Primal Kitchen Mayo Is Now Available (PLUS a Chance to Win!)

Primal MayoIt’s finally here. The thick, creamy deliciousness you’ve been craving. Whipped up into a rich, velvety sauce that will transform your fish, meat, and vegetable dishes into MasterChef-worthy masterpieces. Primal Kitchen™ Mayo is packaged fresh and cuisine ready, and to celebrate this major evolution in the ancestral health community we’re holding a sweepstakes! All you have to do is enter with the click of a mouse at this link. Register to win a $500 gift certificate to Thrive Market and 1 of 20 free annual memberships to Thrive Market (a $60 value)! (Details to follow.)

Why all the buzz about Primal Kitchen Mayo? For starters, no more slaving away in the kitchen making labor-intensive homemade mayonnaise that’s likely to spoil in just a few short days. And no more slopping on runny unyoked “mayo” spreads made up of coconut and olive oils. Coconut oil is far too saturated and solid to mask as a mayo spread (not to mention, much too coconutty to impart that classic mayo taste), and olive oil is so distinct in flavor that it takes over the taste of the food it’s supposed to be complementing. Commercially available mayos use soybean oil as their base (ick!), but Primal Kitchen Mayo uses avocado oil to infuse its mayonnaise with a neutral flavor and thick creamy texture that doesn’t spoil before the expiration date or break apart into an oily mess.

Primal Kitchen’s pure avocado oil has all the health benefits we’ve come to depend on in an avocado:

  • Subdues the inflammatory response
  • Protects the liver
  • Improves cardiometabolic dysfunction
  • Boosts nutrient absorption
  • Resists heat and remains stable

Primal Mayo is made with just 5 real-food ingredients: pure avocado oil, organic eggs, organic vinegar, sea salt and rosemary extract. And you don’t have to worry about canola or other industrial seed oils sneaking onto the ingredient list. That’s some clean, primal-friendly eating there, folks!

So, try a jar of Primal Kitchen Mayo today. Primal Kitchen Mayo is sold by-the-jar only at Thrive Market. If your taste buds give it the thumbs up, then shop for three-packs at the Primal Blueprint shop. Free shipping options are available on both sites. Hurry and get a jar before they sell out. Limited quantities available!

Thrive Market/Primal Kitchen Mayo Sweepstakes


Enter to win a $500 gift certificate to Thrive Market and 1 of 20 free annual memberships. You have through next Wednesday (Feb. 25) to register with Thrive Market via this link before this exclusive offer ends.

Why do you want to Thrive? Thrive Market makes access to healthy, high-quality foods easier and more affordable. It’s an online health food co-op (think: Whole Foods offerings at Costco prices) with 25-50% discounts on over 4,000 products from 500 top brands…and that number is constantly growing. You can shop Paleo/Primal-prepared foods and supplements, and home, personal care, beauty, and baby products. Thrive does all the investigative work for you, with over 90 “tags” (including “Paleo”) that let you filter through the options according to your cravings. For instance, you can search for certified-organic, peanut-free, primal-friendly, and even fair-trade products with no hassle or guesswork.

What I particularly love about this membership-based online market—aside from the paleo, gluten-free products it offers—is its socially conscious mission. In Thrive’s own words:

Thrive Market is a revolutionary e-commerce site offering the best 4,000 healthy living products at 25-50% off retail prices (shipped to your door for free). Through a $59.95 annual membership, members get access to the top 500 natural brands. For every paid member, Thrive Market gives away a free membership to a low-income family so we can all thrive together.

And Thrive is an environmentally sustainable business that uses recycled packaging and paper, works with eco-friendly vendors and suppliers, and boasts a zero carbon footprint.

So register for free with Thrive today, pick up a jar of Primal Mayo and be one of the first people on the planet to try it. And keep an eye on your inbox. We’ll be contacting you if you’re one of the lucky winners.

Let me know what you think, and be sure to keep up with Primal Kitchen on Facebook and Instagram.  

Prefer listening to reading? Get an audio recording of this blog post, and subscribe to the Primal Blueprint Podcast on iTunes for instant access to all past, present and future episodes here.

