I’m in Awe…

Before I say anything else I want to express my extreme gratitude to everyone involved. In fact, gratitude is too watered down a word to describe how I feel. I am in awe of the support. I set out to generate some much-needed exposure for the book and had my fingers crossed for a top-ten showing, but I didn’t know what to expect. The response from the primal/paleo/low carb community has exceeded my wildest dreams and is validation that we are all headed in the right direction.

Fellow bloggers, friends, and you, the Mark’s Daily Apple tribe, have collectively chipped in to push The Primal Blueprint to the top of all health-related categories in which The Primal Blueprint is listed, and to the #2 position of all books sold on Amazon.com. This is just astounding. To see a self-published book with grass-roots support go up against major publishers like Knopf and Penguin and see success is a testament to the growing popularity of the Primal movement and the power we have to effect change.

Let’s hope this is a sign of things to come – that Conventional Wisdom is beginning to crack and humankind will re-learn how to eat, move and live for their health and happiness. Many, many thanks to everyone for being part of this.

The Special Offer is Now Closed

Before we get to the results and updates I need to say that the special limited-time offer is closed. I’d love to continue to give away freebies to all book buyers, but in keeping with the contest rules and out of respect for all those that sent in their receipts on time I won’t be able to accept any receipts that I receive after 12 pm PST, March 18. With that said, The Primal Blueprint is still sitting at only $14.84, nearly $3 lower than the Amazon price prior to this event, so it’s still a great time to buy. A purchase now will help keep the PB at the top of the charts.

The Primal Blueprint Amazon #1 Project Results!

(click the image thumbnails to view the results)

#1 Bestseller in Weight Loss

Weight Loss Bestseller

#1 Bestseller in Exercise & Fitness

Exercise and Fitness Bestseller

#1 Bestseller in Weight Maintenance

Weight Maintanance Bestseller

#1 Bestseller in Health

Health, Mind & Body Bestseller

#2 Bestseller in All Books on Amazon.com

#2 Bestselling Book

We did our best to get to #1. At the end of the day Michael Lewis’s The Big Short proved too popular at the moment to push us over the final hurdle. It probably didn’t help, too, that Amazon both ran out of books (pushing the book ship date back by a week) and began restricting the max number of books allowed per customer to only 3. I’ll also add that my Amazon rep ordered what he thought would be enough to get to number one, if, in his wildest dreams, we somehow pulled it off and sold out that inventory. Well, we sold out at around 4 o’clock yesterday, so it appears that on any other “normal” day we might have done it. Nevertheless, a number 2 showing exceeded my expectations and I’m absolutely thrilled with the results.

Odds and Ends Updates

1. The Worker Bees and I are now going through hundreds upon hundreds of emails. If you’ve sent in a receipt but haven’t heard back just yet please be patient. We are working hard to respond to each one of you and guarantee that your freebies are on the way. We’re shooting to have every email answered by tomorrow (Friday) afternoon.

2. If you are interested in The Primal Blueprint Poster or The Primal Blueprint Cookbook but didn’t take advantage of the 4 or 5 book offer don’t fret! The poster will officially go on sale on PrimalNutrition.com within the next week, and the cookbook is due out next quarter. Stay tuned!

3. I’m very much looking forward to the private Live Q&A Webcast held next week. I plan to make it worth your while and encourage everyone that has access to the event to participate. Show up, ask me your questions and we’ll have a lively discussion about all things Primal!

One final, big thanks to everyone. We’ll be back to usual business tomorrow. In the meantime let’s get out there and get Primal!

About the Author

Mark Sisson is the founder of Mark’s Daily Apple, godfather to the Primal food and lifestyle movement, and the New York Times bestselling author of The Keto Reset Diet. His latest book is Keto for Life, where he discusses how he combines the keto diet with a Primal lifestyle for optimal health and longevity. Mark is the author of numerous other books as well, including The Primal Blueprint, which was credited with turbocharging the growth of the primal/paleo movement back in 2009. After spending three decades researching and educating folks on why food is the key component to achieving and maintaining optimal wellness, Mark launched Primal Kitchen, a real-food company that creates Primal/paleo, keto, and Whole30-friendly kitchen staples.

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      1. I put your book in my cart at Amazon.com about a week ago at $14.97 and after the “push”, which I didn’t know about, I went back 2 days later to order it and low and behold, the price had gone up $2. I still ordered it, but Amazon evidently couldn’t resist making a few more $$$ off “the push”! Thought it was interesting….

