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Reflect, Regroup, Resolve

New Year’s Eve: parties (whether they be grand galas, small social gatherings, cozy dinners with partners/friends, or living room camp-outs with the kids), champagne, evening appetizers, brunch buffets, noisemakers, balloons and glittery hats, kisses at midnight or perhaps turning in early. Each of us will be doing something different this evening, but somehow the occasion sparks a similar sentiment in everyone. Reflection, contemplation – a mental review of good times during the year and perhaps regret of a few unfortunate moments. We think about not just what happened, per se, but how we view the pattern or progression along the way. What has the year meant for us? How far have we come? What were the highlights, and where were the low points? In our professional lives? In our personal lives? In our families and social circles? And, of course, in our health?

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Top 9 Reasons to Stay Healthy

We know by now that we need to work out, eat the right foods, get plenty of sleep, spend time in the sun and nature, take long walks, and do all the stuff that is “healthy for us,” but sometimes when we’re waking up at 5 am to hit the gym before work or shunning the donuts at the breakfast meeting, it’s easier said than done. To avoid losing sight of just how important staying healthy is for our quality of life, it’s helpful to ruminate on exactly how healthy living can benefit us.

So here’s the quick & dirty top 9 long- and short-term reasons you should stay healthy, eat well, move often, get sunlight and adequate sleep, and generally lead a healthy lifestyle. Stick this list up on your fridge, bookmark it on your phone, slip it into your workout bag, and constantly and frequently refer to it throughout the day to keep you on the straight and narrow.

This is also a great post to share with people who don’t share your intrinsic, instinctual views on health, nutrition, and longevity. It’s a nice way to gently persuade people who haven’t thought of health in this manner.

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Worker Bees’ Daily Bites: Fitting in in 2008

Despite her five-a-day frappuccino habit and penchant for late night Mickey D runs, the tabloids are reporting that Britney Spears has purchased herself a whole slew of skimpy new outfits to wear once she slims down to her former pop princess physique.
While the list of things one might have in common with Ms. Spears generally falls under the “few and far between” category, buying clothes a size (or two) too small is something many of us can relate to. It’s an ego boost of sorts, to slip on a smaller size and realize that, while you’ll have to give up breathing and you definitely won’t be able to sit down (or stand comfortably for that matter) the zipper is up and the button has fastened…ummm…more or less.

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