About the Author

Mark Sisson is the founder of Mark’s Daily Apple, godfather to the Primal food and lifestyle movement, and the New York Times bestselling author of The Keto Reset Diet. His latest book is Keto for Life, where he discusses how he combines the keto diet with a Primal lifestyle for optimal health and longevity. Mark is the author of numerous other books as well, including The Primal Blueprint, which was credited with turbocharging the growth of the primal/paleo movement back in 2009. After spending three decades researching and educating folks on why food is the key component to achieving and maintaining optimal wellness, Mark launched Primal Kitchen, a real-food company that creates Primal/paleo, keto, and Whole30-friendly kitchen staples.

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      1. I suspect so. Customer service told me it would ship on the 18th. More than a week after I ordered it and likely by pony express. I cut them some slack though because after all, they are the only one’s smart enough to develop such a product. The food industry doesn’t care about our health.

        1. Hey! Thanks for the slack 🙂 The response was really overwhelming and we are drowning in backorders over here! We’re doing our best to get orders out in a timely manner.

          Note: We are watching temperatures in the Midwest and East coast and have chosen to hold orders to certain states with very cold temperatures. Freezing breaks the emulsion and we don’t want anyone’s first Primal Kitchen Mayo experience to be less than perfect!

  1. This is awesome!

    I recall you mentioning selling it in brick and mortar stores like Whole Foods. Is that still in the works? If so, do you have an idea when that will happen? Are you planning on releasing it to other stores? (And have you looked into selling it at places like Kroger or Giant Eagle? They’ve been ever-expanding their organic/fair trade/local selections and might be open to selling it, which would be really cool.)

    1. My questions are the same as yours. I dislike ordering food online, preferring to buy it locally off the shelf. (No damage in transit, no membership fee, no hassle.) I usually make our mayo because most of the commercial stuff has gotten to be so bad. It does last longer than just a few days, but for the sake of convenience I would like to try the Primal brand if and when it becomes more readily available.

      While Thrive Market might be a good idea, it will be competing with huge, established organizations such as Amazon. That’s going to be a real uphill battle. I hate to be a wet blanket here, but one has to consider whether they will remain afloat long enough to make membership worthwhile.

      1. I actually like the idea of Thrive Market, and I think it will contend just fine. Dr. Bronner’s liquid castile soap, for example, is about half the price on Thrive as it is at Amazon. A number of other things are cheaper, too. There’s also the fact that Thrive gives back (its paid memberships are matched by free memberships to low-income families), supports sustainability, and other value-based product choices. Never underestimate the power that kind of business policy has for attracting customers.

        1. Yes, but while all those things are wonderful attributes to see in a business, rarely do they scale well in a capitalistic society. I’d love to see it take off and grow exponentially, but from a business perspective it may be a long shot. Prices cheaper than Amazon, portion of profits donated to charity, etc. would be great, but are apt to cut into profits too deeply to support sustainability, let alone growth (and ability to meet demand). Hope that I am proven wrong!

    2. Hey Shauna! We are working on getting distribution in brick and mortar stores. We met with our local Whole Foods (Malibu/Ventura/Santa Barbara area) and hope to be there in the next few months! As we slowly grow you’ll be able to find us in more of your favorite places! Thanks for the support!

  2. What is the shelf life (after open and refrigerated) of this mayo?

    1. Ditto, and not only that, fructose from avocados blows me up like a cow–does avocado OIL contain fructose like the fruit does?

      1. Shelf life unopened at room temp is over 9 months, even up to a year. Once refrigerated, it’s probably at least 60 days (I’ve had a few test jars going at various stages in my refrigerator for at least that long – just as test samples, because I am devouring this stuff otherwise). Because it’s a delicate emulsion and has no stabilizers, it’s helpful to put the jar back in the fridge after you’ve used it, before it gets up to room temp (and that’s only after you’ve initially refrigerated it). Otherwise the emulsion can “break” and the ingredients can separate a bit. But as I said, I have test jars that I purposely take in and out of the fridge for months that are just like the day it was made.

        Wenchypoo, there’s zero fructose in here. Just pure, awesome 100% avocado oil.

