Primal Egg Coffee: The Best Part of Waking Up?

Bulletproof coffee has taken the paleo world by storm. Not me, though.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m all for people dropping grass-fed butter and coconut/MCT oil into their high-quality coffee, blending it all up into a high-octane mug of frothiness, but I just can’t get into it. If we’re talking coffee additives, I prefer my butter in the form of cream. That’s me. I definitely see the appeal of it, though, and I’m sold on the merits of the drink and its components. It’s just not for me.

However, the idea of adding non-traditional fatty food items to coffee intrigued me, so I decided to explore other options. Eventually, I landed on eggs.

Why eggs?

Egg yolks are excellent emulsifiers. There’s the egg yolk lecithin, a famous emulsifier, plus several different egg yolk proteins with emulsification properties. Good yolks are prized by top chefs around the world primarily for their emulsifying ability. Egg yolks smooth out sauces, salad dressings, and relations between bitter enemies like oil and water. That’s right: egg yolks are the great unifiers of the food world. Throw some olive oil, lemon juice, salt, and pepper into a bowl, whisk it all together, and you’ll have a lovely stratified bowl of fluids of different shades. Oh, they might appear to blend together into a dressing for a second or two, but once you look away, the old immutable divisions will rear their heads and the dressing will disappear. Add an egg yolk or two, though? You’ll get a silky smooth salad dressing that remains so for time immemorial.

If you don’t have a blender but still want a smooth, creamy coffee drink, hand-frothing an egg yolk with a fork or whisk will get you there. Hand-frothing butter and coconut oil requires vigorous labor and may not even achieve full emulsification.

Eggs are incredible sources of micronutrients. While I love grass-fed butter, cream, and coconut oil, they aren’t exactly micronutrient-dense. The best butter contains beneficial nutrients like vitamin A, omega-3s, vitamin K2, and butyric acid, while coconut oil is a unique source of medium chain triglycerides, but for the most part we eat those foods because they are sources of stable, healthful saturated fats. They provide energy. Egg yolks, on the other hand, are baby bird building blocks. They contain everything you need to build an entire working animal from scratch – all the vitamins, minerals, protein, and fatty acids that make life work. And, if you get a pastured egg – which you should if you know what’s good for (and your omelets) – your yolk will be supercharged, with extra choline, vitamin E, vitamin A, vitamin K2, omega-3 fats, vitamin D, and beta-carotene from all the bugs and greens the chickens ate.

I love eggs, particularly the yolks, and enjoy adding them to everything. They’re a solid, dependable, go-to breakfast item, they’re good for you, and they taste great. What more can you want? That’s why they ended up on my list of foods I couldn’t live without, and that’s why they ended up in my coffee. In the end, I just love eggs, and since I already add them to just about everything, I figured “why not coffee?”

Are there any potential problems with adding eggs to coffee?

Oxidation springs to mind. Not only are you subjecting egg yolks to heat, you’re also whipping oxygen into them. It seems like the perfect storm of lipid oxidation, no?

I’m actually not too worried. First of all, the coffee really isn’t very hot. It’s well under boiling.

Second, coffee is a rich source of antioxidants – you know, those things whose primary job is to prevent oxidation. Whereas bathing fragile fats in a boiling bath of water might promote oxidation, coffee is essentially an antioxidant-rich broth. Marinating meats in herbs, wine, and citrus juice seems to prevent oxidation, and I’d bet that coffee can have similarly protective effects. Drinking coffee sure protects LDL particles from oxidation via incorporation of coffee polyphenols into said LDL particles; why wouldn’t coffee polyphenols frothed up with egg yolk offer similar protections to egg phospholipids?

Third, the actual blending/frothing only takes place for a few seconds. It’s relatively short-lived, probably not long enough to be a problem.

Fourth, the vitamin E in egg yolks is there to prevent oxidation. It’s quite good at it. Coincidentally, this is why you should get pastured eggs if possible. The yolks of pastured eggs contain upwards of four times the vitamin E found in standard battery egg yolks.

What about raw egg white’s tendency to bind biotin? Raw egg whites have the well-publicized ability to bind biotin (found in the yolk) and prevent its absorption. Luckily, the binding ability of avidin begins to break down at 158 ºF (70 ºC) and is almost completely degraded at 185 ºF (85 ºC). Since coffee is ideally brewed with water running between 190 and 200 ºF, the finished product should be able to keep avidin from binding your biotin.

But why eggs and coffee?

I stumbled upon something I had never heard of until recently – Vietnamese Egg Coffee – and decided to experiment in the kitchen.

Now, let’s get right to the recipes themselves. As you’ll see, they’re not all that complex. You’re basically just adding eggs or egg yolks to coffee. Still, though, read on to see exactly how I did it.

Primal Egg Yolk Coffee

I did a little playing around with this and tried several different recipes. In the end, I think I came up with a solid recipe.


  • 1 1/2 cup (350 ml) coffee
  • 3 pastured egg yolks
  • 1 tsp sugar
  • 1/4 tsp of salt

First, I brewed the coffee (35 grams of coffee beans – I used a light roast, single-origin bean) in a French press. Dumped the grinds in, added about 350 ml of water, gave it a quick stir, covered it, and let it sit for three minutes. Meanwhile, I separated the yolks from the whites. Once the coffee was ready, I dumped it in a blender, set it to “low,” and dropped in the yolks. After a few seconds, I added a teaspoon of sugar and a pinch of salt (around a quarter teaspoon) and let it blend a bit more. Then, I poured it, admired the head of foam, and got to drinking.

I tried fewer yolks and found the brew too thin. I tried more yolks and found it to be unnecessary. Three yolks was perfect. If you want to switch things up, you can add something a little sweet like I did. I added my usual teaspoon of sugar, plus a quarter teaspoon of Himalayan sea salt. Honey, maple syrup, or stevia should all work well, too. The salt may sound odd, but trust me: it just works as long as you use a little sweetness to counterbalance it.

Primal Whole Egg Coffee

Think of this as a whole foods-based protein shake.


  • 1 cup (240 ml) coffee
  • 2 pastured eggs
  • 1 tsp sugar
  • Pinch of salt

I started by beating the eggs together, whole, as if you were making scrambled eggs. You could also blend them. For a 1 cup dose of coffee, I did two whole eggs. Once the eggs are beaten or blended, slowly drizzle in the coffee. You don’t want to cook the eggs. You want them to stay creamy. If you’re really concerned about the avidin in the raw white, dump the coffee in to ensure maximal heat exposure. Otherwise, just drizzle.

I think a higher egg:coffee ratio (using a large shot of espresso, for example) for a stronger coffee flavor would work really well. Also, two eggs in this recipe created a nice and creamy concoction. I suspect three eggs might even be better.

Again, I added a little sweetener plus some salt. It made the coffee taste a bit like a liquified custard. Really, really tasty.

Adding Other Ingredients

I also tried out a few other additions to the brews, to see how they meshed with the eggs. Consider adding these:

  • Cinnamon – Goes great with coffee, provides insulin sensitizing benefits.
  • Turmeric – Anti-inflammatory spice, works well with cinnamon.
  • Vanilla – Tastes good, smells better. May have anti-inflammatory effects. Also works well with cinnamon (but not so much with turmeric).
  • Butter and coconut oil – If you dig Bulletproof coffee, adding egg yolks makes it even better.

Use Caution!

In the course of research for this post, I ingested five eggs plus five extra yolks along with several cups of moderately strong coffee. I don’t know if it was just an excessive amount of coffee or if the caffeine was potentiated by the phospholipids in the yolks, but I felt like I was under the influence of… something. Although it was a good feeling, a productive feeling, to be sure, I could see it getting out of hand if taken too far. This is potent stuff. A cup or two is probably ideal, at least for me.

“Sugar – really?”

Don’t worry about a little sugar, even the white stuff. The amount I added, a teaspoon, is just four grams of sucrose. And, if you use an actual food like honey or maple syrup, which have different (improved) metabolic effects compared to plain white sugar, the potential downsides of ingesting sugar are lessened even more. Besides, you can always use a non-caloric sweetener like stevia, which has its own set of benefits.

Since writing this article a few weeks back, I’ve begun rotating egg yolk coffee into my morning routine. I don’t have it every day, but do have it several times a week, particularly if I have a busy day ahead of me where optimal productivity is required. Whole egg coffee seems to work well pre-workout, boosting energy, motivation, and providing a nice source of branched-chain amino acids for the training ahead.

What about you, folks? Want to give this a shot? Ever tried this yourself? Got any tips to improve my recipes? If you do try it, let me know in the comment section how it works out!

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About the Author

Mark Sisson is the founder of Mark’s Daily Apple, godfather to the Primal food and lifestyle movement, and the New York Times bestselling author of The Keto Reset Diet. His latest book is Keto for Life, where he discusses how he combines the keto diet with a Primal lifestyle for optimal health and longevity. Mark is the author of numerous other books as well, including The Primal Blueprint, which was credited with turbocharging the growth of the primal/paleo movement back in 2009. After spending three decades researching and educating folks on why food is the key component to achieving and maintaining optimal wellness, Mark launched Primal Kitchen, a real-food company that creates Primal/paleo, keto, and Whole30-friendly kitchen staples.

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  1. This reminds me of the stuff my parents fed me when I had one of those I-don’t-want-to-eat-anything days: raw egg yolks with unsweetened cocoa powder with a bit of honey, well mixed into a light smooth silky cream of yumness. That was always a hit.

    1. I would consider doing this definitely with the unsweetened cocoa….But probably not just the eggs themselves

    2. That’s what I was thinking. My yiayia (grandma) used to whip up a couple of raw eggs with sugar, and we would drink it right out of the bowl. So yummy!

      1. The whipped up egg yolks and sugar is called Kogelmogel (O pronounced like “oh”, e like “eh”) in Polish. I’m guessing it’s a similar name derivative for your familial origins. =)

      2. My yiayia made me something we called a “special” for brekkie every morning: an egg yolk whipped first with sugar, and then into hot milky cocoa!

    3. Geez! Just have some coffee with cream (whipped is my preference!), cinnamon and cloves, and coconut oil melted in (about a heaping tablespoon is perfect for me!)…

      Keeps you full for hours- and happy!

      Then, take the raw egg yolks, and pastured butter, and put them into a Paleo Smoothie that includes everything else, like veggies, berries, kefir, cod liver oil, lemon juice, and apple cider vinegar, turmeric, spirulina, kelp, and whatever else you deem essential- whip it up in your Vitamix, and you are GOLDEN!


      1. Yepp, all of the above, plus Sunflower Lecithin, Coconut Oil, Cocoa Powder and Chia Seeds, every morning goodness!

      2. @PaleoJay: I think you may be stretching the definition of the word “Simple” one step too far.

      3. I love that you offer a totally complicated alternative as ‘Simple!’

    4. I would like to try it too. Can you give us some quantities? How many yolks to how much cocoa and how much honey?


      1. Quantities? — Oh dear, it’s been 30 years since I was fed this thing!

        I think it was 1 egg yolk, a tablespoon of cocoa powder (maybe two?) and honey to taste — a child portion — all into a small cup, and stirred until smooth.

        These days I would go easy on the honey…

    5. Wow! Thanks for sharing this. As soon as I read it, I went and mixed some up!
      Delish!! I think it would make a good base for hot cocoa??

    6. I really thought this was going to taste bad. Boy was I surprised. It tasted great. Only next time I will try it with less sugar. It did taste sweet, especially since I haven’t added sugar or used sugar with anything for so long.

    7. A taste of childhood! Here in Poland during the communist dark age when the shop shelves were literally empty it used to be a no.1 child dish when the sweet tooth came. We used to call it “kogel mogel” 😉

    8. I would also be curious trying this, perhaps with cocoa butter as well?

  2. As a Bulletproof Coffee drinker who has stood there, too early in the morning to competently think, but contemplating adding an egg yolk, I thank you for doing this.

    1. love my bullet proof coffee! I only drink it in winter when I don’t mind the thermal gain from it!
      still working up the couage to try raw eggs though…

  3. Interesting! I’m drinking version 2 right now…I got a bit too much salt in it and probably not enough sugar, but it’s not bad! Doesn’t have an egg-y taste at all.

    1. Just tried it, same issue with too much salt though. I went for green tea instead of coffee…salt side, good grief this is good.

      1. I love the egg yolk with black tea and some stevia (have tried it with Yerba Mate). I LOVE the taste and have tried both the Bulletproof coffee (with the Upgraded coffee beans) and Primal Egg Coffee but unfortunately the coffee still tightens up my chest and leads me to have an asthma attack. I’m an acupuncturist, so in terms of Chinese Medicine we say that coffee causes qi stagnation (for me specifically lung or chest qi stagnation) especially in women. The egg tea gives me such mental clarity first thing in the morning as well as good blood sugar balance. I’m addicted! I recently starting adding a bit of honey for extra flavor and it is so yummy.

  4. It weird that you should put this out today. I was just considering this very idea. I’ve been having my first (big) cup of the day blended with coconut oil and a scoop of whey. I’ll be adding an egg or two tomorrow!

  5. I just heard about bulletproof coffee for the 1st time last week. Sounded interesting but like a bit too much work for me in the AM; guess I’ll stick with my big tumbler full of ice water. What I did think was sort of odd, though, was that the gentleman who created bulletproof coffee claimed to be an intermittent faster, not a breakfast eater and said this blast of coffee kept him full until 2 PM. But I’m not exactly sure that slugging 300 calories (minimum!) in a mug of coffee counts as fasting. Am I missing something here??

    1. Certainly not the strict definition of fasting. I have a very few nuts and some cream or coconut oil in my coffee in the morning, so I hesitate to say I do IF. But what interests me is the effects of fasting from specific things. E.g., it seems important to give your kidneys and liver a rest. The choline in eggs is very helpful to liver function. So eggs seem like something good to give your liver during “fasting.” If I eat in the morning, it is nearly always eggs. But it is hard to find research on fasting that includes anything except water (or juices, of course.)

    2. Yep! The “fasting” with BP Coffee refers to ketogenic fasting in which certain types of fat actually aid the process.
      “A ketogenic fast. Short-chain and medium-chain fatty acids, such as are found in coconut oil, are eaten to generate ketones. Ketones can partially substitute for glucose utilization.”

      1. Would the sugar or even sugar substitute stop the ketogenic fast?

        1. My experience as someone who really should stay ketogenic but who keeps flubbing it up by cheating (not the fault of ketogenic diet, entirely my responsibility):

          Small amounts of sugar don’t mess with ketosis because you burn them off quickly.

          Sugar substitute doesn’t disrupt ketosis even at somewhat higher amounts. Not stevia, not sucralose (I’m not as scared of it as some people–I’m questioning how many of the effects actually come from the maltodextrin bulking agent, usually made from corn, and you can get sucralose without bulker), and erythritol doesn’t seem to be a problem either.

          Now this is only pertinent to the ketosis you can measure with Ketostix (or generic substitute) for urinalysis. I do not know how applicable it is to nutritional ketosis, measurable only by a glucose meter that checks blood ketones. I’m willing to experiment at some point, but it’s not in the budget right this minute.

          But I would venture a guess that that’s the only way you are ever going to know. Not by asking random strangers on the Internet but by doing your own experimentation. Maybe when enough of us shell out the bucks for the ketone-measuring glucose meters and really buckle down and study this, and share the results, we might all have a better idea of what’s going on here.

        2. Oh and so as to avoid anyone lying to themselves if they try it, when I say “small amounts of sugar,” I mean like the amount Mark outlines here, for ONE serving of his coffee per day.

          If you start going crazy on it, you WILL knock yourself out of ketosis.

