An Amazing Development For the Primal Movement…

Good morning, everyone. I’ve got a Weekly Link Love coming up, but first I wanted to share some news with you. 

So, it’s a big day. One of the biggest in my life.

Twelve years ago I set out on a mission to change lives with the beginning of the Mark’s Daily Apple blog. The ancestral health movement was at its very beginnings then, and the push for more natural and organic food choices was still small compared to the conventional offerings and messaging out there. Time went on, and that vision grew into vast new dimensions, including the creation (and dizzying growth) of Primal Kitchen®, my vision for the world’s best-tasting, health-enhancing, real-food pantry staples.

And change lives, we have. Over the last decade, I’ve had to adjust my goal from helping 10 million people claim better health to helping 100 million people do just that. It’s a good problem to have.

I’m excited to share news that I believe will help our Primal community knock that goal out of the park.

The Kraft Heinz Company—the leading player in condiments, makers of the iconic Heinz Ketchup and Grey Poupon mustard—is acquiring the Primal Nutrition and Primal Kitchen® brands. We’re joining Kraft Heinz’s Springboard, a dynamic platform created to partner with founders and brands that will disrupt the food industry.

Primal Kitchen will continue to operate autonomously, the entire team will stay on (with our headquarters based in Oxnard), and Morgan and I oversee the explosive growth of our brand. The products you have come to know and love will continue to be available (and now at more locations), made using the same awesome ingredients, curated as always by yours truly. And I get to spend even more time on my favorite part of the business—developing new sauces and dressings.

Kraft Heinz understands where the consumer is headed: better-for-you products with high-quality ingredients; which is why I’ll continue to man the helm. Primal Kitchen will continue our vision of offering real food products with nothing processed or artificial. So, rest assured—and I say this with certainty—the integrity of our ingredients won’t change. You’ll find the same high quality food products you’ve come to enjoy and trust from Primal Kitchen.

We founded and built the Primal Kitchen business on the unyielding commitment to creating the best-tasting, health-enhancing, real-food pantry staples on the market. This philosophy will stay with us as we leverage the resources of this new partnership. It’s an incredible development for the brand and an amazing opportunity for the Primal health mission.

And, I have to say, it’s a huge testament to how far we’ve come as a movement….

Kraft Heinz recognizes the value of our Primal Kitchen mission and the consumer demand for it. While Primal Kitchen’s growth to date has exceeded all industry standards and expectations, our partnership with an industry leader like Kraft Heinz now offers an unrivaled opportunity to reach millions more of the consumers who have been seeking products like ours for years. Based on the significant time I’ve spent with the Kraft Heinz team, we share a common vision regarding the future of food and the importance of consumer choices. I want you to know that I’ll be staying on as the face and guide for the brand, and I look forward to working with them to grow this partnership.

Finally and most importantly, I want to offer my immense gratitude to my amazing staff and to you, our incredible readers, customers, supporters and fellow travelers on this Primal journey. Twelve years ago, I couldn’t have envisioned this moment or the phenomenal growth of this movement. Your enthusiasm and encouragement have inspired me more than I could ever say and contribute to this vision every day. I’m thrilled to see what’s possible as we move forward together. Thank you for being a part of it.

About the Author

Mark Sisson is the founder of Mark’s Daily Apple, godfather to the Primal food and lifestyle movement, and the New York Times bestselling author of The Keto Reset Diet. His latest book is Keto for Life, where he discusses how he combines the keto diet with a Primal lifestyle for optimal health and longevity. Mark is the author of numerous other books as well, including The Primal Blueprint, which was credited with turbocharging the growth of the primal/paleo movement back in 2009. After spending three decades researching and educating folks on why food is the key component to achieving and maintaining optimal wellness, Mark launched Primal Kitchen, a real-food company that creates Primal/paleo, keto, and Whole30-friendly kitchen staples.

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  1. Congrats to you & the team! Look forward to all the benefits this scale will provide.

  2. Congratulations, Mark! I’m thrilled for you that all of your hard work and dedication has paid off. Looking forward to more products in more locations soon!

  3. I’m skeptical. Granted this is a great thing for Mark after years of hard work. The problem is this is how things work, someone comes up with great ideas and big corporations buy them up and cash in.

    You only have to see the corporation slithering into other primal products to cash in. Read the ads in Primal Magazines and see who owns them now or who soon will.

    These corporate take overs often keep the originators in the loop early on but soon move on to just another corporate division with the lackeys and crap products.

    Congratulations to Mark but when we sell out to corporations, we will always lose control of the products. Just a matter of time.

  4. For all those who are bummed or crying sellout, here’s how it works. In the food industry there is a ceiling you hit because the big boys have a lock on distribution. You can only reach so far no matter how good or in demand your products are. The big boys also know that their version of packaged food is in the decline. They also know they don’t really have the mindset or the credibility to create new brands in the primal, paleo, organic, clean label market. So they look for brands, that represent the future, to acquire, to hedge their bets for the future. They usually don’t interfere with the brands they acquire because:

    1. They don’t know how
    2. They don’t want to ruin a good brand
    3. They know that their parent company’s image is not a benefit to the brand

    So yeah, this is normal. You either become part of the system or you reach a ceiling. Anyone who starts a food or beverage company knows this is what will happen if they are successful.

    1. There is another option, try to change the system. If more small companies resisted the urge to cash-in and merge with mega brands then perhaps the playing field could shift. If we let the corporate bullies win, things won’t change. Kraft-Heinz never cared about providing quality real food products before (or protecting the environment), they cared about their bottom line, even if people were damaging their health through the sub-par ingredients in their products. Being a part of change requires grit, courage, and sacrifice.

      1. Kraft-Heinz DO care about their bottom line, that’s why they’re trying to get into the HEALTHY food world! Sure, they won’t get getting out of the UNheathy food world — but as they make a (further) success out of Mark’s world/health view; other big corps will have to take notice (as they already are) and it WILL cut down on the unhealthy food production!

        Look, y’all quite reasonably believe that as more and more folks demand and buy grass-fed cows, more and more smaller, and now larger, ranchers will begin, and have begun, to raise on grass! And those who still make feedlot meat are paying attention — because they HAVE to!

        I HOPE Mark retained the right to pull out/back if they start screwing with his food. I hope he has not signed away his right to speak freely: IF he tell us K-H is doing something he can’t support — then you KNOW we-all will raise hell with K-H AND not support them. THEY KNOW IT TOO!

    2. Saying the conglomerate parent won’t interfere is nonsense. Mark’s brands will have growth, revenue and profit goals, that will need to meet the requirements of the corporate masters, and if not, the products will die, or at best, sold off.

      But I agree with you, small brands have to do this eventually if they want to grow, and it’s Mark’s right and obligation to himself and his wife and family to secure his future. I’m sad, but delighted for him.

    3. You can be satisfied with the ceiling. The problem is, we’ve decided that’s not okay.

      It’s better to have a $200M company with integrity than a $1B subsidiary of a corporation that will end up ruining everything good about the brand. (And they will. It’s how this works.)

      I’m not mad at Mark. It’s his life, his call. Just wish people would at some point fight the system, rather than join it.

      1. ^^ This
        I worked for a start up that sold to a huge corporation that made those same promises. Not one of those promises was kept and the quality and integrity of the brand went downhill.
        I’m happy for Mark, but I’ll go back to making my own.

    4. Yeah, remember Dr. Atkins; his name got bought out and the whole low-carb basis went straight to hell. Granted, Mark and his crew will still be there … for now?

      However, I think the big guys will realize that if they screw with the Primal basis — most of ‘us’ will desert immediately. It’s no longer the case — esp. with Primal — that if they ‘quit making’ the good stuff, we are out of luck. We’re not — we’ll go back to making our own till the NEXT Mark Sisson comes along and begins again providing the good stuff.

      So huge congrats to Mark and his crew! I hope this meets your best desires and works out as you intend. We love you. We love the help and care you’ve provided, lo these (wow. so few?! Seems way longer!) years, bringing health and good food to us all. God speed, and much (more) success!

  5. Congratulations Mark. I hope that truthfully you still remain in charge of the product and no changes are made.

  6. This is incredible!! What a big milestone! Thanks so much for all your hard work. You really are changing lives!

  7. Great news Mark!!! I, for one, am happy that I will now have more opportunities to buy your products in “the store down the street”.
    I’m not much of an “on line shopper” so this is going to increase my use of your products for sure. We have been seeing them along with Bullet Proof products here in Oregon at New Seasons Markets thankfully. And now when we travel we’ll probably see them even more.
    Thanks for still thinking outside the box like you do.

  8. It is with great sadness that I will now be removing my certified primal health coach credentials from my website.

    While I fully understand business is business, Kraft Heinz is not an organisation I wish to be associated with.

    Reactions like mine will of course be expected but after years of advice about staying away from processed foods, it is my personal opinion that this move to partner with one of the leading processed food manufacturers in the world is nothing short of hypocrisy.