        1. Yea! Fructose jacks with my gut too. Can’t wait to try this Mark!

    2. The mayo will last 9 months in your pantry and we recommend consuming within 60 days of opening. Our mayo stores best in the door of your refrigerator — if it gets too cold for a prolonged period of time the emulsion can break! While visually unappealing, you can still stir and enjoy 🙂 Your taste buds won’t notice a difference.

  3. My local Target is really upping their game. They actually have a mayo without soybean oil AND they’ve recently come out with quite a few coconut oils and avocado oils for sale. I saw them selling a coconut oil that stays liquid at room temp. What’s the process for keeping it liquid? Is it any healthier/unhealthier than its solid counterpart? I’d be interested in pouring it on my salads in place of olive oil.

    1. Coconut oil that is liquid at room temperature has been processed in a centrifuge to separate the medium-chain triglycerides from the whole oil. You may know the result as MCT oil. Perfectly healthy. I use some in my own home-made mayo. Healthy with no coconut flavor or smell.

  4. Mark, I was just thinking yesterday that I was going to write you today and ask you when your mayo was going to be available. What a nice surprise to wake up to! I ordered the 3-pack, can’t wait to try it! Tuna salad here I come!
    Thanks so much! This is a Godsend, as I’ve had very little luck making my own.

  5. I was looking forward to the introduction of this product! I’m greatly disappointed that I can’t just BUY the Primal Kitchen Mayo but would have to join the Thrive Market co-op (which I won’t be doing). I hope someone else comes out with a similar product that’s available to everyone.

    1. I have seen a mayo that looks promising. It’s called either “Just Mayo” or “Simply Mayo”….one of the two. Checked the ingredients, no soybean/vegetable oil. I forgot what their base oil was but I remember being excited about it. You might keep an eye out for it at your local stores (found it at Target).

    2. I’m with you. I’ll make my own before I join a club. I signed up to get the initial bottle, but that’s it.

    3. I’m with you..just sell on Amazon and Whole Foods, you don’t have to join and pay extra monies just to spend more money to buy something you like or want.

    1. We agree with Wade! No canola here! Search Mark’s Daily Apple for canola oil to find out why 🙂

      1. Sorry, forgot which oil they specifically put into their mayo when I mentioned it earlier. While Canola oil is definitely not optimal, it’s IMO better than all the mayo’s out there with soybean oil as their primary ingredient.

    1. That’s what I was trying to find – thanks for posting the price. I have a kid in college… too rich for my blood too.

      1. It is NOT $30.00 per jar. It is 7.95 for a single jar @ Thrive Market and about 24.00 for three jars @ Primal Kitchen.

      2. Not a bad price considering it has avocado oil – that’s stuff’s not cheap, and high potency. Refer the Einstein’s law of food price relativity: “The price of food is relative to its health benefits” – lol

    2. It’s actually only $9.95 per jar. If you purchase from our site, we offer free shipping, but can only do that when you get three jars at once. Otherwise, we’d lose money on every sale. Thrive is our online partner, and they can sell you a single jar at a time when you are a member. They offer low-to- wholesale pricing on a ton of awesome products. Their price for the Primal Kitchen Mayo is $7.45 per jar. We are in the process of getting Primal Kitchen Mayo into health food stores, but it is a long road in some cases. Until then, we wanted to make it available online to anyone in the USA who craves a healthy mayonnaise.

    3. For 3 jars … just under 10 dollars a 12 oz jar, converted to £s that looks like a very average price for a bespoke epicure product! Don’t think it’s shippable to good of UK though!

  6. Maaaaark! You said we’d be able to get this in Canada! Thrive doesn’t ship to Canada!

    I’m a bit bitter.

      1. With 30 dollars shipping on a 29.95 dollar product. Sigh… not happenin’.

        1. Agreed, why $30 shipping when it’s free just 100 kilometers away? At this price I can’t justify ordering, either.

  7. Oh, a suggestion… there’s a door to door organic delivery service here called Spud. They operate in the States and a lot of their goods are imported. They could likely carry it. Although it would be a limited market… in the US they serve LA and area as well as San Francisco and area. In Canada, they reach Vancouver, Victoria and area, Calgary and Edmonton.

  8. Not ordering. Tired of registering and creating passwords for everything. If it comes to a market near me, I may try it.

