Top 10 Reasons to Wriggle Out of a Workout

Sometimes you’ll do anything to get out of a workout. In fact, you’d rather spend 30 minutes making up a really good excuse; time that, if you think about it, you could have totally spent (begrudgingly of course) on a quick and simple workout.

So here at Mark’s Daily Apple we thought it was time to examine some of your best excuses:

1. I’m Tired

Who’s going to argue with that? Feeling tired is your body’s way of telling you to go to sleep, and since sleep is basically the opposite of exercise. You should probably do the right thing and go to sleep. Besides, there’s always tomorrow, you’ll be far less sleepy by tomorrow.

2. I Have Kids to Take Care of

Ahhh… you parents. You’re so responsible, so dedicated, so willing to do what’s best for your child that you routinely put their needs before your own. So it makes sense to skip the workout routine. I mean, there are very few children who enjoy running around and being active. If you’ve ever tried to engage a child in a game of tag, you know that when it comes to fun physical activities, they really want no part of it, so there would certainly be no way on earth you could ever incorporate them into your exercise routine. Never. You’re far too responsible for that.

3. I Have More Important Things to Do

Being healthy is important, but let’s be honest: Bills have to be paid (having electricity and running water is pretty important), cooking needs to be done (I like to eat) and this house is a pigsty! Oh, and that new television show is premiering tonight, and it’s pretty crucial that I catch that too.

4. I Can Never Find a Parking Spot at the Gym

Every time I go to the gym, all the best parking spots are taken. In fact, I have to circle the parking lot a couple of times just to find a decent spot. And yes, I know there are always open spots along the side of the building, but then I’d have to walk just that much further. Quite frankly, the physical exertion associated with just getting into the gym is just not worth it.

5. It’s Snowing/Raining/Windy/Sunny and mid-60s

The weather man is calling for icy rain this afternoon and since he is always 100% accurate, I had better call off my workout. After all, there are no exercises that I can do in my home, no way that I could sub one workout in for another. I’ve got a routine to follow, and we all know how detrimental to our health it can be to change things up, right?

6. Exercise is Soooo Boring

Get on the treadmill and run, run, run. Hop on the bike and just pedal, pedal, pedal. Hit the weight room and just lift, lift, lift. Sometimes exercise can be boring. And what makes it more boring is the fact that there is only one or two ways to do things because the exercise industry is just one of those fields that never evolves, never develops new products or methods to do things. In fact, it’s a wonder you ever got into exercising in the first place.

7. I’ll Hurt Myself

You’d love to ramp up your exercise routine, but it’s when you push yourself that accidents happen. The solution? Keep up with your current routine. You haven’t hurt yourself so far, so you must be doing something right, right? Or, on the other hand, perhaps you should just quit exercise all together – it’s far too dangerous! After all, no one ever got sick or sustained an injury lying on the couch watching repeats of Law and Order.

8. I Can’t Afford a Gym Membership

Prices for a gym membership are through the roof and we all know you can’t exercise unless you have all the tools you need, (I mean, you did take an oath as a Boy Scout to always be prepared!) Exercising outdoors isn’t an option. Neither is stocking up on fitness DVD’s and doing those in the comfort of your own home. Isn’t it terrible not having any options?

9. I Hate Carting my Workout Bag Around

That bag is big and bulky and always smells a little bit funny. It’s a pain in the butt to remember to pack it every night (and remember to include everything) and an even bigger pain to cart it on public transportation or on your walk to work. Perhaps it makes sense to just ditch the bag (and the workout routine too). I mean, there’s absolutely no way you could pare down your bag and those lockers that you can rent out at the gym? Well, who does that? Seriously.

10. It’s Impossible to Fit Exercise into my Schedule

Remember in high school when they scheduled your workout time into gym class and you had to meet after school every day to do your sports activities? That was better… when your routine was structured. But these days, your schedule is erratic and it would be impossible to factor in a workout routine. I mean, honestly, there is no way (with your life) that you could make a commitment to make exercise a priority in your day and then schedule all the happy hours, hair appointments and other get-togethers around it.

