January 10 2018

Primal Cooking Point: 5 Soups and Stews to Warm Up Your Week

By Mark Sisson

Inline_Food_Nutrition_Live-Awesome-645x445-01With much of the country feeling like an icebox the last two weeks, I figured it’s a good time for some more rich, hearty meals. There’s something here for everyone—different meats, textures, and preparations, but they’re all Primal. A couple can easily be considered kid-friendly, and a couple could conveniently be adapted to fit a vegetarian diet. (I’ve got more for our vegetarian readers coming up this morning, so stay tuned.)

While none are “quick” dishes (I’ll have more on that theme though), all these recipes lend themselves to batch cooking, which means your prep time will be well spent.

Dig in, everyone….

Polish Hunter’s Stew


Garlic Soup


Rogan Josh Lamb Stew


Rich and Hearty Hungarian Goulash


Tomato Soup With Spicy Mini-Meatballs


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  1. I just pulled out my crock pot this morning. I am going to try the hunter’s stew. It’s raining and cold. This stew sounds so delicious on a breezy and rainy day like today.

  2. Thanks for the recipes! I’ll try a couple. I’ve prepared nothing but Primal/keto comfort food this week. Rain (finally) and wind in San Diego makes the 45 degree nights unbearable. 😛 Chili, skillet “lasagna,” beef tips in cream sauce and chicken tortilla-less soup has been on the menu.

  3. I wish nutritional information was included in recipes, I track my food intake and it is so helpful to know fat, protein & carb totals per serving.

    1. You could use Cronometer for that. It allows you to create and save recipes like that, and then add them to your daily food intake. I’d say that is much more useful than static information in a recipe, because you are free to change the ingredients or the serving size.