      1. If I could simply order it directly online through Mark’s site, with no signing up for anything, I’d order now. But I don’t feel like going through all the hoops.

  9. “Through a $59.95 annual membership….” I can’t believe that marketing firms are still using that kind of pricing. That’s $60.00. Why not just say $60.00. Do they really think that we are so stupid as to believe $59.95 is not $60.00? (Sorry about that, one of my pet peeves.)

    If you buy the mayo from Marks Daily Apple, it’s only $9.95. (Here we go again. “Oh my God, Mabel. Look, it’s not even ten dollars a jar.” Yes, that would actually be $10.00. I mean, what can you buy for five cents?) Oh well, that puts it out of my financial reach. I’ll stick to making my own with my stick blender and EVOO, about 15 minutes from start to finish and it lasts longer than just a few days in the frig.

    Of course, for all the people who can afford it, it’s a must buy if you want a great mayo without all the chemicals and seed oils.

  10. I ordered a jar. I love my homemade mayo, but admit I don’t trust it after a few days. Hoping this Primal mayo has some decent “shelf” life. Not digging the $6 for shipping though. $12 for mayo is steep.

    1. Hey Curtis – The mayo has free shipping, not sure why you’re seeing $6? Feel free to give us a call or chat with customer service for help with that! We are good for 60 days after opening and recommend storing in the door of your fridge. Our mayo likes to be cold, but not too cold (or the emulsion breaks and the oil separates.) Let us know how we can help!

      1. Thanks, Morgan. I’ll email you. Thanks for the update on shelf life!

  11. If primal mayonnaise becomes popular, one of the big companies will just come out with their version of it….

  12. Or just chug some fish oil tablets before using regular PUFA mayo… 🙂

  13. I’m going to start my own website called….Poor Man’s Primal….

  14. I am so excited right now. I live 5+ hours from anything like a Trader Joe’s or a Whole Foods and am SICK of ordering things from iffy sellers on Amazon. Just browsing through the first few products made me so happy–all things my family eats and loves! YAY for Thrive.

  15. I was listening to a podcast the other day. The person mentioned they had done over a dozen potato salad recipes and substituted cauliflower for potatoes and all turned out great.

    So itching to try some with Primal Mayo.

  16. If we register at Thrive using the link on MDA do we still get 15% off our first purchase and a free 30 day trial membership (as offered on the Thrive website), or do the sweepstakes take the place of that?

    1. Hi there! My name’s Michelle and I am a customer service rep at Thrive Market. All new customers at Thrive Market get a 30 day free trial that begins when they place their first order, as well as a 15% off coupon that automatically applies. Because you are enrolling through Mark’s Daily Apple, you will get 20% off of your first Thrive purchase! We are excited for your first order with Thrive!

  17. BTW I would go with Natural Grocers over Whole Foods. They have A WAY MORE PRIMAL vision.

    In fact they are the brick and mortar Thrive markets essentially. They sell your books and most of the other big names. They understand the dangers of vegetable oils.

    Whole Foods is Canola Central. Followed by Trader Joe’s. Sad, but the reality.

    However I do understand getting change where you can. And it would certainly be admirable and do a lot of good and reach a lot of people to eventually have it in Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s.

    But I am not a fan of either.

    1. Agreed. Natural Grocers is where me and my wife prefer to shop. Better prices and better choices as compared to Whole Foods. Never been to Trader Joes

      1. I guess that would work for those west of the Mississippi… they are NOT nationwide like WF and TJ’s.

  18. I was fortunate to be able to sample the mayo a few weeks ago. I must say it is awesome. Try as I might, I have never accomplished anything homemade that approaches this. Great job guys.

  19. Dear Mark,
    Any chance this product gets to Australia?
    If not, how can the rest of the world benefit from Marks Daily Apple?
    Ive been primal for 3 years now but it’s a bit hard from this distance. Come on mate, this day of global isation should see us all with the same advantage.

    John from Outback Australia.

  20. I second the request for availability in Australia. The only cheap source of mailed products to Australia is iHerb. Amazon is too expensive – and so is MDA for international. Any chances of a future link with iHerb?

      1. Thanks Morgan.

        Can you give me a link to shipping to australia. I can’t find anything and the thrive website is slow as a wet week.?

