Poor Sleep May Make You (and Your Liver) Fat

Ah, sleep. Nothing like a good dose of the stuff, right? Losing even a single wink of your usual forty (or an hour, as the case may be) is enough to throw off an entire day.

But do you know who might love sleep more than anyone or anything? Our livers.

Yes, livers. Those fleshy multivitamins with an apparent propensity for fat accumulation function best on a good night’s sleep. New research is revealing exactly why shift workers and other chronically sleep deprived members of mankind tend to have problems with obesity, insulin resistance, diabetes, heart disease, and all the other popular features of metabolic syndrome: their livers aren’t processing fat efficiently, instead allowing fat to accumulate.

Normally, teams of molecules are dispatched to the liver during the day to reduce (the totally normal) fat accumulation that occurred during the night. The teams primarily comprise two molecules, rev-erb and HDAC3, which work together to break down the liver fat. These are the day shift workers; they follow the circadian rhythm. When we don’t sleep, our circadian rhythms are disrupted. The day workers don’t show up to work at the hepatic lipid processing plant, and all the fat that accumulated during the night just sits and sits and piles up. When the workers finally return, far too much fat has built up for the teams to handle. They’re up to their neurons in it. Personally, I blame rev-erb. He’s the one with the car. He’s the one who’s supposed to drive the rest to work. HDAC3 is probably waiting on the curb, thermos and lunch pail in hand, ready to start clearing out fat, while rev-erb’s just sleeping in. Ah well – can’t really blame the workers. You have to look at the system.

Some suggest enacting a bill that removes collective bargaining rights from and reduces health benefits for hepatic lipid processing workers’ unions. I think a more prudent (and effective) approach would be to just get to bed at a reasonable time, maybe by minimizing light exposure a couple hours before sleep. For shift workers with metabolic issues who have no choice (which is, sadly, most of them) but to work those hours, the lab group is looking into whether timing the administration of drugs according to normal circadian liver metabolism would help.

All in all, this is further evidence that many (if not most) of our metabolic issues stem from liver dysfunction.

And now for something completely different. This is a totally unrelated paper but an interesting one. It presents a link between genius (IQs of 130 or greater) and prenatal exposure to higher levels of testosterone. Just as the preponderance or lack of various hormones and chemicals in utero can lead to defects or deficiencies, these researchers are proposing that the opposite can happen. Seems reasonable. But wait – before you budding parents start cycling anabolics, use a little caution. There are also links between high testosterone in the womb and autism or autism-like symptoms, and some researchers are deeming these links quite robust. I wonder if there are safe ways to fiddle with prenatal hormone exposure. Probably not.

How does a poor night’s sleep affect your metabolic health? Do you feel the acute effects right away, or do you need to get poor sleep for an extended period of time before it starts to hit you? Also, would you consider playing around with hormone levels in the womb if it meant your kid might turn out to be a genius? Let me know in the comment section!

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Mark Sisson is the founder of Mark’s Daily Apple, godfather to the Primal food and lifestyle movement, and the New York Times bestselling author of The Keto Reset Diet. His latest book is Keto for Life, where he discusses how he combines the keto diet with a Primal lifestyle for optimal health and longevity. Mark is the author of numerous other books as well, including The Primal Blueprint, which was credited with turbocharging the growth of the primal/paleo movement back in 2009. After spending three decades researching and educating folks on why food is the key component to achieving and maintaining optimal wellness, Mark launched Primal Kitchen, a real-food company that creates Primal/paleo, keto, and Whole30-friendly kitchen staples.

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  1. One thing I’ve noticed with poor sleep is that intermittent fasting becomes less of a clear-headed pleasure, and more of a pain in the gut that makes me grumpy! I guarantee there’s a link there. Even one night of bad sleep, and I’m hungrier the next day.

    Hormones to make a genius kid? Um, I wouldn’t bother. I’d just (hopefully) have a wife who’s hormones were spot on from a PB lifestyle!

