How to Eat More Fat

Sara here. Alert the press, for I am going to share with you the best ways to eat a lot more fat. That’s right (whew…you can stop stressing now).

Your weekly health challenge: eat more fat.

I want you to get greasy with it.

But this isn’t a license to hit up the candy aisle or to stop in at McDonald’s. I want you to eat more healthy fats this week. Here are some tips and types. Try them out and then give all your fellow apples a hand by talking about your favorite fats in the forum (we narrowly missed a tongue-twister there, didn’t we?).

Fats to eat:

Cream, eggs, butter

That’s right – I’m recommending saturated fat. Irresponsible of me, I know. Actually, provided you’re eating organic dairy and eggs, and you’re not getting crazy with the portions, saturated fat is not the monster it’s made out to be. I personally am more concerned about triglycerides and inflammation than I am about cholesterol, and refined fat and sugar have the most impact on these two health wreaking balls. I’m not saying cholesterol doesn’t matter; it does. It just doesn’t matter as much as you think. You can enjoy a little saturated fat.

Nuts, avocados, fish

Omega 3’s, people!

Coconut oil, walnut oil, avocado oil, olive oil

Put down the corn, soybean and canola oil. These may be unsaturated, but that doesn’t make them healthy (they are still refined, and contain some undesirable fatty acid chains). Liven up your meals, give your tastebuds something to live for, and try out new, omega-3-rich oils. Go and drench thyself. Stat.

Fats you’re too good for:

– fried anything, breaded anything, processed anything, packaged anything, not-natural anything. Keep these junk fats away from your precious body! I mean it!

Why eat fat:

Well, for starters, fat doesn’t make you fat. Fat also helps with stress management, cognition, mood, sleep, energy, weight management, healthy tissues, skin and hair – even digestion and nutrient absorption.

Why I know what I’m talking about:

I’m not a scientist and I’m not a doctor, so while I hope you consider my thoughts to be helpful, just remember that if you tell your doctor “But my homegirl Sara told me…” you might not have her immediately convinced of the glories of your newfound decadent fat consumption. I have spent the last several years reading endless studies and articles, so in my own defense I am pretty darn educated on the subject. Please don’t let all those nights your editor spent reading go to waste. 😉 But what probably matters most and is ultimately most insightful is my own health story. For several years there, I was quite the little frumpalump, and I wasn’t very healthy, either. Thanks to what I’ve learned from Mark, I dropped 20 pounds of literally depressing and unattractive grad-school pudge (the impossible “last 20” stubborn clinger kind), and got rid of my horrendous migraines and “adventures” with mood imbalances. That was just the beginning, too. Thanks to BFFing dietary fat, I now enjoy all kinds of other incredible health benefits which I’ll be sure to regale you with in future posts (but only because I really, really think you will benefit).

What you can do right now:

– It’s lunch time for a lot of us right now. Eat some fat.

Share your personal faves and tips in the forum so we can all eat more fat.

– Recite: “Fat is fun.” Rinse, repeat.

– Check out my article (and give it a Digg if you like it!)

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Are you up for the challenge?

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  1. Hello. I’m new to this website and enjoy learning about nutrition. I’m skeptical or confused about cholesterol. My cholesterol is fine, but my mothers and pretty much her entire family all have high cholesterol and some of them have or have had heart problems as well. The above article claims to eat some Cream, eggs, and butter, yet these have been implanted into our minds to stay away from. As a side note, I thought butter and cream was non primal? I don’t think my mother would buy into me saying…wellll I know you have high cholesterol and I know you take medicine for it, but don’t worry about the butter and cream. or even to myself, so that I don’t get high cholesterol in the future.

    1. I have learned through extensive research that eating saturated fats is necessary. Did you know that cholesterol is actually the fuel your immune system gets it’s strength from? And that every cell in your body uses saturated fats in the creation of cell walls?

      Most new science is pointing to high cholesterol as an indication your immune system is working overtime trying to fix a health problem, but that the cholesterol is not the source of the problem!

      Sugar (even honey and fruit) and starch is what you should really avoid because they cause hardening of the arteries through high bursts on insulin. If high blood pressure runs in your family, that probably means you inherited a sensitivity to fruit, sugar and starch and that they cause inflammation when you eat them.

      Besides cholesterol lowering drugs have only been proven to affect blood pressure and blood cholesterol, they actually can increase your risk for heart problems because they inhibit your body’s production of CoQ10- CoQ10 protects your body from the affects of aging and inflammation.

      Email me, and I can help you tailor your diet to your specific needs, I’ll need more info to help you decide what you need to supplement.

  2. Hi there,

    A friend mentioned that nuts are high in Omega 6 instead of Omega 3 hence we need to minimise intake…

    Now I’m confused, can you please clarify?

    Thank you!

    1. Nuts are great.
      I’ll take a stab at what your friend may have meant.
      The three kinds of omega’s we mostly hear about are 3, 6, and 9. Omega-9 is found in many foods, AND the body can make it on its own. Omega-6 is found in SO many foods, the body has no need to make it. Omega-3 is found in very few foods, and the body cannot make it.
      But, there’s a lot more to a nut than omega-6.

      1. oh… the reason many believe omega-6 is ‘bad’ is b/c it is SOOOO abundant in the average diet. Too much 6 supposedly causes the same issues it’s supposed to help. Balance.

    2. These comments have been dormant for awhile; however, let me add that when you do eat nuts, choose nuts that are higher in monounsaturated and saturated oils and lower in polyunsaturated fat. Macadamias and almonds come to mind. If you must consume nuts higher in polyunsaturates, choose nuts that have a higher ratio of linolenic to linoleic acid.

      Foods with saturated fats are important to proper hormone production which is a tie in to the benefits the article mentioned.

  3. A yummy way to get more fat is a coconut oil smoothie. I like the following pina colada version.

    1 pineapple
    juice and zest of two oranges
    1/2 cup liquid of choice
    2 T honey
    1 T molasses (optional)
    One banana (or more honey)

    Blend all that together then slowly drizzle in 3/4 liquid coconut oil while the smoothie is blending.