August 29 2009

Primal Blueprint Fitness for Busy Parents

By Mark Sisson

This reader created video was submitted for a Primal Blueprint Contest. Click here to find out how you can participate and win Primal prizes!

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9 thoughts on “Primal Blueprint Fitness for Busy Parents”

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  1. Great video Shelly! I love how you make the whole thing practical for parents of toddlers. It IS possible for busy people to get the exercise into their schedules!

  2. Love this! I have two year old triplets, so I especially enjoyed this.

    I’m really excited to have discovered your blog!

  3. You inspire me Shelley. If you can do this with 2 toddlers and going to school, I have no excuse.

  4. Inspiring! Time is a huge barrier for most people, and you seem to have conquered it. I also like that you pointed out how cheaply you were able to get your equipment.

  5. Great job, Shelley! As the Mom of an active 20-month old I especially appreciate this. You’re inspiring me to include him in my workouts more, which is a great example to set for him too. 🙂