          If there’s any question of you going crazy on it, just use stevia. Honey is not different enough from table sugar to matter. Maple syrup’s not too far off. Agave’s ridiculously high in fructose and is a hepatotoxin as far as I’m concerned (poisonous to the liver). It’s worse than high-fructose corn syrup.

      2. Thanks Bethanylaugh and DigitalJazz. That’s what I wanted to know. (I would never add sugar or other sweetener to coffee. Yuk.)

        1. If only I didn’t hate the taste of stevia… (otoh, I don’t like sugar in my coffee :-))

        2. Darcie >>>> I don’t like most other stevia, but I get this Kal stevia powder that supposed to be just powdered stevia and it tast pretty good in small doses.

          Oh, lol and my mom also thinks any form of sweet stuff in her coffee totally ruins it :3

        3. If you don’t like Stevia try xylitol. I use it to make “healthy” ice cream for my kids and they don’t seem to complain 🙂

    3. The idea with Bulletproof Coffee+Intermittent Fasting is two fold. First, if you are already in a state of ketosis – which is assumed since you are eating a carbohydrate restricted diet in addition to just having been asleep for the night – then consuming a small amount of healthy fat will not knock you out of the metabolic state of autophagy (one of the primary reasons to fast) nor will it kick you out of a ketogenic state. This is predicated on the coffee not containing anything BUT FAT (no protein, no carbohydrate). In addition, the coffee also acts as a mild mTOR inhibitor on top of what being in a fasted state does for you. When you finally break your fast you should (theoretically) get a greater anabolic slingshot type effect, hormonally speaking, to increase lean mass and inhibit fat mass. Hope this helps.

      1. This addresses somthing I have been wondering too… I IF from about 8PM til noon, but I do have coffee with half & half or heavy cream. Sounds like for max benefits, I should stick to the heavy cream to avoid the sugars in the milk part of the half &half. Probably no coconut milk either, as those are slightly sweetened, but coconut CREAM.

        1. Coconut milk should just be coconut–whatever protein fraction there is, plus the fat. There should be no sweetener in the plain coconut milk. Perhaps a slight amount of naturally-occurring fructose. (I have heard that people with FODMAPs intolerance have trouble with coconut.)

          You could use coconut oil instead, just to avoid the other stuff that might affect your insulin level.

          Heavy cream only has trace lactose. Your mileage may vary. Ghee may be a better choice, though. Zero lactose and most (if not all) of the casein protein has been clarified out.

        2. Berkhan says not to go over 50 calories during the fast, so if you’re only adding like 1T of cream you should be ok.

      2. I just discovered something like this this morning: I wasn’t hungry, but I wanted my coffee, and on a whim I added about a teaspoon of Kerrygold butter to my 4-oz cup. I didn’t froth it or anything, just let it melt. It was YUMMY, and I didn’t want to eat anything until about 2pm. I don’t know how much of this was caused by other factors, but it did make the coffee more satisfying!

  6. I’ve tried it with only one egg yolk but never three. I must try this. But what do you do with the whites?

    1. You can slightly whip them, pit them in damp hair, let sit for 20 minutes, then rinse out with cool water. I did this yesterday and my hair feels great.

        1. Then you save all the whites up as return ammunition for the idiots that egged you earlier that day? … or maybe that just happens in Swansea eh 😉

    2. Make a pisco sour? (If you went really easy on the sugar syrup, maybe.) ; )

    3. Mark has a recipe for egg white and coconut flour tortillas in his first cookbook. 🙂

      1. Dana I really have to disagree with one of you earlier comments about honey. If you can get raw honey straight from a apiarist, (that only filter the honey & do not heat it) it is not nearly the same as sugar. It has other properties that any form of cane sugar however raw cannot possess. Most raw honey has antibacterial properties and other nutrients. Commercially produced honey is boiled, blended with water & glucose and is garbage, probably worse than white sugar. I know not everyone can access raw honey but if you have the chance I think you would be pleasantly surprised and be helping a producer (who cares about their product) too.

        1. “If you can get raw honey straight from a apiarist, (that only filter the honey & do not heat it) it is not nearly the same as sugar. It has other properties that any form of cane sugar however raw cannot possess.”

          Yes…but it’s still mostly sugar. (I agree with Dana) 🙂 There’s no escaping the carb counts on honey, regardless of source.

          In Ye Olde Europe (middle ages), bee keeping resulted in a seasonal harvest. (You had to destroy the hive to get the honey.) In nature, honey bee hives are not exactly on every hill.

          In my opinion, at least, to be Paleo with honey is to eat it either in continuous small quantities or to gorge on it once or twice a year. The trace nutrients found in honey can be found in more “Paleo” foods.

          As a family of five, we’ll maybe go through 2lbs of honey every 3-4 months. I’m very sparing with it, precisely because I feel ingesting vast quantities of it is to substitute one sugar for another. It’s still hard the pancreas and the waistline, even if it comes with a few more micronutrients than cane sugar.

          (I feel this way about Paleo nut based “baked goods”, by the way. If you need them to wean your to Paleo, then it’s good. But I don’t see how ingesting way more nuts than you ever find or eat in one sitting in nature is a good long term proposition.)

        2. Amy,

          Have you noticed that many paleo food blogs are all sweet/dessert based?

          I agree with your few times a year on REAL sweets. Just do it.

          I feel like I need to channel my inner Jennifer McLagan and create an “Odd Bits” style paleo food blog. (McLagan is also the author of “Bones” and “Fat”).

          Id be curious if I would get gout from too much organ meats if I started a food blog. Currently I eat about 1/2 of organ meat a week.

        3. Amy wrote: “(I feel this way about Paleo nut based “baked goods”, by the way. If you need them to wean your to Paleo, then it’s good. But I don’t see how ingesting way more nuts than you ever find or eat in one sitting in nature is a good long term proposition.)”

          I completely agree, mind you I feel the same way about using loads of coconut oil because it’s just not something most of the world had access to, and certainly not in such huge amounts to shore up everyday foods, I guess there’s always that personal balance to be struck between what would have been available, realistically, in the pre-ag days, and the optimum stuff our bodies need in the absence of famines, bad hunting, etc.

          Part of the allure of agriculture must have been to offer a more assured supply of foodstuffs, yet I think our bodies are designed to strip the maximum nutrients from any food on the basis it might not be there again for ages, so I consciously try and mix my diet up now – and for that reason, I think overly-regular consumption of any one nutrient MIGHT be a bad thing, though I haz no sciences to back that up! 😉

          I tend to make things like nuts, honey, berries & coconut a very small part of my diet, and generally anything that mimics traditonal baked goods, to me personally, is just like those vegan fake meats, i.e., subbing for a type of food you actually shun having for very good reasons. JMO and if they’re helping people eat the way they want, go to it and good luck, just chipping in to say I share your feeling! 🙂

        4. @Bon – LOL – I agree with you. I’d love to see an offal Paleo blog, rather than 3000 ways to replicate blueberry muffins “Paleo style”. I’m also thinking you’d probably risk too much organ meat, though, unless you posted every other week. 🙂 (I have no idea how bakery bloggers stay thin, Paleo or regular.)

          @Patrick – I agree 100%. I’m thrilled at steady food supplies, thanks to living in post-agriculture, easy travel world. But makes it soo easy to over do Paleo foods that probably would have been in short supply (or non-existent) back in Really Ye Olde Days.

        5. Your right on, but just things in moderation. paleo ron burgandy

        6. Could i ask doese certified organic honey generally have these benefits?

      1. My vote is for macarons. As in French cookies, not the US coconut version. (Which is tasty but SO not the same). Texture wise this dessert, IMO, embodies it all: slight crunch, chewy, light, fluffy. Plus the shells can be made plain, vanilla, chocolate/cacao, citrus, berry, etc. This is the only dessert where I will use artificial coloring because they are gluten free and the color leverages the fact that one eats with their eyes.

        Then there is the filling. So many options! My favorites are cacao shells with a orange filling and vanilla (with blue food coloring) with a blueberry jam filling. OMG. If it wasn’t for the high dew point right now I would make some.

      1. Thank you, too kind. Summer time = nice weather = outdoors + vacation = away from the modern world. With a few interludes for “pr0n”, just to spice it up; hey, it is vacation.

  7. Apologies if this is already common knowledge…. Raw egg consumption is safe?

    1. As I understand it, they’re safe if pasture raised – so you should know where your eggs come from. I also read that the raw yolks are safer than the raw whites, but I have absolutely nothing to back this up. 🙂 I’m sure you can find an article on this site to confirm. That said, I eat raw whole eggs routinely with no ill effects.

      1. Salmonella are everywhere. Infections can arise in a happy pasture hen just like in a factory hen. Infected hens can produce highly contaminated eggs for a good long time before showing any signs of illness regardless of how they are raised. Luckily, Salmonella have a large infectious dose in humans, so as long as you aren’t immunocompromised or regularly licking dirty eggshells you should be okay with some raw egg consumption now and then. Knowing your source is important, but not in terms of whether or not you’ll end up with food poisoning. Bacteria don’t care.

        1. not to mention that this recipe subjects the “raw” egg yolks to hot coffee in excess of 180 degrees which should raise the temp of the egg yolks well beyond the 140 degree “safe” zone. Bacteria don’t like high temps 🙂

    2. It’s safer than walking up and down stairs. Nothing is ever absolutely safe. I’d also like to point out that a lot of the recent famous food poisoning cases have come from plant foods. In at least one case it was sprouts, which are not raised in earth, so should not have come into contact with manure or any other animal material.

      1. I Know that the point of your comment was nothing to do with sprouts, but in case you are interested in this and wondering about contamination and such…
        regarding sprouts:
        “Like any fresh produce that is consumed raw or lightly cooked, sprouts carry a risk of foodborne illness. Unlike other fresh produce, seeds and beans need warm and humid conditions to sprout and grow. These conditions are also ideal for the growth of bacteria, including Salmonella, Listeria, and E. coli.”
        Since bean sprouts are shaped to hold in moisture, these bacteria can become trapped in the little round (bean) end and are incredibly difficult to clean properly. Even the bacteria from a worker’s hands can multiply over the growing period. In ideal growing conditions for sprouts a single e-coli bacteria will duplicate every 20 minutes. Contamination can occur even from a worker with some bacteria on their hands touching the sprouts while tending or packing or shipping them.

        something to think about.

    3. My understanding is as follows:
      There is something in the egg white that may cause illness if eaten raw, unless accompanied by the yolk. The yolk contains either enzymes or some counter balance for whatever is in the white that is likely to make a person sick. (Forgive my lack of specifics as I learned about this 5 years ago in nutrition class in college.)
      The second common concern is in contamination from salmonella bacteria. According to Canadian food safety guidelines the salmonella is not in the egg itself but on the outside of the shell. This is because salmonella is a bacteria that grows in the intestines of animals like chickens and the contamination occurs as the egg lays in the nesting box amongst the bird droppings, which have salmonella bacteria in them.
      I personally don’t eat raw whole eggs (like in egg nog) simply because I can’t get past the texture, it freaks me out a little.

      1. Avidin in egg whites inhibits the absorption of biotin. But yolks are very rich in biotin, so it somewhat balances out. Best to cook the white and deactivate the avidin, or just eat the yolk alone, because you do want to get the benefit of biotin, considered part of the B vitamin family.

        If you’re concerned about salmonella, wash the eggs in warm water just before using them.

    4. Dr. Mercola calculated a few years ago that, even with conventional store-bought eggs (aka factory farmed eggs), the risk of encountering salmonella was one in 30,000 eggs, which is more than most of us will eat in a lifetime.

      Still, since I keep chickens who give us lovely eggs (truly free range, pastured *and* pampered), you won’t catch me eating store-bought eggs.

      I do believe that hens raised in non-crowded, optimal conditions (fresh air, room to roam, sunshine, clean water, good manure management, biologically appropriate diet, etc.) are much less likely to get salmonella. And since I eat well, I think I’m much more likely to be able to handle any theoretical interaction with salmonella. I’m willing to take my chances.

      1. I appreciate your comment even as a chicken and hen owner who have access to the most optimal of eggs. I am aware of the conventional eggs being still safe despite the less optimal environment from which they may potentially come from (But In Canada, or Ontario it’s still better conditions than some places).

        A lot of people are restricted by budget,and that’s why I choose eggs as a major source of nutrient intake since they are very affordable, and that even the conventional ones I can eat w/o too much concern, in fact, I know I’ll get a good nutrient profile with them and won’t get sick from them ie. Asian seafood!! (even from frozen).

        All this said, I am strategically trying to make hunter friends b/c I would REALLY love to not have to eat super market meat at all. I love elk, deer, especially moose (it’s probably my favourite meat in the world), rabbit etc. I might end up investing in getting a hunting liscence ad the gear for myself, too. I shall see as my eyes/depth perception may not be that good, but maybe on the other hand their are tools to help with that, thus making me able to hunt as well. 😀 Mmmmmmmmmmm…moose!! p.s. I can’t leave out fishing, both summer and winter. 😀

  8. Hmmm. Coffee and fried eggs go well together. I might give this a try. I sometimes put coconut oil (and sometimes cinnamon sticks but more often just cream) in my coffee, like the cup I’m drinking right now. Frothing it doesn’t appeal to me so I have never tried it. I’m wondering how just giving the yolks a good stir would work.

  9. I’ve been thinking about giving bulletproof coffee a go, but as a certified coffee geek, I’ve been afraid of the taste. Tell me truly: do people really like this stuff?

    But I am definitely intrigued by the Vietnamese-style coffee, mostly because I have a deep and abiding love for Vietnamese iced coffee (which is far from paleo, but really delicious). I may have to give that a whirl. Literally. 🙂

    1. After months adding bulletproof coffee to my routine, I have a few tips for anyone new to the concept:

      1) Yes, it can taste good, but try adding a pinch of high quality cinnamon powder and some liquid stevia to make it taste even better. I use NuStevia which tastes great in pretty much everything. I honestly think bulletproof coffee tastes better without the oil, but the oil is great if your carbs are really low and you need a burst of energy in the morning because MCTs are the only fat that is actually processed by your body like a carb.

      2)Start with a tsp of the MCT oil and gradually increase the amount. MCT oil can confuse your body if it’s not accustomed to this large an amount of MCT’s all at once, which can result in some GI symptoms. But you get used to it fairly quickly and I think the added energy is worth it. If the MCT oil is too strong you can always use regular coconut oil, but don’t expect the same energy boost.

    2. I enjoy the Bulletproof Coffee with Kerrygold butter and MCT oil (sold by the Bulletproof Coffee guy). I haven’t gone the “full mile” to purchase his specialty, mold-free beans. But even “just” with grass-fed butter and palm/coconut MCT oil, it’s darn tasty. And if you don’t like it, the MCT oil can also be used in cooking, salad dressings, etc. So I say give it a try! 🙂

    3. I love my BPC! I do 1 tbsp cultured grass-fed butter, 1 tsp virgin CO (I tried the MCT oil, but it upset my stomach a bit – I’ll probably try again some time with a smaller dose). I also add fresh grated nutmeg and cinnamon (I don’t like the texture the powder gives), and sometimes a touch of vanilla. Yum!

    4. We use 100% kona coffee and kerrygold for our BP coffee. Very particular about coffee in our house. I was skeptical but it tastes like a latte. It’s REALLY good. Not oily or buttery at all. mmmmmmmmmm.

      I’m skeptical about eggs but…….. i suppose we’ll try it.

