January 08 2018

Primal Challenge Point: Live Your Inner Athlete

By Mark Sisson

Inline_Fitness_Live-Awesome-645x445-02It’s fascinating, I think, to see what the human body is capable of—not a “perfect,” standardized, conventionally “ideal” physique but a real body with individual uniqueness and stunning utility. 

Many people unfortunately assume they aren’t “athlete material” because they don’t believe they have the body for it—or so they’ve been told (directly or indirectly). Your body, however, is so much more than your build—or your years—or your current condition.

Sure, most of us will never be professional athletes, but the fact remains: if you have a body, you’re an athlete. The identity and intention dwell in your genes themselves. Whether you’re a 5 foot tall rhythmic gymnast waiting to happen or a lanky dude who’s built for covering long distances quickly, there’s a niche for you. You embody, in some way, the athletic mission of our species.

Maybe you haven’t figured out what that embodiment is yet. Let me say point blank: find your athletic embodiment in your lifetime. You won’t be sorry you did and will likely always wonder if you don’t.

Primal exercise is a flexible set of general principles that mirror the basic patterns of our ancestors’ exertion—period. How you fulfill these in your modern life is entirely your choice. Be whatever Primal athlete makes sense to you and you alone. By all means, make it as fun as possible. Your fitness should enhance more than your physical health but be a meaningful, self-affirming, self-exploratory part of your life. That’s the best of all Primal worlds.

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  1. I’m a “dancer”, I’ve never taken classes and hope I can some day. As little girls my parents would play records by 101 Strings Orchestra and I would “dance” in the living room…… I wish there were DVDs or something that could teach me some moves….. for now I’m stuck doing my silly dances that only look good in my head.

  2. In college I loved playing softball and tennis. I enjoy surfing, skiing, skydiving, swimming and just about anything that involves adventure and a good workout. I live out my inner athlete about 7 days a week.