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September 26 2010

Reader-Created Content: The Grokpose

By Mark Sisson

Earlier in the challenge I asked people to pose like Grok.

Congrats to Stephen (right), who wins a bunch of bacon and a spear.

A big thanks to everyone who sent in a picture. I’ve posted them all below. What do you think, folks? Who hits the most accurate pose? The most creative? The most intense? I must say I’m impressed by them all.

Stay tuned. I’ll be publishing reader-created content all week long. Grok on!

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28 thoughts on “Reader-Created Content: The Grokpose”

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    1. You’re quick! Awesome! What do you think about the photos? Are you doing the 30-Day Primal Challenge?

  1. OH!OH! My sides hurt from laughing…these pics are priceless! Looks like “ballet gone bad”. Love the mom with the hockey stick and her kid with the cape! That’ll get a sabertooth every time. And the guy with the…what is that? A bowling pin? There is someone sitting in front of a computer in the background, completely oblivious to the antics. And the winner is…THE GUY WITH THE SPATULA! My kind of guy…one who cooks. These are GREAT! Keep ’em coming.

  2. Now…it is time for me to get away from this one-eyed monster and go out and get some Grokette vitamin D…on my bicycle…before winter sets in here in Minnesota and I am stuck in my cave for six months!

  3. Everyone looks like they had a lot of fun. I wonder if Bacon of the Month club is available in Canada? I am seriously craving bacon right now, my downstairs neighbour is cooking some and the scent is floating up through my window…. mmm…. I think I might need to go get to know my neighbour and invite myself in for bacon.

  4. Laughter IS the best medicine. Very creative…Loved seeing these.

  5. The winner is good, but a few of the ladies sure gave him a run for the money. (Or should I say, the bacon.)

    I applaud everyone, particularly the ones willing to look like goof-balls in public.

    1. Yes, there are some real gems in there, including the winning pic. Of course, the winner was chosen by random drawing…

      1. Somehow that random drawing also picked the best shot! 😛 I actually absolutely love the picture of the GrokMom and son with the sword. Thanks for the contest Mark!

  6. Hahaha, I love the one with the vine shorts! Too awesome, so much creativity. I felt bad for the antelope!

  7. I vote for SuperMike (the Grok with the blurry background)!

  8. I think they all did a great job. The lady who put on a costume and did set dressing with fur patterns, fruits, and her dog gave me a good laugh, and strikes me as being one of the best all-out efforts of the contest.

  9. They are all hilarious! I’m the mom with the hockey stick and just showed my son how the pic was posted here and he loved it and said “So do we get the bacon?” and “Can we do another contest?”

    1. Linda! I loved your picture! Bring the fam on over and we can share the bacon!

  10. I think the winning shot was impeccable. I laughed at the guy hunting the elephant statue.

  11. I recognize a fellow Primal enthusiast from Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada! Love the mammoth hunting pic outside the Beringia Centre – AWESOME!

  12. Great photos and everyone looks like their having fun. Thats what makes this lifestyle so enjoyable. My belt moved in another notch this morning and my energy levels are great. No grains is the only way.