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October 04 2011

Primal Blue Cheese Chips

By Mark Sisson

Mark’s Daily Apple reader Rachel submitted this Primal Blueprint recipe video as her entry to this year’s Primal Blueprint Recipe Video contest. This is one in a series of recipe videos, workout videos, Grokfeasts and other contest submissions that will be published all week long. View them all and vote for your favorites later this week. Grok on!

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10 thoughts on “Primal Blue Cheese Chips”

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  1. That looks delicious! And I love sweet potatoes, I’ll have to make this one for my fiance. I do have a question though, I was always told that blue cheese wasn’t primal? That most dairy including cheese is not good for you. Please let me know! I love cheese and it’d be really hard to give up!

  2. This looks awesome, a great technique that can be adapted for other flavors. WARNING: DO NOT USE PYREX (that glass rectangular dish shown in the video) in a broiler!!! It’s not made for that kind of heat and can explode.

    1. I thought the same thing about the Pyrex. A good friend of mine had her Pyrex explode in the oven from that exact thing. Use a baking sheet instead. With that said, delicious recipe and I look forward to making it!

  3. This looks fantastic! I’m always looking to add a little more primal cooking into my daily routine. I thought that the cheese was a no go though. Anyway’s, I am going to go make some right now…..


  4. Mark, is there some place you can post just the written recipes submitted for the contest?

  5. I agree…a printed version would be wonderful for those of us short on time or on non video friendly devices!

  6. Awesome, absolutely love sweet potatoe, actually all your ingredients, this looks soooo delish. Can’t wait to give it a go.

  7. Look delish – just a warning though – olive oil is not suited to high heat….I would suggest either adding coconut oil or ghee to it – that raises the heat point to make it better for your health – or you can sub out the olive oil entirely for the lard, tallow, ghee or coconut oil…they all sound yummy~

  8. Looks yummy! I think this will be a great addition to my recipe box.