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You’re not alone in your Primal adventures. As our traffic, daily emails, reader comments and other metrics attest to the number of Primal Blueprint adherents is increasing every month. This is especially apparent with the growing number of blogs either directly about or strongly related to the Primal lifestyle. Here are a few of our favorites followed by some killer Primal recipes that our readers (and now fellow bloggers!) have created themselves.

Number one on the list has to be Son of Grok. (He is family after all!) He is taking the Primal lifestyle to an entirely new level, and he is broadcasting his amazing changes to the world. Check out his story on our Primal Testimonials page and be sure to visit his site for some delicious recipes (links below).

This new kid on the block is one of our favorites. Primal Fusion, written by Ryan Denner (regular MDA commenter) and Angie, is devoted to “Adventures in eating fresh, sustainable, organic, healthy, and extremely primal.” If homemade grain-free muffins pique your interest you’ll definitely want to pay their site a visit.

Reader Dave Fish decided to go Primal when the new year started. See how he is doing experimenting with burpees, bodyweight exercises and Primal Energy Bars on his blog, The Primal Experiment.

Dave isn’t the only one blogging about going Primal. Check out Living Primal, too.

We’ve got Worker Bees and Brynith has the BEE Lifestyle. Earlier this year Brynith committed to a Primal lifestyle and has been going strong ever since. Visit her site for inspiring Primal musings and excellent food tips (see below).

Recipes and food tips from Primal sites around the net:

Caveman Cookies

Coconut Pancakes

Primal Office Snacks

Primal Ingredient: Coconut Flour

Dinosaur Dropping: Primal Fudge Balls

How To: Primal Breakfast

Grain-Free Muffins

The Son of Grok Jerky Method

If you have a blog about your own Primal journey hit us up with a link to your site in the comment board. And if you don’t, consider starting one!

Sharing your story and personal experiences can be a fulfilling and enlightening act. Don’t know where to start? Consider setting up a free blog with as three of the bloggers above have done. It’s a cinch and only takes about one minute!

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