      1. I read your linked post and it was very interesting! I noticed a lot of the same effects as you mentioned when I began using BP coffee. The thing that stood out the most though was the less frequent bathroom part. I’m so glad you did mention that because I’ve been wondering if my less frequent trips have been due to the BP coffee vs regular coffee or if something else had changed. Thank you for sharing:))

    5. I’m not a huge coffee fan at all, but I do a “bulletproof” version of Crio Bru Cavalla which is cocoa beans instead of coffee beans. Chocolately, creamy, buttery heaven in the bulletproof version. And dang good just regular too!

    6. Anne, I would recomend giving it a try. I, like the others use GF butter and coconut oil – 1 tablespoon of each- blend and drink. MMMMMM
      I did it to get rid of the sweatner or sugar in my routine. The addition of fat makes my senses not miss the sweetness of the sugar. I don’t add anything else, I don’t even taste the tiny bit of coconut flavor anymore.
      I have plans to add a yolk tomorrow.

    7. I was a “put a little coffe in my cream and sugar” kinda gal. When I went Paleo/Primal, I really missed my coffee. I don’t do black and I just couldn’t get over the bitterness of it without all that extra stuff in it. When I tried BP, I was pleasantly surprised. It had a creamy, frothy taste and was not bitter. I didn’t love it but I didn’t hate it, either. I drink it around 8:30 in the morning, skipping breakfast food, and I don’t even get hungry until around 2:00. This morning I added about a half scoop of my regular post-WOD protein shake powder (chocolate) to it and it really tasted great. Plus I got an extra boost of protein. 🙂

    8. I have had really good luck with the bulletproof coffee. I use 8-10 oz of cold pressed coffee and half of a stick of kerrygold… unless I’m working out that morning, to which I will up my serving size to 16 oz of coffee and a full stick. I then add 1 to 2 tablespoons of coconut oil and down. It is tolerable like this but I am definitely with Peter on the idea of adding cinnamon.

      I am not one to add any sweeteners, but I do add a tbsp of cocoa powder every now and then! You have to play with your taste buds a little, but if done right the finished product is just short of a mocha latte`.

      (PS- Be prepared for a rush of morning Energy+Fullness as it is VERY satiating)

    9. I do bullet proof coffee/tea pretty much every day. I feel amazing and it tastes great. Here are some tips I’ve picked up over the past several months:

      Use KerryGold or another high quality butter, AT ROOM TEMPERATURE. I prefer the salted but try both.

      I add it to either:
      1) A quadruple shot of Fair trade organic decaf espresso from TJ’s,
      2) A good King’s Green Tea from the Asian tea monger in downtown LA,
      3) A very strong cup of Dandy Blend tea.

      I also like to add a pinch of minerals like Epsom and Baking Soda.

      Adding a pinch of different flavorings like cinnamon, cardamom, fennel, molasses, stevia, maple syrup, honey provides a little variety.

      Be sure to preheat the measuring cup and immersion blender head so they don’t cool things down too much.

      I can’t wait to try the egg thing tomorrow. Thanks Mark!

    10. I have tried coconut oil and pastured butter in coffee separately. It works. While I am a normal pastured half and half guy, it makes for a nice alternative. You are young, bright and beautiful. never be afraid to try something…at least once! :O)

    11. I admit when I first heard of BP coffee I thought YUCK! But then I tried it… It’s YUMMY! I don’t do it all the time, in fact I haven’t for awhile (as I periodically quit coffee…) but it works well. The other day we ran out of milk and my son who loves his coffee made himself a BP coffee (having seen me do it) in order to get his fix!

      I also admit I thought eggs and coffee? YUCK! But I’m willing to give it a try ;). I certainly like eggnog, so why not egg in coffee??

    12. I love bulletproof coffee, and I do it decaf and usually don’t spring for the Upgraded Coffee beans. But I am going to try Mark’s version.

  10. Lately I’ve been doing the “Bulletproof Intermittent Fasting” 2 or 3 times a week, mainly due to the convenience of drinking it on the way to work instead of having to prepare breakfast – and it really does keep me full until lunch. But as Mark also recognizes, I’ve always suspected that butter and MCT oil aren’t very nutrient dense (I often feel like I’m consuming 300-400 empty calories!) I do, however enjoy the mental boost I get from the MCT oil and am now excited to experiment with adding MCT oil or Kerrygold to my “Primal Whole Egg Coffee” to see how it tastes/feels. I imagine I would get hungry earlier due to the extra egg protein, and I’ll also have to find a way to not waste the excess egg-whites (pastured eggs are expensive and I’d rather not waste them.) Thanks for the inspiration Mark – and don’t worry, I’ll try the unaltered recipes before I begin my mad-scientist experiments!

    1. Just put each egg white into an ice cube tray, freeze, and then pop out of tray and store in a plastic bag. They freeze well and can be thawed out and used as if they were fresh!

    2. I would add the egg whites to an omelet for lunch or dinner, or maybe whip them up in a fruit smoothie later in the day? I am avoiding fruit right now, but definitely would do the omelet thing!

  11. Is there no issue with consumption of, essentially, “raw egg”? Or does it cook enough in the heat of the coffee?

    1. Folks eat raw eggs quite regularly without many issues. If you’re getting free range maybe the issues of salmonella are reduced a bit? That said, I’d wash the eggs thoroughly before cracking just to take some precaution.

      1. Mark actually had a post about washing (pastured) eggs (he says don’t).

        1. I don’t wash mine until just before using them, unless they’re particularly poopy. Those get washed and usually fed to the dogs right away. (Or washed and cooked.) When you wash them, you must use warm (not cold) water or bacteria can be sucked inside the shell. (The physics of this is explained in Storey’s Guide to Keeping Chickens.)

          If you wash eggs, they should be used right away or coated in oil. Washing them removes the natural bloom that protects them (usually) against bacterial invasion.

    2. The dangers of eating raw eggs are vastly overstated by the media, especially if you get your eggs from a decent source.

    3. The dangers of egg come more from heating and reheating in the “danger zone” temperature – if you get a good quality fresh free-range egg and eat it immediately after washing and cracking you’ll be fine. Don’t make Mark’s coffee, leave it on the bench for an hour, then reheat to luke warm before drinking after not washing the egg first – that’s how salmonella gets ya!
      FYI inside eggs are sterile, it’s the outside you need to be careful of – and never use an egg you find already cracked!

  12. Thanks but no thanks. I’ll take my 3 eggs up and a cup of plain black coffee.

  13. I just went in the kitchen and made this!!!! Awesome!!!

    Thank you Mark….can’t wait to try the variations.

  14. When I was pregnant decades ago, a friend’s Italian Momma had this ready for me everytime I came to visit, Zabayon al caffe. Much like your concoction, it was egg yolk whisked with sugar to which espresso was added. Yummy!

    1. As a kid I remember my Nona making this for us for breakfast. Of course as a kid I thought the raw egg was gross. As an adult now, I just love this!

  15. As a coffee snob it took me a while to acclimatize to Bulletproof coffee, but Australia is very lucky with coffee quality so the taste is fine now. I think the key difference re IF is that adding eggs becomes insulinigenic whereas butter and coconut oil keeps you “fasting”…
    I will def try the egg yolk in there though!

    1. The idea of Sugar in my coffee reminds me of a statement Mark made in yesterdays posts about tacos…..

      “IT’S NOT THAT HARD TO DO BETTER THAN BASTARDIZED TACOS MADE FROM DORITO SHELLS, frozen french fries that you toss in the oven, iceberg lettuce salads, and Lean Cuisine. Doing better than that DOESN’T mean you’re actually eating as healthily as you could.”

      In my opinion, if I can’t do better than sugar, then I definitely should not partake at all…..

  16. I make a Frappuccino like drink in my blender every morning with grassfed milk and MTC oil. Would raw eggs be OK in that?

    1. I’m going to go with “YES” as that’s what I’ve been doing. One way Primal Egg Coffee is superior to Bulletproof coffee is that you don’t have congealed fat when you add ice! Ah, so nice not to have to chew my coffee because I like it cold =D

  17. Are organic cage free eggs pasteurized??? And if not are they still beneficial???

    1. Please note the difference between “PASTURED” and “PASTEURIZED”. Pastured, I imagine, means from grass-fed free ranging chickens, while pastueurized is a heating process used to ‘purge’ a food item (honey, milk, etc.) from ‘harmful’ bacteria and the like.

      1. Issac, you are correct and good to make the distinction between the two words. To expand further: Cows and other such animals are pastured, or grass-fed. Chickens that are free-roaming are not confined to a structure and eat bugs…you hear the term “chicken scratching” – they are scratching for bugs to eat, which is meant to be in nature. Sometimes their diet is supplemented with grains and soy during cold weather season. Luckily, I live in Florida and belong to a farming co-op where the chickens I buy and their eggs are soy-free and free-roaming.

        1. “So does this mean cage free organic eggs are ok??”

          Not necessarily, they might be “barn raised” which is far less cruel than caging them but doesn’t guarantee any access to grass, bugs to eat, etc. In the UK we call that outdoor raising “free range” but if you’re in the USA I’m not sure what the term is, it’s one to spend a few minutes researching maybe? 😉

          There are a wide range of terms used here, for sure, IMO to mildly mislead the buyer, eg., a picture of hens in a farmyard on eggs where the poor things never once saw daylight, or “Farm fresh” – that name was even used on battery-caged eggs occasionally – so make sure you find the authentic term in your area for free-ranging, outdoors, bug-eating hens and then only buy that, because sellers will use emotive images or terms on this stuff.

        2. PS “Barn raised” means they live quite tightly packed in large flat barns, usually some kind of straw bedding and maybe even roosts made of hay or something, and have troughs for water and food – it omits the worst horrors of a lifetime spent immured in a cage with beak etc., routinely cut and means they have less life-long exposure to stress hormones, but it’s not allowing them normal behaviours either, nor do they get to eat the good nutrients we’re after for ourselves – just wanted to clarify! 🙂

  18. The past three years have brought amazing week-long Mountaineering trips in the backcountry of British Columbia, which I am lucky enough to call home. Mid week, just before summit-day, we would have with breakfast a thick hot chocolate with copious amounts of butter.. tasted amazing and the extra fat gave the healthy boost that was much needed after 8000′ of elevation gain in three days (with our 70lb packs). After beginning to eat primal-y, I have out of curiosity and want to add a little extra to my morning coffee (homemade long double-espresso from Excellent from-the-farmer beans), I have been adding a nice big scoop of coconut oil. The light coconut flavour adds to the delicious darkness of this brew, and has been helping me through my largely stationary office mornings. I’m looking forward to trying eggs in my coffee! I had thought about it (as it is I’ve been having 2 raw eggs daily with my veggie-shake) but wondered how to get the egg into the coffee without it ending up looking like Asian Noodle Soup. Thanks for the Recipies!

  19. I’m a regular BP coffee drinker and I’ve done this in the past. Most definitely an awesome combination… creamy, frothy, morning goodness! For you folks interested in making these types of coffee mixes, I recommend a hand blender (Costco sells them for around 20 bucks). Makes a smooth concoction.

    And Mark is spot-on about the cinnamon and the vanilla!

    Mark, interesting how you mentioned that you felt as if you were “on something.” I have experienced this with BP before. I had my mom try it a few weeks back and about 30 minutes later, she says “Am I supposed to feel funny… like I’m a buzzing a bit like speed here!” Hahaha! I think one can play with ratio of eggs: butter/ghee:coconut oil:coffee to bring it to a level of comfort. BE PREPARED FOR LIFT OFF THOUGH FOLKS! Enjoy!

    1. I’m interested in the hand blender from COSTCO. I have not seen one at my store, is it like the ones you can get in a kitchen supply store? They are typically about $30 to $50. I will look harder for what you are talking about, it’d be nice to know the brand :-).
      I use the blender and a pint jar for mine but would like to use something easier if that’s a possiblilty. The frother thingie I bought didn’t do the job to my liking.
      I’d like to try it on my 85 year old mom, she gets tired when my dad trys to pressure her to move outside her comfort level – he being the engergizer bunny himself and all.

  20. I know eggs are low risk, but any thoughts on using pasteurized eggs?

    1. Dr. Mary Dan Eades has a discussion/description/directions somewhere on her blog around “pasteurizing” (good) eggs for folks with impaired immunity. It’s WAY below the heavy-duty, destructive (?) commercial pasteurizing, but does provide an extra margin of safety for those who need it. (She also has a good recipe for making mayo…)

    2. I pasteurize eggs in my Sous Vide Supreme oven a dozen or so at a time. 135F/57C for 75 min. If not using right away I break egg open, hand scramble a bit and freeze each egg separately. Usually I add them to smoothies.

  21. I’ve been doing this for about 6 months and it was a natural progression from the BulletProof drink. Mine is generally composed of the following. It’s high fat and high-ish in calories but also nutrients. Also, this is usually my only breakfast, and I might have another at mid day or in the afternoon as part as an otherwise food-less 16-20 hour pseudo-fast. I’m not really concerned about losing weight anyway. A side benefit is the speed/ease of prep and cleanup – super easy and fast. Given all the ingredients it’s started to take on more of a capachino or hot shake appearance. Tasty!

    Coffee of course
    1 whole raw egg (or two) – free range of course
    1/2 tsp cinnamon
    2 tbs milk cream
    2 tbs fresh avocado
    1 tsp ghee
    1 tsp raw casava starch (resistant starch – but temp must not be hot or ruins RS)
    no-cal sweetener

    1. Btw, been eating 4, and often more, raw pastured eggs per day for over 6 months with no problems. I haven’t even had so much as a cold (knock wood). And I don’t wash the eggs first. No, it’s not that I’m lazy, I just like to live dangerously. That’s the way I roll 🙂

      To be honest I think twice in six months I had the start of a scratchy throat which I promptly addressed by sucking on a quartered lime fruit. Gone!

      I lied. I am lazy. That’s why this is my breakfast of choice.

    2. One key here is to blend everything while the coffee is hot, improving the avidin/egg-white thing Mark talked about, then wait for it to cool to just warm before adding the starch – raw casava or potato starch are common – and blending a second time. This should retain much of the RS and keep the starch from forming clumps.

    3. what kind of coffee do you recommend? or do you use bullet proof coffee with the eggs?

  22. Mark,

    This is great. I’ve been looking for a way to insert a raw egg into my breakfast but I didn’t exactly want to just eat raw eggs, I like those scrambled with herbs and spices.

    1. I like to lightly fry an onion until it’s just translucent and going slightly golden, add some celery just towards the end so that’s kind of “stir fry” cooked, then once it’s done take it off the heat and stir in a few raw egg yolks right before dishing up, maybe add some parmesan or a bit of hard cheddar, grated… I don’t know what your taste is in food but if the ingredients are things you use anyway, it might be useful? 🙂

      I found it was a good way to eat, as opposed to drink, raw egg without resorting to baked goods or their substitutes.

  23. I add add coffee, 1T butter, and 1T coconut oil to an egg, cinnamon and sugar-free sweetener that has blended until frothy–most mornings. This concoction fuels me for 2-4 hours and it is always my pre-workout (long run) fuel. Good stuff!

  24. I just couldn’t fall in love with the taste of BP coffee, but I recently started adding a scoop of whey protein powder and a daily serving of collagen via grassfed gelatin to my coffee in the morning and it reminds me of the Maxwell House Cafe Vienna my mom used to drink growing up (I shudder to think of those ingredients). I’m interested in adding in the yolks, but I’m currently pregnant and curious how others would weigh in on the raw yolk thing during pregnancy…I’ve certainly eaten my fair share of poached pastured eggs throughout without so much as a second thought, but it seems to be one of the things traditional medicine is intent on proscribing…fellow Groks and Grokettes, what are your thoughts?

    1. Read above where an Italian mother made this for her daughter’s friend who was pregnant… Egg yolks whipped with a little sugar and added to coffee.

