Primal Egg McMuffin

Primal Breakfast SandwichSome mornings, nothing hits the spot like a breakfast sandwich. Skip the fast food drive-through and doughy English muffin and instead make yourself this wholesome protein-packed Primal Egg McMuffin.

Eggs, with no other ingredients added, can easily be made into “English muffins” by using a biscuit cutter as a mold. Add a basic burger (seasoned like breakfast sausage, if you like) and a strip of bacon and breakfast is served.

A pound (450 g) of ground meat and a dozen eggs will make 6 sandwiches. If you’re making just one or two breakfast sandwiches, plan to use about 2.5 ounces (70 g) of ground meat, 2 eggs and 1 strip of cooked bacon for each sandwich. However, the sandwiches keep fairly well in the fridge for a few days so don’t hesitate to make a bigger batch for grab-and-go eating in the morning.

Servings: 6

Time in the Kitchen: 30 minutes



  • 1 pound ground beef or pork (450 g)
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt (2.5 ml)
  • 1/2 teaspoon black pepper (2.5 ml)
  • 1 to 2 teaspoons fennel seeds (5 to 10 ml)
  • 1/4 teaspoon ground nutmeg (a pinch)
  • 1/2 teaspoon ground allspice (a pinch)
  • 6 strips of cooked bacon
  • 12 eggs


In a bowl, mix together the ground meat and salt, black pepper, fennel seeds, nutmeg and allspice. Form the meat into 6 patties weighing about 2.5 ounces/70 g each. Set aside.

Heat a well-oiled skillet over medium-low heat. Set a 3 1/2-inch (9 cm) biscuit cutter in the skillet. Whisk one egg and pour the egg into the biscuit cutter. As the egg cooks, gently scramble it with a small rubber spatula or other utensil, making sure to scrape up/pull back the bottom and let more of the raw egg hit the hot pan (sort of like cooking an omelet).

Step 1

Step 2

Once the egg is about 1/2 way cooked, stop scrambling and leave the egg alone so it can firm up on the bottom. Run the spatula around the edge of the biscuit cutter to loosen the egg and gently lift the biscuit cutter. Flip the egg patty and cook for 1 or 2 minutes more. Repeat this process until you have enough egg “muffins” for your sandwiches.

Step 3

In the same skillet, raise the heat slightly and cook the meat patties for 3 to 5 minutes a side until done.

To make a sandwich, layer the egg, burger and bacon and top with another egg.

Primal Egg McMuffin

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  1. Sounds fun. I would add a slice of cheese. I’m not big on fennel, allspice nor nutmeg, so I’d use thyme and red pepper flakes instead. Actually, I’d prefer a doughy alternative bun, e.g. with almond flour.

  2. Delicious! I find that the Wellshire farms brand Pork patties taste just like I remember McD’s tasting if you want something a bit ‘dirty’ (it’s been over 20yrs since I’ve had one)!

  3. I’m with Harry, I’d add cheese too. A bit between the layers for “glue” and easier eating for kids. ????

    1. I wish I could add cheese . . .
      Will try these Sunday morning. I hadn’t thought of making buns out of eggs – brillant!

  4. Too bad Mickey D’s doesn’t sell THESE–it may help their slumping sales!

  5. I’ve made these by using a Poaching pan, I scramble the eggs first then once cooked I take them out and slice making two. Most poaching pans only have 4 poaches, but by cutting them in half I can make 8.

    1. Meant to say when I make 2 batches…I can make 8. Unless I make them open faced.

  6. I would add some sage and ,maybe some thyme as well. It tastes more like sausage. I would also add some cayenne pepper since I like it spicier. You could add turmeric or the health benefit as well.

    Another thing I had recently was a paleo burger using portobella mushrooms as buns. Suppose you could do the same here as well if it is too much egg for you. Unfortunately for me, I never cared for the taste of eggs.

  7. Brilliant! My numbers have been so much better since going primal. But I get week at the knees at the sight of my old bad fast foods, so it’s great to have a healthy alternative. I’m making these for breakfast tomorrow.


  8. Someone has a recipe for egg “buns” using, I believe, baking powder. It may have been the “health bent” website, or something similar. A paleo site, anyway. I had been curious to try it and never did. These look a bit easier, though. I think I prefer my eggs to have the texture of eggs.

    1. I’ve used Jorge Cruise’ flax meal muffin in a cup (microwave) recipe a lot for a morning filler – in a soup mug (slightly wider than a coffee cup) and it seems lie it would work great for a sandwich bun for this.

  9. I looked for it and haven’t found the recipe.
    It is possible I found it on paleoOMG…

  10. thanks for this post – and the step by step pictures were much appreciated too – I am going to modify our version of these – but we will have to try your version too –

  11. This is a KEEPER. Made it this morning… with grated cheese in the egg mixture.

    For the member of our family that’s a light-eater, we made a single egg muffin and piled it with bacon bits, chopped tomatoes, scallions and small dab of sour cream. Next time, we’re trying salsa, cilantro, and small bits of sauerkraut. I mean, really, this could go on and on.


  12. I have been making home made egg mcmuffins for years – of course I actually used a muffin but now that I’m primal I’ll have to skip the muffin – a SUPER easy way to make this is to take one egg and scramble it in a coffee cup – season with salt and pepper and anything else you like. You can add small bits of anything -tomatoes, peppers, mushrooms etc. Cook for exactly one minute in the micro wave – you’ll be amazed at how much it puffs up! Then remove from the coffee cup and slice in two – this becomes your two parts of the bun – then add whatever meat you want – sausage, ham, bacon etc in between and you are done – total prep time 2-3 minutes – absolutely delicious – fantastic with melted cheese if you have the right primal kind.

  13. They make these small single serving frying pans that might be useful for making egg muffing. They might be a bit bigger in diameter, however. Thanks.

  14. I like to prepare my breakfast after supper using eggs and whatever leftovers from the evening meal,placed in a bowl ready to go. I really like a left over salad heated up in a small amount of olive oil and scramble with the eggs

  15. I baked the eggs in a muffin top pan that I found at Sur La Table. It works great and I can cook 6 at a time!