Pork-Stuffed Jalapeño Peppers

A fresh jalapeño pepper is the perfect delivery vehicle for meat or seafood. When the pepper is cut open, there’s just enough room to stuff a nibble of ground meat, sausage, shrimp or crab. The delicious edible package is sealed with a strip of bacon that drips fatty flavor into the pepper. A stuffed jalapeño can be eaten with your fingers in one or two bites (it’s delicious either hot or cold) and the addictive spicy flavor keeps you coming back for more.

Italian pork sausage is especially good in the pepper, if you want to go all out with pork flavor. Or, you can lighten things up a little by finely chopping raw shrimp in a food processor and stuffing that inside the pepper instead.

These bite-sized, savory treats are definitely popular appetizers, but why not serve them for breakfast too? Alongside a plate of eggs a stuffed jalapeño pepper is ridiculously good.

Servings: 20 stuffed jalapeños


  • 10 fresh jalapeños, sliced in half lengthwise, white membrane and seeds removed
  • 10 slices of bacon, cut in half
  • 1/2 pound (230 g) of loose pork sausage or other seasoned ground meat


Heat oven to 400 ºF (205 ºC)

Use your fingers to stuff meat into each jalapeño half.

Snugly wrap a piece of bacon around the pepper. Secure it with a toothpick.

You can put the peppers directly on baking sheet or pan, but the fat that drips off the bacon will make them a little greasy. To avoid this, set a cooling rack on top of a baking pan and put the pepper on the rack.

Bake for 25 minutes, until bacon is crispy.

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  1. Wow… I would eat a lot of those… as in an inappropriate amount! 😀

  2. Recipe looks good!
    Does anyone know what peppers are a good alternative for jalapeno peppers (comparable in taste)? Where I live (Netherlands) I have a hard time finding those. Finding organic jalapenos seems even harder.

    1. Yeah, not wondering about subbing jalepenos, but I’m in a dorm room, these look too good and all i have is a microwave!! haha any chance that could work?

      1. You can cook bacon in the microwave so I guess if you wrapped it really good it might work. I just had some and it would be worth a try.

      2. Is there any way you could get a little toaster oven? Or if you have room for that, you might have room for a counter top oven like a Nu-Wave Oven. I love mine, and I use it all the time even though I have a full kitchen!

    2. You could try finding pepperoncini – they’re smallish, yellow-green, marinated peppers that come in a jar. They’re not nearly as spicy as jalapenos, but do have a mild kick to them. Look for a jar that has bigger peppers in it if you want to stuff them.

      Here in the US they’re usually sold in the same section as the olives, etc. I don’t know if they’re available as organic or not, however.

    3. Maybe poblanos? I know South American food is very popular there (at least in Amsterdam), so I’m a bit surprised it would be hard to find at least some firm fleshed green pepper that has some heat to it. I could swear I’ve seen Jalapeños at an Albert Heijn store there.

      Good luck! Wish I could ship some to you from Texas!

    4. We are in Ireland, originally from New Mexico, and cannot get fresh jalapenos, but we buy small green chilies that are nice and hot imported from Kenya. they come in a pack of about 6. Don’t know about growing conditions in Kenya, but we really need to have our chili! I’m going to try this recipe with those. Can’t wait!

    5. Thanks for the feedback everyone! I suppose I should look for specialized South-America oriented stores and see if they have jalapenos. Regular green peppers are easy to find here.

    6. I also live in NL, and I get my jalapenos at the Jumbo supermarket. But it depends on the particular store if they have them or not, living in a university city and neighbourhood with many immigrants, they have more “exotic” vegetables in their produce section.

      If yours does not, Jumbo does have the policy that if you ask for them, they will order them specially for you.

      Another possibility might be a local “toko”, “souk” or perhaps a halal supermarket.

      You can’t really sub jalapenos for anything, though. The usual chilli-peppers you can get anywhere are too thin to stuff, and bell peppers (paprika) have too much moisture (you need to roast them without stuffing first) and of course aren’t spicy.

  3. Agreed Emily… amazing how Primal food is exactly the food I’ve always wanted to eat:

    Would you like a side of meat with your meat sir? Why yes! and don’t forget a lovely Grok sized salad with that…

  4. These are wonderful! An alternative to cream cheese filling that’s better for you. Thanks!

  5. Now why didn’t someone think of this before. Sheer genius, thanks.

  6. I’ll be making these this weekend, sounds perfect for breakfast!

  7. ooh, for breakfast sounds good. Maybe even with a little egg mixed in the meat.

  8. Nice! I do a variation of this with cream cheese, basically bacon wrapped jalapeno poppers. They’re awesome!

  9. By coincidence I just had these with cream cheese (I know but I love dairy) before even checking the site today. I will be making bacon wrapped Jalapenos with various stuffings every weekend from now on. Delicious.

  10. Does the bacon have to be grass fed ? I can’t find grass fed meat here. :'(

    1. mmmm…pork shouldn’t be grass-fed (that’s not how pigs eat), but if you’re using beef bacon then yes. Grass fed is almost always one of your better options when it comes to beef. For pork, keep your eyes out for pastured pork. I’m wary of claims of “vegetarian-fed”, as pigs (and chickens for that matter) aren’t vegetarians. I am a big fam of eating animals on a natural diet.