        1. yes, i bought ‘the world peace diet’ on march 12th in a drive for change that day, and amazon just happened to adjust my shipping fees from the free option that always comes up for me when spending 25 or more… anyhow i had to go and change my order afterward since amazon had snuck in a higher shipping price. sigh* anyhow, much love to you!!!

    1. I’m in the UK and just ordered the book from amazon.com (ie the US site). Shipping is a little more than from amazon.co.uk but it’s not a massive difference in price overall.

      1. I’m also in the UK. The books awesome & getting it through Amazon UK is great because you don’t get the high priced shipping charges. However I’d love to order a T-Shirt, but shipping costs to the UK cost more than the shirt!! Any chance of getting those on Amazon too?

  1. Oh no… 🙁 I just bought my self a copy from a Swedish online bookstore. Sometimes shit happens… anyway love the work you are doing Mark.
    Best wishes from Sweden.

  2. I also bought it from amazon.co.uk an hour ago or so.. Hope it counts! (Crossing my fingers..)

  3. I’m a tightwad but I just bought a copy due to all the great ideas I’ve gotten from this site. It changed the way I exercise and I am getting great results … 47 years old and I am leaving the young guys in my dust.

  4. I will be buying the book right now!

    Mark, did you get my e-mail yesterday? It has to do with march madness and time is certainly running out…

  5. Getting my copy today. I can’t find it anywhere in stores around here.

  6. Mar/editor/webmaster:

    FYI there’s a typo/misuse in the first paragraph:

    “…and I get The Primal Blueprint the sort of exposure it needs to affect real change.”

    It should read:

    “…and I get The Primal Blueprint the sort of exposure it needs to effect real change.”

    (affect vs effect)

  7. And I have a typo in the very first word of my last post — Mar vs Mark. 😀

    Forgot to mention that this is a nice offer. I was holding off on buying the book, but I just might go for it now.

  8. As of 6:35 in the morning (AZ/CA time) PB is #43 in health and on it’s way up!

    1. At 6:40 am PST we’re already at 120 out of all books sold on Amazon.com. We were hovering around 300 yesterday. Headed in the right direction!

    2. Since you mentioned typos … you should have written “on its way up” without the apostrophe. “It’s” always means “it is”. The possessive form is simply “its”. Just like we wouldn’t write “our’s, your’s, etc.) I’m writing this in a bit of teasing mood, in case that didn’t come through! 🙂

      Just ordered the book … looking forward to a great read!

  9. I’m in Germany, the book is also available at amazon.de, would buying there also qualify for the gifts?

  10. Hi Mark- there were only the hardcover editions available on Amazon (guess the paperback sold out already!)- I assume this still counts? It’s also about a dollar cheaper too on Amazon… thanks!

    1. Hello, April,

      There is no paperback version of the PB on Amazon – only the hardcover and the Kindle version. Only the hardcover version (the one linked to in today’s blog post) qualifies for this offer.

      1. Oh oops… I just wasn’t sure why yesterday when I looked it was 17.81 and then today it was like 16.91… glad I can support you and your great blog!

  11. I have the book, but I just ordered another one to be a loaner copy. Definitely want to see the book (and your message) climb above all the other diet & fitness books on Amazon. Thanks for the great offer and the great stuff you share here everyday.

    Also picked up a second copy of The Vegetarian Myth while I was on Amazon.com (can’t get it on Amazon.ca). Both books will be loaned out lots to my family and friends. (And to support Lierre Kieth after the idiotic cayenne pie incident!)

  12. Mark – that’s a beautiful article over at Zen Habits. Your writing is so thoughtful, & your philosophies so aligned with my own. Thank you so, so much for all the work you do.

  13. I’m admittedly disappointed. I’ve been waiting for the recipe preview for three weeks since you last mentioned it. Now I have to pay $25 for a book I already own in order to see it?

    I’m generally NOT critical at all of this website or the information. In fact, I love the book, love being primal, etc. etc. But this sucks.

  14. And I quote from March 3 blog: “You’ll have an opportunity to get a free, digital preview of the book, including 5 of the most mouth-watering Primal recipes, on March 17 (and March 17 only), so check back.”

    FREE is not the same as BUY THE BOOK AGAIN

    1. Sorry for the confusion, jamiebelle.

      The book is only $16.19 not $25.