    Mark I am truly grateful for all that you have done for my health and the people whom I now pass your wisdom onto. Please accept my heartfelt, but heart broken, wishes for your future success.

    1. Congratulations Mark, this move will spread the word of good health to many more people. Thanks for all you do, and your HARD WORK!

        1. Which will be printed on the label that you are in no way forced to purchase or ingest.

          1. Strong regulation! Let’s hear it for enforcement of accurate food labelling! Boo yeah! It’s good to have a government!

  9. Hey Mark, Congratulations! I trust that you will continue to do what right for the Primal movement and all your followers. Primal Kitchen is a great brand and a testament to the growth of the movement. Big Food either feels threatened or they see an opportunity. Let’s just keep them using quality organic, non gmo, Glyphosate free ingredients. .

  10. Other corporate buy outs have not gone well for the customers or employees. Think of Amazon and Wholefoods!

  11. Just classic.Another one bites the dust and sells out to big corp after building a big following.They can do whatever they want with what they purchase – good or bad.Congrats

  12. I feel so conflicted 🙁

    On one hand, from a selfish standpoint, I am crestfallen to hear this. It reminds me off when Bill Phillips, the first of two people in the health, nutrition and fitness world who had a profound impact on my life and my health (the second being Mark Sisson 11 years later), sold EAS years ago, which wound up owned by Abbot Labs. Similar story, Bill ‘stayed on’ and nothing was to change. Ultimately he was gone in a couple years, the incredible and much loved Body For Life Program foundered for years, the product line didn’t get the attention it deserved from such a mega company, and just this past summer, Abbott Labs shuttered the entire line of EAS products, without even trying to sell the brand or the name to someone who could have continued it. BFL and EAS are now both ghosts…even the BFL website and community forums…which were dying a slow death for years…suddenly disappeared overnight.

    Mark has finally written something that I completely disagree with:

    “Based on the significant time I’ve spent with the Kraft Heinz team, we share a common vision regarding the future of food.’

    Wow. Mark Sisson actually wrote those words–about a global consumer food conglomerate that pushes high fructose corn syrup and soy/corn derivative-laden franken-foods into every grocery store aisle–helping people destroy their health along the way as they feed their addiction (which this company spends millions researching how to deepen) to cheap carbs, sugar, HFCS, and unhealthy hydrogenated fats. Everything Mark has stood against for all these years. But now, Kraft Heinz sees an opportunity slither (and I mean that literally) into the paleo/primal food space, not because they care or have passion for it…but because it’s a quick entree into a growing market that will hopefully feed their corporate profits and shareholders.

    I suppose I could try to take a more optimistic view, and say instead that this is a great thing–healthy food choices and philosophies will be promoted on a much larger scale, via Mark’s products on more grocery shelves thanks to the Kraft-Heinz marketing muscle and clout with the supermarket chains.

    Nah. As soon as people who don’t really ‘care’ start calling the shots…and they will…that’s it. If growth for the brand doesn’t meet certain profit expectations, the brand will be killed off, or be sold…maybe.

    But on the second hand, and I want to say this to Mark directly: CONGRATULATIONS! Mark’s Daily Apple has been (and hopefully will continue to be) arguably the leading source/website for paleo/primal and now Keto knowledge and inspiration, regarding nutrition, lifestyle, exercise, philosophies…so, so much. Hopefully that independence will survive this. Please tell me that the blog was not included in the sale…I’m sure it’s value was not lost on the corporate buyers, given the massive following it has, and the opportunity to shift to a site that exists to just promote the products, something that Mark was very discrete about.

    Mark, and I mean this sincerely, while I’m sad and for some reason never really thought about the possibility of this happening (gulp!) I couldn’t be more happy for you. You deserve this. You invested so much time and energy into building your brand and reputation, and selling your food products company to a bigger fish is just part of the way the world of business works…and face it, we start and grow businesses with the goal of making it possible to one day be financially secure for life. Which hopefully this has done for you and Carrie. You have earned EVERY penny you will receive…and it’s a beautiful thing that HELPING so many millions of people, for FREE, has made this possible for you. That is a wonderful accomplishment and a legacy I admire (and am a bit envious of).

    Back to my selfish motives again, I guess what I fear the most is your moving away from the blog and all the research, knowledge, and inspiration you have shared for 12 years, as your focus is (rightly so) on the food brands. Kraft Heinz surely paid you a handsome sum for your brands, and certainly will have some clear expectations as you help them grow.

    But I also know, you are in your early sixties. You’ve built something great, and the hard work and long hours have paid off, giving you a future that will be one we all aspire to. I could understand you wanting to finally enjoy the fruits of your labor, and just enjoy a slightly more stress-free life, as you transition out of what is likely a contracted amount of time to work with the food brands as part of your agreement.

    The recent changes to the blog seemed odd…less content each week, moving things around, I was wondering what was going on. I thought maybe you were just getting worn out a bit and wanted to maybe back off from the stress of having to provide quality content 7 days a week, to just five maybe. Or that could be just a coincidence.

    In any case…I’ll still be enjoying your books (Primal Blue Print and Keto Reset…both MASSIVE game changers in my life, and I recommend them often and have given them as gifts). And making the Daily Apple part of my morning ritual, as I have for years, and will be anxious to see if it stays as inspiring, useful and selfless as the blog I’ve grown to love. But I also know that change is inevitable. I am just sad and fearful to think that in a couple years, I might tell people about Mark Sisson and his great blog in a ‘past tense’ sort of way.

    Mark and Carrie, congratulations once again, and I stress, I MEAN that. All the sacrifices and hard work you’ve put in over the years have created this moment…YOUR moment. Enjoy it and savor it!

    As a weird side note, I had a dream last weekend, that I ran into you guys here where I live in the mountains of Utah (Park City) and wound up spending a couple days on the hill skiing while you snowboarded….and you even came over for a primal dinner. Yes I really dreamt that! So I’ll just say, if you make it out here, drop me a line, I’d love to show you around and carve some turns with you!

    All the Best,

    Peter K.
    Park City, Utah

    1. Nicely written, Peter. I share all of your concerns.

      I am glad Mark is getting a giant payout-he deserves great rewards for the incredible contribution to help legitimize the paleo-primal lifestyle with fact and science based info.

      But I am completely appalled and disgusted by the sellout to a conglomerate that champions for frankenfoods. Add that to the total shift over the last few years of this site becoming so monetized, 90% of every “success” story promoting Primal Coaches, etc., is a real turn off. Ethically problematic for sure. Very sad.

      1. Colleen, I really didn’t mind the monetization elements of the blog…I mean one has to make a living ultimately. And I found the monetized parts fairly discrete. The daily posts rarely promoted products. The ‘coach’ stories were OK with me as well, as I truly believe those people were excited to come aboard and spread the gospel. Only one Success Story in years bothered me, recently it was the guy who was a model who had an accident of some sort and was temporarily disfigured. He developed some products, like oils or lotions or something, I don’t exactly remember, and his Success Story was almost like a paid ad for all his crap. I was actually shocked about it. Allowing people to link to their site or blog once is one thing, but that post was ridiculous, it was almost like spam.

        Anyway, yeah this is kind of a sad day for me, and I can only hope that the blog was left out of the Kraft Heinz ownership scheme and their name never appears anywhere in it. I have recommended the blog to SO many people over the years, emailing them lengthy emails with links to specific blog posts, etc, hoping it would inspire them to dig deep and learn all the great knowledge shared on the blog. But if Marks Daily Apple references Kraft Heinz, even in the copyright at the bottom of the page…it will make it really hard for me to promote it anymore, anyone I refer to it will immediately be turned off and find it very suspect.

    2. Peter, you have articulated my thoughts and feelings on this exactly.

      It feels like the end of an era.

    3. Agreed Peter. My very sentiments. I’ve touted MDA for over 8 years to everyone I know. Now, quite honestly, it may be difficult to do so. I guess Mark will have to hold his nose, quite literally, when it comes to the rest of what Kraft is doing. To echo another’s sentiment, bigger doesn’t mean better in fact often it destroys the individual (see principle of subsidiarity, or Nassim Taleb). And as much as I owe Mark, I’ll probably be purchasing the alternative to any Primal products but does it even matter? Mark’s gotten his payday and the money’s going to Kraft. I can even hear the jokes already, “wait, your philosophy is based on no processed foods but your mayo is produced by Kraft?!” Credibility gone. Also at the risk of over-romanticizing, I feel so much better giving to a small solid company that living and breathing their philosophy through every business decision they make. But Mark saw this coming – or was it Kraft- because it sounds as if a publicist wrote this piece. Well, it is what it is. Maybe Mark had to to secure his financial future. Hopefully he did. He deserves it. As we learn over and over again, good things come and good things go. Thank you, Mark for the past 8 years.