  21. I wish Thrive would ship to Alaska since they have lots of products I’d like to try. Such a bummer.

    1. Hi Stacie! Thanks so much for your interest in Thrive Market! We are working to extend our shipping services to all US states and territories as well as Canada, and we hope to be able to ship to you within the next year or so. If you email us at [email protected], we can add your email address to our interest list so that when we do start shipping to Alaska, you will be the first to know!

  22. Mark,

    I’m sold! This looks like an awesome product, and the price is very reasonable. My only concern is the rosemary extract. I bet it tastes great, but I wouldn’t want *everything* I use the mayo in to taste like rosemary. Any thoughts on that?

    Thanks for the intro to Thrive as well. Looks like a great site.



  23. You are a rockstar Mark! Congrats on expanding your brand into a new space.

    Not digging you joining savy marketing ranks with “cage free eggs” on the label.

    But admire your business prowess very much.
    Best wishes for solid growth this year in the new biz.


  24. I’ve been using Thrive for a month or two and I love it! Their prices are well below Amazon and we order EVERYTHING using Amazon prime. Just ordered the mayo!

  25. I would love this, but much too expensive for me. (And can’t afford the Thrive membership – sigh.) Any chance this will be IN stores at some point? With fibro and arthritis, I haven’t been able to make mayo – so we just go without – which is sad.

    1. Hi Jennifer- Michelle from Thrive Market here! Our mission at Thrive Market is to make healthy foods and products accessible for all so we offer prices 25-50% below retail price. Because members can buy their staples, personal products, supplements and household goods at Thrive, most customers find that the membership pays for itself in just 2-3 orders!

      Feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] if you have any questions about Thrive membership or our products- we are happy to help!

      1. If only someone could actually PLACE an order on your website it would be pretty helpful.

  26. I just tried to order some of this mayo. That website is one of the worst i have ever seen. When you click on “checkout” or even “View cart”, nothing happens!! Again and again! How do they even stay in business? Disappointing that the only place to find this mayo is a website that is so poorly designed and maintained. Now where do i find it??

    1. Hi Gabriele- I am so sorry that you are experiencing trouble with our site. Thank you for emailing us so that we can help you resolve it! Thrive Market’s website works best with Google Chrome, Safari, and Firefox at this time, and we find that most people who are experiencing difficulties with are using a different browser.

      We are also happy to help customers complete their orders over the phone at 866-419-2174 during our business hours of 9am-5pm PST, Monday-Friday!

  27. I’m interested in the mayo and even interested in Thrive, but only if I can actually see what else they offer without registering for yet one more website I may or may not ever use. It doesn’t speak well of their confidence in their products and business model if they won’t even let me see what they sell without registering.

  28. Hi Erica- Thank you for your interest in Thrive Market! The registration wall is something that we do to protect our brand partners who are not comfortable with our deeply discounted prices being publicly visible. I hope that helps explain our rationale. We realize that this is different than traditional online stores but hope that our savings more than make up for the inconvenience!

    We would never share your personal information with anyone and your 30 day free trial does not begin until after you place your first order. If you would like to read more about our privacy policy, you can find more information in our terms of service.

    1. Thanks for your kind response, but I’m not interested in signing up for yet one more thing before I can even look. That screams “shady” to me no matter what the rationale is. I’m trying to simplify my life, not make it more complicated. Amazon makes it super easy to shop, compare, and buy, therefore they get lots of my money.

      1. Hi Erica,

        I signed up with them (for free) and immediately gained access to their items and pricing. I compared them against other competitors and ended up placing an order with Thrive. It was a great experience from start to finish.

  29. I just ordered TWO! My hubby has been missing mayo, I suck at making it, and I won’t eat anything with canola or soy oil….

  30. I just ordered from Thrive, using Google Chrome, no problems. Picked up a few things in addition to the Primal Kitchen Mayo, can’t wait to get that!

  31. I just received my jar yesterday from Thrive Market. Awesome flavor! And that’s saying something considering I’ve never been a huge fan of mayonnaise.

  32. I just received the two jars I ordered. As of right it looks like the mayo has totally separated. Looks like a jar of oil with white sediment floating in it. I tried stirring it up but still has no where near the consistency of mayo. I put it in the fridge so let’s see what happens. A little concerned considering how much it cost.