      The “opportunity” to get a bunch of (free) things you wouldn’t otherwise get when you purchase the PB is the offer given readers today. I didn’t mean for that to be misleading if it was.

      Note too that “March 17” in the quote you provided linked to a page in the forum that explains how you can get all the gifts. Here it is:


      Thanks for the support.

    2. It was clear in his original email (as in this one) that the “free” gifts were for purchasing the book, with different freebies available depending on the quantity of books ordered. Mare was straight up front about this the whole time. I just now bought 5 copies (already one one) which I plan to dole out as excellent gifts to needy individuals over the next year or so.

    3. Jamiebelle, read #1 of the fine print. He just needs your receipts, even if purchased earlier.

  15. Already bought it off Barnes & Noble’s website – D’oh! Might just have to buy another copy off Amazon for friends/family/etc.

  16. I bought 5! Two will be donated to my high school library for my students and three will be given to friends (and the poster will be hung in my room at school). I already have my own copy and am looking forward to the recipe book!

  17. I get it, I get it. I bought the book 9 months ago and have been following it like a religion. 😉 But I don’t have the receipt.

    It’s fine. I just don’t think the original statement was very clear and I would imagine I’m not the only one who was waiting for an actual FREE preview. But I guess the adage “no free lunch” is true.

    Still plan on buying the recipe book whenever it becomes available.

    1. If you ordered from Amazon, you can go to the “My Account” section and get an invoice for your past orders. Simply copy and paste into an email. That’s what I did.

  18. aw i just ordered my primal blueprint book from amazon.com around 10 days ago. jumped the gun!

    1. oh wait i just read the section at the bottom. im the worst skim reader ever!

  19. I first learned of Primal Blueprint through CrossFit305 in Miami. Bought a copy of the book, read it, and changed my diet and exercise routines. 70 days into it and very happy with results. Will purchase five more copies today and gift them to friends.
    Don’t you wonder about the long term buy-in of Conventional Wisdom proponents?

  20. Should have included the kindle version in this. You’re discounting a huge portion of Amazon shoppers. Get with the times. You’re blowing it.

    1. DajM – It’s simply that Kindle book orders don’t factor into a book’s ranking on Amazon.com in the same way a physical book does. If you’ve got beef take it up with Amazon.

  21. Yours and Gary Taubes’ book have been on my wishlist forever. This was the impetus I needed to finally buy them both. Thanks!

  22. Thanks for the freebies Mark! Just ordered my copy, been meaning to do it forever! Looking forward to the cookbook.

  23. How do we know if we sent the receipt in our e-mail correctly? I sent the e-mail with a link to the receipt a few hours ago but since it is my amazon account will you be able to see the receipt?

    1. Unless I have your account username/password (which I don’t want so please don’t send it) I wouldn’t be able to see anything in your account. You should receive an email receipt of your purchase from Amazon. Please forward it to me for the freebies.

  24. I just emailed my receipt. Thanks for the freebies. Can’t wait for the book!

  25. I know from my own experience that the Primal Blueprint has the potential to transform families and save countless lives.

    To advance a cause like this at a critical time is an honor and even a charitable opportunity. My 5-book order isn’t much, but it’s a start. And I simply can’t wait for that cookbook!

  26. Sitting at #18 overall. #1 in Weight Maintenance and #1 in Exercise and Fitness. On the right track! Thanks, everyone, we’re getting there.

  27. What if we ordered it from your site around 8 to 9 months agao? would you have a copy of the purchas records by name or email? and if so yould we qualify. I deleted the recept email once the book was recieved.

    1. I am in the same boat bought it for Christmas for a gift but I deleted the receipt also.

  28. Just bought my copy…I hope the PB will get to the #1 spot today.

  29. When will the cook book and the other bits that you trailed in the post a few weeks back be coming out Mark? Good luck with the .com, from .co.uk I’m not much help but I’ve been spreading the word like crazy!

  30. We’ve broken the top 10! Thanks for the support everyone. If you haven’t purchased a copy yet, pull the trigger and help the PB get to #1!

  31. Dang! Just bought at the bookstore yesterday! Oh, well. Maybe I’ll just buy some more and pass them out.

  32. just sent my receipt and told my friend to day is the day to buy your book. hope he does. 🙂

  33. I purchased a 2nd copy of PB to loan to friends and picked up The Vegetarian Myth while I was on Amazon.com to support Lierre Kieth. Plus I qualified for free S&H by doing this. Thanks Mark!

