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Primal Mocha

We’ve got a super simple recipe for you today. After all the Thanksgiving festivities, simpler is probably better in the recipe department.

So, start with your favorite cup of piping hot coffee and drop in a square of high-quality dark chocolate [1]. Add a pinch of cinnamon [2]. You can stop there if you like. Or, gussy it up with whatever transforms your Primal Mocha into an irresistible beverage: a little sweetener, a drizzle of heavy cream [3] or coconut milk [4], a pinch of cayenne or nutmeg, or a drop of vanilla. Drink it straight up or throw it the blender to create a frothy coffee. And don’t forget a pinch of sea salt [5]; it amps up the flavor of everything.

Why mess with a perfectly good cup of regular coffee? If you crave a mocha, this barely-sweetened, antioxidant-packed version is way healthier than anything you could buy in a coffee shop. Should you drink Primal Mochas every day? You could, but why would you when there are so many other delicious ways to fill your mug? Don’t forget about Primal Egg Coffee [6], Primal Egg Nog [7], or Egg-less Nog and Primal Hot Cocoa [8].

What are your favorite ways to dress up a plain cup of coffee?

Servings: 1

Time in the Kitchen: 5 minutes



Drop the square of dark chocolate into piping hot coffee. Stir well as the chocolate melts.

Add additional ingredients as desired. Drink straight up or throw in the blender (or use an immersion blender ) to froth it up.

Use a spoon to stir as you drink, as the chocolate settles towards the bottom.