    2. I have only read good things about raw egg yolks for pregnancy. The guy who started the Bulletproof Coffee craze is a big proponent of them. I have raw egg yolks several times a week, and if we finally decide it’s time to have kids, I’ll probably eat more of them.

      1. The guy that started the Bullet Proof Executive blog also advocates taking Adderall and other ‘go pills’ to get a little advantage over the competition. Not really someone I want to listen to, but he does make on hell of a cup of joe.

    3. I’m about 35 weeks pregnant and have been doing raw egg yolks in my smoothies a few times a week for most of my pregnancy. I get my eggs from a local small farmer, which really lowers the risk of any nasty bacteria. Since I separate the yolks by hand, I do make sure to wash the eggs before I use them this way. I can’t imagine that mixing them with coffee–fantastic idea, btw–would pose more of a hazard since the coffee is hot.

    4. They have started telling pregnant women not to eat liver and are even leaving vitamin A out of prenatal vitamins now. (I’ve also seen some without so much as beta carotene added.) I’m at the point that I don’t trust mainstream docs with anything to do with pregnancy unless I need to be sawed open in an emergency. You can get food poisoning from anything. Eggs are not special in that regard.

      1. LOL, So true, You are more likely to get food poisoning from vegetables and fruits.

      2. Mainstream advice to pregnant women seems designed to cause problems. Anyone afraid of Vitamin A overdose needs only to make sure it’s balance with Vitamin D3 and K2. Of course, if you’re eating a nutrient-dense paleo/primal/weston price/real food diet, you get those nutrients in your food in good balance anyway.

  25. I just made this but added bulletproof cocoa, great lakes gelatin and ice to make a frozen coffee. Yumm!

    1. I have used cocoa many time instead of cinnamon. I’m still waiting to find out the real answer to the question of if the phytic acid (phytates) in cacau is removed during the process of making cocoa powder – either dutched or not.

    2. Brittany, Did you make the gelatin with cold water first? I like to add it to my coffee but it waters it down a bit more than I want…… maybe I’ll just make it with cold coffee and then warm it up after the gelatin sets a bit. I have hopes that the gelatin will make my 60 year old face look closer to 40 after a while, now that I no longer have puffy carb face.

    1. That recipe is actually a similar recipe to pots de creme and it uses hot coffee (or espresso) as opposed to water. Thank you however, because I hadn’t found a good one that used cocoa powder, Im gonna try it.

  26. I’ve done BP coffee and didn’t enjoy it with pastured butter and coconut oil. I did love it with heavy whipping cream and coconut butter and a dash of cinnamon [better texture]. I’m definitely trying the egg yoke version in the morning. My grandmother used to add egg yolks to whatever soup she was eating just for the texture alone, so I’m excited to try it with coffee!

  27. I’ve actually been doing this for about two weeks, making a cold coffee version. I cold brew my coffee. Add a cup of coffee, about 3 pastured egg yolks, a scoop of maca powder, vanilla, splash of raw grassfed milk, touch maple syrup, it’s delicious!

  28. Although coffee beans have been roasted and no longer a live food, we find that COLD BREWING the coffee extracts a wonderful smooth flavor, less of the caffeine, and way less of the coffee oils. The oils in coffee mimic hormones, this isn’t good for either gender, but is particularly bad for women. Another advantage of cold brewed coffee is that it can be refrigerated for days without getting the acidic nasty flavor that conventionally brewed coffee acquires within a few hrs of being made. You can make it very concentrated, then dilute with water (hot or cold) to taste.
    The eggs or any other source of protein would hold up better in cold brewed coffee than in warm or hot. For the indulgent or adventurous, you can add stevia or honey, along with a little cocoa – which is called “gogli mogli” without the coffee (from Republic of Georgia)… with coffee would this be called “joegli mogli” or “joe gogli mogli.”

    How to: Make a decoction of ground coffee by simply putting ground coffee in room temp water from 3-24 hrs, then strain through large coffee filter.

    1. what chemicals in the coffee oil mimic hormones? any resources that have shown the negative effects of such oils regarding the endocrine system?

    2. Cold brewed coffee would have no effect on the egg whites (avidin) thing that Mark talked about. Do you have any reference to studies that show this? … “The oils in coffee mimic hormones”.

  29. Growing up in an Italian family of 6 kids, each night, my mom would beat a dozen egg yolks with sugar, then add milk, cover and refrigerate. In the morning, she’d add hot coffee, enough to heat it up, fill 6 glasses and we’d drink that before leaving for school. This was 50 years ago, lol. I use coconut butter (has 5g of fiber in 2 TBS) and mix with my little portable wisk for 30 seconds or so…mmm mmm mmm. Keeps me satisfied for 4-5 hours.

      1. My high school Spanish teacher was Italian (really!) She told tales of her Mom doing the same thing when she didn’t feel like breakfast. I thought of her when I first read the headline.

  30. This is an interesting idea. We have free ranging chickens so I don’t worry about the safety of raw eggs as much, though it would be a new concept for me.

  31. Eggs in coffee, I’ve actually seen this more than once among older people here in the Netherlands, but from what i’ve seen, they never whisked them or anything, they just put it in, egg white and all.

  32. Thanks just read this and tried it tastes great! I just used my instant cofee out two egg yolks in a blender and blended dumped in the coffee added a pinch of sea salt and some agave nectar and presto! Good stuff!

    1. Just my opinion. Some blackstrap molasses would be better than agave. Less fructose and much more minerals.

  33. I have tweaked this a bit for a nice afternoon drink. I use leftover coffee to make ice cubes with:

    In a blender add one cup of water, handful of coffee ice cubes, 2 egg yokes & 2 scoops of chocolate Primal Fuel. Top with coconut butter & cinnamon. Yum!

  34. I know that caffeine in the coffee reduces the assimilation of certain nutrients like zinc. So, I think most of the eggs’ nutrition might be wasted when drinking it with coffee.

    1. I’d be interested in any links you can provide that supports this claim. Thanks.


        While it has been hypothesized that such a reaction to caffeine exists, I don’t think you can definitively say that Zn (and other vitamin) absorption is affected quite like you say. The study linked above suggests that intestinal absorption was not affected at all, but post prandial tissue levels were lower (they measured levels of Zn in various body tissues as well as further “downstream” in the intestine itself.

        Regardless, if you’re consuming 2-3 raw egg yolks, I don’t think you’re in danger of completely cancelling out the nutrients your taking in with the caffeine in the coffee.

  35. Like I said in an earlier post, I’ve seen this among older dutch people, actually here is a video from a dutch tv program called ‘Man Bijt Hond’ (man bites dog) in wich an 106 year old men reveals his secret, he starts everyday with an egg in his coffee. It’s probably useless for most of you, as I expect most of you don’t understand dutch and I also don’t know if it’s avaible outside of the Netherlands, but I’ll post it anyway. It starts at the 10.30 minute mark. BTW This was an episode totally dedicated to eggs, because of a german dioxin in egg schandal.

  36. What the heck— I’ll give it a try! (I won’t tell the peep at Stumptown tho).

  37. What about tea? I don’t care for coffee and I’ve tried bullet proof tea but it makes me gag – any thoughts here???

    1. When I was a kid in the 50’s and 60’s, people in my rural Minnesota farming community made egg coffee for special events. I think it might have been Swedish. You took the amount of coffee grounds needed for a large enamel pot of coffee and mixed raw egg with it. When the water in the coffee pot began to boil you removed the pot from the heat, dumped in the egg/coffee mixture, stirred it up and then let it sit until the grounds settled. The resulting coffee was very smooth and rich.

      1. Yes, that’s what my grandmother calls Swedish Coffee! She made it for large groups of people, and swears by it. I’m still perfecting the technique myself. (Rural South Dakota farming community.)

    2. Alison, if you are not a coffee drinker why not try a green tea latte (just had one) … good benefits there as well. As for bulletproof coffee I’ve been drinking it for a few weeks now, so instead of farmers cream in my coffee, I add 2 tablespoons local farmers grass feed butter and 1 spoon of virgin coconut cream, spoon of homemade vanilla and dash of cinnamon. It does seem to give you some solid energy but I only allow myself one cup (two maximum) and not after 2:00 pm.

  38. Just made this with no sweetener (I ran out, keeping sweets is no longer a priority for me, yay!) And it tastes and feels like the cappuccino froth that I have been missing. Good stuff!

  39. I’ve been adding one pastured egg to BP Coffee but also adding a tablespoon of sugar-free, non-alkali chocolate powder. And a bit of heavy cream. Yummy!

  40. My mom used to make me “Magic Breakfast”: banana, whole egg, and milk in a blender, so I’ve always been a fan of some dense liquid in the morning. (small beer, anyone?)
    When I was going keto, I went with bulletproof coffee. Worked great.
    Now that I’m trying to gain mass, I’ve been doing a scoop of whey powder with three whole eggs and coconut water (coconut water + chocolate whey powder = coco puff flavor!), but I’ve lately been adding in my morning coffee. Awesome!
    And then I see this! You beat me to it, Mark!

  41. When i read this, I had not get had coffee or tea. I had some coffee (with a little roasted chicory) in the French press in the fridge from yesterday. I decided to try it iced to avoid the cooking of the egg. Here is what i did: I put the cold coffee in the vitamix. I added a small spoon of green tea matcha (i will probably be zinging), a teaspoon of maca root powder and a healthy sprinkle of cinnamon (and as much of the egg membrane I could get off the egg shells–google it). I then whipped it on the highest setting for about a minute (if that). Then I put it on the absolute lowest setting and dropped two egg yolks in for only a couple of seconds (to avoid oxidation). OMG! It is so yummy and no egg taste at all!!!! Note: the eggs are from a local organic farm I volunteer at occasionally–they are free range and fresh. This & my new paleo app has me pumped to get back on track (I ate a bunch of fried smelts last week). 😉

  42. Since i was a child, I have a hard time eating anything solid in the morning. Still do. But I could always drink something. So my mother, unbeknownst to me, would whip a whole egg into some coffee with a lot of milk. I never tasted the egg. I have to laugh to see this now. My mom was way ahead of her time.

  43. Darn….I just had my coffee this morning……missed it by that much! I will try it tomorrow …why not …they all think I’m on some crazy diet anyway. This should be fun. Heh Heh

  44. I love the coffee with grassfed butter- haven’t tried BP as not available in UK. (can order online only) Usually buy Grumpy Mule organic. Will be trying this with the eggs tho! The egg whites could be saved for pancakes (adding almond meal to mix just prior to cooking, having whisked them up to white first). Love this site, just wish there were more paleo people in UK- most see me as an oddity!

    1. There are people, Anna. You just have to find them! By the way, I now buy Suma organic coffee beans from Amazon. Seem to be a bit more closely aligned to the Bulletproof process.


      1. I’m in the UK too, just saying hello! 🙂

        I don’t know if you’re both on the forum, I’m thinking of joining?

        (Sorry to go OT there! 😉 )

  45. May I suggest the addition of 2 tablespoons of Collagen Hydrolysate? I add that to my bulletproof coffee each AM and it mixes quite well. 2 Tbsp. of Cacao powder is also a great way to get your chocolate in and has some very positive mental effects too.

    I’ll be adding a couple of egg yolks to my mix in the AM!

  46. I’ve been using a homemade coffee creamer based on an online recipe I found months ago. I put a pastured egg, can of coconut milk, 2T coconut oil, cinnamon, vanilla bean into my vitamix and blend. I refrigerate and add this to my coffee all week. It’s really tasty and satisfying when you whip each cup up as you need it.

  47. On a slightly different tack here, I used a Laird Hamilton trick when coffee was upsetting my stomach a bit in the am. You mix the juice of one lemon with warm water…I use my white tea…and 1/4 tsp good salt…(I add liquid Stevia to sweeten) This de-acidifies your innards, making the coffee easier to deal with on an otherwise empty stomach. Works great.

  48. My first thought when I saw this was… wtf? I mean, I have embraced the raw egg yolk enthusiastically, but this just sounded like a recipe for nasty. At least with Bulletproof Coffee, the butter is like having the creamer fat without the milk. I get that. But this? This sounded like a recipe for Coffee Egg Drop Soup. Yuck.

    Then again, after reading all these glowing comments, I guess I know what I’m trying for breakfast tomorrow!

    1. Update: I get it now. It’s delicious. It makes my (decaf) coffee taste indulgent and like a legit breakfast substitute. I did add a pinch of coconut oil and a big old scoop of collagen. I probably couldn’t care less about the enormous head of foam, but the successful emulsification is what won me over.

      And it does not taste like Coffee Egg Drop Soup.

  49. I’d be interested to hear Mark discuss the risk of salmonella that may result from consuming raw eggs and the idea of, perhaps, using lecithin as an emulsifier to get the same benefit as adding raw egg without the risk of salmonella. . I’ve had salmonella poisoning (drank water from a stream when camping) and it wasn’t fun.

  50. When my dad was a kid coffee with an egg was a breakfast staple. That was 80 plus years ago. He laughed and thought it was great when I showed him this. The recipe is exactly the way they prepared it.

  51. My chickens and ducks read this and they were very offended, he,he.:)

  52. I have english tea/MCT oil/heavy cream every morning. I LOVE IT, and its definitely an energy boost. I might have to try a raw egg in the mix rather then eating my usual hard boiled ones in the morning. Thanks for the idea!

  53. YUP! I’ve been doing this for months and posted about it in the forums. i use one yolk + 1tbps coconut oil + cinnamon. that is creamy goodness! barely need breakfast.
    then i keep the whites to add to recipes, use as face mask etc.

  54. What a waste of eggs. They are so good just EATEN, sad to do this to them!

  55. Too many posts to see if you already answered this, so I am sorry if I am being repetitive. I do not drink much coffee but when I do I like it with a lot of half and half/cream. Have you tried adding the half and half/cream to these recipes? If so, how did it taste?

    1. Hi Neda, I normally have thick farmers cream in my coffee, but the creamy butter tastes almost as good, surprisingly. I whip it all together in a small blender and its rich and creamy. Again high quality butter is the key. Tomorrow I try it with the egg yolk!

  56. I cold brew my coffee as well, and was wondering about adding the egg to the cold coffee instead of hot: Does it change anything/make it less helpful/etc? I use local farm eggs from our CSA farmer so egg quality isn’t a concern 🙂

    I am amazed at the amount of people here who got caffeine as kids! I was always raised with “Caffeine isn’t safe for children” (incl sodas and such!) and never would have thought about it 🙂 Really interesting (especially since my little one is already trying to grab my coffee every day at almost 4yrs old hehe).

  57. I will stick to 1/2 an ounce of heavy cream and a few teaspoons of Xylitol in my 1 cup per day. I already gave up sugar 🙂

  58. This is an Italian thing for sure! My nonna would make this for breakfast when I was a kid (pretty sure she wasn’t aware of the effects of giving caffeine to children)…
    Hand whip the yolk with white sugar, add espresso coffee & warm milk (latte cafe before Starbucks made it popular), we dipped homemade bread into it – best taste ever!
    Still make this coffee when I need to fuel up but don’t have the time to sit & eat.

  59. I think I made the mistake of blending while I was adding the coffee. What I got was three cups worth of foam and one cup if actuall coffee on the bottom. Although I did just do the whole egg version so maybe I need to try the yolk version.

    1. Dalton, I made the same mistake with just using egg yolks. I think the remedy is what someone else on here mentioned before was to mix the coffee with whatever condiments you wish first in the blender on high speed, then put on very low speed and add the eggs and blend 2-3 or so seconds. I will try this with tomorrow morning’s trial and test batch.

