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So you’ve ditched the bags of chips and boxes of crackers and cookies. You’ve found creative uses for all the junk food that used to make up your regular diet. And you’ve Primalized your pantry, stocking up on all the Primal essentials. With nary a can of Cheese Whiz or a bag of Funyuns in sight, what’s a Primal guy or gal to do when a snack attack strikes? I get this question fairly often, and my answer is usually pretty straightforward. But this one from Melanie got me thinking about it again.

I’ve given up chips and crackers and pretzels and granola and all the other high-carb, processed snacks I use to eat between meals. I’ve been Primal for about 6 weeks now and though I’m finding that I rarely have a craving for snack food (I’m hardly ever hungry!) it would still be nice to have a list of Primal approved snacks that require little to no preparation. Thanks for all that you do!


That “little to no preparation” bit caught my attention. What are the snack staples for Primal eaters that are just “grab and go”? Here is my attempt at a list followed by a few easy snack recipes. I’d love to hear from you in the comment boards with anything I’ve missed, or anything you’ve struck upon that works for you.

Little to No Preparation

Seeds and Nuts (Walnuts, almonds, pistachios, etc. Macadamias are my favorite.)

Almond Butter (You can make your own.)

Hardboiled Eggs (How to peel.)

Jerky (You can make your own.)

Canned Salmon and Tuna


Smoked Salmon

Cold Shrimp

Cold, Sliced Meat

Pork Rinds (I’m not a big fan, but I know some Primal folks love ’em.)


Black and Green Olives

Half of a Coconut (and other Coconut Products)

Fresh and Dried Fruit (Berries are a good choice.)

Veggies (jicama, celery, cucumbers, peppers, cherry tomatoes, etc.)




Dried Seaweed

Dark Chocolate

For all dairy eaters out there:

High-quality Cheese (Cottage cheese seems to be a fave in the Primal community.)

Full-fat Yogurt

Snacks That Require Preparation

Leftovers (Cold bacon, chicken drumstick, steak and just about anything else from the night before.)

Primal Energy Bars

Spicy Almonds

Sweet and Savory Shakes

Coconut Chips

Fat Guacamole Devils

Sweet and Salty Primal Trail Mix

Cocoa and Coconut Snacks

Sushi with a Twist

Sunflower Sesame Crackers

Zucchini Chips with Spicy Salsa

Pemmican (Let me add that pemmican is an acquired taste.)

More recipes that might fit the bill.

You can print this list and attach it to your fridge for reference by clicking the printer icon below.

I’m sure I’ve omitted some obvious Primal snacks here. Tell me what this list is missing in the comment board. If you can’t think of anything to add, what is your preferred, go-to Primal snack? Thanks for reading and Grok on!

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