Sensible Vices: Round 2

Sensible VicesWhat can we say? We love our vices: those delightful, scrumptious, indulgent little morsels of gratifying transgression. O.K., this isn’t really how we look at it, but it’s kind of fun (and relatively harmless) to linger for a moment in imagined decadence.

In reality, our vices are simply healthy pleasures, satisfying and rather sensible indulgences. More Tom Hanks than Steve McQueen. More Jane Austen than Candace Bushnell. (Whatever floats your boat – you get our meaning.) The point is, these are vices that come without the guilt. What a deal! 100% satisfaction with no self-imposed penitence. Sign us up!

Fat, Fat, and More Fat


Doesn’t it feel good just to say it?? “What are you going to crave when the carbs are all gone?” people ask. “What is there to enjoy in life anymore?” Simple answer in our minds. Butter. Bacon – those chewy, salty strips of heaven! Oils of all flavors from the tangy to the spicy and savory. Sweet cream, rich nut butters… Well, you get the idea.

Don’t you love the look on peoples’ faces when you say that? Without the carbs throwing your body into havoc, you can indulge in whatever variety fat you like (minus the trans and interesterified, of course). Just make sure they’re stored and “prepared” properly. No heating the polyunsaturated fats, please!

Mid-Day Nap


Anyone recall nap mats from preschool/kindergarten? About 1:00 or so, the teacher would put on some soft, relaxing music, dim the lights, and instruct all the children to lay quietly. Those were the days!

Now we find ourselves in the office or plant, on the road, or at home juggling kids or work throughout the afternoon. Isn’t it time somebody called a siesta?! Research has found that naps enhance memory and reduce the chance of coronary-related death. Even the anticipation of an afternoon snooze is enough to lower blood pressure in study subjects.

Those of us who work at home might have a little easier time “organizing our day” to catch a few zzzs now and then, but those of us whose professions bring us to the office, factory, work site or “traveling office” might have a harder time of it. Hmmm. Wouldn’t it be great to start a petition around the workplace?



So, the petition got canned (or maybe you did after sending it around). Did you know tequila, as well as a number of other spirits, have zero carbs? Whoa! Yesiree, Bob! Just because you’re going primal doesn’t mean you have to live in the stone age when it comes to the after-work cocktail. Once again, indulgence in real quality pays. When it comes to tequila, go for 100% Agave.

We think tequila is best enjoyed straight up with some fresh lime, but check out this article for some zero and low carb mixed drink options for tequila and other spirits. And, we would be sorely negligent if we didn’t advise moderation for nutritional sake among “other” reasons. Ever heard (or perhaps had the misfortune of experiencing) “One tequila, two tequila, three tequila, Floor!”?

Skip Your Workout


Of course, we’re fitness freaks, gym rats, you name it. But sometimes the body has its own agenda, and we’re better off listening to it. For a variety of reasons, the body can sometimes just feel drained, drowsy or simply bushed. Everybody needs a break once in a while, and physical recovery is important.

And sometimes life just happens on the way to the gym. Your daughter’s college visit trip, that last-minute meeting with a client, the major plumbing issue that requires your attention (and waiting presence for a 4-6 hour window): As long as “there will always be tomorrow” doesn’t become “there will always be next month,” you shouldn’t beat yourself up over missing a session in a regular workout routine. You’ll go back with a fresh muscles and motivation.



While we aren’t diehard fans of all dairy, “the power of the cheese” is right on. However, we do believe in skipping the weirdo processed stuff reminiscent of school lunches. Play it snooty and go for the good, aged stuff. Not only is aged cheese a fermented food, it contains little to no lactose.

It’s also got good fat (see #1), essential nutrients, and a wallop of protein. But this will all be mere peripheral chatter once you’re actually enjoying. The satisfaction surpasses all of the above.

(Side Tip: For those interested in dipping their toe in the raw arena, try a good raw [non-pasteurized] import or local specialty.)

The Caveat

There’s always one. Whatever your “vices”, be sure they’re not self-destructive. Drugs, alcohol, days off and rich foods can quickly derail your health and your life, so choose smart.

Comments? Additions? Share your thoughts on these and other sensible vices.

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