  60. I loved the Bulletproof Coffee with organic butter. Are you allowed to call it bulletproof if you’re not using that brand of coffee? I guess it’s like everyone calling gelatin, Jello. 🙂

  61. Is this bulletproof coffee stuff only for you guys not eating anything else for breakfast or can I have some too without any problems?

  62. I just made a fabulous almond milk latte version!
    I put the two shots of espresso plus some cinnamon, salt, and 2 tsp of caramel sauce (yeah well) in the travel mug.
    I put two egg yolks in the container I steam the almond milk in and steamed them together. It adds a nice thickness to the latte that I don’t get with almond milk alone. Thank you!

  63. I’ve been a fan of Bulletproof Coffee for well over a year. Coffee, 4Tbsp Kerrygold unsalted butter, 2Tbsp MCT oil, couple drops of vanilla extract, stevia, maybe some cocoa/cinnamon/nutmeg. Tastes awesome, and really curbs the appetite.

    Ran out of butter last week, and was hungry by mid-morning. Normally I can skip lunch with no problem.

    I’m going to try adding a couple eggs to the mix. That negates the intermittent fasting aspect, but the extra protein will be nice.

  64. I stumbled across this way early in my bulletproof coffee adventures. I thought ‘how can I get some protein into this because I am in a hurry and need to get the kids to school?’ EGGS! Of course! so I did 1/2t each of butter and coconut oil, 2 eggs, cinnamon and blended away. Frothy and delicious! (though, my friends thought I was nuts)

  65. In Italy in the northern part, we have “Bombardino” which actually means “Little Bombard” and it is made mixing VOV (egg yolks based mildly alcoholic liquor) and coffee. Sometimes in the winter people also add a sprinkle of whipped cream to it.

    It is a real thermogenic methabolic Bombard. Try it. Maybe not on a beach, at midday while sunbathing. But definitely in some cooler environments it could be really enjoybale and extremely yummy.

  66. I’m more of a green tea person and I won’t do raw eggs, but hey, whatever floats your boat.

  67. it’s coffee for goodness sake. Brew it and drink it black. Bulletproof coffee is some Silicon Valley entrepreneur’s way of sucking money out of the Paleo industry. There, i said it.

    Get yourself some 8 o’clock coffee, brew it, drink it black. Next. Screw butter, coconut oil and egg yolks.

    1. Ummm….maybe you should try the bulletproof coffee ? Dave has already made his money. No need to “suck money out of the paleo community”.

      1. Why would I put butter in my coffee? I like the full taste of the beans.
        Why would Dave make bulletproof coffee? To make more money perhaps?

        1. Well aside from “Dave” or anyone from Silicone Valley….what I get out of all this are some ideas for dressing up my coffee – that is – I had to give up all milk products, which meant no more cream in my coffee. While you enjoy the taste of the coffee bean, I enjoyed the taste of the coffee bean WITH CREAM. The ideas posted on here are some great alternatives to the cream.

    2. “Bulletproof coffee is some Silicon Valley entrepreneur’s way of sucking money out of the Paleo industry.”

      1. the recipe’s freely available to make all sorts of versions of this, people love coffee so new versions and products are meeting a willing market of fairly educated people, and that’s hardly exploitative;

      2. everyone has a right to be paid for their work, including intellectual work and innopvation.

      Do feel free to tell your boss, clients, or stockbroker you no longer wish to “suck money from the community” yourself though – you can send it all to me if ya want! 😉

    3. Nice biased, yet un-educated comment. BulletProof coffee was born out of optimizing Intermittent Fasting, which has many followers even outside the Paleo sphere (ie,

      You said “brew it, and drink it black” twice as if we all have alzheimers or something. I’ll drink it any way I please thank you, and my preference is with eggs, cream, and lots of other things.

      Why don’t *you* get yourself a potato, bake it and eat it white, plain with nothing on it! jerk.

  68. I make “eggmilklatte” almost every day.
    1 egg (or eggyolk) 1-2 tsp fat, butter or cocos (I like virgin cocos most at this time) and about 1 cup boiling water. mix egg and butter in a blender and add the boiling water. I prefer one stevia sweetener too but that isn´t necessary. Then I add a cup of coffe, mostly an espresso. YUMMY!

  69. I had version one for my lunch today…I probably should have used decaf!!! Lol. Went to the store though, and am now armed with decaf for my subsequent cups (I’m not used to very much caffeine). I’m going to try version two for breakfast tomorrow. Since I’m feeling massive amounts of energy, I think I’ll take advantage and clean house! (:

  70. Thanks for this post Mark. I’ve beeen drinking BPC for a while now, like that I can do a version of IF so I don’t have to eat/chew in the morning. Drinking a hot drink during the morning routine is so much easier, however, for those of us that have tummy issues with coffee in the AM, I drink two mugs full of hot water first. Seems to get things going and then when the coffee comes down with all that goodness it’s not a shock and I don’t try to “take over the world” with all that energy. I am going to try tomorrow’s coffee with egg as well. I though it would be fun to mix egg in but had the “egg flower soup” vision in my head so didn’t try it. Then I will make a “cafe mocha” for DH to drink with egg in it as well. He’s NOT a morning person until about 10:30AM so that might help the brain to kick into gear. I’d like to get my 10 YO to drink a “protien” shake in the AM as well, maybe some coco powder with egg yolks and butter will do the trick.
    Thanks again!!!!

    1. To add on to your comment, Rae: I drink one large glass of very warm water with squeezed fresh lemon every AM upon arising. Then wait 30 minutes before drinking coffee (or consuming anything else). This is suppose to cleanse out the liver and get the body energized for the day.

  71. Hmmmm. Big lover of coffee with coconut oil and whey powder. Will have to try at least once!

  72. my family is from southern italy and i grew up on this stuff. as kids we called it “eggnog” but my parents called it “cordiale” (not sure of the spelling; we speak dialect). they sometimes made it with ice cream or cocoa (anything to get us to have breakfast!) but the adult version was always with just coffee and a little sugar along with the whipped yolks. when my mom was going through a series of rough chemo treatments last year, my dad made her drink it every morning, and she would add cinnamon and tumeric for the cancer-fighting properties. she didn’t survive the cancer, unfortunately, but she lived much longer than the doctors expected her to live, and this morning egg cocktail helped her get through her treatments. in addition to that, it’s delicious! custard-y and filling.

  73. Sounds great 🙂 Another alternative to sugar is coconut sugar which is made from the blossoms of the coconut palm. Full of amino acids and tastes like toffee. Yum! Also available in coconut syrup – the liquid version.

  74. Sounds like a great idea! I tried butter coffee this past Sunday, and really enjoyed it.

    One thing I’ve been concerned about regarding coffee, is something I learned a few years ago about how coffee / caffeine block the absorption of nutrients in your gut. Has anyone else heard of this and know of any evidence to support or discredit the idea? (It wasn’t just someone on the street telling me this. My wife learned it in her Nutrition class while attending FSU.)

    I’d imagine the study was crap, considering I can’t find much research about it when searching Google.

  75. Primal Egg Yoke Coffee!!! I grew up on this stuff. My maternal grandmother would send me to school every morning with my “special coffee” ( she called it coffee smoothie ) and oatmeal. I now credit a wholesome diet in my early years to the great health I enjoy now. It is great to know that it’s a good healthy choice even now. Thanks!

  76. I love bp coffee, I love Kerrygold or local pastured butter, and I love intermittent fasting (20/4). None of this would be possible without going primal two years ago. IF has made all the difference in my mood, energy level, and weight, and I credit Mark and primal for giving me the basis needed to practice intermittent fasting. If I were still eating grains, I’d crash and burn.

  77. I just made this using two egg yolks and the salt and then tasted it. As a coffee drinker, I don’t like sugar in my coffee. The taste was a little bland so I added a stevia crystal blend, and it tasted good – it’s sorta like a latte. I recommend adding the sweetener even though if, as a regular coffee drinker like me, you would never put sugar in your coffee. Thanks, Mark!

  78. I’ve been putting eggs in my coffee almost since I learned about bullet proof coffee well over a year ago. I’m glad I’m not the only one. I use 2 egg yolks, 2-3 Tbsp butter, sometimes a bit of coconut oil and coffee.

  79. Okay, that was AWESOME and easy. It tastes like coffee with cream and sugar! Have to watch for shells though because the eggs I get are really fresh so the shells are super thin.

  80. I think this is just trying to be too gimmicky and latch on to the BPC craze.
    Just let Dave have the Coffee thing, which I love by the way.
    Next thing you know Mark will be pureeing organ meats into coffee.

  81. I can imagine this being really good if done iced, sort of like a coffee-flavored egg nog, but hot, wouldn’t it turn out like some really weird and gross egg drop soup?

  82. Oddly enough, this made my coffee taste like eggs. Not a fan. I’m excited to try BP coffee though, sounds tasty!

  83. Already had my coffee for the day but just tried it with matcha, cinnamon, and ginger, and a little sugar, SO yummy! Thanks Mark 🙂

  84. I like to take my (organic) coffee and mix it with a tablespoon of red palm oil, little 35% cream, cinnamon and a scoop of Mark’s vanilla protein powder. I shake it all up and it gets nice and frothy. It’s quite delicious.

  85. I have been drinking BP coffee for about a year now and make it with organic Colombian Coffee (coffee is a heavily sprayed crop), 1 TBSP of Kerry Gold butter, 1 Tbsp of MCT oil and 1/2 TBSP of Coconut Oil. I also ALWAYS add CARDAMOM to my coffee. I have studied Ayurveda and Cardamom is considered the “antidote” to coffee in that it negates some of the side effects of coffee like getting jittery, etc.

    However, unlike most people have said, I am really hungry about 2 hours after drinking the coffee. That may be because I am not on a low-carb or Paleo diet. Any thoughts?
    I make my BP coffee in my Vitamix and will try adding an egg yolk tomorrow. I always put a raw egg in my smoothies when I drank green smoothies everyday. For a variety of reasons, I no longer drink green smoothies, but like the idea of a raw egg everyday. My grandfather ate a raw egg everyday–just drank it out of a glass and he lived to be 100!
    BTW–I tried the Bullet Proof Coffee Beans when they were on sale (25% off a 5 lb. bag.) I couldn’t tell the difference between them and other organic coffee, but Davy Asprey’s big thing is avoiding toxins in food and coffee beans are usually very moldy and high in mycotoxins (I believe that is the word). He has mold sensitivity (and I do, too)–I just can’t afford to buy his beans unless they are on sale.

  86. I’ve been doing this with coconut milk for a while. 1/4 cup of coconut milk (Aroy D brand) with 1 whole egg in a cup of coffee and thrown into the blender. Its crack-a-licious!

  87. I regularly train and work at 6am. Sometimes I struggle to get a meal in before I race out the door. This is a fast, awesome alternative and I find tastier than the oil-slick-in-my-throat left after a Bulletproof Coffee.

    Well played, Mark! I’m passing this on to everyone at the box and my studio.

  88. Just got home from work and had to try this. Went with the 3 yokes, used a bullet to blend them then poured them into my coffee. A pack of truvia and it was yummy. Tasted creamy.

    Thanks for the weekend coffee fixer-upper.


  89. The only thing you should add to good coffe is NOTHING!

    However, I have some less than good coffee that may suit this treatment 😉

  90. Ive tried the BP coffee and it had a nasty affect an hour later. I later found out I have an intolerance to cows milk so the large stick of butter is out for me, but this is a good alternative. I love a hot cuppa in the mornings and recently switched to a cup of bone broth instead however, this is great for switching things up a bit.

  91. I add 3 raw pastured yolks to my greens powder (evolvedNS’s eRaw), along with IGNITE MCT oil, and some cinnamon. Great way to start the morning!

  92. This was great. I added some cream, cinninon, and nutmeg. I do have a suggestion though. Get a hand blinder called a BAMIX. Its more expensice but made in Switzerland and there are so many uses for it. Very easy to make primal mayo, whip egg whites, smoothies etc all in the container you are going to store it in or drink it from.

  93. The PERFECT cup for this cup of coffee (or BP coffee, or just people who like whirlpools…) – The Talking Moo Mixer, a cow patterned mug which moos while mixing your beverage!

  94. Made Primal Egg Yolk Coffee with Nespresso Espresso. Next time will cut salt in half and add 1/4 teaspoon cinnamon. Thanks for the information!

  95. I’m told that Butyric acid is actually found in coconut oil too?

  96. The Norwegian version of egg coffee that my Grandmother made around the holidays varies some. She used a percolator but I use a French press same result.
    After adding your grounds to press drop whole egg in with grounds and mix them together. Then pour hot (not boiling) water in let sit 3 min.
    I don’t know about the benefits but it is one smooth cup of coffee.

  97. Yea..I don’t know… I’m generally pretty squeamish until after I get a coffee in me. I’m not so sure how I’d hold up if that coffee was hiding a raw egg yolk inside it;)

  98. perfect timing!!! I was thinking on what to have as a pre-workout meal now that I will be workingout early in the morning! whole pastured-eggs and coffee sounds creamy and delicious!
    Thanks Mark!

  99. In a pinch, would this work ok with instant coffee? At work I have better coffee, but my wife doesn’t drink it so only instant at home.

  100. Very interesting. I’ve been planning on making a cholesterol-boosting coffee ice-cream for before my weekly workout, and this confirms that I should!
    I will put up a post after I try it out.
    I’ve been experimenting with Bulletproof Coffee for a few weeks now and really like it. You can see my progress here:

    I also love adding eggs to shakes, a recipe can be found here:

  101. WISH I could eat/drink eggs because this looks insanely amazing! I cannot do dairy in general, but I want to jazz up my coffee some how to make it thicker – any ideas?

  102. Wow great recepie Mark, my family have been making this EXACT recepie minus the salt for generations and generations! My grandfather use to spike my mix occasionally with the alcohol ‘Marsala’. Naughty but nice. You’ll find that ALOT of traditional Italians will recognise this recepie as ‘Uovo Spattuto’

  103. My vote for it is with a little cream and avocado blended in as well. Two more healthy fats has to be better, right? 🙂 It sure tastes good.

  104. I’ve been making a morning coffee smoothie for quite a while, which includes strong coffee, coconut milk, almond milk, 2 raw eggs, stevia, chocolate protein powder and ice cubes. Yum!

  105. Lots of other commenters have already mentioned remembering there Italian grandmother do something similar…here is Sicily this non-alcaholic zabaglione is still a go to breakfast for children and one of the first things they learn to make. A friend of mine gives her 4-year-old an egg yolk in a small bowl with a spoonful of sugar, a spoon, and lets her go to town. The little girl stirs away until her yolk becomes pale and creamy, then mom adds a teaspoon of her espresso (they have no qualms about giving coffee to kids here!). She has very fond memories of her mother doing the same with her…I wish I had grown up in a society with a food culture!

    If that sounds strange, just think of tiramisu…the cream filling is made of raw eggs emulsified with marscapone, and coffee gives flavor to the otherwise tasteless ladyfingers.

    The trick for both is whipping the egg yolks with something grainy (sugar or if your excluding it a pinch of salt) before adding liquids (coffee, honey etc.) until the yolks become pale.

    One last note/ book recommendation: Mark and others, you would love Pellegrino Artusi’s La Scienza in cucina e l’Arte di mangiar bene (The Science of Cooking and the Art of Eating Well) – the founding textbook of “Italian Cuisine” written at the end of the 1800ds. Full of common sense and lots of primal/ easily primalized recipes…

    In 719 – An Egg For a Child:

    “Don’t know how to pacify a child that cries because they want a sweet treat for breakfast? If you have a fresh egg, beat the yolk well in a bowl-shaped cup with two or three teaspoons of fine sugar, then beat the whites until they are stiff, and then combine them gently. Put the cup in front of the child … and you’ll see him very happy with a yellow mustache!

