antibiotic. There are lots of research papers that have been written in and outside of the U.S. that shows just how effective CS is at destroying bacteria and funguses. Also, the man you cite as catching Argyria, took massive amounts of CS per day (several 8 ounce glasses). He was making his own and was adding SALT to it. When he put salt in his mixture, it became silver chloride (NOT Colloidal Silver), which produces large particles. The large particles, along with drinking several glasses per day for 10 years, and tanning excessively, caused the “Blue Man Syndrome”. A BIG no no. 10ppm (extremely small particles) Colloidal Silver is perfectly safe. My entire family have been taking it for years.

  50. This article is such a lie. Don’t believe the person who wrote because it certainly sounds like he/she had been paid off by the pharmaceutical industry to writems such nonsense.

    Colloidal silver is an amazing natural remedy that heals many ailments.

    Use this before any antibiotic!

    1. Funny how colloidal silver (CS) critics worry about silver solutions that are usually less than 50 ppm, but don’t worry about distilled water that often lists as much as 50 ppm undefined stuff in it, or municipal water that can have hundereds of PPM of undefined minerals in it. The CS that turns people blue is not colloidal silver, and there are ways to chelate out excess silver in one’s body. There is little to worry about if one uses true CS, which mostly ends up as silver oxide after it is exposed to air. Some research shows that silver oxide works, while solutions with metal particles actually do not work well at all. Over the years, CS in the 5 to 10 ppm range, has been shown to kill essentially every single-celled pathogen with which it has been tested…well over 1000 of them. For interal use, it should be diluted to 2 ppm or so … according to one chemist who calculated the equilibrium point between stomach acid and colloidal silver. Concentrations much above 1 ppm can be converted by stomach acid to silver chloride which is not as effective as good CS. I make my own high quality silver oxide solution. Over the years I have used gallons of it for colds (in a ultrasonic nebulizer), eye infections, skin irritations, athletes foot, etc. , and still have not turned blue.

  51. I love your blog but do more research on this one. Yes, it is not a supplement. That would be as dumb as taking antibiotics as a supplement. The “blue people” drink glasses of improperly made colloidal silver daily which is stupid and irresponsible, But it is highly antibacterial and antifungal and is currently used in hospital air filters and bandages. For decades, populations have painted their wells with it to kill bacteria in water and heal bacterial and fungal diseases internally and externally when used properly. Wipe your athletes feet with it and watch it disappear. This is superior to the nasty chemical concoctions the industrial complex wants to sell you to cure things like bladder infections, any skin fungus conditions, ear infections, drops for eye infections- pretty much anything bacterial or fungal related. I and many have used it as medicine successfully for years. I am not at all affiliated with any company. I am just trying to free myself from the industrial poisons they call a revolution, which not only includes foods and how we eat, but from the toxic products and medicines they want to cram into and on top of our skin. Use CS responsibly and free yourself from dozens of otherwise toxic cures the complex wants to sell you as safe and spread exaggerated rumors to debunk it because no one can patent it to make more industrialized profits. At least silver is natural and when used safely is wonderful. For instance, a proper dose would be a teaspoon spread out over the day for 7-10 days like an antibiotic protocol, not in glasses of it daily.
    Now as of this writing, some creative industrialist has found a way to patent a product containing silver and soon the FDA will be calling this new wonder medicine safe now though it will be undoubtedly full of extra “patentable” chemicals. They did the same exact thing with asprin and the free use of willow bark. Someone added chemicals to make it patentable and over time is now 100% chemicallly derived with no willow at all. Please don’t encourage people to trust toxic pharmaceuticals by poopooing colloidal silver.

  52. I do find it oddly funny how people are terrified at turning blue overdosing with silver ‘antibiotics’ (-which is inaccurate BTW) but they have no problem with the risk of going blind overdosing on commercial antibiotics which is what happened for many years when it was hitting the market back in the day. We must be a very very vain society. I’d rather look like a healthy smirf than blind if given the risks.

  53. 89 comments and 0 scientific articles linked to? This is shameful. So many people crying “there’s no research!” and a bunch of others crying “there’s so much!” but not posting anything.

    I’ll start us off with some real research and questions, and maybe finally we can have a productive conversation.
    ^ these studies find that it is effective in destroying staph.
    ^ here’s a study showing it can be effective against bacteria and fungi, but not viruses.
    ^ this study finds that it may interfere with bone marrow development (if I’m understanding the literature correctly)
    ^ study done on rats that demonstrated some negative outcomes apparently (I’m not a scientists, just trying to understand the research)

    What I’m actually curious about is every saying “dont take CS with salts, etc”.

    Are you just using a dropper to administer the CS orally? Diluting it in distilled water?

    As soon as it hits your stomach it’s going to be mixed with whatever salts are in your digestive tract anyway. What is your explanation for this?

    Apparently according to WebMD event the smallest particles can bind to proteins in your cells and remain there long term, and thus eventually cause Argyria. Anybody have anymore research on this? WebMD has no sources.

    Please, if you want to foster an actually useful conversation, respond to this thread. I do thank everyone for sharing their experiences with CS.