    1. This is a common observation. When I get poor quality sleep and am hungry at breakfast time (I normally don’t eat until lunch), I eat. Listen to your body. Never IF when you feel very hungry. This goes for other situations where stress turns on the hunger.

  2. Does this mean that active mothers may have a greater chance of having a genius child? Is this the level of testosterone increase that the paper may be referring to? What are other natural ways the baby would see increased testosterone levels?

    1. I exercised during my pregnancy but not overly so. I ate healthy and did reduce meat. I craved avocados and sticky white rice with a Japanese sauce on it, and I went swimming a lot.
      My daughter was born with an extremely high IQ. We were told she had Aspergers (on Autism Spectrum) around age 15. She tested out of high school when it was determined she was too smart for high school. In her sophomore year she tested at the 18th grade level (2nd year of Masters Degree level). By age 22 another psychiatrist believed that diagnosis of Autism/Aspergers was inaccurate. He believed she was just a very gifted person and tested her for Aspergers and high IQ.
      The IQ tests could not determine her intelligence because they could not test over an IQ of 135. She was showing three standard deviations above the norm (at least) in IQ. Her Aspergers still continued to show up as slightly there. Which maybe goes hand in hand with high IQ.
      As far as I know, I may have been on supplements that increased testosterone during the first three or four weeks of my pregnancy considering at the time I was quite into working out and did get free supplements since I worked for a company that manufactured body building supplements. But as soon as I realized I was pregnant I immediately stopped taking supplements. I didn’t do steroids or any of that… I was too health conscious…
      My daughter is smart and very loving and beautiful. She continually amazes me with what a gentle nature she has. She lovingly holds spiders and puts them outside. She thinks all life is precious and has a hard time even killing bugs.

  3. I work with shelter cats and hepatic lipidosis is a always a worry/concern for us because cats go anorexic when stressed. I am wondering if, in addition, we fight an uphill battle because cats also don’t have normal, healthy sleep patterns in the shelter environment due to stress, additional noise, light, etc..

    I am sure this has not been at all studied in cats, but I would be curious…

  4. Shift worker here. Lack of sleep effects my willpower in the negative too.

  5. I always get worried when I hear these things…. my sleep schedule is a bit messed up, I have to get up at 5am for work so I don’t always get my 8 hours. I try to at least get more than 6 every night, if I am lucky I get 8 but usually it is 7.5 hours. Of course then there are nights like last night, the Sunday after DST, when I couldn’t fall asleep until midnight…. brutal.

    1. You may be in luck! Not everyone needs 8 hours essentially. It’s about getting the right about of sleep for your body. Essentially this is more time spent in deep-wave and REM sleep. There are iphone apps now that can help you monitor the amount of REM sleep you are getting so you can better plan when to go to sleep and when to wake up etc.

  6. I know one effect which clearly underlines the hypothesis of this post:

    I’m a collegue student and I had to learn for one whole night for an exam, so literally no sleep there. I did take a nap in the afternoon, but the impact of not getting any night sleep got to me in the evening when we celebrated: Just a couple of beers and I was hammered. It usually takes a lot more for me than that.

  7. Lucky me, all of the foods my mom craved while pregnant with me raise testosterone. That explains my intelligence… And my antisocial personality.

    1. Good point Alex. IQ is a good measure of some parts of intelligence, but not other parts. I know EQ is more and more becoming a corporate buzz word, but really, social skills and being able to effectively relate to human-kind is very important as well. In some cases, more important.

      There is a friend of my family whose kid is doing his Ph.D at MIT, I think he got his undergrad with an overall avreage of 98%. But trying to have a conversation with the guy? Impossible.

      I do think these effects are more pronouced in the male gender, just from my observations… I could be wrong.

      1. There’s a reason that autism is sometimes referred to as “the extreme male brain”…

      2. Asperger’s, which is on the autism spectrum, has a higher incidence in the gifted population than in the normal population.