  33. I had the same problem as Mike Pearce. Two jars, both oil with floating stuff. Not mayo-like at all.

    1. Hi Mark, can you shoot me an email at [email protected]? Due to extreme temps on the East Coast and Midwest some of our mayo orders froze in transit, breaking the emulsion. While still safe to eat, it’s not the intended perfect mayo experience we wanted you to have! Shoot me an email and we will get you taken care of!

      1. The folks at Thrive were super and credited me for the mayo right away.

  34. I ordered 2 jars from Thrive (though, like others, I won’t be joining their site). When the jars arrived, the product looked odd, like there was a layer of oil, and then the solids below. I thought maybe it just got cold during shipment … I’m in Maine, after all.

    Because I’m on a special elimination diet right now (based on results from food allergy testing), I can’t have vinegar at the moment so the mayo is off limits for a while yet.

    This morning I looked at the jars, and the emulsion was totally broken. It’s total liquid and there’s no way that stirring will help. I plan to call Thrive today to see how to return the product for a refund. There’s no way this is spreadable. One commenter above said to just stir it up, that it might not be pretty, but still tasty. Mine is pure liquid, so that obviously won’t work.

    I’m very disappointed in this product. I had high hopes, too. Maybe I can order it in warmer months.

    Has anyone else had this happen?

  35. UPDATE: I called Thrive yesterday to see how I can return the product. They told me that the issue with the emulsion breaking is “normal,” and that I should pour it in a blender, add an egg yolk, and re-emulsify it. Not really my idea of a quality product, and certainly not as advertised. If this is so “normal,” it should be stated in the description on the website.

    I was going to return both jars, but decided to keep them. I paid a total of $18 originally, which was $12 for the two jars plus $6 shipping. To return it I’d have to spend another $6 on shipping. So that’s $24 I’d be out, and get $12 back. At this point, I’m almost further ahead to keep it.

    I can’t imagine I’ll be ordering more. Really disappointed in the product.

    1. Hey Kathy! Thanks for reaching out. Sorry you had that experience with Thrive! Everyone else we’ve heard from said that they were refunded for their mayo purchase, no questions asked! Shoot me an email at [email protected] and we will get you taken care of!

      1. Morgan, the shipment arrived today, and I’m happy to report it’s MAYO!!! I can’t wait to try it. Thanks for all your help with this!!!

  36. Hey all,

    To those of you who received an oily jar of mayo..

    I ordered a single jar from Thrive a few weeks ago and, like others have commented above, my jar also arrived with a layer of oil on top (I am in the Boston area, where we had an extremely cold February). I did my best to mix it up, and it sort of regained normal consistency after a while. But I admit it was not too appealing to look at. But it tasted great, and it wasn’t so broken down as to be unusable. So I used it in salads. I figured the extreme cold probably had something to do with it, because other online reviews were so positive. So when I finished that jar, I decided to give it another shot and ordered two more from Thrive. My second order arrived yesterday, and both jars are perfect – the exact consistency you would hope for and expect from mayo. No oily separation at all.

    So don’t give up on Primal Kitchen Mayo! There’s nothing else like it on the market.

  37. Can you share more about the vinegar. I remember reading a comment from you that it is made from beets. Is it distilled like white vinegar, which I understand to be harmful? Or is it more like apple cider vinegar – i.e. good for our body. I like that it is organic. Just wondering ….

  38. Had some last night, on a burger and blended into salad dressing. Superior product!

  39. This comment will probably never be read, but just in case,

    When this first came to our Whole Foods a few months ago, it didn’t seem to be terribly popular, but by now, they are consistently sold out in a week. I have to remember to buy more before I actually want to use it. I guess I should be mad because I no longer make mayo at home since the cost of ingredients is comparable to buying this. To be honest, it’s almost as good, and as much as I hate making mayo, I hate feeling like I have to use it all up fast before it goes bad or waste pricey avocado oil even more.

    This is a solid product. Keep doing good things.

    1. Thanks for the wonderful comment, Leigh! 😀 So glad you love the mayo. We’ll keep turning out the great stuff as fast as you and everyone else keep eating it!