  34. Mark – you have the most honest business I have ever seen.
    You do something you truly believe in, and empower people with the knowledge to follow in your primal footsteps. You do this by providing the essencial information in your book and website, and stay away from pushing your supplemens on us. This fact gives you lots of credibility.

    I am sure a lot of your regular readers will buy the book today out of their gratitude for you. And some will do it to get the word out about the primal lifestyle.

    I will buy a couple copies more today to spread the word around my friends, and to show my appreciation for your work.

    Thank you for everything Mark!

    -Daniel Hernandez

    1. Thanks, Daniel. I wouldn’t have it any other way. I have an open and honest relationship with my readers. I support, take and sell supplements. If they want to buy them great. If not, no problem. There’s plenty we can agree on.

      Thanks for the kind words and the support. Fingers crossed that we’ll keep climbing past #4…

    2. I for one did buy out of gratitude – there is so much good information on the site, and I have benefited so much from the free stuff, I would have been an ingrate not to buy today. Here’s hoping you hit #!.

    1. 3. The Kindle version of The Primal Blueprint on Amazon.com does not qualify for this offer. Only the hardcover version of the book qualifies.

    1. Many, many readers are doing the same today – buying a copy for friends or family members… and keeping the freebies for themselves. 😉

      Speaking of freebies – I’m really looking forward to the private, live Q&A webcast. It will be my first time doing it and I’ll get to thank all of you “in person”.

  35. Great idea–thanks for doing this! Just wondering–how long will it take for us to receive the freebies once we send you the receipt? Bought my copy this morning and sent the receipt to your email. I’m not being impatient, just looking forward!

    And by the way, the price went down to $14.84 at some point today–that’s $3 cheaper than it was this morning–45% off–so if anyone’s still thinking about buying it, now would be a great time!

    1. There are a TON of emails coming in. I hope to get everyone access to the freebies as the day progresses. Know that we’re working on it!

  36. Just bought a second copy to share. Still at number 4, but there’s plenty of time left in the day. And for some reason the price when I purchased was only $14.81. Surely there are some folks out there that can part with that for a good cause (and a load of freebies LOL!)

  37. I’ve been reading this blog for about a month now and The Primal Blueprint had been sitting in my amazon shopping cart for over a week! Thanks for making the decision to finally purchase it an easy one.

  38. Just bought a second copy to use as a loaner, at the lower price, along with several other books so I have facts to back up my way of eating when people question it, especially the CW-Low Fat campers. You were at #3! Almost there!
    Grok on!

  39. It now says

    In stock but may require an extra 1-2 days to process.

    LOL! I can just see all the Amazon elfs running frantically around trying to get the orders out!

    Wow, the power of the internet eh!

    Just thought of someone else I can send one to …

  40. Cool idea!
    I’m probably going to buy a “loaner” today copy too. It would be disappointing to see the book slide back down after its jump today, but hopefully the eyes of Amazon purchasers will see it and keep it up there!

  41. I can’t wait to read it! Damn shipping’s going to take ages though. Oh well it’s worth the wait. Gl getting to the top! 🙂

  42. #2 last time I checked. If #1 is not reached, I can live with that (sorry, Mark!)…Michael Lewis is my favorite author and The Big Short is supposedly his best book yet.

    Anyone hear read Moneyball? One of the best books ever.

    But PB isn’t far behind! Great job, Mark. Can’t wait for the freebies.

  43. I meant “here.” My bad. My grammar was the first casuality of this PB frenzy.

  44. Thank you for the fantastic offers, Mark, and for all the great work you do. I bought my copy last year, and still have the receipt, but I felt guilty and bought a copy to send to my daughter so I have a new receipt. Thanks again!

  45. On Zen habits you recently posted:

    “When you go back and look at the fossil records of our hunter-gatherer, pre-agricultural ancestors, you find that they were healthy, strong, and largely free of degenerative diseases…”

    I just have a question though – wasn’t their life expectancy about 21 years old? If they were so healthy why did they die so soon?

    1. “I just have a question though – wasn’t their life expectancy about 21 years old? If they were so healthy why did they die so soon?”

      They had no access to modern medical care, sanitation, dealt with predators, and lived in conditions where shelter from nature was uncertain. And probably most importantly, deathrate at birth was very high, resulting in a skewed life expectancy.

