Sausage & Egg Breakfast Bites

If we have two things in our refrigerator – homemade sausage and eggs – we know it’s going to be good day. With those two ingredients we can whip up a scramble, an omelet, sausage patties with fried eggs or if we have just a little bit more time, a baked egg and sausage dish that can be eaten at the table or on the go.

What we like about baked eggs is that they can be sliced into finger food, which is great for adults who are rushing to work, teenagers who are rushing to school and kids who think eating with their hands is much more fun than using a fork. You can bake eggs up as a frittata, or give them a little more time in the oven in a square pan for a thicker, sturdier shape. Make this recipe for Sausage & Egg Breakfast Bites at night and the next morning just slice and go – the squares are just as good cold as they are heated up.

We like to make a big batch of sausage then freeze it in smaller portions that can be defrosted in the fridge for a single meal. Planning ahead like this make recipes like Sausage & Egg Breakfast Bites a snap. The homemade sausage adds enough flavor to the dish that you really don’t need any added salt or seasoning. Of course you can make this with just sausage and eggs, but try to sneak in a veggie, too. Eggs are a good vehicle for sautéed greens, like kale or swiss chard, but mushrooms, onions and bell peppers are tasty as well.

Simple, fast, convenient, healthy, delicious. What more can you ask for from your breakfast?


Makes 4 large or 6 small squares

1 small bunch of dark greens, such as kale, Swiss chard, beet greens or spinach

1-2 cups of crumbled, uncooked sausage (try homemade

8-10 eggs

a small bunch of parsley or other fresh herb


Preheat the oven to 375 F.

Slice the greens into thin strips (if using kale, removed the stems). Sauté in oil or butter over medium heat for several minutes, then add the crumbled sausage.

Continue to sauté until sausage is basically cooked, then turn off heat.

Whisk the eggs then stir in the parsley, kale and sausage.

Pour into a greased 8×8 pan. Bake 20-25 minutes.

Let cool slightly before cutting into squares.

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  1. I must say… I have been getting slightly tired over cooking my eggs in a pan all the time. I need something different. I have countless recipes on how to cook eggs differently.

    But, this one hit me. I just sent this recipe to the printer and will be making it tomorrow. I am going to the farmers market in 1.5 hours to purchase jumbo eggs and sausage.

    I will bake this tomorrow morning for the entire family. I can’t wait!

    Wait… my mother is 100% against pork. Oh well. I guess more for me 😉

    1. Funny story: I went to the farmers market and purchased 4 dozen eggs, 3 lb Chuck Roast and 1 lb. breakfast sausage.

      I came back with 4 dozen eggs, 3 lb chuck roast and….

      I left the sausage. I will have to grab it next week and make the recipe the following Sunday.

      PISS. ME. OFF.

      1. HAHAHA That is a funny story! LMAO! But really, we all know you never forget sausage. It’s all you think about….sausage…

        1. I have a question for you Geoff. Do you have anything better to do other than stalking a 23 year old male over the internet?

          You seem to be so interested in my life and I am curious as to why.

          How many pull-ups can you do Geoff? It seems weird how an individual who can do 14 pull ups (myself) is “weak.”

          Gee Geoff, or Jeff, what is your last name? Stalker?

          Your comments do not concern me. I will be honest and admit that they once did. But, today, they get me added traffic from the most targeted blog.

          So, Jeff… if you continue to stalk a 23 year old maleover the internet like you have been for what seems like almost a year then continue to do so. It’s your choice.

    2. I cook mine in a muffin tin. it turns them into perfect little portions for a meal, or just a snack. it also gives the edges a bit of crisp if you like that.

    3. why not get chicken based sausage? I just got some at local N.Orleans grocery that is even cajun seasoned!

  2. I make this every week for breakfast. It’s great when I’m in a rush, which is almost always. 😉 I just tuck it in my bag and I’m ready to go.
    I highly recommend!!