  8. It makes so much sense that lack of sleep could cause problems with the liver when you look at the effect it has on hormones. In working with clients, they can have diet, exercise, supplements and all other factors in the right place and without enough quality sleep, they simply will not get better.
    I notice this connection especially in clients struggling with infertility. The lack of sleep seems to feed low progesterone, and raise cortisol, which makes ovulation almost impossible in some.

  9. I have three beautiful children, and my first
    born has Autism. While pregnant with him, I
    was very active. I also slept horribly since I
    contracted the worst case of the the flu which
    led me to cough all night long for the first five
    months of the pregnancy. My son is
    exceptionally intelligent but also socially

    1. So are you saying you think your sleep pattern during pregnancy is related to the autism?

  10. When I am on a midnight shift I go without sleep about 2 nights/days a week. A month of that and I am a wreck. I bet my liver is chubby.

  11. I wonder how much of this is directly related to the sleep itself, and how much is due to the sort of enforced-IF for however many hours of sleep you happen to get.

    In other words — is it the enforced break from digestion that makes your liver happy? Or the actual sleep? (probably both.)

  12. Testosterone during pregnancy can also be increased by stress. In addition to producing more “right-brained” individuals, it is also linked to increased incidence of homosexuality – both male and female, I believe. Not a problem as far as I’m concerned, but the autism connection should give one pause before tinkering with one’s hormones in the hopes of producing a “genius.” It also may cause an increased tendency toward allergy.

    1. Just thought id chime in, since this hit home for me a lil.

      I wouldnt call myself proof of all this, but i definitely fit the statistic.

      My IQ has been tested between 158-164, 4 different tests. One of them through Mensa. Im left handed. Tallest in my immediate family @ 6’4″. Im social, but usually only in familiar groups…because they understand me and i dont feel awkward. Hetero too, so please dudes, dont email me. I get hit on more by men than women, its frustrating to say the very least.

      Very interesting reading, made a lot of things make sense.

  13. I work 5pm to 3am and change shifts quite regularly. I don’t find that I have a hard time sleeping. Even when I’m sleeping 9am to 5pm, shutting the curtains and having the house to myself keeps me sleeping like a baby. Get a routine and you can adjust (well, *I* can adjust) to odd hours no problem.

  14. My big problem when I get very little shut eye is I tend to become very sloppy with my diet. Which I am always very careful for 6 days of the week and then I have my one day “cheat” day. So bad sleep for me usually equals bad diet.

    This is why I am careful to get my 8 hour quota, otherwise my I set myself back slightly on my health goals and I spend the day being a grumbling mess, it’s not pretty 🙂

    1. Exactly.

      Poor sleep = Sloppy diet + caffeine cravings + carb cravings + not wanting to work out

      It’s just a big mess unless I can sneak in a nap.

  15. Even small shifts in sleep like DST completely mess me up. I’m a zombie today. A hungry zombie that wants to eat everything in it’s path. Curse the girlscout cookies in the breakroom 8ft away!

  16. I actually feel groggy if I get 8 or more hours of sleep. 6-7 hours is right in the wheelhouse for me. I am one of those people who, five steps after getting out of bed, is WIDE awake.

  17. If I lose around 30-1hr of sleep in one night my whole day and even the next day is thrown way off. I am super cranky and will almost always make poor eating choices and lay around most of the day! People use to make fun of me for “needing” 8 hours of sleep each night to be normal! Now I know its scientific!

    And NO I would never ever play around with my pregnancy’s! EVER! The fact that I have gone Primal now has so much to do with having babies and making sure that my hormone levels are normal for me! My kids will be who they are without me messing around with hormones and crap food! 🙂

  18. Appropriate that I come online and read this today, when Ive only had about 45 minutes sleep today. Wonderful false alarm contractions kept me up all night thinking I was going to have to head to the hospital. Oh well. Maybe I’ll get a nap in today and an early night.

  19. … so a bit of ancient TCM (traditional chinese medicine) further validated – getting to sleep before midnight – “an hour before midnight is worth 2 after…” circadian rhythm’s and all considered.

    as i have gotten a bit older, i have very pronounced experiences with this – as long as i get down before midnight, even 6 hours is cool – after midnight – groggy the next day almost without exception (that means 3 cups of coffee instead of just one… what to do?)