      Contrast this to the conveniences we now have: medical care for disease and injury, complete awareness of sanitation needs and the microscopic world, heated and air conditioned homes, and the same medical care to assist in birthing.

    2. Life expectancy may have been only 21 years. Does that mean that they weren’t healthier and stronger than modern humans? No.
      If a pre-agricultural hunter-gatherer managed to fight off illness, and was strong enough to survive predators and other evils, then he was fit enough to reach reproductive age and pass his genes on.
      The greatest revelation I got from Mark’s book is that humans now exist in a state of devolution. What that means is that even the sickly and unfit, with the help of medicine and medical technologies, are able to reach reproductive age… and you know what that means.


  46. Still #2 at 1:30 PDT when I bought mine – so close!!!

    Thanks, Mark, for all you do *and* a generous offer!

  47. My receipt has been sent. Congratulations on a successful day Mark!!

  48. I couldn’t resist getting my copy last night as the clock struck 12. Must install F.lux…

  49. Hey mark I just bought a copy of your book and Im pumped to read it. I would love to take advantage of the March 17th freebie special but Im not able to access your email through your option above, can you help me out?!! Either way, sounds like a great read with many benefits!

  50. Tit for tat: you (or someone) corrected the affect/effect typo, and I ordered the book just now.

    FYI, Amazon is now saying there’s an extra 1-2 day delay on your book. Expected delivery date is Mar 24 — and that’s with 2-day Prime shipping! That bodes well for your quest to reach #1. Congratulations!

  51. In for 5 and the freebies…all five headed to Iraq for our troops (keeping the cookbook for my Grokette)

  52. Congrats for getting it to #2 so far! I’m going to give a copy to my local library, and give the rest as gifts.

    Thanks so much for the freebies! I really hope it gets to #1 by the end of the day.

  53. Just ordered from Canada! Thanks for the freebies and hope it reaches #1 soon 🙂

  54. Been looking at getting the book for a couple of weeks now. This was a great opportunity to make the move. Bought the book and sent the receipt.

  55. Pretty glad I held off ordering this! just did so from Ireland..from Amazon.com…when do i get my free stuff? haha

  56. Juuuuust placed MY order 2 seconds ago! Can’t wait to get the book!

  57. Okay, five copies on the way, since my original marked-up copy is not leaving my ghee-covered little mitts, and there are a bunch of folks I want to read PB.

  58. Ordered my copy and sent an invoice via email (I hope a copy of it in PDF form is okay?).

    Glad to help. I hope you make it to #1!

  59. Looks like Amazon is only allow you to order a maximum of 3 copies now. 🙁

    1. That’s good and bad news I suppose. Good news because what we’re all jointly doing is working (they’re selling out of books!). Luckily the bad news isn’t all that bad. It just means that if you want more than 3 you have to take the extra step of placing two back to back orders. I know a number of people that have done just that today.

  60. Hey Mark – Just tried to place back-to-back orders and Amazon won’t allow that. Once you’ve ordered your three copy max they won’t let you buy any more. 🙁 I ordered my first copy last fall so that makes four but really wanted the signed cookbook for five books.

    1. We’re reaching out to Amazon to fix this. I hope to get this resolved by tomorrow morning. Please check back for updates and thank you for the support!

  61. Great marketing effort today, though! I usually hate these kind of coordinated MLM efforts but this is a great product and more people need to know about it. And it’s not one of those crappy $97 e-books with all the “free” gifts thrown in.

  62. Bummer!! Just bought this on B&N.com a couple of weeks ago. I like to give them some business too. Also, at the time, it was a bit cheaper on BN than it was on Amazon.

  63. What they heck…just ordered another copy on Amazon. Do we block out the personal information on the receipt or leave everything as is??

  64. Any word on how many total copies were sold today?

    Also wondering how many books short we are of hitting that number 1 best selling spot.

  65. Sad that this offer is not open to Amazon in other countries as we all know Amazon.com ship internal to the .fr and .co.uk.
    Besides this, it all helps get you to that top spot

  66. I ordered the book a few days ago…still haven’t gotten it.I guess that doesn’t count?

  67. How would you prefer us to submit an email if we made multiple separate purchases?

    1. Would it be ok if I sent you a copy of all my invoices in pdf format?

  68. Mark,
    this was a great offer as I intended to buy this “someday”. This was a get off your duff and do it now call.
    Your prompting was great and I look forward to receiving the autographed poster. I really wanted to buy 1000 books as I would really like to interview you, but I will wait until another day to arrange that.