  3. As someone who eats mainly paleo, I end up having eggs for breakfast about 90% of the time. As you can imagine, variations on scrambled, sunny-side, and boiled get pretty old pretty quickly.

    I’ve cooked eggs in the oven before as a frittata, but these look much more delicious! I look forward to making them.

    1. Why not eat a big ass salad for breakfast? Smoothie? Salmon and veggies? Steak and veggies?

      Just a thought. I eat all foods at anytime. Its exhilarating.

      When I open a Primal restaurant all foods will be served all day. Thats how it should be!!

      1. Will you be opening a restaurant before or after you move out of your parents house?

        1. Geoff–
          Will you start being as funny and clever as you actually believe you are before or after graduating from middle-school?

      2. @ Primal Toad: Enough already!! This is not Twitter!! No ones cares that you left your damn sausage…blah, blah, blah…! Stop Twatter with such verbal diarrhea.

        @ Geoff: LMAO!! Too funny! Not your fault Toad Boy just keeps giving you ammo to mess with him. Thanks for the laugh! J.

        1. @ Geoff, Emily, and Jedi #1
          Whoa guys. This site is somewhere where all positive comments are welcome. It’s destructive and hurtful comments like yours that turn people away from the community we are trying to build. So please, if you can’t grow up and use some self-restraint in your comments please don’t post them. Thanks

        2. I always thought that the paleo community was kinder and more respectful. Comments like this are just shameful. Toad is an incredibly passionate person, and he has what it takes to make a difference in many people’s lives. Being mean and condescending has no purpose, because what does it really accomplish? You guys should be seriously ashamed of yourselves.

        3. Jedi:

          Enough, already, this is not a site friendly to trolls and flaming. Get a clue and let Toad be. If you don’t like his comments, be sensible and don’t read them. If you want to bully, go crap somewhere else.

        4. I think Geoff, Jeff and Jedi #1 are all the same people… he was a girl once too.

          It is so sad. But when one learns to ignore trolls or begins to play games with them its quite comical.

          Yes, I do still live with my parents and 99% of the people I talk to say to live there as long as I can without over doing it. I will be moving out in June however enabling me to grow the great primal community a hell of a lot more and faster.

          Geoff – are you even primal?

          1. I’ve witnessed enough banter. No one here cares about health.

          2. Wow! Nine years ago! How have the two of you gotten along in these last 9 years?

    2. I eat eggs for breakfast nearly every morning too. I don’t know why, they never get old for me. Of course if I over do it too many days in a row, my stomach lets me know…

      I am a fan of smoothies myself for alternatives or a bowl of berries + almond butter.

      1. I’m the same way! I’m cool with eggs for about 3 days and then I’ve got to lay off. I thought it was just me…

        I’m so thankful to have a community of people (even over the interweb) to compare notes with!

  4. This looks fantastic! I’m going to make it today with collards, onions, orange bell pepper, and mushrooms. I’m always happy to find egg recipes that don’t involve a lot of cheese.

  5. Such funny timing….I realized this morning that I’ve run out of bacon, which is the foundation for my usual breakfast fry up. So I was looking for alternate ideas. Ended up making the berry pancake from the quick and easy cookbook (YUM!) but since I have eggs, sausage, and kale, I could just as easily have made this. I guess it’s tomorrow’s breakfast!

  6. Last night my friends and I got together and made some homemade sausage. This morning I open up MDA and find a recipe using homemade sausage.
    Well yes, it probably is. But I’m still pretty excited about it.

  7. Looks delicious! The possibilities are endless – just use whatever veggies you have on hand. Thanks for the great idea!

  8. When you’re cooking the greens do you remove them from the pan before adding the sausage? Seems like by the time the sausage is done the greens would be pretty cooked down.

  9. just looking at this (on day 1 of primal :)) and thinking- is it possible to put into muffin tins and cook that way? would make it easier to transport. might change the cooking times a bit, and i’m looking forward to experimenting.

