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August 23 2007

Scented Bus Stops

By Sara

Advertisers have been getting smart by appealing to consumers’ multiple senses.

To wit: scented bus stops. Bakeries like Mrs. Field’s have long maximized appeal by wafting sugary scents through the air, and now bus stops are following suit. For example, California’s Milk Processor Board ran a one-month campaign earlier this year that floated chocolate chip cookie aromas through several West Coast bus stops. It was cut short by – of all things – protesting San Franciscans! 😉

And Aaron digs up another (older) case of multi-sensory marketing: move over perfume – hello, food-scented ads! (NYT Select)

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5 thoughts on “Scented Bus Stops”

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  1. My vote, is as follows…
    I don’t want to make a big production out of this but… here it is.
    Blueberry all day!!!
    I put it to you Greg!

  2. Just a reminder though, whatever scent you spray on a bus stop, it will also be mixed with the scent of urine. Or at least from my experience with bus stops in Philadelphia. And Cincinatti. And San Diego. And Anapolis.