  20. For years I’ve had a strict sleep schedule. In the last few months I’ve been dealing with double frozen shoulder syndrome and the GP’s sleep solution is prescription strength codeine. Does’nt work worth squat. Add one new arrival in the form of husbands’ oldest child who bangs around the house at all hours and throw in not being able to sleep comfortably and I am one hot mess. Cranky cranky cranky.

  21. Cool article, I have a question though that some people might relate to:

    If someone is staying up late, say to 3:00 or 4:00 AM in the morning and they still get 7 to 8 hour of sleep, is their circadian rhythm disrupted? Does the health of liver depend on following daylight, or is it more reflective of just getting an adequate amount of sleep?

    I’ve tried sleeping a dark room and it lets me sleep comfortably into the day when normally the sun would wake me up. How do the liver molecules handle this?

  22. I definitely would NOT mess with hormone levels while pregnant. The more natural, the better. I don’t believe in fiddling with nature. If I’m going to have a genius kid, then it’s going to happen all by itself. People trying to bio-engineer their children and future generations are probably setting us up for failure. We came to this earth through natural selection, and us trying to fiddle with it can only end in disaster.

  23. So what are the implications of this for a high fat diet in populations with chronic insomnia or circadian rhythm disorders?

    As for the other story, after DES, we should know better than to go tinkering with hormones to optimize pregnancy outcomes. Healthy mom, healthy baby. That’s your best bet.

  24. My youngest child was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes three years ago. Since then, my stress level has been constantly elevated, sleep is in periods of 2-4 hours at best (need to check the kiddo’s blood sugar at night), my fasting blood sugar is approaching type 2, pre-diabetic levels, my blood pressure is elevated and I’ve put on 40 lbs.

    Mark’s summary of the research is real, folks – and I’m its poster child.

  25. Well, I sleep from 4:30am/5:00am to 11:30am. Is this sleep pattern (which I have no choice) problematic? That has been my sleep pattern for a long time, and I have not witness any side affects (even after switching to the PB more than a year ago).

  26. The research regarding fetal exposure to high testosterone is fascinating. On a purely observational note, individuals I know with genius-high IQs often have autistic tendencies–inability to read facial/body expressions, inability to empathize or appropriately express emotions as well as other segments of society. (Caitlyn alluded to this earlier in the thread.) I wonder if high IQ is correlated with autistic symptoms? I would bet on it, though I have no study to back it up.

    1. You seem to be describing Asperger’s Syndrome, usually described as a mild form of autism, which is correlated with above average intelligenc, yes. Autism is a spectrum disorder. Individuals affected by autism run from “introverted” to Rainman to completely non-verbal. Temple Grandin has written a couple books that give a first-hand account of life as a high-functioning autistic.

  27. I feel like a champion when I sleep right. I feel like death when I do not (just one night is enough).

    That’s all the evidence I need to make me love getting to bed early.

  28. I have chronic insomnia, which affects my productivity, memory, safe driving ability, mood, etc., etc..

    The Primal diet helps me cope; without it things are even worse.

    Even on the weekend, I can’t get to sleep or even sleep in. Had 4 hours last night, came to work…arghgh.

    Will give light therapy and my orange lenses another try.

    Wish I COULD just take a sleeping pill every night, but don’t want to, plus I don’t think Dr would let me. (have tried melatonin, GABA, l-theanine, valerian, magensium, etc., etc.) 5-HTP works, but gives me odd chest pains. Even working out hard doesn’t make a difference. Any ideas?

    I’ve been doing all the sleep hygiene stuff for years too: blackout shades, no caffeine, earplugs, comfy bed, cool temp in room, etc.

    Insomnia is a curse. It’s like you’re never fully awake, and never deeply asleep. You lose your grasp of detail and your creativity. SUCKS.