    4. Hi Peter:

      Incredible letter you wrote there! Very well written, thought out, etc. You voiced every positive & potentially negative thought that may or may not transpire. I totally agree with every word you wrote! 🙂 (Very rare for me) 🙂

      Especially liked your commentary regarding Bill Phillips of Body For Life. He was also a great mentor of nutrition & fitness for me.

  13. What incentive does Kraft/Heinz have for not continuing to do business as they always have? They can now wave the Primal banner for all to see while they continue to make countless food products that hurt the people who consume them. I’m sure there is optimism for changing the system from within, and I’m hopeful that will be the case, but corporations like Kraft/Heinz will only pursue a better course if it makes them more money. The moment that fails to be the case, they won’t hesitate to abandon the cause. They have had it within their power to make healthier products long before Primal Kitchen came along, and they are making very small moves that direction. The motivation behind their association with PK is purely economic with the nice side benefit of getting into bed with one of the processed food industry’s harshest and most effective critics.

  14. Congrats Mark! Big news for you.

    I work with a woman who oversaw Epic being purchased by general mills. At first I was very skeptical to hear this. Then she showed me how GM was able to increase production while still maintaining the same standards.

    Kudos to you sir.

    1. Things have really changed in a short amount of time. It used to be that degrading the brand they just acquired was par for the course. But most big companies understand that it’s best to let the founders keep doing what they are doing. I see it as smart. If your processed foods are on decline, buy up brands that are growing so you win no matter which way the market works.

  15. For the people complaining, you would have done the same. Hard to turn down ~200m.

    1. No, I wouldn’t have. But I’m not Mark. This is his company and he can do what he wishes. But I don’t need to be okay with it or continue to support the company. We all have that choice. It may not be an easy choice, but it is a choice.

    2. And suddenly the move to FL makes even more sense than it already did.

  16. I am excited to hopefully be seeing your products in more stores in my area!! Grats Mark!!

  17. This bums me out. I’ll never fault anyone for taking a $200 million dollar check, as I would clearly do the same. However, all the things you said around autonomy and not changing has been said by every single company that has ever been acquired by a large conglomerate. Unfortunately, not once has it ever rung true for more than a year or so. Also, just google Kraft Heinz ethics and see what a great partner you have. I think this should serve as a reminder for folks to continue to seek out and shop from local produces in your their area. Lots of small vendors making more and more quality (organic and primal) stuff.

    1. You know what bums me out? Going into a grocery store and not being able to find a dressing made with quality oil. I get why people are concerned and we’ll have to wait and see how this rolls out. I hope that someday high quality primal foods will be more readily available. The sad fact is that it won’t happen unless they prove to be profitable. It’s fine to say that we should stay small and shop local. I’m all for that. Unfortunately it doesn’t help people who don’t have easy access to healthy options. Partnering with Heintz will expose Primal Kitchen products, and the health improvements that can go with them, to many more people. It’s a step to making healthy eating more accessible for everyone.

      Congrats, Mark!

  18. The food industry will not be disrupted. You’re deluding yourself if you think that’s going to happen. Not in a million years. Money talks. Optimism walks. Good luck.

  19. Mark has provided us all with a tremendous amount of “free” information and he has now found a legitimate way to monetize it. I have a simple solution to all grousing about this situation ,don’t buy the food products. I have purchased a few of Marks books but never any of the food,supplements etc. In reality all of these “extras” are not really paleo! So congrats to Mark for cashing in but we don’t have to play along..

  20. Ah! I was pleasantly surprised to see your salad dressings offered for sale at our local big grocery and I loaded up.

    1. Oh yeah, p.s., while I’m commenting on others’ messages:

      WHEN is there going to be a Primal Kitchen Thousand Island dressing?! It’s the only one I like! (There is currently another brand, made with the good stuff; I can’t remember the company’s name of right now, but … oh I suppose you don’t use sucralose, and this brand does — and I do — but, hey; maybe figure it out and I’ll switch!)

      1. Elenor, we’ve got a Thousand Island in the works for early 2019. (I’ve had many requests for that one.) So, stay tuned – and thanks for your feedback here. Best – M

  21. Mark – congratulations!!! I wish you all the best. To all those grumbling about this, your lack of gratitude is astonishing. Mark has done so much for so many. He owes nothing to any of us. I personally owe him a great deal for all of the incredible insights and research that he has provided to us all completely gratis. You have helped me a great deal , Mark. Thank you. Great job. And congrats!

    1. I feel a tremendous amount of gratitude for what Mark has given me over the years. That does not mean that I would or will support every choice he or his company makes. One thing I learned from Mark is to be aware, ask questions and demand better. I can speak critically of this decision and still have gratitude for the overwhelmingly positive impact Mark has made in my life and the lives of many others. It would be refreshing to see these arguments not drift to assumptions or personal accusations of those with whom you don’t agree. Everything changes and this may be exactly what Mark and PK need to further the(ir) mission and ensure their financial wellbeing, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t time for myself and others to move on if our values no longer align.

  22. I enjoyed your blog, bought your products, and I wish you the best of luck. You deserve to be recognized. However, I can see why some of your followers feel betrayed, lost, or upset. I personally trust you, but I do not trust Kraft Heinz Co. Paradoxically enough, the reason I do not trust this giant food conglomerate is because of you and people like you in the Primal Movement. Now you are asking me to trust Kraft because you share a common vision??? I am not sure about this. The price for joining the mainstream food production and distribution chain may be too high. I congratulate you, but will double-check all labels and products from now on. The trust your blog and company won from your readers does not automatically extend to Kraft and co.

  23. Will the blog still be free to criticize Kraft Heinz products? Can you still tear apart all the “studies” that were bought and paid for by them? I haven’t been a frequent Primal Kitchen customer, but from this point forward I have to assume everything written on the blog will be cleansed by the new overlords. Not good.

    1. ^^^ This!

      “We-helll, whaddya know? Turns out HFCS doesn’t promote obesity after all!”

  24. Congrats Mark!

    You’ve earned this.

    All of the grumbling reminds me of the scene in “Forrest Gump” when he decides to stop running and his followers get angry and ask what they’re supposed to do now…

  25. This saddens me. I hope you are correct that Heinz won’t change the ingredients. I believe Bill Phillips said the same thing when he sold EAS & once sold, the EAS bars tasted horrible & I never purchased any EAS products again due to changed recipe & bad tasting products. He even wrote about how the company that acquired EAS ruined his products.

  26. Good for you! Nothing succeeds like success. Now on to your next big thing.

  27. Well done Mark, I am so happy for you and honestly, I appreciate your extreme kindness over the years in including me on this journey.

  28. I don’t fault Mark at all, but people are right to be skeptical. Kraft (of all companies) has no incentive to “disrupt” the food industry. It has a huge incentive to CONTROL any potential disruption to the status quo – and I suspect that’s more what this is about. Maybe they’ll invest heavily and work to disrupt the $25bn company they currently run – but I (cough) highly doubt that.

    As a tax attorney, I now understand the sudden move from California to Florida. I do applaud that aspect of this deal!

  29. I am a relative newcomer to the “primal” way of eating, fitness and health. I’ve always been a healthy eater, but I changed to an lchf/sort of keto, primal way of eating last year, and it has been a revelation! I feel better in my 60’s than I did in my 40’s. Not being addicted to “having” to eat at a specific time is just awesome, in addition to all the other health benefits. For the first time in my life, I feel like food is my friend. I literally stumbled across Mark’s blog and his Primal videos while I was looking for information about lchf on YouTube. That’s been a few months ago, and I have been an enthusiastic fan of Mark Sisson ever since.

    So like many others, Mark, I wish you all the best! Taking your company literally to the stratosphere after working so hard has to feel extremely rewarding and it will likely be a great adventure for you and your family. You truly deserve all the success that you are enjoying.

    But the more I think about the consequences of this momentous change, the more skeptical I become that this will work out for those of us customers who are invested in Primal Kitchen because of what it is now, without the corporate meddling.

    I have to admit that I never thought, in a million years, that you would align your precious Primal company with the likes of Kraft/Heinz. I’m pretty sure there is a picture of this corporation next to “frankenfood” in the dictionary. They must have been amazingly persuasive. I doubt that your decision to align with them was about the money alone.

    Where I live there is a company called Tessamae that produces salad dressings and other sauces. They were producing sugar-free salad dressings with only whole foods long before “keto” became a buzzword, and long before the appearance of Primal Kitchen. I happily bought their salad dressings because they were made with only olive oil and whole food ingredients, without any added sugars, thickeners or stabilizers (you know, like Kraft salad dressings and Heinz ketchup). Then I noticed that the company seemed to be having production problems and it literally disappeared from the shelves of my local Whole Foods. However, after a few months, it reappeared. I was so happy, I just grabbed a few bottles, glad to have my salad dressing back. Around that time, I also noticed Primal Kitchen salad dressings. Honestly, I thought Primal Kitchen was super expensive, especially given the small bottles. The only reason I gave Primal Kitchen a second glance was because it was made with avocado oil, my favorite oil to cook with. So I remember buying one bottle of Primal Kitchen, just to try it, thinking that my go-to would still always be Tessamae.