With all the various reasons to NOT exercise it is a wonder anyone ever lifts a finger. Do you have any regular excuses you use to avoid staying active? If so, share them in the comment boards, so all of your fellow readers can use them next time they aren’t feeling up to working out! 😉

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  1. One of my “go to” excuses is that I know I won’t exercise tomorrow so why do it today? I will just make myself sore, and seriously, that is no good!

  2. This sort of goes along with the “no parking space” excuse, but my excuse is usually because traffic is too heavy. I always want to work out after work. Which is rush hour. In Los Angeles. The irony here is that my gym is less than a mile away from my house. Why don’t I just begin my exercise by WALKING TO THE GYM?! I guess I really have succumb to the L.A. mantra “nobody walks anywhere.”

  3. My best one is, “I worked out yesterday and will tomorrow.” I suppose this is justified to some degree for healing and rest purposes, but it is a slippery slope that can wind me up in, “I worked out last week and will next.” 😮

  4. Craig took mine – I hate being sore. (And since I am car-free, being sore can be a BIG problem. I still have to walk to my train every day, carrying my laptop, and I still have to carry groceries home.)

    So, Mark, that raises a question – how sore am I supposed to be after a workout? If I follow the conventional advice when lifting weights to exercise to failure, the next day I am so sore that I’m unable to function. Is that just because my muscles are not very strong? Will it go away if I get fit? Or am I overexercising? If so, how should I be lifting weights? If you have already covered this, please feel free to link to a previous post.

    And does one’s sex make a difference? I am female.

  5. Oh, Anna took my other one – though in warm weather I am probably sweatier than the average desk jockey, again because of the carfree lifestyle.

  6. Your photo selections always add a nice touch of humor. Who has the sharp eye and the patience to sift through hundreds of images?

  7. Thanks for using my photo. Parking in that spot was easier than the results indicate.

  8. This is hilarious but true! I tend to make excuses all of the time.. and I think I have used many of these in the past (especially the “I’m too tired” and “I won’t find a parking spot at the gym.”

    Thanks for lightening up my day and providing great info!


  9. The only excuse i have to not “work out” is when i’m on vacation. My excuse then is: I’m here to have fun,but, then again, on vacation, there’s lots of fun activities and i walk all day.

  10. Isn’t ‘being tired’ a reasonable excuse – sometimes? Like, say you’ve been putting in 16- and 18-hour days at work (which is probably the subject of another post) and are barely functional, if awake?

  11. My hubby is sick with the flu and as I sat next to the bed watching him lay flat on his back, I told him that until he was well and up and out of bed, that I was going to give up shopping and make myself go the the health club instead starting tomorrow. He smiled back at me and pulled the covers up a bit. Then I said, “Well, are you just going to lie there and watch me suffer???”

  12. excuses made me fat….i don’t make excuses anymore…and whether i want to or not, I get to the gym. Once i’m there, my trainer inspires me to keep moving

  13. I agree with every point you’re making (subtly), except I do believe that #9 is somewhat valid.

    I’m a student, and spent 2 years working out every morning at a gym at school. University is about 1.5 hour commute from home, so I can’t leave my school books at home, and pick’em up after the workout.

    I’d have my gym bag, and in it would have all my gym stuff, my school books, and 2-4 meals/snacks (this is when I was eating 5-6 times a day). With a water bottle, and anything else I might need for the day, I started developing neck pains from having to carry the bag everyday from 8am till 11pm between buildings on campus, and public transit.

    OTHERWISE, I wholly agree 😀
    (Now that I’ll be commuting to school, I’ll have my bag in my car at all times, so I won’t have excuses (except school))

  14. Simply do not resolve to exercise and then you won’t have to make any excuses!