    If only all children’s meals were as innocuous as this one, there would certainly be fewer hysterics and agitated people in the world!”

  106. Tried the 2 whole eggs, honey, salt and double long espresso blend this morning. I guess I would describe it as “Paleo latte” especially once the eggs have been slightly poached by the coffee and the eggy-ness in the flavour subsides. Pick a decent size cup as you get a lot of froth. Will try again for sure.

  107. It’s 10 o’clock in the UK and I just made my version:
    As I couldn’t be bothered with the blender I separated three yolks (with the plastic bottle method – look it up) into a bowl and whisked them with a pinch of salt. The coffee was already made so I poured a few teaspoons worth into the eggs, whisked some more and the froth appeared! I then poured the egg-froth into my mug of coffee and stirred. Surprisingly the froth didn’t dissolved and after writing this it’s still there :-)) I was reading something about custard best being made with duck eggs so next time i’ll try it with those….. Duckoffee…..!

  108. Wow.

    I was skeptical. I love eggs passionately – some weeks I definitely get more of my protein from eggs than from any other single source – but I hate things that taste “egg-y” when they shouldn’t That’s why lots of paleo-ish “breads” or “tortillas” or “pizza crusts” don’t work for me – they taste like eggs that were cooked wrong.

    And I love bulletproof coffee. I don’t make it with the coconut oil anymore, because (a) my local WF doesn’t carry the high-MCT liquid coconut oil anymore, and anyway (b) I’m one of those people who experienced GI side effects on introducing MCTs to their diet, and though they lessened with habitual exposure, they never truly went away. So it’s 2-3 Tbs. of pastured unsalted butter + 12 oz. pretty good black coffee, frothed with one of those battery-powered “coffee frothers,” because I don’t like to turn on the blender at 5AM.

    Tried it with two (pastured) eggs this morning, plus a little honey and a little salt.

    Delicious. Filling. Creamy. Foamy. Absolutely one hundred percent NOT “egg-y.”

    New breakfast!

  109. “Baby bird building blocks”. That’s the most alliterating description of eggs I’ve ever heard.

  110. I tried the “Whole Egg” version this morning. 500ml of coffee, 4 eggs, 2 tbls MCT Oil, one teaspoon of maple syrup and cinnamon. Taste is always subjective and I can take it or leave it on this basis. It didn’t really make an impact on me one way or the other. But, Mark isn’t exaggerating when he says this:

    “Use Caution!
    In the course of research for this post, I ingested five eggs plus five extra yolks along with several cups of moderately strong coffee. I don’t know if it was just an excessive amount of coffee or if the caffeine was potentiated by the phospholipids in the yolks, but I felt like I was under the influence of… something. Although it was a good feeling, a productive feeling, to be sure, I could see it getting out of hand if taken too far. This is potent stuff. A cup or two is probably ideal, at least for me.”

    Wow! Weird! I can’t describe it any better but I can say I had a very similar experience…

  111. Tried the whole egg coffee just now and it is wonderful. It is creamy and satisfying. I didn’t use espresso so the coffee taste is not really there but instead I got a new custard-like flavor. Added cinnamon and it was lovely. The salt does give it another layer of flavor. I used stevia since I’m not working out until after work today but I will definitely add a bit of raw honey before my morning workouts. Great idea! And tasty.

  112. Hate to say it because Marks recipe are usually spot on. Compared to BPC, this is a no vote. I’ll stay with my BPC.

  113. I’ve been drinking the BP coffee for a few weeks before a CF workout – wasn’t to crazy about it but it does supply energy! Tried this recipe this am with 2 eggs and MCT oil. I was surprised how good it is. Eggs in coffee does not sound good but it was delish!!

    Thank you 🙂

  114. I tried this, this morning. It was really good! Very frothy. It was just as good as any latte from a coffee shop.

  115. I also tried it this morning. It was so good! It’s breakfast and coffee all in one go.

  116. Eggs? Not sure I could do that. I finally tried the coconut oil in the coffee and was fine with it. Haven’t been able to add the butter though. And eggs? Also I hate throwing out the whites.

  117. Sounds interesting, although I prefer my eggs cooked. I have tried the bulletproof coffee and didn’t care for the taste, nor did I feel any difference from when I drink any other coffee.

  118. I just tried this this morning with a whole egg, and it was meh. Not bad, but distinctly eggy. I’ll probably try it again with just the yolk to see if there’s any difference.

    Also I drink my coffee black, so it’s nice to be able to reuse my cup without having to wash it. With the egg in it, it leaves dried bits on the sides of the cup, which can’t really be reused.

  119. This article was perfect timing for my BF & I! We have a backyard flock that has been producing more eggs than we can handle, so we’ve been giving dozens away to friends and family. A lot of them have mentioned older relatives who ate them raw for breakfast, but we just couldn’t convince ourselves to try them straight. One friend from Mexico told us to do it like his grandfather – crack them into OJ and drink like a shooter. We still weren’t sold until the coffee ideas. We tried the second recipe this morning and it was great! My BF added more sugar to his and I put a little vanilla stevia in mine, but I wouldn’t change a thing about the consistency.

  120. I tried a blend of this and the bulletproof coffee this morning:
    2 egg yolks
    1 Tbs pastured butter
    2 Tbs coconut oil
    vanilla, cinnamon, honey, salt

    It was tastey but I do not really feel any better than any other morning.

  121. Here’s how I made it this morning:

    3-4 cups hot fresh coffee (half a full-sized pot basically)
    4 eggs
    1 scoop vanilla whey protein (low/no sugar, from Costco)
    1 dash sea salt
    1 tiny splash of organic agave nectar (I’m in AZ of course 🙂 )
    6-8 oz almond milk

    Put almond milk, agave, eggs, protein & salt into blender on medium till blended, then, slowly add hot coffee into the top (I have a old-school Vitamix which makes this easy), then turn on high for a couple mins till whipped up.

    Put it in your travel mug and enjoy. I have one mug at home, one on the way to/at work. ~40-50 grams protein, very low in sugar, lots of good fats. Delicious!

  122. Read about this last night and tried it this morning because hey, what do I have to lose?

    I have been struggling to control my blood sugar through diet (gestational diabetes) and eating protein the morning helps. Eggs are cheap- we are on a tight budget. But I stinking HATE eggs.

    This was absolutely delicious! Who knew! I usually take my coffee black or with a little cream, but for this I added some honey and cinnamon and it’s like an extra rich latte (no eggy taste at all.)

    I also hate the taste of stevia! Good to know I’m not alone!

  123. I just tried it and let me just say, I much prefer Bulletproof Coffee. It was interesting, but lacked something. I don’t normally sweeten my BPC, but this required some sweetener to make it palatable.
    I’m a nursing mom, so BPC even with 4 TBSP of Kerrygold and 2 TBSP MCT oil leaves me hungry in just a couple of hours. I will be trying to find a good combination recipe since I have chickens. Maybe with Kerrygold, MCT, and eggs I can find a breakfast that is substantial enough to get me to lunch!

  124. this is different. i use my own naturally pastured eggs and self-grown vegies and a bit of fruit in morning smoothies. while i use coconut, a touch of cinnamon, cacao, andstevia in my coffees-eggs are a new twist///something new to try! thanks mark.

    1. I tried the three yolk version this morning and it gets a 4/10. Quite a bit of effort for not a lot of result. I’m sticking with BPCoffee/Tea which I drink daily and rate at 10/10 for taste and energy.

      I’ll still be eating my breakfast raw eggs in the form of raw milk eggnog made with goat milk, fresh eggs, fresh ground cinnamon, fresh ground nutmeg and a little vanilla and molasses. Again, 10/10. 11/10 if you make it with vodka 😉

      1. Yeah, because everyone knows how effortless it is to obtain raw goats milk! Taste is subjective <– stating obvious.

        1. Like all things in life, you reap what you sew. Raw goat is the most common form of dairy consumed worldwide. If the destitute in Africa can manage it, then we have no excuses here. Just pointing out the obvious. I live in the center of Los Angeles and have goats. If I can do it, anyone can.

  125. I absolutely *loathe* “Bulletproof Coffee.” It completely sends the wrong message. I frequently see people in this community terrified to put a lousy teaspoon or two of completely harmless sugar into their coffee pour hundreds of calories worth of nutritionless, refined fat into their coffee without batting an eye. Yes, butter and coconut oils are essentially nutritionless, refined fats – maple syrup, honey, molasses and even brown sugar are all nutritionally superior! However, the “whole egg” version of this is something I can really get behind. I subscribe to the “Eat your calories, do not drink them” mindset, so this really isn’t something I’ll be doing. However, the calories in this drink definitely are not empty. Eggs are one of the most nutritious foods on Earth, and this is more than just coffee. It is a nutrient-dense little protein shake.

    1. While I agree that coconut oil is a bit over hyped and over-used by some people. A tablespoon or so per day is health promoting. I disagree that quality butter is nutrition-less. You are VERY wrong about that and I would suggest you have not researched this very well – go look at – or any number of other trustworthy sources. Blackstrap molasses and Dates have a respectable amount of vitamins and minerals though not much by way of healthy fats or proteins.

      1. Greg, don’t forget the blackstrap molasses. LOADED with minerals.

    2. Vitamins and minerals are not nutritionally superior to dietary fats – that’s why some are called “Essential Fatty Acids”… because they are required! You *have* to have them or you die… in the same way that certain vitamins and minerals are essential. Btw, there are no “essential” carbohydrates or sugars. I’m just sayin’.

  126. Wow! Mark, your recipe is de-lish! I used 1/4 tsp stevia in lieu of sugar, and it was great. No hint of egg in the taste. Great alternative to using other fats. Thanks again for sharing the recipe with us!

  127. Since reading Dr. McCleary’s book “The Brain Trust Program”, I’ve been downing (along with an assortment of vitamins) one tablespoon of MCT oil every morning. I cook my morning eggs with a tablespoon or so of coconut oil. I’ve got to try some of these coffee recipes.

  128. I wish I could remember the Spanish name my grandpa used to call this drink. He is 82 years old and he told me as a kid, his mom would send him off to school with a cup of coffee and a raw egg mixed into it. I have been wanting to try it for a long time. Thanks Mark for the recipes!

  129. Does bulletproof coffee have the same negative effects that normal coffee does on the nervous system (i.e. putting you into the flight or fight response?). I cannot tolerate ordinary coffee or tea for this reason but people seem to talk about BP coffee differently…

  130. Well, I just tried the egg Primal Egg Coffee. I also love eggs. BUT, it was truly awful. It tasted terrible, even though I put freshly ground cinnamon and nutmeg in it. I had high hopes, but they were dashed. Back to Kerry Gold pasture fed butter for me.

  131. I am glad that you mentioned cinnamon and turmeric. I make my bulletproof coffee the traditional way because I like the taste, the effects of the MCTs on ketosis and mental clarity, and the autophagy benefits of leaving out the egg protein, but I do add cinnamon for its blood sugar effects and turmeric because I read something a while back on its effcts on BDNF. I accidentally used salted butter before and thought it was gross, but I did not add any sweetener to balance it out like you did. I have also heard of people adding gelatin or other forms of protein to the coffee, but this would also negate some of the “bulletproof” effects.

  132. Mark I love you! I was sitting here pouting because I’m out of cream for my coffee while simultaneously figuring out what protein didn’t sound gross to me before Crossfit. You’re my dreamboat Mark.

  133. Oh my Grok! This just rocked my world. Never heard of bulletproof coffee but I’m so glad you did and decided to run thus little experiment. Never really been a breakfast person but I loves my espresso. I like an egg in the morning too but don’t get up early enough to feel I have time deal with that (lame excuse but I never could get past it). Usually like some cram w my coffee but hardly ever have it in my house. Now all my troubles are solved!! Two pastured eggs, double shot espresso, 1/2 tsp sug and pinch o salt =’s awesome. Thanks so much!

  134. Great innovation! Here are so suggested tweaks:
    – vanilla essence (alcohol free)
    – cinnamon
    – start w/ eggs at room temperature
    – add a tablespoon of MCT oil

  135. I used 8-12 whole quail eggs (4 probably equal a chicken egg)
    I slowly added coffee
    I added a dash of sea salt & 2 packets of stevia

    I drank 3 of those yesterday & I hardly ate anything else. I thought that it was really good & it made me feel good too. It didn’t taste “eggy”, but using more eggs seemed to enhance the taste slightly. A little sugar would likely make it taste even better since stevia has a weird twang, IMHO, but I am trying to really cut back on my carbs right now. I plan to experiment with different combos of… grassfed butter or heavy cream, coconut oil or other coconut products, cinnamon, nutmeg, turmeric, cacao, whey protein, an espresso shot, vanilla, etc. & I probably will eventually use a little sugar instead of stevia.

    Thanks for the recipes & the ideas!

  136. I’ve been doing this for a while but I like to wait until the coffee is cool enough to not cook the yolk. Especially when hand-mixing with a fork, if the coffee’s hot enough to cook the yolk it tends to get mealy. Still hot enough to satisfy, unless you’re a fan of burning your tongue.

  137. great conversation – I’ve been drinking BPC for a while now – aeropress coffee plus water and 4tbs kerrygold to total 12oz for my favorite mug… added a mondo local egg yesterday – even creamier, frothier – love the taste both ways – my biggest challenge is the temperature – using water at around 190 to not burn the coffee, I have to heat the mug (by temporarily filling it with hot water) to keep the blended brew warm enough after the butter is added… and after adding the egg yesterday I found myself wishing the drink was hotter off the bat, and especially in the 2nd half…

    how do you guys keep it hot enough without burning the coffee?

  138. I just tried this with one egg yolk in one standard 10oz cup of coffee, stirred briskly by hand with a fork. I added a sprinkle of salt and some honey. It was great! I’m going to up the egg to 2 tomorrow before my workout and let you know how it goes!

  139. Have to give it a try. With the hot summer weather and sometimes having to scoot out the door early I have tried substituting either coffee with unsalted Kerrygold or a simple smoothie with coconut milk, some berries and a couple of eggs. The last time I went camping I took butter, but no milk or 1/2 &1/2. Made coffee and dropped a big lump in it. Good stuff. Abel James turned me on to a little battery frother they sell in Ikea for under $5. Beats a manual drink frother or whisk any day.

  140. you know what! Yummy!! Really surprised, but shouldn’t considering where the suggestion came from!! Thanks Mark!

  141. yea that’s what i was looking for at the breakfast. I think i’m gonna try this tomorrow breakfast

  142. Mark I read recently that that it is easier for the body to absorb protein and other nutrients from eggs when they are cooked as opposed to being raw, so adding them to smoothies and drinks is not as effective. What are your thoughts on this?

  143. I have now tried it a few times. I like it but I am not in love with it. I think I will save it for when I’m in a VERY big rush and I don’t have any hard boiled eggs on hand. Other than that I don’t love it enough to consume it for leisurely purposes.

    I looked at the Swedish egg coffee and it seems that the egg is not mixed directly into the coffee. It seems a bit of a waste of the egg, but I would like to try it for the overall coffee taste. Or, at the very least I could use the left over egg shell and mix that with the coffee grounds etc. a la camping coffee for when I might not have a strainer (or don’t want to wash one).

    Thanks Mark, for the idea—it should come in handy on those speedy occasions.

  144. Its worth a try. It’d be nice to have a different way to get more eggs in the diet.

  145. Made this as an iced coffee with vanilla and cinnamon. OMG!! Tastes like a milkshake. New favorite!

  146. Any ideas on this as a dinner replacement with decaf? It would be an easy dinner every once in a while.

  147. I have been trying to go without milk or cream in my coffee, since it worsens my asthma, but never liked a substitute like coconutmilk, it was just not tasting right to me. I also never liked to fatty taste of it. I will try this recipe out for sure, hopefully I will like it, can’t go without coffee forever and don’t like to drink it dark either.