    One day, I happened to take a look at the ingredient list for Tessamae – and the pieces of the “production problems” puzzle fell into place. Tessamae had stopped using olive oil and replaced it with the much cheaper, and far less healthy, sunflower oil. It became abundantly clear why they were absent for awhile, but came roaring back. They reduced the costs of production and the critical healthy ingredient went by the wayside. Now, there is plenty of Tessamae on the store shelves. Of course, I stopped buying it, when I realized what they did.

    So, I just have trouble seeing an interest in “healthy, whole foods” as even part of the Kraft/Heinz DNA – not when they’ve made so many billions developing and selling processed, GMO-modified, filled-with-sugar and unpronounceable chemical “foods” for decades. Assurances notwithstanding, I don’t think this bodes well. The changes won’t happen right away, but I fear that they will happen, especially when people forget what Primal Kitchen was originally. It’s a classic maneuver from the big corporation playbook, “if you can’t beat ’em, buy ’em…(they will be absorbed and eventually will reflect the true intent of the corporation”). Kraft/Heinz is looking for cover as they see more and more people question the franken products that they have put out for so long. I totally understand why you said “yes” to Kraft/Heinz. I probably would have, too. But will you continue to challenge the politics and profits of food production and distribution as eloquently as you do now, when your company is owned by a corporation that is one of the faces of the problem? When reading your blog, and watching your interviews and videos, I always loved that you didn’t pull any punches when discussing how food is produced and distributed in the United States. Now, I think punches will be pulled.

    I try to tell myself that this time maybe this acquisition will be different and Kraft/Heinz actually will be good stewards. But given what history has taught us, (and how Kraft/Heinz has acted up to this very moment) I just think that is unlikely.

    I will be reading Primal Kitchen labels much more carefully from now on, and looking for alternative companies that are committed to healthy, whole foods. One fortunate thing is that there are more companies in the “healthy, whole foods” space these days, so when the day comes that Primal Kitchen is no longer the Primal Kitchen that I know and love, then maybe there will be some other alternative.

    If push comes to shove, I can make my own salad dressing, I guess.

  30. Just awful. KraftHeinz will cut all of the quality out of Primal Kitchen products, no matter how much lip service is given to operating autonomously. There are plenty of other brands making healthy oil-based dressings, dips, etc. I will spend my money elsewhere.

  31. Thanks, everybody, for reading and engaging about today’s news. That’s what I’ve loved about this blog from day one. It’s a dynamic, free space to contribute research, strategies – and opinions, and I’m happy you’re all here to discuss and share. The team and I genuinely appreciate all the support, congratulations and encouragement offered here and on our social channels today (and every day). We’ve been genuinely overwhelmed by all the good wishes. But let me also offer my appreciation to those sharing concerns today – because no one checks their free thinking at the door of this blog (and I promise you that won’t change…). The Primal movement is personal to me – and to so many of you. Your concerns underscore that, and this means a great deal to me. In response to those concerns, I want to offer these thoughts.… My name and face will continue to be on every product, and that is my assurance of the same quality, the same standards, the same philosophy, the same priorities that Primal Kitchen (and MDA) began with. Morgan and I will remain at the helm to oversee the explosive growth of the Primal Kitchen brand that I know will be possible with our new partnership. We will now have opportunity to bring you more products in more locations than ever, and I’m thrilled about that potential. She and I, along with our team here will also have more capacity to grow the line and offer consumers more expansive choices that meet the healthy, real food standards so many are looking for now. I’ve loved bringing this vision to fruition over the last twelve years here, but I don’t see my work as done by any stretch. My Primal team and I will keep doing the same committed work as we are, where we are, and I’m celebrating the possibilities today for the mission of our organization. Thanks again, everyone!

    1. Already using the word “consumers” like a good KraftHeinz employee, Mark! How about using the word “people”?

    2. Mark I’m gonna give you the benefit of the doubt here. There is a lot of concerns and skepticism (rightfully so) of this new partnership with a massive SAD food corporate conglomerate. I to am suspicious of their motives, although in reality companies like them just follow the money, and perhaps they are just hedging their bets in a trend towards healthier abs higher quality foods. As long as they truly allow your brand to operate independently things could go well. In all honestly most condiments aren’t really “primal” or “paleo” in the true sense anyway; I see products of yours and other like them more as a way to indulge without having to completely abandon any semblance of quality ingredients, these aren’t staples but treats and healthier alternatives to the otherwise overwhelming sea of processed packaged garbage. I think your heart is in the right place and if you can use these corporate giants to help distribute healthier products in a system that isn’t going away, then so be it. It would be nice to go to the store and be able to pick up ketchup or mayo that isn’t full of garbage when I have my family over for a cookout in the summer. So I will not abandon you unless you abandon us. As long as this blog remains a place where quality information is shared, and that isn’t influenced by this new business deal, I congratulate you and hope this is an opportunity to take primal/paleo mainstream. I hope for a day when pastured meats, eggs, and organic vegetables and fruits are the norm, not the fringe minority. Stay true Mark and don’t let them sway your values and your legacy.

    3. Hi Mark,
      Perhaps Kraft will leave your product be as it is but will they stop producing and selling poinson ( all the other crap they sell )?
      Someone said that “millions of people are looking for healthy alternatives” – what millions of people? there is a small primal movement ( I think yuo can pretty much forget your 100 million target when everyone is bombarded from media with vegan crap, no red meat etc ).
      There are quite a few of us who understand primal. The majority will buy Kraf/Heinz poisonous Mayo becasue it “tastes great” and is going to be half price of your product. If Kraft decicded to remove all their crap and replace it with primal – wow – go do that! but they won’t. I’m sure you would never sell to let’s say a Tobacco company. Well, you pretty much did.

  32. Good for you. Bad for me. Thanks for letting me know so I can avoid Primal Kitchen in the future. I really loved your mayo, too. oh, well.

  33. Congratulations! You’ve accomplished so much over the years. I hope this next step helps you reach even more people. Just this morning I watched an obese woman contemplate an array of Primal Kitchen dressings. So many people need to find the primal lifestyle and if this path is a way to reach more people, I applaud your decision.

  34. About the readers….
    Yes, kudos. Except to the foolishly argumentative [I don’t know what to call them], especially prevalent on the Facebook page. What is this, Youtube? People shouldn’t be talking nonsense there either.

  35. The Genie is out of the bottle. If Heinz screws up the Primal Kitchen line there will be someone else to fill the void. For all the people convinced the ship is going down, get your business model ready and fill that void. The market is obviously there and those people will not keep buying a product that isn’t healthy. Mark deserves the credit for letting that Genie out of the bottle and has been a major factor in getting this movement to where it is. How many people here can credit Mark with a large portion of their knowledge of what they are putting in their body, and getting healthy. I know I can and I thank Mark for that, it has changed my life. As soon as this product isn’t healthy, the people in this movement will be looking for another product that satisfies their needs. This is becoming a huge market, this only proves it. It is exciting in the sense that mainstream corporations are noticing the way an increasing portion of the population is paying attention to their food and what is in it. There is a market here and if Kraft/Heinz doesn’t cater to it, someone else will. Thank you and Congratulations Mark! I hope it works out the way you think it will.

  36. Great job Mark!

    I’m always skeptical of mega corporations, but at the same time it means wider distribution and more general interest. I think from a pragmatic standpoint, this a great move.

    I just want to add, because I’ve seen a lot posts implying “sellout” and other such things, using nothing but the FREE information in this blog and associated e-books and YouTube videos, I was able to completely turn my health around. I bought the original Primal Blueprint on sale for like $10 and continued with that for almost 2 years.

    I’ve picked up a few jars of mayo here and there, some salad dressing, and Primal Endurance too. I’m not exactly a huge consumer of these products. I never had to be. The information that was freely (or cheaply) available changed my life and by association the lives of multiple people around me.

    Before you cry sellout, I’d be really curious to see how much free information and support you’ve provided to help people improve their lives and heath.

    The products still have labels. You’ve never had to buy them. I’d rather see mega corps dump money into quality foods rather than cheap crap.

    1. Congrats. $200M proabably makes it a big day in anyone’s eyes.

    2. Strange, I thought the whole point of the ancestral health movement was to encourage people to find out about the couple of million years of over which we’ve evolved and apply those principles.

      If my ancestors left the cave and popped down to their local store and bought a loaf of wholemeal, a pint of milk or a bottle of primal kitchen mayonnaise then I’ll be happy to stand corrected.

      Organic or otherwise primal kitchen products are STILL processed products. Making those products available through bigger distribution networks, year round, and promoting them as “primal”, “paleo”, “keto” or whatever label happens to be on trend at the time is somewhat removed from how we’ve evolved.