  69. I sent in my reciept twice… it’s been 8 hours and I haven’t got a response from you. Did I do something wrong?

    1. I also haven’t got a response but I guess there are too many receipts 😉

    2. Please be patient. We’re working furiously to get to each and every email. There are thousands now! Your freebies are coming soon…

  70. #2 on Amazon! Congrats Mark! Very effective marketing technique! I will have to keep it in mind 🙂 Only when I believe my book is deserved to be #1 though 🙂

  71. Mark,
    I may have been one of the first people to buy your book when it first hit the street (I remember hitting the purchase button pretty darn quick after it became available at any rate). My signed edition of PB is on my bookshelf. I have used it successfully on more than several occasions as a presentation aid to explain to my friends and family just what the heck I’m doing living this healthy way. I plan on hitting Amazon to buy a few early birthday gifts for people I know that would benefit from your PB construct. Truly am glad that you’re “doing well by doing well”, this community needs a successful entrepreneur such as yourself to educate and inform, I wish you continued success doing so.
    Best Regards,

  72. Why did the price of the book change throughout the day? When I bought mine it was $16.16*, then later I looked and it was $14.85*, only to look last night and it was $18.85*. What gives?

    * All prices were right around this.

    1. Ditto when I was able to get online to buy, it was no longer $14.85 I got it for $17ish. Not that I’m not happy to have it… 😉

  73. Amazon takes a percentage of every sale, but the more you sell the less amazon takes and as a result the price drops.

  74. How could we NOT help you out, when you’ve helped us so much? Congratulations. It must feel so good to have your community and fans rally behind you!!

  75. Whoops- I just sent you an email asking if you were still working on sending out the freebies… should have read farther! Sorry, I’ll be patient. Can’t wait to see them and really can’t wait for the cookbook!
    Kari Barber

  76. Aw, it’s 12:45pm March 18 missed the cut off time to get my receipt in on time. 🙁 Congrats to you Mark!

  77. Good stuff Mark and the rest of Grokenators!!!

    I love to see someone with an actual book that can really help people get the recognition it so deserves. You helped me make remarkable changes in my life and I owe you a lot. I have spread the word to anyone who will listen.

  78. Mark, I bought my copy yesterday after reading a comment from Tony Horton’s facebook page. I went to your website yesterday and have been glued to it ever since. There is so much information and I cannot wait to get my hands on PB. Thanks for all the great work you’re doing! I’m a little nervous, though, because I enjoy to training hard (cardio and weight training)and am wondering how much I would have to modify my exercise routine. I’m sure a lot of questions will be answered after reading the book. Can’t wait. Thanks again and good luck to the #1 spot!

  79. Score 1 for the Primal tribe, Mark – the tribe that you assembled through your hard work, intelligence and kindness. You’re a model for many other to follow and your leadership rang out yesterday. The magnitude of what was achieved is astounding. #1 on 4 platforms of books and #2 on all of AMAZON? NOTHING SHORT OF AMAZING!

  80. Uhhh… I ordered the book from Amazon on Wednesday, March 17. It arrived TODAY! One day later!!!!

    Amazon is too awesome. I browsed through it quickly… can’t wait to dive in! Its more than I expected!

  81. Congrats Mark! I posted on my Facebook page, and at least three of my friends actually purchased the book, and I bought another as a loaner. I just wish I had enough funds to purchase 1,000 of them and hand them out on the street…or anonymously slip them in certain people’s gym bags!

  82. Thanks for all the kind words, everyone. Many thanks to all of you. Apart from actually purchasing copies of the books I know that many of you told your friends, blogged about, Facebooked it, emailed people about it, Tweeted it and generally got the word out. This wouldn’t have happened without you. Thank you!

  83. Congrats Mark…and to anyone who thinks otherwise…even if you can’t get some of the free things…anything worth it’s weight is worth paying for. I for one will gladly pay for the excellent products that Mark and his team provide. They have done a great job changing my life so far…I am sure they will continue to enrich it further.

  84. By golly, congratulations! My life is changing in profound and wonderful ways since reading your book and following the paleo path with diet and excercise (and stress). I feel 15 years younger. Thank you, Mark Sisson!