    1. I feel for you. Check your hormones. It turns out I was progesterone deficient (which explained… a lot), so I’ve been supplementing. My sleep is still disordered, but the progesterone has helped a lot. Also, I don’t get PMS and basically ended a history of depression beginning at the age of 8.

      I also take a medical grade melatonin. It’s not Ambien (which actually had zero effect on me), but it really does promote sleepiness (and vivid dreams).

      At this point, I’m looking at frank metabolic syndrome (PCOS, hyperinsulinemia, obesity). I’m hoping that as I get my insulin normalized, the secondary hormonal systems and sleep will straighten themselves out. In the meantime, I supplement.

    2. 5-HTP is a staple of the drug using community because it helps replenish your serotonin, but even without your storage being drained, it makes you feel all warm and fuzzy 🙂 Added benefit is that it makes you dream really weird things – which I like – or even sometimes helps give you lucid dreams!

      My personal battle with insomnia is most of the time won by being extra active during the day. Instead of sitting behind the computer all day (I’m a musician, it happens) doing some sports, going out and doing anything really, something social even, helps a lot to get me a little more tired!

    3. Bake up some primal brownies with a little cannabis and you will sleep like a baby. Im sure grok tried it.

  29. I started a 30 day paleo challenge 30 days ago and just about ever since I started it I have been waking up very early around 5 am ro so. I try to fall back asleep for another hour or 2 but its choppy sleep at best.

    But, I have not really felt tired and my energy has increased. My conclusion – Eat primal/paleo, live primal/paleo and you will require less sleep. Thus your chances of fat loss increase even more. How about that!

  30. When I was flying freight (low ball job) I was getting 4hrs of sleep at home and 4 in the pilot lounge. I was only able to not gain weight by just sleeping instead of eating. And when hormones would screw with me, I might miss my sleep at home and would struggle in a noisy pilot lounge. I slept in a plane a few times just because was easier to sleep through airplane noise than people and tv’s lol.
    I can often handle an off day of less sleep, but consecutive days really throw me off. But I still tend ton awaken with the sun even on nights of less sleep. Was frustrating in Europe till I adapted.

  31. I totally agree! you def need to get your rest! if i dont get minimum 8-9 hours i feel like blahh..
    btw ,i just started a blog too.. hopefully you can pay me a visit as well! Im looking to make some friends in the fitness blogging community ;] https://DyingWill.com it’s still in it’s begining stages but be sure to take a look ‘;]

  32. WOW! I am a flight attendant, just put in for a trip trade/drop due to the all-night flying, felt a little guilty…and you solved the problem (guilt) by posting this article. Now when folks ask why I do not do international trips, I will have a GREAT excuse…”It’s fattening!” I just feel all better all under now.

  33. I felt helpless, frustrated, miserable as my weight creeped up 5-8# a year during several years when I rarely ever got more than four hours sleep a night. The levels of stress, hormonal changes, and the constant struggle with my weight were physically awful, even while my personal life was very happy and all would have been wonderful except I couldn’t control the weight gain. A perfect storm for getting fat!

  34. lol…Monty Python…nice Mark…

    oh yeah, sleep is great. and so are livers. my nephew is autistic and a musical genius. he’s 6 and plays like 8 instruments.

  35. Aww. The image above is pretty much a reflection of me right now.

  36. I work 12 hour shifts, mixed days and nights and I also have mild narcolepsy (non-medicated). It heavily contributes to why I’m having trouble staying healthy and in line with the PB. Between sleep deprivation and 14 hr work days I’m either too tired to feed myself, or too tired to always ensure I’m eating well.

  37. I have Asperger’s, my IQ is around 170 – but, y’know what…? There isn’t a nanosecond that doesn’t go by when I don’t wish I’d been born neuro-typical.

    I HATE IT!! I hate the isolation, the loneliness, the fear the sheer terror of being alive in this world..

    Hey, Mark, you psychic…? How the hell did you know that I’d been up all night…?! <grin!