      I do not disagree with anyone here who has stated how hard Mark has worked or that he does not deserve this. But, upscaling production requires more resources from which the environment will feel the impact. Many will shout from the rooftops about the progressiveness of this move but this in my opinion is nothing short of regressive. This just contributes more toward damaging the environment because of the mainly plant based nature of their design. But hey, these food products are healthy right? They’re primal right? They still have a shelf life, they are still manufactured and processed but as long as the marketing sits well with each individual then the justification for consuming a “primal” processed “health” food product is aaallllllll good. It’s also extremely hypocritical!

        1. Found the herd member. Gotta love that system you’re hooked into. Open wide and say baaaaaaaa

      1. Disagree entirely. CHEWING food is a form of processing it. Primal can include foods that are combined to provide a better alternative to SAD-influenced products that are unhealthy…laden with HFCS, hydrogenated see oils, soy and corn derivatives, and a whole lot of ingredients we can hardly pronounce.

        So no, our paleothic ancestors did not eat mayo, ketchup or salad dressing. But if people today choose to, and eat these healthier products containing only whole, healthy ingredients, they aren’t “paleo” enough for you?

        Let me ask, do you ever put balsamic vinegar and olive oil on your salads? If you do—you ain’t paleo, brotha. Your ancestors 100,000 years ago certainly didn’t put balsamic and olive oil on their salads. Meanwhile, no, your ancestors did not pop down to the grocery store for their food. Do you? Even your ‘real’ paleo foods? If you do…then by your standards, you once again, ain’t paleo.

        By your argument, you need to live in a cave or hut, hunt and gather ALL your food, and while you’re at it, go empty your bowels in a hole in the ground, because your ancestors didn’t have plumbing either.

    1. And now it makes sense as to why you moved to “tax free” Florida. Screw California and their punitive income tax. I hope you voted for Trump!

  37. Thanks again for your sharing and support, everyone. I’m excited to see what’s possible and look forward to continuing (and expanding!) the Primal mission. Have a great weekend!

    1. I won’t judge you on your choices; it’s your label and your decision, and I wholeheartedly congratulate you on your success. I hope you haven’t sold out – and, thus far, you’ve not given me any reason to believe so… but it is difficult to trust the industry (which you have fought so hard against) to do right by you and your ideology. I hope you are able to change it from the inside, but it feels like David trading in his sling for the chance to box Goliath.

      I still support you, and am not walking away from what you’ve created until I have a concrete reason to do so. I do hope that, should Heinz bastardize your product, you still have the freedom and energy to wash your hands of the whole mess and begin, again, by challenging the status quo.

      I would love to see a dedicated blog post addressing the legitimate concerns of all your readers who might see this as hypocrisy, beginning with my question: Did you sign a non-compete agreement? If they bastardize your label, can (and would) you fight back?

      Again, and seriously, congratulations on the success. You’ve earned it.

    2. Would love to see applied permaculture techniques to large scale. Productive, sustainable, and all the other buzz words put into action.

  38. Some of you folks remind me of the hipsters who like some obscure band, but as soon as they get radio play they’re no longer cool and they stop listening to them, they don’t want to share them with the world LOL. I’ve seen Mark’s products in my local health food store. You can always read the ingredients, and if they change THEN you can cry foul and start ordering some botique brand. AND … a lot of you complain about not enough people embracing the Primal lifestyle, but now that Mark has found a way to manufacture and distribute primal products on a large scale, you get indignant. Anyway, congrats Mark, and don’t forget the little people that helped you on your way to the top! 🙂

    1. Right on! I to am gonna give Mark the benefit of the doubt here before we turn on him like rabid dogs. He has always given away his information for free and has made his money on supplements and products (as he’s clearly told us to). If he completely lets us down then we can cry foul, but I am gonna see this as a way to get primal mainstream.

      1. Amen! The majority of people I’ve met that grew up in Maine are genuine and grounded.

      2. Couldn’t agree more. A big congrats Mark. From a longtime, crazy reader, who still takes a bite out of the APPLE everyday.

  39. Mark, your Primate followers up in Canada congratulate you on your announcement. Bottom line, the product formulation will be consistent and heathy, the Big Guys realized this is a growing category and product distribution will now become global, providing more people ease of obtaining this product.

    At the end of the day, if healthier product ends up on more shelves, you have attained one of your goals and much quicker than trying to grow internally. I look forward to buying the products at Canadian food or health stores, rather than importing it.

    I can live with a different label. Big picture thinking here.

    You made a huge impact on so many peoples lives and the food products you created is a very small part of the Primal movement. The blog, books, and events are the game changers.

    Again, well done my friend and well deserved!


  40. Great work Mark! As an added benefit, this will get rid of the ne’er-do-well and naysayers that ultimately are more trouble than they’re worth.

    You’ve been providing massive value in terms of content and ideology for over a decade. Keep crushing it Mark!

    It’s unfortunate that it’s not enough to provide all this content for free AND provide ready-made solutions for people’s lifestyle. Haters are gonna hate. Reminds me of the quote often attributed to Eleanor Roosevelt,

    “Do what you feel in your heart to be right – for you’ll be criticized anyway. You’ll be damned if you do, and damned if you don’t.”

    Much love Mark!

    1. Well said Kirk, a good news story when people look at the big picture!

    2. Really? I’m a primal health coach who supports the principals of the primal philosophy and nothing makes me more angry than to see a post like this.

      I coach people to get back to their ancestral roots and apply their primal blueprint. At no point does that blueprint include scoffing down primal kitchen mayo or collagen bars. This does nothing more than enforce the idea that it’s perfectly fine to consume “processed” products anytime you want just because they’re organic and labelled primal and healthy.

      I suggest you think before spouting the drivel that you have written above.

      1. Uh, wait. You became a Primal Coach knowing he was selling his mayo and collagen bars? Now you are crying foul. I think you are a hypocrite that is spouting the ‘holier than thou’ drivel. Get over yourself.

        1. I became a primal health coach to help people get well and regain their health. There’s an affiliate program available to which I never signed up because I couldn’t recommend people eating any processed foods no matter who manufactured them.

          When I sign people up I get asked this question a lot.. “You’re not selling vitamins are you I get people trying to sell me vitamins all the time”? My response? “No I am not, Nor am I selling processed foods with bovine excrement labels marketed as primal, paleo or some other such nonsense. If you want that go to weight watchers or slimming world”.

          Supps I could handle, restaurants? Cool for the busy individual. Food line? Ok, like everyone else is saying, you don’t have to eat them. But partnering with KH for the benefit of human health? I’m now a Primal health coach who’s associated with an organisation that’s referred to in my country as the plastic cheese company.

          Hypocrisy? I’d originally signed up as a certified primal expert which then changed to primal health coach just as I was finishing the original program. Much of what is now in place wasn’t around then. Readers of MDA questioned the supps range back then, Marks response? “I wouldn’t recommend any supplements I wasn’t prepared to take myself”. Ooookay, dubious but I’ll let it slide. But this? Well, the vegans will love it!

          I work bloody hard to establish my credibility and integrity in this new and young profession of health coaching. Fighting against the tide of mainstream medical advice,
          “perky next door” MLM supplement companies and processed food manufacturers is really hard graft and now this?

          Me: eerrr you might want to ease up on the mayo there
          Client: but it’s primal! Mark Sisson makes it so it’s all good.

          You mistake my ire for hypocrisy but I can see with a blanket statement such as yours, ‘getting over yourself’ comes easy to you.

          1. Thanks for writing that gibberish novella to prove you are a whiner.

            “Your credibility and integrity”’ve got to be kidding! I’ll send you a participation trophy for your coaching.

          2. So if I cracked some organic eggs, added avocado oil, organic Vinegar, Sea Salt and organic Rosemary, and whipped it all up into a healthy, no-added processed crap, mayonnaise…you’d tell me to “ease up on the mayo, dude”?

            At that point you’d be fired as my primal coach. Get over yourself. p.s. Grok didn’t have internet so lay off the posts is you truly want to emulate your paleo ancestors.

      2. “I coach people to get back to their ancestral roots and apply their primal blueprint.”

        So, you REQUIRE your clients to hunt, kill, and ‘dress’ local wild animals (domesticated not allowed!); then cook the meat over an open fire (metal utensils not allowed!)? Do you require them to sleep outdoors or in caves too? No indoor plumbing, guessing that TOO is not “primal enough” for you?! Did you not understand that the point of Mark’s Primal is to live IN THE MODERN DAY with the understanding of how our biology is supported or affected by what’s available TODAY?!?

        Petty. Snarky. And observably dumb too! Instead of ‘turning in’ your primal health coach cert, Mark’s team ought to TAKE IT AWAY!

      3. “I coach people to get back to their ancestral roots and apply their primal blueprint.”

        So, you REQUIRE your clients to hunt, kill, and ‘dress’ local wild animals (domesticated not allowed!); then cook the meat over an open fire (metal utensils not allowed!)? Do you require them to sleep outdoors or in caves too? No indoor plumbing, guessing that, too, is not “primal enough” for you?! Did you not understand that the point of Mark’s Primal is to live IN THE MODERN DAY with the understanding of how our biology is supported or affected by what’s available today?!

