Around This Joint, We Fight Inflammation

Inflammation is a natural bodily response to stress, infection, or injury. However, prolonged inflammation caused by a self-destructive lifestyle is a harmful response that affects your musculoskeletal system, gastrointestinal function, cardiovascular system, vision, and hormone balance. It’s crucial to control inflammation (there are medications, of course) but it’s even smarter to prevent inflammation. You can do this through daily exercise, stress management, and avoidance of smoking and drinking. But there are many foods that help control inflammation, too. (Chicken nuggets – or rings – do not.) These foods are known as vegetables. Yes – vegetables can help your inflammation just like drugs can. But don’t tell anyone.





Bok choy





Aim to eat one of these vegetables daily!

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17 thoughts on “Around This Joint, We Fight Inflammation”

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  1. If you’ve got any joint issues – vitamin D is very beneficial. Good old cod-liver oil is one of the best joint foods.
    Inflammation in the body is a response to injury. If it didn’t happen you would just further injure yourself. Inflammation tells you that there is a problem – the swelling is beneficial because it stops you from moving your leg and further damaging it. If you are damaging your joints from too much exercise then its probably time to slow down.

  2. Beautiful pics of beautiful things. Sometimes we forget that the greens rule!!! If we fell in love with the greens, and ate our fill (instead of sugars and processed foods) our cravings would naturally switch to more green things. Yum!

  3. Thanks, Cheryl. You’re right – cut out sweets and soon you no longer crave them. 🙂

  4. This all sounds great but what on earth do I do with Kale or Bok choy? Any recipes or serving ideas? Nor does my family like spicy hot things like peppers.

    1. The Food Truth app gives you three prep ideas for every real food you can think of – by season!

    2. Learn how to cook. You won’t need recipes and serving ideas after a while. It took me a year or so.

  5. Hey guys, i’m a runner and my achilles tendon is swollen but theres no pain. I’m not running at the moment, i just don’t know how to get the swelling down. I’m icing it, elevating it, stretching, occasionally soaking it in epsom salts…any ideas on what else i can do? Has anyone else had this problem?

    1. Sometimes those things just don’t quite cut it but you’re doing all the right stuff (elevating likely won’t help). Try massaging the calf. You can also apply heat before you stretch the calf and then give it a shot of cold (on the muscle) to set it at that length. The standard ice to heat ratio is 1:4. So if you put heat on for a minute, do the cold for 15 seconds. Most issues with heel pain is caused by tight calves and as a runner you use those puppies alot!
      Good Luck!

  6. I was curious if anyone has “reported” meat causing inflammation? Of course the vegetarians say it does, but I wanted to ask a fellow carnivore. The only time I am without pain somewhere in this 45 year old bod, is when doing a bone broth fast. However, that is not sustainable, long term. Also, I drink coffee and a bit of dairy occasionally. Someone tell me they cause inflammation, and I’ll cut them out. Please!!!