    This isn't the first time on of your entries has proven rather pertinent…

    1. Ah, Sarah, that makes me sad to hear. My 8-year-old daughter is on the spectrum (Asperger’s like, but not enough traits to clearly classify, so she got the PDD-NOS label). She does currently have friends, but I worry about the future.

      I would also posit that having a high IQ makes it harder to generally socialize. I have an IQ of 135-140 (and while we all have issues, I am neurotypical), and often feel alone and isolated, and like people don’t really want me to be myself, because sometimes being myself means being smarter than the average bear. I see my daughter (who is untested but is high IQ) tuning out when bored or acting out when bored and I think, “Yeah, I know *exactly* how you feel, I just had a touch more social skills and could fake being the good student a bit more.”

      I have found small niches of friends that I feel really close with. I hope you can do the same, Sarah. Because I’m guessing that your isolation is coming from BOTH high IQ and Asperger’s, a double whammy.

  38. Massively interesting article – Thank you. I know when I haven’t had enough sleep simply by how I feel when my alarm forcefully wakes me up. I’d love to train my body to wake itself up (like you Mark) but this is something entirely different! Less distractions – more sleep! Simple really isn’t it?

    Why’s it so difficult then!

  39. I always have a hard time falling asleep. The cure (at least for me), which I noticed after spending most of my day walking, is physical activity. Now all that’s left is finding the time for said sleep and physical activity.

  40. This has been my ONLY hurdle in living primal. Waking up at 2am wanting a whole box of twinkies. No need to resist though. Without them I can’t go back to sleep. The not so perfect solution, Eating very low carb daily. Most days I can still keep my carb intake under 100.

  41. Just a thought. I have a high IQ – in Dutch there’s a common name for >130 people, couldn’t find one in English that doesn’t sound arrogant to me – and I’m sure that’s mainly because my dad had one as well. Hormones may play a part, but there’s so many variables that I’d recommend not tinkering with it.

    Also socially, yeah I had soms problems growing up hanging around with other kids. I’m not diagnosed with any autism spectrum disorder, but I’ve noticed a lot of more intelligent people have traits that seem autistic. It’s just the being different from the rest that constitutes this, I think. Nowadays though, I’m 20, studying jazz, have a lot of intelligent friends that are actually social beings and enjoying myself. Just saying, if you have a smart kid, don’t fear for social outcasting (like my mum did), they’ll be fine.

  42. Seriously, “get sleep” has been one of my most pleasant additions since going primal back on Jan 1. There’s even a sweet IOS app for tracking patterns. Better eating and betters sleeping has helped me embrace less stress, and less weight.

    Great information once again Sensei Mark.

    It’s amazing how easy it is to NOT be lazy.

    Thanks again Mark. Serendipity is as Serendipity does.


  43. I would never play around with hormone level – especially when pregnatn! The only thing I can think of that I would do is get more exercise while pregnant to boost those types of hormones. Nature folks, it knows best.

  44. I am a night shift worker, and sleep is the number one priority in my life. After your last post on 2 times 4 hour sleep, I experimented last week on forcing that habit. It worked better than this week, where I have the usual 6-8 hour daily sleep.

  45. My husband and I decided to go Primal this week. It’s day 4, and the past two nights I have had a terrible time going to sleep due to the fact I seem to get very very hungry from 5pm until 11pm where I just can’t seem to feel satisfied, but still feel guilty about eating a ton of food before bed. So then I go to bed feeling hungry and wake up feeling even more hungry. I notice that after breakfast I am usually good till about 5pm… with maybe a snack of nuts and berries in the afternoon I am completely satisfied until dinner… then dinner never seems to be big enough or satisfying enough which leads me to want to eat bad things. My husband and I also take care of my mother who lives with us and she is not on board with the whole primal thing (yet!!) so there are bad foods in the house. Last night I just couldn’t take being hungry every 20 minutes… so I ate crackers – bad I know and I sure felt it! It felt like rocks in my stomach and I wanted to throw them up but it made me full… falsely and the wrong way I know but no fruit, veggie or meat was doing the trick. Today I am feeling less motivated to do the right thing because I am tired, I did not sleep well, and I can’t seem to eat enough to make me feel satiated… I tired going back to sleep but the hunger pain didn’t allow me to. I know the connection between sleep and every system and function in your body is so incredibly important… I am definitely struggling with that right now! Any suggestions would be so greatly appreciated!!