      1. lol…not sure what a “fam” is, but I am a big fan of eating animals on a natural diet. 🙂

        1. Thank you Ken. And if I can’t find grass fed beef, is it bad to eat it ?

        2. Jack, I choose to avoid CAFO meets because I feel that they’re’s unhealthy. I’ve had people argue that meat is just meat and calories are just calories, but I think there’s enough information out there to prove that’s not the case. That said, everything is a balancing act. When I go out to a holiday meal with my co-workers I don’t fuss about it. I make the best choices I can and don’t worry about the rest. I like the way I eat and eat that way 90-95% of the time. But I don’t mind the occasional trade-off to spend an enjoyable evening with family, friends or co-workers.

    2. pigs do not eat grass but you should be able to find pasture or free rang pork.

  11. I make these with those sweet little baby peppers for those in my family that do not like the spiciness. And I stuff with a mixture of italian sausage mixed with chopped onion & red peppers. Yum….

  12. In my garden I let 1/2 the jalapenos ripen until they are red and much more mild for the wimps in the household.

  13. I look forward to trying those. My mouth is watering already! I used to love breaded jalapeno poppers… but these will do very well! :-9

  14. let’s be honest…any pepper…even a sad little bell pepper would be amazing stuffed with meat and wrapped in bacon!

  15. Sad little bell peppers become happy when wrapped in bacon!

  16. My Dad warned me to wear plastic gloves when handling more than 2 jalapenos. I didn’t heed his words when I cleaned about a dozen one time. My hands burned until the next day. And never ever touch your eyes, nose or any other sensitive area of your body when you are handling hot peppers.

    Also, green peppers are immature. When they change to their ripe color they are at their most nutritious.

    1. I had the same thing happen (with the all day burning of hands and completely rational fear of touching any delicate bits). I finally got on line and read that rubbing alcohol will remove the oil from your hands that causes the burning. It worked for me.

    2. I usually put some olive oil on my hands before I cut/chop (regular green/red) peppers. Works quite well, and if I wash the oil off my hands after cutting the peppers it doesn’t burn. Just be careful what you touch with those greasy hands and I don’t know if this is jalapeno-proof…

  17. these are so delicious! i’ve tried them with different stuffing in the past, but this looks wonderful!

  18. We have had these stuffed with Chorizo and affectionately call the “Dragon Turds” lol

    If you do dairy, this same thing can be done with cream cheese and chili powder stuffed inside and wrapped with bacon!! Very tasty too!

  19. What delicious looking recipe! I’d love to indulge in something like this once in a while. Thanks for sharing!

  20. Try giving the bacon a head start by partially cooking it (microwave or pan) before wrapping the jalapenos. That way the bacon will actually crisp up without overcooking the other ingredients. This works well for bacon-wrapped-anything, my favorites being tenderloin and dove breasts.

  21. I made these last night for myself and a few friends. Very good and very easy, the hardest part is prepping the jalepenos. I concur that you should be careful of the peppers, I didn’t think about it and my fingertips were burning a little. Worth it though, everyone liked them!

  22. Daughter and I each ate NINE, husband ate two after running away to McDonald’s first.

  23. I used to make a similar treat, except I would just slit the pepper, and fill it with farm cream cheese and some extra-sharp cheddar & serve with homemade ranch dressing… this looks pretty damn good 🙂

  24. I made these tonight! awesome…can’t wait to serve them to company. PS I have a story about a long afternoon of gourmet prep work in the kitchen (included chopping hot peppers) followed by some “recreational activities” which involved some “sensitive areas”… a surprisingly pleasant effect! My hubby and I joke about it all the time but we’re nervous to try to recreate it. It was a happy accident which I can’t help but think could be very painful if you went overboard.

  25. I made these last night, and my non-primal husband loved them, and we ate all but 9. I took these into work, and co-workers loved them (warmed under a broiler). I prepped the peppers with gloves on. Use hot italian sausage to stuff them. AWESOME! A new favorite.

  26. Awesome, I love jalapenos and am always looking for creative uses. Though I think I’m going to use turkey bacon instead of regular bacon. Thanks for the great idea!

  27. I made these for a quick supper and they came out great! I had some bulk hot Italian sausage as well as some ground pork in the freezer, so I defrosted them both, mixed them together with my hands, and then stuffed away. The hotness of the jalapenos mellowed out nicely, and they were pretty addictive! I would definitely serve them at a party as hors d’ouevres, in addition to a nice little supper or lunch item.

  28. PS: I had lovely thick bacon, and for most of them, I cut it into quarters, across and then lengthwise. Worked very well.

  29. Mouth. Salivating. Totally making these for the next football game i go to. Maybe even stuff them with my buffalo chicken dip for an extra kick. 🙂

  30. I made these last night for the football game (Packers v. Bears). Half I did with jalapenos and half with mini sweet bell peppers. I also did some with cream cheese and green onions and I put some of the jalapeno seeds in the cream cheese too. I think my husband ate 10 halves. Yummy stuff!

  31. Made these tonight with peppers from my garden…a new staple appetizer in our house, we all devoured them!

  32. these are wonderful! i didnt have sausage so i used ground turkey that i seasoned with creole seasoning. yum yum yum thanks for posting.

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  34. Made a double-batch for a party tonight, smoked up the house some but turned out GREAT! Big hit! Thanks! 🙂