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Contest Video: Primal Blueprint Upper Body Workout

As part of our ongoing Primal Blueprint Fitness Video Contest [1] reader Albrecht submitted his interpretation of Primal Blueprint bodyweight exercises (the current theme). He is in the running for a cash and prize package worth $400 and has a one in four shot of winning. If you’d like to be featured on Mark’s Daily Apple for a chance to win Primal gear read the Primal Blueprint contest details [2] and submit your video (fitness [1] or recipe [3]), real life Primal story [4] or Primal recipe [5] soon!

I’d add a cautionary note to this video. Before you start doing backflips and throwing bodies around please make sure you know what you’re doing. It sure looks like fun but I’d hate for anyone to get injured in the process.

If you liked Albrecht’s Grok On! workout shirt you can get your own here [6]!

Check back tomorrow for a Worker Bee culinary creation of a reader’s Primal recipe submitted as part of the Primal Blueprint Cookbook Contest [5] (current theme: beef).

Have a fantastic Primal weekend, everyone!