October 03 2010

Secret Contest Results: The Grok Tattoo

By Mark Sisson

There are perks to being a forum member. Earlier this month I held a secret contest, published only in the forum and only public for a short period of time. Those that acted quickly were sent a free temporary Grok Tattoo. I asked for pics and MDA forum members came through big time with this amazing collection of photos. Many thanks to everyone that participated and sent in a snapshot. It’s a pleasure being able to put faces (and feet and biceps and shoulders…) to forum names. Stay Primal, everyone, and Grok on!

Congratulations to Dragonmamma, who won the Grok Spear from Cold Steel. Way to tat the back!

And by the way, every T-shirt and Primal Leap order now comes with a Grok Tattoo. Stay tuned for more contest results in coming days.

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14 thoughts on “Secret Contest Results: The Grok Tattoo”

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  1. Life threw us for a loop and we never took our tattoo pics. 🙁

    Congratulations to Dragonmamma! Nice!

    1. I didn’t take mine either! But I got the tat and will wear it (as soon as I can find it…)

      Congrats Dragonmamma–Happy B Day!!!)

    2. +1

      You are so lucky! Have a blast with the spear. A bail of hay makes a great target.

  2. Cool, what a way to end my birthday! How do I get it?

    I think I’ll go with the short handle, since I’m a short person. Besides, that way I can get up close and personal if the occasion calls for it.

  3. I sent an email about 10 minutes after the thread went up and never got my tattoo!!! 🙁

  4. I got a permanent Grok tattoo in mid-January 2012. It’s almost healed but not quite ready for a photograph. Anyone attending PrimalCon 2012 will definitely see it, ‘cuz it’s on my right lower leg.