  148. Hi questions : what is French press coffee?? And are pasture Eggs the same as Free Range??? Anyone? Ignorant Aussie here – different terms I assume?

    1. French Press coffee is the same as the plunge pot-Use a large grind coffee add hot water,and then after about 2-3 minutes,you push the plunger down in the pot (that traps the ground coffee) and pour

  149. I AM LOVING THIS! I used to do the BP coffee but found that I would get nauseous around lunch time and I had to eat some fruit or something with a little carbs/sugar in it to get my appetite back. I tried the egg coffee after you suggested it and it is awesome! It staves off hunger for a long enough time but my appetite naturally returns in time for lunch. It also tastes great and gives me more focus and energy then coffee alone. I am doing 2 egg yolks (the dogs are loving the whites in the am 🙂 ), cinnamon, vanilla extract, and a little MCT Oil, and this morning I put a packet of Stevia in it and that was great too. I found a new go to, thanks for the suggestion Mark!

  150. Has anyone tried this with a black tea? I’m not a coffee drinker, but I have my own urban chicken flock, so lots of fresh eggs! No coffee for me 🙁

  151. I did find, after using Irish Breakfast tea, that there was a bit of an eggy aftertaste. Next time I’d add some vanilla or something stronger flavor. It was filling though! Held me for about a good 4 hours! Good breakfast replacement once in a while…

  152. Just made the 2-egg version with about 90% decaf. Life is good (well, except that I was going to give up coffee today…again).

    Anytime I was under the weather as a kid, my mom would make eggnog. Raw eggs, milk and sugar mixed in the good old Sunbeam mixer.

    Nice to see many of us are keeping the traditions alive.


  153. Just tried recipe #1 this morning w/ raw honey and a touch of vanilla, as I had run out of coconut oil (gasp) and desperately wanted something in my coffee besides cream. Quite tasty, but the blender is probably too much effort for a normal morning before work (good weekend drink though). Even my husband, who very reluctantly drinks coffee, requested a second sip of this concoction.

  154. Just tried this recipe this morning. It was great, but I still have to get past having raw eggs. Never liked the smell. Hopefully I’ll get over it. Thanks Mark for posting this.

  155. Good morning/afternoon/evening to all,

    I am gona try this Paleo diet for the first time. Normally when I do a diet or rather look at one there is about 90% of the food that I won’t dare put in my mouth ’cause I just don’t eat it. Paleo looks rather like my kind of food to eat everyday. Unfortunately bread and noodles is on of the primary foods in the house that is quick to make and quick to make for lunch. I do love my coffee first thing in the morning and I don’t like to change my coffee taste really. I’m really afraid to try this egg coffee but would like to try it atleast once and give it to my boyfriend in the mornings as well, ’cause he has a huge problem with getting tired early in the day. What can I do to make it tasty? The I want to know what is the story with Ketosis?, mTOR inhibitor? What does that mean and what does it do.

    I have long wondered if coffee is a appetite surppresant, is that true?

    Please help

  156. I finally broke down and tried this. Made version one yesterday and version two this morning… both were really good. IMHO both are much better than BPC. I’ve tried BPC on several occasions and just couldn’t take to it. However, I can see myself getting hooked on egg coffee. Great creamy consistency, great taste and I have to think overall much more nutritious than BPC.

  157. My cardiologist told me that I have high cholesterol, consisting of high LDL (the bad kind), and low HDL (the good kind)

    He told me that I should limit myself to eating no more than 2-3 egg yolks per week, as it would be impossible to reduce my cholesterol to a healthy level, including achieving a healthy ratio of good (HDL) to bad (LDL) cholesterol.

    I tend to think that he is likely right, given his education and training.
    So it’s probably a good idea to be careful about what we recommend in any sweeping fashion to everyone, regardless of their health history.

  158. This sounds so freaking interesting.

    I’ve found making a form of bulletproof coffee to be awesome a few times a week – mainly on my non training days to be amazing. I typically add butter, coconut oil, and some chocolate whey protein sometimes (if feeling like I need a little something).

    The idea of egg yoke is so awesome. I see what you mean by the building blocks of life within it. I am going to be looking for some pasturized egg yokes and trying this out very soon! I probably won’t even require any sugar (especially if adding a half scoop of protein powder too).

    Very rad.

  159. There were a lot of comments so I was not sure if this was covered, but I am wondering if I can try these recipes with regular eggs because I can’t get ahold of pastured eggs just yet? Also, am I essentially eating raw egg yolk and coffee? Or does the heat from the coffee cook the egg? kind of like egg drop soup? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

  160. Thanks for this great recipe. Had mine with 2 Tbs coconut oil. I have been turbo charged all morning. This is the perfect way for me to get my coconut oil in. Thanks heaps.

  161. Read Mark’s primal egg coffee recipe last night and wanted desperately to try it. Chance truly does favor the prepared mind – being unable to go back to sleep at 3:30 AM does have its upside sometimes. What follows is by no means an improvement to Mark’s recipe, it’s just a variation. It was so delicious it had to be written down for future reference – thank you for your inspiring recipe, Mark…1 shot coffee brewed with Aeropress…3 organic egg yolks from un-cracked eggs (Oops! Ended up with a whole egg and 2 yolks because some yolk ended up in one of the whites)…1 tsp sugar (used rounded tsp honey)…1/4 tsp of salt (omitted – it was early and I forgot about it, but want to try salt next time)…3 level flatware tablespoons light coconut milk (too early to locate measuring tools that were put in the wrong place by someone – moi?)…First, feeling paranoid, soaked eggs in Parcell’s Oxygen Soak (1 tsp Clorox in a gallon of water) 20 min while I did aerobics (was trying to work off the melatonin dropped sublingually at 3:30 AM – melatonin can be a big mistake sometimes). Rinsed eggs (even though they should have been soaked in plain water for another 20 min) and brewed coffee (1 scoop medium roast organic through stainless filter, press filled almost to the top with hot water, timed for one minute and then stirred). Separated (most of the) yolks from the whites and plopped them into the blender. Once the coffee was ready, put blender on lowest speed and dumped coffee in as fast as possible. After a few seconds, added that rounded tsp of honey, then blended it too hard. Finally, I poured it, savored it and then wondered whether the overly-abundant head of foam would eventually dissolve into more coffee. Watched foam never liquifies, so I went back to the aerobics after imbibing the LUSCIOUS coffee concoction and writing down the recipe. Can’t think of a better way to start the day! (P.S. Those leftover egg whites are destined to become paleo macaroons for company coming for dinner tonight. Gotta love serendipity!)

  162. Not bad at all, Mark! To be honest, I was a little frightened to try it, as I have never consumed raw eggs. Very creamy and delicious! Thanks for doing what you do!

  163. Mark – just tried this for the first time yesterday with hot coffee – used two organic eggs, two tablespoons organic unrefined coconut oil, sprinkle of salt, turmeric, cinnamon & nutmeg, and about a teaspoon of maple syrup. I blended everything but the coffee first and then very slowly drizzled 1.5 cups of coffee in. Oh my, this was heaven in a cup. So frothy and crazy delicious! And it kept me full for close to 5 hours!!!

    Today, I used cold coffee. Yup, super cold -and you know what? It was even yummier and I didn’t have to drizzle it in. I just threw all of it in my blender and let it rip for about 30 seconds.

    I absolutely recommend this drink over the bulletproof coffee, which can make my stomach feel queasy. Oh, and this is my breakfast – no need for anything else! Thank you for the recipe and suggestion. 🙂

  164. Tried for the first time today. I’ve been making bulletproof coffee (the first version of a latte type drink that I could give up milk products for…) and do enjoy that also, but this is less effort, no blender required. I’m sure I’ll be drinking this often.

  165. Tried this the day I read it, now instead of eating breakfast I use this as my morning protein shake. It’s amazing, tastes really creamy and minutes after I drink it I’m up and alert.

    I used to drink 3-5 cups of coffee a day, since finding this I drink this in the morning and that’s it the rest of the day and no more 2 o’clock slow down.s

  166. Finally, this morning I had the guts and tried my first egg coffee. Did the 2-whole-egg version with a hint of vanilla, and a pinch of salt and xylitol. Oh, well, and a tablespoon of coconut oil. I was really sceptical at first, but WHOAAAAH! 🙂
    Incredibly creamy, smoothy and not so eggy as I expectad at all! Thanks, Mark, for the inspiration!

  167. Try it COLD! I did it with just the egg yolks, tsp of coconut sugar and a tsp of cocoa powder. Blend it…throw some ice cubes in it afterwards! Really good!

    *I brewed the coffee beforehand and chilled in the fridge before blending.

  168. I thought this sounded horrible but I’ll try anything once. I don’t like the taste of butter and I couldn’t see the point of adding coconut/MCT oil- I have a sedentary job and I just don’t need the unnecessary relatively empty calories.
    I am far too lazy to separate eggs unless I know I have an immediate use for both parts. So my simple Paleo Coffee recipe was:
    -1 cup Decaf coffee (just because it was in the evening) brewed strong in a cafetiere
    – 1/2 cup Kako dairy free coconut milk. I find this quite sweet & I don’t usually have my coffee sweetened so I didn’t add any other sweetener
    tiny pinch cinnamon
    -1 fresh free range egg. I don’t mind raw eggs if they’re fresh & free range. I do wash the shells in warm water before cracking.
    I whizzed the coconut milk, egg & cinnamon in a blender. Then I added the hot coffee and briefly blended again. I poured this into a warmed mug (because the final coffee isn’t very hot).
    To my surprise it was delicious! I’m a convert and will definitely do this again, and also experiment with some variations.

  169. Did this for my breakfast. Thanks for the recipe. I’m normally pretty unimaginative with my coffee, so the taste was a nice surprise. I especially liked the smell when I added some cinnamon. I swear it opened up my sinuses.

  170. I am really looking forward to trying this, but all of the blenders (whether full size or single serving) say not to use hot liquids in them. Can you recommend a model that is safe to use with hot liquids? Preferably under $100?

  171. Love raw whole eggs in coffee, usually put 5 raw eggs in and pour 2 large cups of coffee in and blend , I usually do that twice a day

  172. I don’t know how I missed this one. Guess I’m bringing my vitamix to my studio tomorrow morning. I’ve been putting cacao powder and coconut oil in every cup of coffee but I’m definitely trying this!

  173. Just a late check-in to say:

    • Thanks for the interesting idea; I typically love MDA recipes.

    • The Primal Egg Yolk Coffee didn’t really work for me. I felt that the yolks imparted a flavor that didn’t taste quite right in coffee.

    • I’ll be sticking with BPC (using Peet’s, Philz’, or Blue Bottle coffee, though—I found the Bulletproof brand to be only mediocre).

    Grok on!

  174. Any idea of the pros/cons of mixing with cold coffee? I’m living in Hanoi, and travelling, I’d really like to find a primal/bulletproof coffee alternative (quality MCT oil or even butter, let alone grass-fed, is non-existent here) that I can make with limited resources… and to suit the temperature 😛

  175. Wow! I love the bulletproof coffee and look forward to “powering it up” with the eggs. Thanks for the great idea.

  176. I know this thread is old but a few weeks ago I experimented with bulletproof coffee. I already had some good quality MCT oil. Bought the Kerrygold my local supermarket. Got my coffee beans online from a company called grounds for Mark I am definitely a cream girl. the coffee was nothing special and I actually had a tough time getting it all down. I originally tried ghee but it tasted like rancid butter. PS the bulletproof coffee seem to pack on pounds even though I only used have a tablespoon of either Kerrygold or MCT or coconut oil. I will stick to my coffee with low fat half and half.I’m starting paleo today. sorry for the random comments. Happy new year

    1. I use a heaping tablespoon of butter and coconut oil for every cup of coffee (2 a day) and have found that it keeps the pounds off for me. Since winter I’ve been adding an egg to one or both of them for extra protein to keep me warm and still no more pounds added. I can pack on the pounds if I don’t eat enough veggies and protein consistently so I just add a bit more of each. As you can tell I do NOT live to eat, it’s more of a chore so the bulletproof coffee is right up my alley so to speak.
      And thanks for the extra info on the coffee, it didn’t sound like you were disappointed with the coffee company to me in the above comment. 🙂

  177. just to clarify the bulletproof coffee recipe and resulting taste was okay. I highly recommend the coffee I got from grounds for change. they roast the beans the very day you order the coffee from them. It is excellent quality coffee with fantastic flavor. I ordered several flavors all regularly caffeinated and 1 d calf. I wanted to clarify that lest a reader think that the grounds for change coffee was mediocre. Far from it. It is no more expensive than the large corporate overpriced coffee houses but far more environmentally friendly.they also support fair trade

  178. I don’t really want to fire up the blender each time i wanna have a primal coffee, so just wondering, would a whisk work the same way?

  179. I know this post is a bit old, but I was so happy to find it! I will admit that I LOVE bulletproof coffee – it’s the only coffee I can drink black, but it’s pricey so it’s more of a treat. I also LOVE eggs and feel the need to make a creamy coffee concoction every morning in my vitamix. I recently threw an egg in the vitamix with my coffee just to see what would happen. I later added a little bulletproof whey. I always add ceylon cinnamon, vanilla extract, and a little stevia. I’ve used this recipe for other types of coffee besides BP and just love it every time. It helped me replace toxic coffeemate creamer (which I was addicted to for years). So glad to see that I’m not crazy and that eggs and coffee do go together! 🙂

  180. Just wondering if anyone else found this a bit a bit slimy? (i tried the two whole eggs stirred like I’m scrambling then slowly added in)

    thought the flavour was great and creamy enough – in fact tasted like my usual slightly milky coffee, but the residual ‘raw egg’ slime on my lips every mouthful made me gag at every mouthful (and every time i thought about it for the rest of the day!!)

    wondering if i should take a more ‘mayonnaise’ approach and emulsify it using the blender and for longer…??

    any tips to fix or combat the slimy-ness revulsion??


    1. I just use one egg and blend it with butter and coconut oil, blend just about 10 seconds to emulsify and no slimy-ness. LOTS of froth tho.

  181. love this, sooo filling, good on days, when I don’t want to eat solids. I added some coconut milk though (cause I love coconut and add it everywhere).

  182. A word of caution here!

    I recently adopted this practice of adding a whole raw egg to my almond-milk mocha every day. It was delicious! I started about ten weeks ago.

    Over the same time period, chronic joint pain in my knees, hands, hips, etc. started insidiously creeping over me. It hurts to sit and stand, and to use my hands.

    I woke up with a light-bulb moment the other day, realizing that there could be a correlation between my joint pain and the raw eggs. I researched it and sure enough — apparently it is very easy for raw egg white to cross the digestive barriers (as in “leaky gut syndrome”), allowing protein fragments to break off into the bloodstream where they are transported around the body and deposited into joint tissue. There, they set up an auto-immune reaction as the body tries to rid itself, manifested in chronic pain and inflammation.

    So, beware! Perhaps the problem wouldn’t be the same if I had separated the eggs and used yolks only, as in the first recipe, but it seemed both wasteful and too much trouble, first thing in the morning. But I have eliminated the eggs, and in only two days time, my joint pain is subsiding.

  183. Yum. Raw eggs with coffee….
    Try Coffee with a little Trinidad or Venezuela ponche de Creme (raw eggs, dairy, rum) . Ultimate!

