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Should Athletes Go Keto?

The keto diet may have achieved mainstream popularity as a weight-loss strategy, but it has also piqued the interest of athletes looking to optimize performance as well as body composition.

As you might imagine, this has caused no small amount of pearl-clutching in sports circles. Keto diets require you to strictly limit carb intake—the antithesis of the standard sports nutrition advice. Fueling strength workouts and endurance training sessions without loading up on carbs?! Is it even possible? Safe?

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New and Noteworthy: What I Read This Week—Edition 226

Research of the Week
Dads matter.

Bones get weaker after gastric weight loss surgery.

Cholesterol drug that “improves numbers” but gives the subjects fatty liver and insulin resistance.

Birth control pills linked to depression.

There were many “Out-of-Africa” events.

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10 Best Plank Variations to Try

One of the core’s most important jobs is to maintain stability as forces try to act on it—to keep you stable, upright, and in a good position even as you get pushed and pulled and poked and prodded from all angles. While most people think of doing sit-ups, crunches, leg lifts, and bicycles when they want to build their core strength, one of the most effective exercises for developing a stronger core is the standard plank.

But planks get boring. And sometimes, a basic plank isn’t providing the right amount of stimulus to the right spots for your goals. That’s when you turn to plank variations that make the exercise more interesting, target different tissues, and force different adaptations.

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New and Noteworthy: What I Read This Week—Edition 225

Research of the Week
People’s basal metabolic rates have plummeted mostly due to seed oils.

Taurine deficiency may drive aging.

Iberian and Levantine migrants taught North Africans how to farm.

The more safety gear a cyclist wears, the more drivers dehumanize them.

Metformin reduces the risk of long COVID. I imagine other methods of improving glucose metabolism would work, too.

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9 Reasons to Wear Barefoot Shoes (Plus How to Do it Safely)

In today’s world, we pretty much always have to wear shoes. But the majority of shoes people wear run directly counter to the way our feet and lower bodies are designed to function. Tall heels, thick padding, restrictive material that allows no movement, heavy sole that prevents us from feeling the ground—modern shoes are monstrosities that cut us off from the world around us and inhibit our ability to navigate it pain-free. Shoes that emulate the barefoot experience on the other hand offer tangible benefits to your health, wellness, athletic performance, and overall well-being by recreating the environment under which the human foot evolved.

Here are 9 tangible reasons to wear barefoot shoes.

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New and Noteworthy: What I Read This Week—Edition 224

Research of the Week
Being a morning person is strongly linked to greater life satisfaction..

The paleo diet of Siberia and Eastern Europe: meat and freshwater fish.

New genetic variants related to Alzheimer’s found in Ashkenazi Jews.

Mob grazing research.


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