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Primal, Paleo, and Gluten-free Swedish Meatballs

Swedish meatballs can be a main course, but their small size is ideal for an appetizer, ready to be poked with a toothpick or picked up by hungry fingers. But if you’re not planning a festive smorgasbord in the near future, then just stash these meaty morsels in the fridge for middle of the week snacking.

The allspice and nutmeg seasoning in these Swedish meatballs is subtle, but enough to be noticed, and makes the dish taste different from your average meatball. Swedish meatballs are usually made with a blend of beef and pork, which you could certainly do, but here, we’re using grass-fed beef.

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New and Noteworthy: What I Read This Week—Edition 159

Research of the Week

Machiavellian and sadistic people are less likely to be members of frats or sororities; narcissistic people are more likely.

Teaching your kids that the world is a bad place is bad for your kids.

Rabbits show great promise as small-scale meat animals.

More nature contact, less loneliness.

Women suffered fewer high heels-related injuries during the pandemic.

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How to FINALLY Take the First Steps Toward That Big Scary Goal This Year

The smaller, simpler goals are what everyone goes for every New Year’s. You know the ones I’m talking about.

Run three times a week.

Join the gym and use it.

Meditate for fifteen minutes every morning.

Call your parents every week.

Apply to new jobs every month.

These are worthy goals. Important goals. They form the backbone of a healthy, sustainable lifestyle—the staples of self-improvement. But let’s face it: they’re boring. Of course you should be training regularly, regulating stress, maintaining strong relationships, and pursuing professional success. These are non-negotiables. Make them goals if they’re missing from your life, but also stretch for greater things. Stretch for the big, scary goal you’ve always thought about.

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Flipping the Script on Resolutions: MORE, Not Less

Resolutions season is rolling around again, and I want to propose something a little different this year.

What if we all agreed to resolve for MORE? More what? More of whatever brings meaning or happiness to your life. More of the things that fill your proverbial bucket.

I’m proposing a mindset shift for this coming year. Instead of looking at your life and asking, “What needs fixing?” or “What ‘bad’ behaviors do I need to change?” what if you asked yourself: 

“What can I add that would make next year more joyful?”
“In what ways would I like to grow next year?”
“How can I help myself flourish?”

We all need and deserve more good right now. Here are some ideas getting more out of the coming year.

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Ask a Health Coach: How to Reach Your Goals More Easily

Hi folks, if everything feels more challenging right now, you’ll definitely want to check out this week’s post. PHCI’s Coaching & Curriculum Director and seasoned health coach, Erin Power, is here to show you how to achieve your goals with less force and more flow. Got a question for our health coaches? Drop it in the comments below or over in our Mark’s Daily Apple Facebook group.

Jason asked:
“Nearly every day, often in the late afternoon, I get so tired I can’t do anything (whether it be work, socializing, or exercise). Still, instead of surrendering to a nap, I try to force myself to do something. Do you have any tips for these situations?”
What if, instead of forcing your body into doing something it doesn’t want to do, you actually did the thing it wanted you to do?

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The #1 Gift You Can Give Yourself This Year

There are some amazing story-tellers out there in the world, on the television, in the newspapers, on social media. Omnipresent narrators with an authoritative command of language and imagery and sound and special effects that wield supreme confidence. Doesn’t matter if the stories they tell are largely fictional. They sound and look good so we believe them. We can’t help but pay attention and give them credence even if we tell ourselves we don’t.

For you are a story-telling hominid. It’s in your DNA. You respond to stories—on a guttural, instinctual level. You perceive your daily existence as a story unfolding into the future and stretching back through time. We are vulnerable to the power of stories.

And so for this holiday season, this Christmas, or winter solstice, or whichever one you follow, give yourself the license to tell your own story.

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