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Most Westerners aren’t too familiar with this type of cuisine. But if you are the adventurous type (and even if your not) giving sea vegetables a try is definitely worth a shot!

Spicy Korean Seaweed Salad with Shrimp

The Many Uses of Arame (and other sea vegetables)

Check out the World’s Healthiest Foods’ sea vegetables page for more information on this exotic fare.

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  1. When my youngest (nearly 17yo) was a young kid, she once asked for more of those black noodles!! Its what they get used to!! Although she eats well, I dont know if she would eat arame now!!
    Oh and I used to pack snacks for our skiing days when the 4 kids were little. My kids would wait in lift lines with spicy nori strips!! Talk about odd balls!! But they liked them and some still do.