        Instead of ‘turning in’ your primal health coach cert, Mark’s team ought to take it away!

      4. “I coach people to get back to their ancestral roots and apply their primal blueprint.”

        So, you REQUIRE your clients to hunt, kill, and ‘dress’ local wild animals (domesticated not allowed!); then cook the meat over an open fire (metal utensils not allowed!)? Do you require them to sleep outdoors too, or are caves allowed? No indoor plumbing; guessing that, too, is not “primal enough” for you?! Did you not understand that the point of Mark’s Primal is to live in the modern day with the understanding of how our biology is supported or affected by what’s available today?!

  41. Congrats on your big day, Mark! Excited to hear the brand has had so much success. I’ve been following the blog since 2010 and hope to see many more great products from the Primal Kitchen brand.

  42. Mark and Team- congrats on this amazing achievement and I will always be grateful for the contribution your efforts have played in my life. All the best, Jason

  43. Let’s be real. This day has been coming for a long time.

    Mark has arguably turned himself into the Godfather of the paleo/primal movement over the past decade, but he’s also a businessman and he’s now capitalizing on his success. I congratulate him on the big pay day. There’s 200 million reasons why I’d do the same thing too.

    With that said, on the other side of the web, I’m not blind nor naive to the changes that have been happening at MDA over the past couple of years. We’ve had the forum shut down. It’s difficult to find a blog post or recipe without a Primal Kitchen plug. A lot of the posts seem to be thinly veiled promotions for products. It seems like a lot of the bloggers come out with posts on a similar topic around the same time which always looks suspicious and makes me question if there’s bias. But I’ve learned to pick out the good and the bad when coming here. It’s a little sad that I see more plugs for powdered supplements grocery store middle aisle products than I do real food on here lately, but I also have Mark to thank for helping to show me the light with the primal way years ago. As a big Mark fan, it’s all a little bittersweet.

    Hopefully the products remain unchanged and continue to use high quality ingredients because I’ve grown to really like some of the dressings and the mayo. I appreciate the optimism, but Kraft/Heinz will find a way to mess it up eventually.

    Anyway, I’ll still check in from time to time, but it isn’t a daily apple for me anymore. It’s a once or twice per week apple. That goes especially for weekend (weekday? leap day? I’m not sure anymore) link love.

    After a deal equivalent to winning Powerball, maybe there’s no need to push the business side of the brand anymore. Maybe you still have more you want to conquer. Whatever your future holds, good luck to you Mark and thanks for sharing your knowledge with us over the years and helping to educate people. You got my ball rolling, but I can keep it rolling on my own now.

    1. FU money is a great thing for creativity. Joe Rogan and Scott Adams come to my mind. Also I’m down with OPM- Other People’s Money for funding

  44. A colossal mistake, more likely to be seen as a sellout. Apparently, you have not researched this group and their connections to absolute filth.

    Like always, they will start just fine, then the bottom line will determine everything as well as an agenda. Very much like global warming.

    Very disappointing indeed.

  45. Congrats Mark! I think this is, with all doubts we might have about The Kraft Heinz Company’s brands, the most logical and best move to scale up your brand. The holding ultimately doesn’t give a *** about the specifics of the products they make. We can see that as a problem, and in a way it certainly is, but that’s also simply how our system works. But given that, we also know that they have no incentive to degrade the quality or characteristics that define a brand als this. The company wants Primal to keep on doing well, and in order to do that it has to address the needs and wants of our type of consumers. They might nog have an altruistic goal behind their new Springboard Brands, but if they in this way achieve to further grow organic, natural, and “super-premium” food brands, what are we complaining about?

    Heinz is pretty active in The Netherlands as well, so I’m hoping that through this you’ll be able to scale worldwide and make it possible for us to buy your products in the organic supermarkets in Europe. 🙂

  46. Congratulations Mark and Primal Nutrition Team! Well done and looking forward to future developments. Very exciting indeed!!

  47. Thanks to the excellent information on this site I have gotten into the habit of making my own dressings and condiments. It’s a 60 mile drive to a store that carries Primal Kitchen goods, and mail delivery here is spotty, so DIY has been the way to go so far. The day it shows up in my local walmart I’ll venture down the dressing aisle, read the label, and pop one or two into the cart, you bet!

  48. Thanks for the commitment to integrity and the reassurance that the ingredients will not change. I was happy to see Primal Kitchens products appearing in national grocery chains. Hopefully, this will further “disrupt the industry ” as you said. I’ve listened to several interviews where you described your entrepreneur’s journey. I’m glad it worked out in your favor!

  49. Et tu, Mark? After years of reading his books, buying his products, and recommending to friends, etc… This really hurts on several levels. I will no longer be supporting this brand or Mark.

  50. An amazing development for the primal movement? Lol, no it’s Mark cashing out. Good for him but stop with the Primal movement nonsense. Mark obviously takes his “followers” for fools. Just eat wholesome foods and drink plenty of H2O and you’ll be fine. Kraft?? No Fn way will I contribute to their bottom line. I am going to watch all the studies Mark “tears into”, though, as that should be very entertaining.

  51. This is a shout out to all the Primal Peeps here that just scared Heinz out of $200 million. Keep up the great work. Cheers!

  52. Do Mark’s motives really mater? He has transformed the lives of myself and many, many others.

    Mark Sisson and MDA have helped countless people by providing the education and instruction necessary to become healthy, sleep better, feel better, eliminate chronic, lifelong illnesses, etc. Tools that will continue to improve lives.

    If this new venture with big, bad bohemoth Kraft Heinz goes according to plan, the masses will hear his message and maybe their lives will be transformed too.

    If not, then, like an old love, I am appreciative of the time we had, what I learned and how good it feels to have known you. A little disappointment? Absolutely. But also much love and appreciation.

    Thanks, Mark.

  53. Read mixed comments, at least give it a chance. Vote with your money. Personally I will try it and maybe the price point is lower due to the economy to scale Heinz can provide. Congratulations Mark and the entire Primal Kitchen brand!

  54. So Primal Kitchen joins a long list of once small companies now owned by mega-conglomerates: Horizon Dairy, Niman Ranch, Tom’s of Maine, Ben & Jerry’s, etc.

    The hard part about this is the loss of my own credibility. I know, always thinking about myself. But what am I supposed to say to my friends and family I’ve been trying to educate about the Primal lifestyle? Like my overweight daughter who keeps failing with Weight Watchers. (I wonder- does Kraft own WW?) Or my chronic cardio uncle who keeps running even though his knees are shot? Or my 80 year old father who thinks fat is bad for you, and drinks White Wave soy milk (maybe Kraft owns them, too?)

    My life just got a little harder.

  55. Congrats Mark! Excited to see more distribution channels open up.

  56. Dear Mark

    I am very pleased about these news. I live in Mexiko City and it is imposible to buy your products here. I hope this joint venture will mean I will be able to find your products in my country. You are making a difference in the right direction.

    Kind Regards, HEIDI
    Primal Health Coach Student

  57. Congrats! It is great to see better options in the grocery store because consumers are demanding it. This seems like a “scarcity vs. abundance” decision. More people will now have the opportunity make better choices for their families. Thanks, Mark. I will continue to purchase my favorite mayo, ranch, and basalmic. Can’t wait to see what’s next!

  58. Hi Mark:

    I really love the Primal Kitchen line. I hope the Kraft Heinz acquisition isn’t just a ploy to eventually remove your brand from the market. I hate processed foods. Your line is the exception. Nothing will make me ever buy Kraft Heinz products if they removed your stuff from the market. Please don’t let them sub your premium ingredients for sub-par ones. I’m hoping for the best here, but corporations don’t tend to have a great track record with these kinds of deals. Good luck.

  59. I’ll be glad to see these in stores to be able to read the label. The website doesn’t have full ingredient lists for the dressings (not that I could find, anyway), and “spices” is too vague for those of us who can’t eat nightshades.

    Hope to see a selection in my Safeway soon!! I would like the convenience of using a bottled dressing.

  60. Congratulations, on the food / accessibility front I’m sure this will be a great move but it might be helpful and reassuring to have a better understanding of how this move could potentially affect the other aspects of your brand / your other brands e.g. Mark’s Daily Apple and The Primal Health Coach program as they are all so intertwined and interconnected in peoples minds. This is all very normal with the really successful personality based brands that grow and expand organically over time sprouting exciting new ventures as they go – people see them all as one and the same under your name and are very attached to what that name has come to mean in their life.

    It would be really interesting to understand how and where the overlaps are and where the hard boundaries are between all the different aspects/ventures in your mind (and also just operationally). Not that it’s anyones business and certainly not to imply that you owe anyone any explanations, I am just genuinely curious from a business perspective.

