Here’s an entertaining little “primal” snippet about the birds and the bees (G-rated).

prehistoric dating

Ahem, and now for more serious health news:

The mythology of the sugar rush: New Scientist asks if the “always eat breakfast” rule is really so smart when breakfast is essentially glorified dessert. Sending kids off to school on a sugar rush isn’t the best way to prepare them for a day of learning – but is it still better than eating nothing?

a whole grain!

What say you, apples?

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12 thoughts on “Primal…Hotties?”

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  1. Primal hotties? thats cute. The first thing that came to mind was the Las Vegas Roller Derby team the “Neander Dolls”

    On a serious note. I usually have raw oats with some soymilk and fruit. Or whole grain toast with almond butter and a banana or even some soy yogurt. If I don’t have something for breakfast I don’t feel so hot. I hate skipping meals. Probably because I love food so much. I also recently discovered tempeh facon bacon strips. Tempeh with a smokey flavor, they’re great for breakfast. 😉

  2. Lucky Charms and most other cereals are basically crunchy ice cream. Except we all know ice cream isn’t the best thing for you. Cereal on the other hand is sold with marketing lines like “whole grains” and “essential vitamins” to make it sound good for you. And it is marketed to children!

  3. Better to fast than eat the poison I’d say. If there was an argument for eating the poison over not eating it, would it be for energy or for boosting the metabolism? I’d say that both of those arguments would be worthless when you look at the quality of the energy and what really happens to the metabolism. I haven’t done any study, but I bet it’s somewhere around 5-10 minutes of rocket boost with around 30min to an hour of down time after the boost(pancreatic overload). I wonder if the overall energy/metabolic effect would actually be lower.

  4. CHOCOLATE LUCKY CHARMS!?!?!?! For REAL??? I say it is better to starve!

  5. Billy HW,
    As whole grain as a butter knife.
    Although I will not deny the possibility of a whole grain knife existing somewhere, maybe even in outer space…

  6. Better to give them nothing than get them used to crap like these cereals. But why limit yourself to these two choices? Why not provide your kids with a healthy breakfast instead?


  7. Agree with 60 in 3. Take the time to make a decent, healthy breakfast for the kids. I grew up on porridge sweetened with raisins and topped with nuts and cinnamon.

  8. I grew up eating these kinds of cerels, but changed my ways in my early 20s. I have no idea how I turned out okay. The human body is very resilent.

    PS: My favorite cerels were apple jacks, fruity pebbles, and fruit loops. Mmm. Sugar.

  9. I was a big cinnamon toast crunch expert. I knew how to get the soggy/crunch ratio JUST right. 😉

  10. Lucky Charms, Cocoa Krispies, Frosted Flakes, and/or a Pop Tart or two. One glass of Tang.

    Start each and everyday with a rush! Who needs coffee when your in elementary school.

    Nothing like a good healthy breakfast fortified with 12 essential vitamins.

    Wonder Bread bologna sandwich, chips, and chocolate chip cookies for lunch. Buy the Milk.

    Just to make the afternoon special.

    Hey wait, this was my meals in the 1960s.

  11. Chocolate Lucky Charms!- What will that little mischievous leprechaun think of next. That’s Just NOT Breakfast!