    1. I’ve done that with a similar recipe, I put a little cream in mine. Works perfectly. Make it up on the weekend, voila breakfast for the week.

  10. Mmmm, eggs…

    But I’m much too impatient for this recipe at the moment. I’ma just fry some up in lots of Kerrygold…

  11. Thanks for the idea! We didn’t get any sausage this week, so I just whipped up a dozen eggs and a few cups of strained salsa fresca (I really squeezed the liquid out). Baked 20 minutes in 12 greased muffin cups at 375. Easy, easy. They’re cooling right now!

  12. For more ideas look for recipes for eggah (cook it in a pan — cast iron is excellent and finish under the broiler or bake)
    I like spinach and cheese. I’ve also used left-over chili with or without cheese. The possibilities are endless.
    Maybe I’ll try it with liver and onions with bacon.

  13. I actually make two pans of this at a time, and divide it up into individual portions in plastic containers. In the morning, I heat it in the toaster oven, place it back in the contain and you have the perfect commuter’s breakfast! It freezes really well, so you can make as much as you want ahead of time. Oh, and sun-dried tomatoes work really well as an add-in.

  14. We’ve been eating homemade sausage since Mark first posted the recipe. Any celiac knows that they can be glutened by store bought(or restaurant)sausage. So, thanks a million, Mark.
    Yesterday I sliced a yam, cooked it in coconut oil till brown and then removed the and drained the yams. Next I lightly browned 1 cup of onions and 1/2 pound of sausage until done. Then I topped the sausage/onions with the yams in a fairly solid layer. The next layer was spinach on top of the yams (my son’s recipe called for arugula) and poured ten beaten eggs on top. I seasoned this with roasted red peppers, salt and pepper. It cooked stove-top on medium heat until fairly firm and five minutes under the broiler finished it.
    We sliced and ate it like a pizza. The things you learn from your kids…

  15. I am always looking for new ways to have breakfast on the go. I would probably do it in a muffin tin so that they are already portioned. Thanks for the inspiration!

  16. for those that don’t like pork (or don’t have sausage on hand)….this could easily be made with ground beef as well – I love it “taco style”, spiced up with cumin and coriander

  17. So I just started eating primal a few days ago. Already struggling with what to eat for breakfast besides eggs everyday. I used to eat oatmeal all the time. It seems breakfast is going to be my biggest challenge. What do you guys do?

    1. I would recommend finding the primal fit foods that you enjoy the most and eat them whenever you want.

      Eating primal should never be about restriction. As long as you are eating the primal foods that you love than you’ll never miss non primal foods like oatmeal.

  18. I’m not fond of the constant posts by Toad, but I’m not immature enough to make fun of him to get him to stop. How about trying a reasonable, grown-up response of “Hey, Toad, I’m not sure we need to hear every last detail of your day here on the MDA blog.”
    Just cause we’re supposed to play and have more fun like children with a primal lifestyle, doesn’t mean we need to interrelate like junior high school idiots. Let’s raise the bar with our discourse, not just at the gym.

  19. I am new here and I am pretty disappointed if this is what I have to expect from some followers of this lifestyle. Luckily, the nastiness appears to be limited to a few individuals. Even so, I will probably just skip all the posts from now on. I am not interested in negative commentary regarding other individuals – a total waste of my time. I was hoping for information and support.

    1. No, you and several other people are being nasty–who gives a rats-ass about the rest of the web community? If you want to be shrill, go to one of those other place on the “interwbz” of which you speak and crap there. This forum should be above the fray. You’re being petty and derisive for it’s own sake. It’s sad, really and I can think of no good reason for it. Would you say these kinds of things to someone’s face?

      Don’t like what Toad has to say? Get over it. He doesn’t have anything but kind words of encouragement and yet he’s met with bullying. Grow up.

      Seriously, why do people get a high from making such comments? Maybe Mark needs to start moderating comment submissions. It shouldn’t have to be that way but it seems that invariably every popular website eventually falls prey to trolls and flamers.