  85. I buy all of my books from Amazon.com in the USA [including the primal blueprint :)] because even with the expensive postage prices it still works out far cheaper than buying books off the shelf in Australia. The price of books in this country is outrageous.

  86. You deserve to do so well Mark. I think your work is amazing. You have helped so many people achieve good health. Congratulations.

  87. If the whole world goes primal/paleo, what then? Of course, this isnt going to happen but as a thought experiment?

    Interested in primalist’s thoughts.

    1. Well, perhaps all the grain fields, with their grass pollens polluting the air, will have to be changed into grazing land for grass-fed cattle, sheep etc., and then I will not suffer from so much hayfever? 🙂

  88. Well, I’m in awe too. The first few recipes of the upcoming cookbook look amazing. If I only buy 1 more book for 2010 (doubt it), that will be it.

    The 25 free recipe pdf is just what I needed as well.

  89. Hey awesome! I just bought one a few days ago on amazon. I am looking very forward to reading it and I will be sure to give it to my dad when finished. Great to hear it’s doing so well.

  90. Ha Ha I have been reading this blog for a wicked long time, but just ordered the book last week! You bet all your sweet paleo a$$es that I emailed in my reciept…there is gonna be trouble if I don’t get my stuff, Sisson,,,just sayin’…LOL Thanks for everything, and I hope we are all aware how massive this movement may become!!! Grok on!

  91. Hey mark i was looking over the cookbook and i am Really impressed with it. i cant wait for the full one to come out. Thank you and the worker bees so much for all of your guys hard work. You guys are amazing. 🙂

  92. Mark, congratulations! The book is just AWESOME and it’s became a kind of bible of health and fitness for me 🙂

    Thank you!
    Wojciech 🙂

  93. Congratulations!! You and your staff deserve the success, and it’s a giant WIN for public health too. This blog has already helped so many people and prevented so many diseases — keep up the great work!

  94. Hey Mark and worker bees,
    Sent my receipt Wednesday, March 17 at 9:04pm. Hope you got it.

  95. Mark, I responded to your email before the expiration time and did purchase the book from Amazon.com. How do I receive the additional goodies that you used to ‘bribe’ me?

  96. Looking kinda’ iffy here. E-mails were/are supposed to be out by 12 PM Pacific. That’s about an hour and 15 minutes away, and I still haven’t received word.

  97. Well Mark, congratulations.

    As I’d mentioned to you privately I hadn’t had so much fun sitting here pushing my refresh button all day since I watched a near “nobody,” without party support, Ron Paul, raise $17 mil in a single day during the primaries of the 2008 pres election.

    What a deal. I initially bought one additional copy, then when I saw you actually moving up substantially I got another 4, and then an additional 5 to help in that final push.

    While getting to #2 and not #1 might be a bit disappointing, what an achievement for a “nobody,” without major publisher support. 🙂

    Good job.

    I’ve got 2 or three friends I’m giving a copy to, and the rest are going to some of the trainers at my local gym.

  98. Richard,
    Pure class, man.

    I had the same 2008 flashback as you did, by the way, hitting refresh yesterday.

    It’s only March, and there’s been 2 epic events bringing great attention to this community. I had a blast both during the Lou Mars drum marathon and Mark’s book bomb extravaganza! Can’t wait to see the next “awakening”…

      1. Freebies are pretty awesome, sir…humbling actually to see how very well put together the supplemental materials and culinary previews are–did not anticipate this level of excellence. Thanks very much. I’m looking forward to reading the book when it arrives. And in response to Richard, Ron Paul seems like one of the few statesmen left on board that ship of fools over in D.C.

  99. Hey Mark

    For financial reasons I couldn’t order the book until today.Is there any chance I can still get the bonuses?

  100. Well crap! I guess I screwed up. I ordered the book from Amazon on the 17th, but thought I had to wait until I received it to claim the free stuff. Guess I didn’t read the fine print?

  101. Congrats, Mark! I’m loving the book so far. Very well written and one of the more organized books in terms of overall layout that I have read in a while.

  102. Hi Mark
    I would really like that cookbook. When will it be on sale at Amazon.com so I can buy one?

  103. Hey, I think your site might be having browser compatibility issues. When I look at your blog in Safari, it looks fine but when opening in Internet Explorer, it has some overlapping. I just wanted to give you a quick heads up! Other then that, fantastic blog! Bless you!