    1. Joe, I completely agree with you that a useful conversation is needed here. The immaturity and hostility in some of these posts is sad to say the least.
      I have been researching Colloidal Silver for the past few weeks and I must say that it is very difficult due to all of the conflicting information in the various websites. From my understanding, as long as the silver particles are small enough and actually “float'” by themselves in the distilled water and nothing else is add to “jump start conductivity” then it is impossible for the silver to build up in your system and cause Argyria. I noticed, during my researching, that over 90% of the websites that cry “ARGYRIA” in reference to the use of Colloidal Silver were Medical based websites. Most of us are taught from a young age that “the doctor knows best.” I do not believe that to be true. How many cancer doctors, hospitals and makers of “cancer treatments” do you think REALLY want to find a cure for cancer? It would put them out of business! Doctors and pharmaceutical companies make WAY too much money at the expense of our health. The more sick people you have and the longer they stay sick, the more money THEY make.
      I read some of the previous comments and quite a few people were talking about “scientific proof.” I would say that the results that people have had while using the Colloidal Silver is proof enough. Why do people believe someone with a degree, that has never actually tried the product themselves, over someone that has ACTUALLY used the product with positive results?
      If the PURE Colloidal Silver actually does what many people claim is does, then I am all for it! So in the name of “science,” I am about to embark on some experimentation myself. I have everything I need, except for my battery connectors, to make my own Colloidal Silver generator. I also ordered a tester that tests how many parts per million is in the solution that I make. My total investment is around $200, which is less than what alot of companies I have researched are selling their generators for PLUS I will have a tester!
      I will be my own test subject as well as a couple of my pets that have some chronic issues. I also have a friend that has cancer that started in his throat and has spread rapidly throughout his body. Even if the Colloidal Silver only lessened his pain, it would be HUGE! I had read in a couple articles, can’t remember them exactly, that the silver has the ability to kill the cancer and return the cells to normal. Some people would say that’s impossible! But I say “why not!?” Where is the “scientific” proof of it’s impossibility? Can you imagine the implications of Colloidal Silver curing a severe case of cancer!? I will not lose hope even if my friend passes. There are too many other significant benefits that people have said they have experienced when using the Colloidal Silver. Just the fact that people say it helps them from getting colds or the flu is a major benefit. Doctors and Pharmaceutical companies make billions during cold and flu seasons on medications and treatments that don’t work half the time, is expensive, and just puts a bunch poison is your system.
      A website that I found very interesting that has a lot of references for it’s information is: Check it out and let me know what you think. I will keep you posted, if you’d like, on my experimenting progress. I will definitely let you know if I turn myself blue!LOL

  54. You are sadly misinformed about colloidal silver. Me, family, and friends have used it for years internally and topically. I have seen it do wonders. The fact is medical science now uses silver too, silver bandages are applied to wounds and burns, silvadene has been used for decades to prevent burn infections, Peer reviewed experimentation is being done to supplement or even replace silver.

    The blue man is scare tactics used to protect big pharma from a medicine they cannot patent. He used silver chloride not pure silver and he took many times more per day than is normally recommended. Proper usage of silver will not cause argyria.

  55. This is not a true document. I hope people do more research before believing this article. I just took this for my asthma flare up. I can now breathe.

  56. I think it’s absolutely hilarious how Mark says that Colloidal Silver is not only unsafe, but ineffective. I guess that’s why the medical industry used it in the early 1900’s and considered it the strongest antibiotic known to man before they figured out they could make billions from Penicillin. Just look up the viruses and bacteria the medical industry killed with Colloidal Silver. Easy research.

  57. Rather than relying on a web site with an opinion on Colloidal Silver, people should go to Google Scholar or Pubmed and read real scientific research papers on Colloidal Silver. There are many academic papers on the subject and research carried out in controlled lab environments. Science knows best.

  58. Hi y’all.
    I got an idea for all you CS adherents. Why don’t you just get an AO 2000 AQUA OPTIMIZER LIVING WATER ORGONE GENERATOR and use that to regenerate your CS infusions? It’ll make the CS twice as effective. I promise.

  59. Joe

    Fantastic amount of research. Thanks for posting. This is exactly what I was asking for in one of my past posts.

    According to your “these studies find that it is effective in destroying staph.”

    The studies do no such thing. They DO however point out that when administered in large quantities into the nasal cavities of sheep over time, there seems to be some effectiveness at REDUCING the amount of a particular strain of staph compared to simple saline water rinse.

    This is fascinating and if it can be reproduced points to a real promise. However, human and sheep sinus cavities are not the same and the strain of staph may only affect sheep and not humans. Still, this is a bright spot. More studies need to be done.
    ^ here’s a study showing it can be effective against bacteria and fungi, but not viruses.
    ^ this study finds that it may interfere with bone marrow development (if I’m understanding the literature correctly)
    ^ study done on rats that demonstrated some negative outcomes apparently (I’m not a scientists, just trying to understand the research)

    According to you “here’s a study showing it can be effective against bacteria and fungi, but not viruses.”

    There isn’t enough data in the report to draw conclusions. I would like to see the full data set from this study. CS treatment of fungus would be a much needed arrow in the medical quiver with rising world temperatures.

    According to you “this study finds that it may interfere with bone marrow development (if I’m understanding the literature correctly)”

    Looks that way to me, too. That would be bad, by the way. No suggestions on how to avoid this problem in the report.

    Again, from you “study done on rats that demonstrated some negative outcomes apparently (I’m not a scientists, just trying to understand the research)”

    Not a clue here, either. The study is on CS prepared with polyvinilpirrolidone (PVP, food additive E1201) which “was used as a plasma volume expander for trauma victims after the 1950s” according to Wikipedia. Doesn’t sound like something many people would add to CS. Does this study say that CS with PVP produced the results or just CS or just PVP? More studies needed.

    Fascinating bit of research. Look forward to more.

  60. You’re completely wrong, any idiot can google silver’s antibacterial properties, even the ancient Greeks knew it, read Sciam’s c.s. + antibiotics article, it makes a.b.’s 1000 stronger. Don’t make baseless attacks.

  61. Stick to “Apples” Mark because you know very little about colloidal silver…