    I am fascinated by the sustainability issue and the realities of succession planning in these kinds of organically evolving ‘family’ businesses with no obvious individual successor. I am also acutely personally aware of the tension between honouring the roots/origins of a thing and honouring its deeper mission which often demands finding ways for the thing to survive and thrive beyond the founding personality. This seems to be part of you finding a way (one of many I’m sure at this point) and that’s definitely worth celebrating! 🙂

  61. Mark’s goal with this sale is to reach many more millions. Now let’s he assume he does that and many more who couldn’t afford or didn’t have access to Primal Kitchen now can buy these products, and Kraft adds a multimillion profit increase to their bottom line – money to spend on making more, or advertising more highly processed foods that continue to make America sick? Doesn’t a more successful primal kitchen mean a sicker America? If that’s the case, or even a remote possibility, how can any of us who embrace the ancestral philosophy buy PK?

  62. Be honest with your readers—it’s about the money. I’m not buying this crap about sharing a common vision with KraftHeinz, one of the world’s biggest purveyors of processed foods, added sugars, and overall negative environmental impact.

    Any industry can be disrupted with a superior product and accompanying business strategy. This way is just easier.

  63. Can’t wait for that primal kitchen easy-cheese in a can to come out. LOL
    Seriously though, can’t blame a guy for making a buck. Everyone has a price that exceeds their moral compass.

    1. Oh please. This is somehow ‘immoral’ now? That’s a stretch.

      1. Well, the guy did build a brand that has for a long time condemned the sort of thing he’s associating with now. I would say that his history of position on the matter is equivalent to a moral stance on it, because it represents so much of what he is about. So, the plot twist is pretty compelling, you have to to admit. However, I did not say that it was immoral. I said that the money exceeds his moral compass on this matter, and I would rather not have words put in my mouth any more than have Heinz ketchup squirted into it. I hope that clarifies.

      2. Also, I didn’t say it was a bad thing either. “Seriously though, can’t blame a guy for making a buck.” I’d do it too. Likewise, this isn’t to say it’s a good thing for reasons stated other places in this comment section. It’s just a business thing. You may be reading sentiment into my comment that was not there to begin with.

  64. Congratulations! One could say that in one fell swoop, Mark has dump what is arguably the least primal part of his repertoire among paleo fans, while hopefully exposing a large part of the less informed general public to a healthier product than what Kraft has offered in the past, while the paleo/primal movement (which hopefully Mark will still be a part of) now has 200 million dollars behind it. Could be okay. If anyone can convert primal/paleo to the next level with readily available finances, it may be Mark.

    Also, glad your loved ones & home came through the fire relatively unscathed.

    Mark, could you work on getting a non-vegetarian primal “Sloppy Joe” recipe on the shelves? Sure could make life simple for a lot of parents.

    Also, subsidized meals for the elderly, like meals on wheels, have absolutely atrocious ingredient labels on them.

    And we’ll need an environmentally friendly, paleo retirement community somewhere.

    Man, are you gonna be busy!

    1. I’ve had some luck making BBQ sauce (and other tomato-based sauces that usually need added sugar) by sweating a healthy amount of onions, then adding some garlic confit before deglazing. I then add the tomato paste and whatever natural ingredients needed for the particular sauce, along with a significant amount of coconut aminos. I’ve found it makes great bbq and marinara sauces that are generally primal.

      I believe it could be modified for a sloppy joe.

    2. Jeb, thanks for your comments. I appreciate the congrats and your note about my family. Of everything that’s happened the last month, their getting out of the fire safely will always be my biggest, most important gratitude. And I love the suggested to-do list. I’m clearly going to be a busy man tackling all that! Let me start with the Sloppy Joes and see where I can go from there. Best — M

  65. I’ll throw a comment in the ring… First and foremost, I primarily have Mark to thank for my reclaimed and much improved health as I believe everyone here does as well. I owe him a very large debt of gratitude and he owes me nothing. For the price of a few books my life has been turned around. I also want to congratulate Mark for securing a solid financial future for his family. I also hope that he can succeed in moving the needle in a positive direction with regard to KH’s offerings. I do believe that his credibility will take a pretty big hit going forward, though. I tend to doubt research that has been funded by one special interest or another sometimes without any actual evidence that the funding impacted the research. I think that same notion will apply here. Assuming the blog continues, I will tend to be much more skeptical with regard to the information offered. I will feel like I need to spend more time validating what he says. It may be that I stop by less and less often, I do not know yet. At any rate, the information that Mark has provided over the years gives me a good enough understanding of the issue that I can fly solo. My BS meter on the topic of nutrition is getting pretty well calibrated. Here again, this is chiefly thanks to Mark. Onwards!

    1. Well said, Neanderchow. I, too, will miss being able to follow Mark without having to wonder about a “hidden agenda.”

      However, I am also very happy for Mark and grateful for all the contributions he has made to a more healthy food supply. I bought The New Primal Blueprint book, as well as The Keto Reset Diet. In both books, I was pleasantly surprised at the scientific foundation that fuels the principles he has espoused over the last 12 years. Also, the books are just fun to read as he really is a good writer, with just enough humor to keep a reader going through all the “science-y'” parts.

      But, like I inferred in my original post, Mark is now a part of the Kraft/Heinz family, And, at the end of the day, you don’t air dirty laundry about your family. You defend them, and you take hits for them, no matter what they’ve done. It’s not as if Kraft/Heinz has done a complete 180, either. They’ve simply hedged their bets by acquiring a contrary voice. Even if Kraft/Heinz doesn’t do anything overtly to change Primal Kitchen formulations, it’s not like the other parts of the company still won’t be peddling processed poison. I hope I am wrong, but I have trouble imagining that Mark will continue to call out Kraft/Heinz (or the allies of Kraft/Heinz) for their continuation of unhealthy and addictive food processing practices, when he is part of their corporate structure and needs their money and good will to continue. Corporations don’t take kindly to public embarrassment – especially when it comes from the inside. That’s why whistleblowing is such a courageous act and doesn’t happen that often.

      Although I was happy for Mark (granted, it doesn’t much sound like it) I was also in mourning, because I believe an eloquent voice has now been silenced and I will miss it terribly. I am grateful for the time it was available and just wish it could continue.

      I have practiced lchf/primal eating since October 2017, so I can make my own way through food minefields without Mark’s guidance. But it was just so nice to have an advocate for my way of living/eating in Mark! His voice was unique and really resonated with me. Of course, there are other voices, like Dr. William Davis, Gary Taubes, Nina Teicholz, and Libby Jenkinson, and I can see myself looking more to their resources (for as long as they last) as Mark’s company becomes more co-opted by the Kraft/Heinz corporate structure .

      Sigh…I guess I really am still in mourning. But I do want to reiterate my congratulations to Mark and I wish him all the best. I truly hope he is able to keep the promises that he is now making. But no matter what happens with Primal Kitchen as a result of this acquisition, for my life, the die has been cast. I intend to follow lchf/primal/keto principals for the rest of my life. It wasn’t just Mark that got me to this point, but his platform was certainly an important part of it. I have vastly improved my health, lost weight, am more alert, and have more energy – all due to changing how I eat in the ways that Mark and other healthy food pioneers have espoused. I am so grateful that I have benefited from the Primal lifestyle. It truly has been life-changing!

    2. Neanderchow and K.D. Morgan, thanks for your comments. I’ve always sought to make the Primal Blueprint something anyone can implement on his/her own without any special equipment or products as a necessity. Many people welcome conveniences that fit their health intentions, and that’s been my aim with Primal Kitchen. I still publish recipes for mayo and dressing, however, that anyone can make at home—their choice. And the bees and I will continue to offer recipes and the same objectively researched content here. In fact, I’m already waist-deep in another book with Penguin—this time on longevity. Rest assured the Primal message is moving forward as clearly and boldly as ever.

      1. Good to hear, thanks Mark. Looking forward to seeing what actually happens vs. all the speculation. Onward!

        1. Thanks much, Mark, for taking the time to reassure “us skeptics.” I will definitely keep an eye out for the Primal Kitchen recipes…And, at the end of the day, I need to flip the script that tells me “I’m too busy to cook” to, “I am going to embrace my inner Primal Kitchen chef, even Ii It Doesn’t Kill Me (which, most assuredly, it will not 🙂 ). Once again, congratulations on your success, and I really hope all your dreams for Primal Kitchen come true!

  66. Unfortunately, big companies always renege on their promises in this space.

    General Mills was going to invest in establishing a grass-fed bison supply chain when it bought Epic. That what Taylor and Katie — and Mark — insisted.

    Then it changed it’s mind — after a bunch of ranchers invested in revving up on the promise, setting BACK the movement:

    What is Mark gonna do when Kraft eventually switches out avo for cheaper oil? Give back the bajillions they gave him?

    Very disappointing.

  67. Doesn’t make much difference to me. I always thought primal mayo or primal snacks were unnecessary. Just cook with meat, vegetables and spices. No need for paleo muffins, donuts…just eat real food.

