Primal Action Point: The Mind-Body Connection & Thyroid Health

Inline_Live-Awesome-645x445-03“I became aware of the power of positive thinking after solving my first bout of hypothyroidism. So when a Reverse T3 problem showed up, I actively filled my life with audiobooks, podcast interviews, and films related to spiritual healing, the power of positive thinking, and the power of the subconscious mind.

Make a vision board to hang in your house, or make a smaller version that you can keep private if you don’t want others in the household to see it. Devote the entire vision board to health and healing; it can be a continual source of inspiration and hope while also imprinting your subconscious mind with positive health affirmations every time you see it.

If you are experiencing hypothyroidism for the first time, just know that it is fixable. You have the highest chance of success if you dedicate yourself to learning all that you can about hypothyroidism while adopting a paleo/primal eating and lifestyle strategy to support your goals.

— Excerpts from The Paleo Thyroid Solution by Elle Russ

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  1. Love this book! Elle does an amazing job of combining detailed info about drugs, tests and proper dosing with practical lifestyle advice and plenty of woo-woo stuff too (my favorite part!) I have recommended this book to so many people, including my 83 year old mom. She used the book to make sure she was getting the right tests done and asking her doctor the right questions.

  2. Hey Mark, speaking of a mind-body connection, what are your thoughts on EFT aka tapping? Have you ever tried it?