    1. Greetings Kimberly, and welcome to the primal lifestyle.

      One thing I’ve found that satisfies my hunger well during the evening after dinner/before bed if the hunger pangs do strike is a big tablespoon of Almond Butter.

      Scoop and lick. Works for me.

      I’m sure that others soon will have more/improved input, but this was my tasty trick. Make sure you eat enough at dinner too!

  46. Hi Michael!

    Thank you so much, it’s funny you mention that because I actually did that, and while it worked… it only worked for about 45 minutes before I felt those hunger pangs back!

    I think I simply may just not be eating enough… since I am rarely hungry after breakfast I am only consuming about 750 calories by after dinner time… I haven’t been keeping track of the calorie intake or worrying about it, but perhaps I just need more of the good stuff?

  47. I should also mention my husband and I are trying to lose weight as well. The past year we had an enormous amount of stress, we bought a house ( which we realized was not exactly for us), got married, took in my mother, went through 3 cars, turned our house into a rental/income property, moved, and started the adoption process for a child. So stress and time certainly added up the pounds on both of us. Prior to all of this I generally ate Paleo with the 6 small meals a day… which was instilled into my head that was the way to lose weight… and worked out 6 days a week…until life hit =) then everything seemed to come to a screeching halt. Prior to moving we also ate quick clean up meals in a bag which my body revolted but I suffered through since we were not at a place with a working kitchen… a hotel! So while I am trying very hard to keep my carbs under 50 I just can not feel satisfied. An apple or banana really does the trick… but that is just about 50 carbs right there!! Perhaps I am rushing it and just need to adjust to eating the right way again… I am a tad bit frustrated today as you can tell! Sorry for my life story and rant!!

  48. One natural way to increase testosterone is to have more sex.

    Do it for the children 🙂

  49. When I don’t get enough sleep I get bad looking skin, end up over-compensating for sleep and feeling like crap. Trying not to break the routine is key if you are trying to cut a bit of body fat, or put on muscle, as you definitely need the quality sleep for that.

  50. What are the effects of oversleeping? I noticed that when I get 7-8 hours of sleep my mind is sharp and clear.

  51. Not surprising then, the strong overlap of genius-level IQ and autism. How well I remember that from my Math team days.

    What about myself? High IQ (all this actually means is killing it on standardized tests, btw), autism spectrum disorder (Asperger’s), and transgenderism. All potentially resulting from abnormal maternal endocrine function?

  52. Very interesting article and comments alike. I would like to know what is to be done when after a bad night’s sleep I wake up absolutely ravenous and feel like eating a horse. Should I then follow my body’s cues and eat until satisfied, knowing full well that it’s going to be way more than I should be taking in in any one go??

  53. I’ve always been a big believer that my lack of sleep is the key to most things wrong in my life. When I get a good nights sleep I’m more productive, neater, eat healthier, exercise more, and am a much better all around person. However if my sleep pattern is off by even an hour it takes me about a week to get back on track. Day light savings time tends to take about a month for me to get used to. Sleep has been a life long struggle for me I’m really hoping going primal will help.

  54. Good to know.

    I feel good when I sleep right (9-10 hours), but I feel bad when I don’t sleep enough.

  55. Wow, this is timely reading for me. I just got diagnosed with a fatty liver and my hepatologist wasn’t sure why, as I don’t fit the standard profile. My poor sleeping habits never came up. Guess what I will mention at next Monday’s appointment?!

  56. iam working from 18:00 to 00h00 and I end up being home around 2:00 morning which means I sleep only 4 hours everyday I wake up 6:00 my problem when I have to go at work is by the time I wanted to sleep please I need help on this.i just enjoy Saturday because I sleep in time