  68. In your next phase, I’ll ask again for you to consider a deeply necessary ‘future’ offering. When I put my 94-yr-old demented, mostly blind and deaf mother into a memory care home, I was making protein drinks with MCT oil powder and almond milk and bringing those, along with full-fat yogurt up for her dinner; plus the home would puree (usually, alas, canned!) soup for her. What they ‘did’ to her for brekkers and lunch, I don’t know. As she lost more and more ability to swallow, they suggested they could give her ‘Ensure’ or its (POISONOUS!) ilk. The first four ingredients are water, sugar, sugar, and sugar!!

    PLEASE figure out how to make a HEALTHY ‘food supplement’ for old folks who are losing the ability to chew and swallow; that would be available in cans or waxed boxes, single serves, and available all over the country! There is a CRYING need for this! The homes cannot ‘make protein drinks’ for their residents — they’d be accused of mistreatment; but all they CAN offer is commercial crap-poison!!


    1. Elenor, thanks for this suggestion. Let me think on it a bit. I know exactly the kind of situation you mean, and I understand how supplementary foods offered in hospitals and other institutions don’t often live up to what we’d want for ourselves or for the people we love the most. In the short-term at least, there might be a blog post here. I’m guessing many readers have been in or find themselves in the same boat caring for parents and other loved ones.

    2. Google “liquid hope”. I stumbled on it with a sick family member. I have no financial interest. It was too late for us, but sounds promising. Good luck with your mom.

  69. Always difficult when something starts as a rebellion then joins the empire. The format does seem to have been changing over the last 2 years towards a more sales based site. That the mainstream wants to learn from the primal movement is great but one of our leaders just went over to the dark side.

    1. I don’t quite see it that way. Some misgivings not withstanding, my view is that Kraft Heinz can see which way the wind of change is blowing and decided to ‘jump on the bandwagon’ so to speak.

      1. Richard and Paul, thank you both for your thoughts. I respect the fact that we’re all free thinkers here, and these exchanges get at what key points of the our modern food system. The Springboard Program through Kraft Heinz is a unique development in the acquisition landscape. It literally was created to foster change in the food industry and is an entry point for Kraft Heinz’ visionary goals. It takes up and promotes the success of natural food companies that are already enacting that vision in their product focus. I understand the feelings folks are having, but I’d invite them to stick with us and see what’s possible.

        1. Mark & Richard,

          Huge tangent, but the comment about the “rebel” joining the “empire” got me thinking. Mark, as the patriarch of this tribe-in-diaspora, having recently made a move that many within the tribe consider a betrayal of that tribe’s identity, reminds me very much of some of the political shifts I saw among tribes and clans overseas. It only has the loosest connection to paleo (it involves ancient social structure trying to function in a modern system), but you might find “Alliance Formation in Civil Wars” by Fotini Christia an interesting read.

  70. Congrats,

    At first I rose an eyebrow but now to think of it it is a good thing. You will rich a lot more people, a lot more noobs who don’t even know the paleo and welness movement. It took me several years to discover the primal lifestyle. If these products can bring these people tho this knowledge, even if they are modern processed foods, let’s do it. I hope that you have not responded at the siren of conventional success of money and that the movement will remain pure.

    1. John, I really appreciate your support, and expanding the Primal reach is exactly how I look at it. I’ll continue writing books and blog posts that illuminate the Primal way of living, too, but I’ve had many people tell me they found the Primal Blueprint through Primal Kitchen. The team and I aim to reach more people—through all our potential channels and means.

  71. Well, it’s about time this happened. I had been wondering when the buy-out would come for years now. I figured once the breadth of products had expanded, you were in the flowering phase of trying to attract a buyer. Seen this with a few other brands over the years – it seems to be a good strategy.

    I figured your somewhat recent move to Florida was tax related – and you’ve been there long enough now to make good on whatever your personal take of the sale is. Must have been a long time coming. I had become less frequent at the site since the forums started to go down hill and noticed the posts seemed to be more about sales and services than what I remember in the past.

    Well, it will be interesting to see how this plays out. The Keto thing doesn’t seem to have completely played out on the mass market just yet, so your timing may be just right.

  72. Wow. Two days after I shook Mark’s hand in a Miami bank when we met by coincidence. It made me sit down and write a draft about how his mayonnaise helped me figure out salmon ( and fish in general) is the savior of my mental health. Definitely not going to finish that story now.

    The great comments on this blog make me believe all is not lost yet. Some very critical minds here.
    I’m indeed not a fan about Mark selling out to Monsanto’s buddies. I’m really in shock to say the least.
    For those in doubt, it has already started on this very page. Read between the lines how Mark tries to hype this move.

    Sad day.

  73. Seeing both sides of the issue here…..and absolutely have to agree that if Kraft-Heinz was waving 200 mil in my face for my homemade BBQ sauce, I’d sign on the dotted line in a NY minute. Mark is the reason I’m sitting here typing 63 lbs lighter, now able to bench press, excellent blood work and feeling more energy than I did in my 20s. As a cancer ‘survivor’ my health is obviously taken very seriously, so will this news have me turn my back on the primal lifestyle? Na-ha…it’s good, it works! I’ll be watching closely from the sidelines…paying careful attention to the product labels for any change. Momma didn’t raise no fool, all the fancy language boils down to profits and I have to take my health into my own hands. I have no grudge to bear against Kraft-Heinz, peeps have eyes and had the ability to read product labels long before Mark came on scene. When you can’t pronounce the ingredients and still choose to scarf it down, well, you have to put the blame squarely on yourself when the waistline starts to expand and visits to the doc increase. In the end this move doesn’t sit well with me, but I am pleased Mark is enjoying the fruits of his labor….fruits so many have benefited from, myself included, for over a decade….free of charge. Should be interesting to see how things transpire, I’m hoping the promise is upheld….but won’t hold my breath, purple ain’t my colour 😉

  74. Tom Brady, doesn’t drink Gatorade. Can’t see be associated with Kraft in any shape or form…seems as if you sold out literally. Be like Tom.

  75. Really interesting, hope it works and makes the products more easily accessible. Guess you can either try and over throw the establishment or change them from within. Maybe Mark feels the timing is right for the Primal movement to become the mainstream. He has always stated his aim was to help as many people as possible. Sure he appreciates the risk in this but if it pays off, as I am sure he genuinely hopes, then the number of people whose health is transformed could increase exponentially.

  76. Does this mean your products will be available for purchase in NZ alongside other kraft products? Currently only available through specialty import sites and I’m NOT prepared to $45 for a jar of mayo 🙁

  77. Congratulations Mark!

    You deserve it! I discovered your site by accident in 2011, my senior year of medical school (at age 41). I was overweight and miserable. Your website disputed all the dietary advice we had been given for my 41 yrs, plus medical school had given me all the wrong information as well. In my intern year I rotated in Endocrinology in the diabetes clinic and my attending physician would always tell patients to “eat lots of whole grains and avoid saturated fat and cholesterol”. I would have to hurry back in and give these poorly controlled diabetic patients your website, and I pleaded with them to learn the truth.

    Since starting primal, I have lost over 30 lbs and got back to my military weight in my 20’s, and have maintained this weight and muscle mass for over 7 yrs. I teach the principles of the primal blueprint to nearly all of my patients.

    I am a Primal Health Coach student (and I need to get in gear and finish!). I feel the free content provided on marksdailyapple likely will add 5? 10? 20? years to my life? Plus at age 49 I feel great and am close to having 6-pack abs again, all thanks to Mark.

    I have many Kraft and Heinz products in my fridge, including cheese (Kraft and Philadelphia), bacon (Oscar Meyer), other meats, pickles (Claussen), and of course mustard and Grey Poupon. I drink Maxwell House on the weekdays and splurge for gourmet coffee on the weekends (HUGE student loan debt!). I use Velveeta in a low carb southwestern dip probably once per month, and serve it with pork rinds during sports events with my friends. I have a few Ore-Ida potato products for my guests as well. Heinz ketchup has a gazillion varieties including low sugar so this shows me that they are interested in producing healthier products. Kraft Heinz are NOT General Mills or Pepsi or Coke; they have numerous healthy options.

    Either Kraft Heinz will promote Primal Kitchen or they will try to bury it and hence bury the truth. Mark’s relationship with Kraft Heinz could have enormous positive impact on the health of our citizens. I don’t think they will try to bury the Primal Kitchen brand as the backlash would be too negative.

    Congrats again Mark, I hope millions of people will stroll by Primal Kitchen products in the aisle of the grocery store, get curious, and perhaps change their lives, and continue to spread the truth to others. And I know if they try to bury the Primal Kitchen brand that Mark will be the first to cry foul.

    I will continue to read Marks Daily Apple and I will buy Primal Kitchen products.

    Thanks Mark…

    p.s. Tell them Capri Sun has GOT TO GO….