      1. The high is a tiny adrenal rush, probably to fill in the spaces between 3-hour Halo sessions.

        Trolls don’t care about you, me, or anything except the minuscule hit. It comes from Toad replying, and it comes from anyone else that shows outrage.

        Anyone that thinks they are helping by replying are mistaken. You are actually providing the reward pellet for the rat.

  20. Has anyone tried making this by substituting natural nitrate free bacon for the sausage? Will it cook if I add it raw?


  21. Nevermind, I’ll probably make the bacon up first then add some greens to the mix.

  22. I saw someone mentioned this freezes well. About how long are they good for? Not having to cook breakfast everyday would be awesome.

    1. If you package it properly to avoid freezer burn, they will easily be good for a couple of months.

        1. Anything that is air-tight. I use the square stackable glad plastic containers. There’s a post on my blog called “Egg Squares to Go” that shows them.

  23. I just made this last night with dill and canned collared greens. I also added a little bacon.

    It’s awesome! I just had a bit last night as a snack and will be enjoying some today for my post workout meal.

  24. Try adding pancetta, spinach, diced onions, garlic and red bell peppers for a delicious variation of this easy recipe.

    I slice up some fresh Roma tomatoes and basil as a garnish.

  25. Looks so yummy! Cannot wait to make these after my trip to Trader Joes! 😀

  26. I have been making these for a while but I use the small silicone baking cups. It’s a little more time intensive but I’ll make several dozen and put them in bags in the freezer. Four or five of these popped into the microwave for about 30 seconds or so makes a great super quick meal for any time of the day. I make variations with different ingredients and spices.

  27. Made them last night, but they didn’t turn out to be as fantastic as I thought they would.

    Guess I need to put in some garlic, etc. the next time.

  28. I’ve just tried my first batch…made it with spinach. Only dislike is the amount of fat that came to the top from the sausage meat.
    Next stop – turky mince instead. And some cherry tomatoes in the mix as well.
    Thank you for the recipe and all the other suggestions your followers have joined in with.

  29. I made this for breakfast for my husband and I this morning. It is our very first primal recipe that we have tried out and it was amazing! I added just a pinch of feta cheese for some creaminess and I will definitely be making it again. It’s definitely not an on the go breakfast but for weekends or if you are home during the mornings for awhile definitely a great choice!

  30. wow its sausage and egg guys, trolling on a recipe website is just such a clear indicator on how mature you are, anyone with an adult life wouldnt have the time

  31. I was suggested this website by way of my cousin. I’m no longer positive whether this put up is written by way of him as no one else understand such unique approximately my trouble. You are amazing! Thank you!

  32. Made this for dinner with the leftover taco meat Mark listed Saturday and wow… awesome!!

  33. Wow I love this site great recipe ideas my whole family will eat. I am surprised at the amount of people getting their panties in a bunch. I wasn’t offended ,some if it brought a smile to my face and the two going back and forth reminded me of reading a story ….its called “banter” and it makes things more interesting. I really didn’t feel as if either side was serious an it was all in good natured fun. I know some may not agree with me but that us the beauty of everyone bring their own person.

  34. These look good. How many does this recipe serve. Do you eat them hot ot can they be kept and eaten cold?

  35. I am in the process in making this recipe. But I add sun dried tomato and parsley and spinach to this can’t wait until it come out of the oven

  36. This is a great way to get a healthy start to your day. I use chorizo flavored turkey sausage with my eggs and spinach, my husband AND teenager love it! Great protein source and easy to make and eat when short on time. Great way to reinvent breakfast.

  37. Hello,

    May i ask the proportions for 1 person for 1 meal ?
    Isn’t 8-10 eggs way too much just for breakfast?


  38. What is the nutritional value of this per serving and what is the size of serving. How many carbs does a serving have in it?

  39. I make my own turkey sausage. Just google a recipe. There are many different ones. Try them and find one you like or adjust one to your liking.