  184. I tweaked your Egg Yolk Coffee recipe a bit. I used only 1 yolk, and I added a Tbsp of Grass-fed butter. Everything else was exactly the same. I blended it up in my VitaMix till it was nice and frothy. It came out like the best latte I have ever had (Paris: May 13, 2004). No joke; it was that good. So I poured it into a bowl & sipped it, pretending I was in Paris.

  185. Green coffee bean extract by far has become of the biggest news makers in the field of health and wellness today. It is considered by many as the total fat buster because of the various health benefits that it contains. It came from raw green coffee beans. Scientists have found out that raw green coffee beans contain an organic compound called Chlorogenic acid which could greatly affect your body’s metabolism.

  186. I don’t understand why you want the egg in your coffee.

    I’d rather just have a normal breakfast of coffee with heavy cream, and an egg cooked in a pan with some coconut oil over some fresh kale. That gets me going in the morning pretty well.

  187. After reading a more recent post on Cardamom I decided to try Primal Egg coffee. I’ve been a Bulletproof Coffee guy for some time now–adding local or kerrygold butter and MCT oil to my coffee. This morning, feeling a little low on fuel because of a late night, I added three pasture-raised egg yolks and 1/4 teaspoon of turmeric to 2 tablespoons grass fed butter and 1 tablespoon of MCT oil.


    Quite a kick. Loved it. Tomorrow I will add 1/4 teaspoon of cinnamon. Always nice to change up the routine.

  188. Just ran across this. It will be tomorrow’s test breakfast.

  189. My favorite use of extra egg whites is to make a lovely chocolate moose. Way less sugar than ice cream and so satisfying. If I make a moose and have left over egg yolks – then it is Cream Brule the next night. One love. (maybe two)

  190. It’s absolutely delicious! I’m squeamish about raw egg whites (the texture) but couldn’t resist trying to knock out the caffeine and breakfast need in one go. So I made just a small taster with one egg, hot, not boiling coffee, half tsp rapadura and um yeah – a big fat blob of raw cream. Then I blended it and then I fainted from the deliciousosity.

    I wash my eggs all at once when i purchase them, in a warm water with a drop of iodine in it. I think those are Sally Fallon instructions, or perhaps Nina Planck.

  191. After spending all day yesterday sick with a migraine, I didn’t have much in my stomach – so thought I’d start my day trying out the primal coffee recipe. Love it – I think this is just what I needed. Used the two eggs, about a teaspoon and a half of my usual MCT oil, a bit of turmeric, cinnamon and coconut sugar. Left out the salt. Whipped the eggs with my immersion blender before drizzling into my coffee. What a treat! I’ve been drinking my coffee for weeks now with just MCT oil and a bit of coconut sugar. Gotten used to no cream, but this is a lovely replacement.

  192. I was just reading a novel published in 1904 in which the author described making coffee with eggs in it, while camping. I was intrigued by this and started searching for recipes and information Becasue I had never heard of this before. And I found this. No surprise I guess that the bulletproof coffee crowd would go the egg route. But apparently this practice has a long history!

  193. I recently started adding Primal Fuel, vanilla, to my coffee as a quick and healthy creamer. I had noticed I was wanting more & more cream in my coffee over time, and it was hindering my weight loss efforts. So I tried this. As hard as it is to blend, cold, in a shaker, it turns out Primal Fuel dissolves quite well in hot drinks! Who knew??

    I experimented a little & discovered I like it best with a teaspoon of CO & a little milk (not cream) added. Odd, because I’ve always absolutely DETESTED the taste of regular milk in coffee. Go cream or go home! But with PF, it’s great.

    The one scoop of vanilla PF I add, along with the CO, is enough to give a sense of fullness, with the bonus of 10 grams of protein before I even have breakfast. As it cools a little, the coffee actually thickens a little. If I let it get cold, it’s like a soft-set pudding! I actually like that once in a while, but prefer it hot.

    Now I’m looking for a nice, low container that will hold a substantial amount of my paleo “creamer” that needs no refrigeration (great for travel!), so I can avoid reaching way down into the PF bag & getting dusty.

    This is a delicious, rich coffee drink. A little like a hot smoothie but way better than that probably sounds, lol

  194. UPDATE on using Primal Fuel as coffee creamer (non-frankenfood style):

    I usually make mine half coffee, half hot milk, a scoop of PF, & a teaspoon of CO. With a moderately-vigorous stir, this dissolves well & tastes VERY GOOD.

    This morning I tried just using the PF in my coffee. Did not dissolve well! Lots of tiny, unstirrable microlumps. Added a little cream, a little help, CO, no help.

    The taste is NOT very good. I usually detest regular milk in my coffee, but in this recipe, I find it a must.

    Just wanted to share, in case anyone else is trying to get a little healthy fat & protein into their coffee, without a load of cream…for those of us who, like me, find our weight loss is strongly inhibited by dairy.

  195. I’ve been making this recently with whole duck eggs and it’s super delicious. I add 1 Tbsp MCT oil, a little salt, vanilla extract, and some combination of ginger, cloves, and cardamom.

  196. I’m doing my own research since the time I stumbled on Egg Coffee and your article is very informative, especially with all the chemical compositions and reactions of the ingredients. Will be trying some versions of the egg coffee soon 🙂


  197. Egg coffee fits the bill! I’ve recently added eggs back into my diet as I learn more about the primal lifestyle. Not being a huge meat-eater, my naturopath, a strong advocate of primal eating, advised me to eliminate the protein powderI was using and rely on real protein like eggs. She also noted the necessity of heating the egg whites. When I looked up this blog, the egg coffee was perfect. As I was minimizing dairy, it solves a duo issue — needing more protein and relying less on cream. In addition to the cinnamon and turmeric Mark suggested, I also add some cocoa powder, along with maple syrup (Canadian, eh?) for a mocha egg coffee. My naturopath hadn’t heard of bulletproof or egg coffee but was eager to try it as she doesn’t use cream either and missed having coffee.

    To create a smoothie, instead of coffee, I just use hot water in its place to heat the eggs, add a very small frozen banana, maybe some frozen berries (sometimes cocoa powder) and ice and voila — egg smoothie! In a month I was weaned off the protein powder and can now add that $$$ to the budget for free-range eggs and grass-fed beef.

  198. I added (2) egg yolks in my bulletproof coffee this morning

    Mine tastes really iron-y; does anyone else have that problem? Is it my eggs (which are cage-free, non-GMO fed, organic)?

    FYI – I make my BPC with ~12 oz brewed Upgraded coffee, 2T Upgraded MCT oil, 2T Kerrygold unsalted butter, and 1T Upgraded collagen protein

  199. i tried adding egg yolk to my coffee today and feel great, tasted beautiful and was alot smoother than with butter. thanks for sharing

  200. if you stick to 1 yoke, could one actually have a cup every single say, maybe skip the weekends?

  201. I tried it and didn’t really like it 🙁

    Thanks for the recipe though Mark.

    I’ll stick to fried eggs and then washing that down with German coffee, heavy cream, and a teaspoon of sugar. 🙂

  202. I finally tried this today. At first, it was a little bit bland. I expected a strong flavor given the eggs and the salt, but no dice. I added another teaspoon of sugar. And another 2 pinches of salt. Slightly better, but no cigar. It wasn’t bad, so I continued to drink.

    It finally hit me when I got to the bottom! That’s when I started to taste the egg. It was custardy just as described. Delicious!

    Although I put the egg in first and beat it well, I wonder if I should add it last, although I’m sure it will sink to the bottom anyway. I will also stir it well before every sip. That’s the only drawback so far!

  203. I grew up on this very recipe, Mom made it every weekday. In the blender would go coffee, whole eggs, vanilla, a splash of whiskey! Yes whiskey and we drank it after the spoonful of cod liver oil. Boy were we healthy kids.
    Making some tomorrow morning, thanks for the reminder and all that you share.

  204. I just tried the following:

    1 TBSP Kerry Gold unsalted butter
    1 tsp coconut oil
    1 pastured egg

    Put it in the blender for a whirl, with a little cinnamon, nutmeg, and vanilla (and a dash of stevia).

    Tastes like I am on vacation!

  205. Still one of my favorite things! Iced coffee and eggs in my to go cup and I’m out the door with breakfast. Couldn’t be easier.

  206. Dumb question? How many full eggs per day are safe pl? I have tried 2/day for 6 weeks and had no change in my cholesterol levels….just wondering……3/4 ok?

    Thx Mark, I have all yr books and read all yr blogs and emails, practice what u say. I,m 6’4, 58 yrs old, weigh in at 180 lbs and my body fat hovers between 10/12%. I lift weights, coach cyclists and sponsor pro cycling teams and love yoga too.

  207. I woke up today, and decided to have some eggs and coffee! My coffee had boiled water, milk, sugar, and the smashed coffee! Along with that, the eggs were scrambled and delicious! So far i feel much more alert and energized and I just finished eating! I still have my coffee left, so I went on my laptop and looked up, is eggs and coffee good for breakfast and stumbled upon here! Thank you for posting this and thanks for all the feedback! God bless everyone.

  208. My irish dad made coffee eggnog for us kids for breakfast many mornings. Simple: milk, raw egg, sugar, vanilla extract, hot coffee, mix in a blender. We loved it.

  209. a few thoughts:

    1. Separating egg yolks can be tedious and time consuming. If you want an easier way to separate more egg yolks at a time than the many one-yolk-at-time slow-poke methods, for the power packed nutrition that they are, use a stainless steel wire basket or over the sink stainless colander. Break eggs into colander. Use fingers, to trap white in holes; tilt colander to let yolks move away, and spray whites through with water. Vary method as needed. FAST.

    2. White sugar rejoinder: totally bad stuff. This will kill you. First cut it OUT of your diet. If and when you need sweet stuff eat MOLASSES (with actual nutrients unlike white death sugar), fruit, honey (in small amounts)…. “don’t worry” does not cut it, research proves my point, look it up.

    3. Three yolks may rock your boat, but I advocate folks EAT MORE, they are super nutrient tasty packages of goodness, if you want more, and can eat more DO

    4. Coffee may be good in small amounts, however for anti jitter with your caffeine beverage try switching to green tea, as in green tea with cream/butter, and YOLKS. Green tea has L-theanine which is anti-jitter to over simply things. Green tea is also a potent medicine, with many researched benefits. Trying to cut your appetite? Green tea can do this, depending on how much you drink.

  210. This is very interesting. It reminds me of a popular traditional drink from Indonesia called STMJ (stands for Susu=milk, Telur=egg, Madu=honey, Jahe=ginger). It’s considered a great supplement for stronger body and also to beat cold weather. Well, ginger will keep you warm. You can get it from street food and drink vendors in Java. Google it for the recipe if you are interested.

  211. My hubby and I were drinking bullet-proof with butter and MCT, after a couple of months we were noticing wait gain (we don’t actually weigh ourselves so maybe perhaps just feeling bloaty and blah) and so stopped. This morning after the gym I decided to try it again – until I found your post on coffee and eggs (in your coffee). As a former competitive bodybuilder I’ve eaten many a raw eggs in my lifetime so I was open to giving it a try. I wouldn’t say it was delish, but it was smooth and easy to swallow and I felt quite open eyed and alert – and no heavy feeling!

  212. Hi there,

    I realise that I’m waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay late to the party, so I am unsure if any will help me with my question, but here’s my problem:

    When I add butter and MCT oil to coffee (a la Bulletproof Coffee), there is no stratification of components previously blended by my hand blender.

    If I add a raw egg yolk (which I like to do for its nutruents) there is significant stratification (and quick!).

    What gives?

    Thanks in advance for any insights!


  213. Could you please confirm – with the whole egg version, do you add the coffee in WHILE the blender is running? Thanks!

  214. Just drank this in the morning. Delicious. I added cinnamon and one egg, maybe I’ll try two next time. Thanks for sharing, Mark!

  215. Guys!!! I’m an avid BPC drinker and I found this egg theory and was so so scared to try it. I just had my morning bulletproof and had to try this so I went and made a 2nd cup of coffee but this time did the 2 eggs! My recipe was
    A keurig cup of coffee
    Teaspoon of oil
    Grass fed butter
    2 eggs
    Sprinkle of salt… literally a sprinkle

    First off you’re gonna need a bigger cup than your normal… there were tons of froth.. I also wisked the 2 eggs together b4 adding to blender with the rest of ingredients. Sooooo frothy.. it’s been like 10 min and my coffee is still frothy and bubbly. Tastes amazing.. I was so scared to try too!! Deff go and try it and see what u think

  216. What about the potential of bacteria in the egg and not likely killing them off with only quick exposure to the heat of the coffee that wanes quickly itself?

  217. How about adding some powdered Collagen? No flavor change but really healthy. I blend coffee, collagen, powdered egg white and almond milk…frothy like a cappuccino.

  218. I just started adding whole whipping cream (organic) to my coffee and it’s a game changer. I think this weekend I will try adding an egg yolk prior to my workout to see if the extra fat helps me. I’m doing so much fat right now and it feels soooooo good. I never thought that I’d go back to dairy. I have a local raw dairy farmer that I’m getting my raw cream from when it’s available. But Strauss brand is good too. Not Raw but I do well on it. I really want to try the egg yolk though

  219. I normally drink my coffee black but wanted something different. I used one egg for a small cup of coffee. Yum!! I’ll try the sugar and salt sometime if I’m feeling the need for a little sweet!

  220. I tried egg in my coffee. It was gross. Stickblended it till nice and foamy. Still gross. I have no problem with raw eggs, put them in all our smoothies. But as much as I wanted to like “coffee eggs”, nope. I tried this in 2015 lol
    A few weeks ago I said, HEY, what about no whites? Thats probably the gross part! Then I read this article. Well Im trying yolks tmrw! Or maybe tonite (I OMAD so I can eat lots at night lol)
    Now I’d just like to know about the polyphenols, etc in decaf. Is there any benefit to decaf like is in coffee??

  221. Cool, Nice write-up! I did this the other day and now online trying to vindicated what I’m doing. Lol!

    Sugar? I only use coconut sugar and/or raw Honey. The coconut sugar helps cut down on my sugar intake.

    I have been hooked on butter coffee about 5 years now.. I’ve used beef suet when out of butter and it wasn’t too bad, a little like collagen.

    I tried both yolk and whole egg, I just dropped in and blended. It turned out surprising good. The first taste was a little weird but then it’s good.

    To me it tasted exactly like a powdered cappuccino with what I was using.

  222. Cool, Nice write-up! I did this the other day and now online trying to vindicated what I’m doing. Lol!

    Have to use salt in the coffee too.

    Sugar? I only use coconut sugar and/or raw Honey. The coconut sugar helps cut down on my sugar intake.

    I have been hooked on butter coffee about 5 years now.. I’ve used beef suet when out of butter and it wasn’t too bad, a little like collagen.

    I tried both yolk and whole egg, I just dropped in and blended. It turned out surprising good. The first taste was a little weird but then it’s good.

    To me it tasted exactly like a powdered cappuccino with what I was using.

  223. 35 grams of coffee beans for one cup of primal ? That’s like 6+ tablespoons of coffee beans. Am I missing something?

  224. OMG…. So I’ve been doing coconut oil in my coffee with honey…. This afternoon I needed a little pick me up and decided to have some bullet proof coffee… I’m always tweaking things and always like to put a spin on things… So I was looking in my fridge and thought why not egg whites??? You know you hear of fitness gurus adding them to smoothies.. so there I went… The combination of the coconut oil with the egg whites I was AMAZED!! So smooth, and yummy… The froth was just the right texture… I was sold… I now had supercharged, bulletproof coffee… Watch out mornings here I come….

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  226. I’m Sicilian and this was very popular in my house growing up, it was called L’Uovo Battuta, beaten egg