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It’s not just gas stations that are increasingly difficult to find in urban areas. Bathrooms have also become a hot commodity requiring all manner of quarters, tokens, and nervous breakdowns. We’ve got the CIA, the IRS, the FBI, and your friendly neighborhood traffic cop ever at the ready to fine you $168 for daring to turn right on a green light going five miles an hour in Santa Monica (hypothetical, clearly), but heaven forbid we have access to urinary relief. It would seem municipalities are on a mission to ensure widespread micro-discomfort. Because when you’ve got a populace in need of a piss, you’ve got ’em by the…well, you get it.

Enter innovation. Civil engineers, governments and retail outfits may not find your bladder to be of any pressing matter, but the geeks are ever sensitive to room for innovation. Following that, room for a relaxed gait.

For a small sum of 50 cents, you can now ping your mobile to alert you to the nearest toilet in cities hard up for potty pots. Thanks to new technology, your phone can find out so much more than movie times! Texters, prepare thy thumbs and water your closets. London is all over it, which obviously means San Francisco will be next and New York will be never.

Experts predict quite the revenue stream. You can’t stop the flow of technology. A flood of information will…

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