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June 11 2015

Paleo Girl’s One-Year Anniversary (Plus a $1,700+ Giveaway)

By Guest

This is a guest article from Paleo Girl author Leslie Klenke.

Do you know that sensation in the pit of your stomach when you feel like something is meant to be? I’m not going to lie. I had that feeling the first time I met Mark Sisson two years ago at PrimalCon Oxnard. After just a brief conversation with him and a quick fangirl photo op, I knew my life’s trajectory was about to change—and boy did it ever.

If you’ve been active on Mark’s Daily Apple over the past year, you may have witnessed some of that change firsthand. You might have read my success story, heard about the release of Paleo Girl, tried one of my recipes, or listened to my feature on the Primal Blueprint Podcast. I also created Paleo Girl Magazine, a free bi-monthly eZine produced from community created content (you can sign up to receive your free subscription here.)

It’s all been loads of fun, but, more importantly, it’s been rewarding beyond words.

So today, I’m excited to mark an important milestone: the one-year anniversary of Paleo Girl’s release. And to celebrate, I’ve curated a massive giveaway of all my favorite things bundled up in a prize package worth over $1,700 for one lucky winner! But first, a very quick recap of Paleo Girl’s journey.

Immediately following its release last June, I was caught in a whirlwind of a press. Paleo Girl was featured in a number of blogs and magazines. I was a guest on some of my favorite paleo podcasts, and I was even on the KCRA Sacramento morning news teaching viewers how to make a few of my favorite meals and also some grok-tastic exercise pointers!

But my favorite piece of press was definitely one of the smallest: a feature in my hometown newspaper back in Ohio, The Vandalia Drummer. Receiving a picture of my mom holding that newspaper (after buying as many copies of it that she could find) will forever be a memory I treasure. (I love you, Mom!)

Paleo Girl even nabbed some book awards, including gold for the 2015 Eric Hoffer First Horizon Award, silver for the 2015 Benjamin Franklin Award in the Teen: Nonfiction category, as well as gold for the 2015 Eric Hoffer Award for Health.

All in all, Paleo Girl has grown beyond my wildest ambitions. It’s made a space for more Paleo/Primal lovers to share, connect, and support one another in their journeys to better health. It’s also reinforced how important our ancestral health lifestyle can be to those seeking answers to questions that don’t have solutions in conventional wisdom.

So as a thank you to everyone who has connected with Paleo Girl and made it such a success, I’ve reached out to all of the incredible friends I’ve made in this amazing community and pulled together a HUGE giveaway! The list below (totaling $1,700 in retail goods and services) includes all of my favorite paleo goodies and is going home to one very lucky winner (with three other runner-up winners going home with some awesome swag, too!)

So if you want a chance to win the Paleo Girl One-Year Anniversary Giveaway, just follow the simple steps below!

Step One: Follow me on Instagram @LeslieKlenke

Step Two: Share the contest graphic on your Instagram page

Step Three: Hashtag #PG1YEAR in the comments

Step Four: Tag me @LeslieKlenke

That’s it!

The grand prize winner will receive the Paleo Girl One-Year Anniversary package ($1,700 retail value) and three runner-up winners will receive an autographed copy of Paleo Girl and a jar of Primal Kitchen Mayo. The contest will run June 11-18 and ends at midnight PST. All winners will be announced June 19.

That all said, I’d like to give a heartfelt thanks to each and every one of the sponsors for donating an item to this giveaway and celebrating the one-year anniversary of Paleo Girl in style! We’re an awesome community working for the same things, and getting together to celebrate is what makes living this lifestyle such a blast.

So, last but not least, check out the goods and start sharing for your chance to win big! (Follow @LeslieKlenke on Instagram first for the complete list of these sponsor’s Instagram accounts.)

Paleo Girl One-Year Anniversary Package

P.S. For those of you that don’t want to enter the contest, Paleo Girl is on sale this week only for $14.95—that’s 25% off retail price—and I’ll sign each and every copy that goes out! In addition to the discount, you will also receive the One-Year Anniversary issue of Paleo Girl Magazine with your order.

Prefer listening to reading? Get an audio recording of this blog post, and subscribe to the Primal Blueprint Podcast on iTunes for instant access to all past, present and future episodes here.

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  1. #PG1YEAR

    Congratulations Leslie on your success, you are an inspiration!!

  2. #PG1YEAR
    Congrats to you, Leslie. I so enjoy your material. Please keep it coming!

  3. #PG1YEAR

    Thank you Leslie in helping me and my daughter on this journey!

    1. It’s free and literally takes a minute to register for one. They don’t even require a lot of personal info. Super easy. I just made one for the contest.

        1. It’s a cell camera app that allows a user to apply a digital filter on their HD camera photos so they look like old crappy 1970s photos… and then share them. Oh, and the app doesn’t cache the photo stream so it gobbles up your allocated data allowance package. #sarcasm

    2. Choosing to make this an Instagram only contest was tough, but it ultimately seemed to be the best choice. You can create an Instagram account in seconds and don’t have to divulge personal information like you do on other social media outlets! Not much work to win a prize of this size 🙂

  4. Congrats to your success! Is this contest open for international readers?

  5. I’m still waiting for a Paleo Boy book to come out. Whatever happened to that?

    1. That’s a great question, haha! I’ve been really bogged down with other projects, but hopefully one day I’ll have the time to sit down and write it! It’d be a lot of fun to go through this process again 🙂

  6. Congratulations Leslie! Thank you for inspiring myself and others to this way of life… it’s made a huge difference in the way I feel about food…. keep on keepin’ on 🙂

  7. Wait– There’s BACON EARRINGS?!?!?!?!?! That’s seriously the biggest reason why I would enter.

    Oh, and congrats!

  8. How about a non-Instagram option to enter? I have an account but no smartphone currently, so I have no way of posting on Instagram. Regardless, congratulations on the anniversary of Primal Girl, #PG1YEAR, @LeslieKlenke

    1. Use a friend’s smart phone and sign into your account from there. 🙂

    2. MDA has a lot of contests that aren’t tied to social media to enter, but for this specific giveaway, Instagram seemed to be the right place for me. Sorry for the inconvenience, and I hope to offer another contest in the future that doesn’t have a barrier to entry! Thank you for your understanding and support 🙂

  9. Congrats Leslie! I gave your book to a high school graduate, so I have to get another for myself. And I’m way past 50!

    One question though, for us technologically challenged. How do I share the graphic on my instagram page? @primalplaygirl

    1. Oh that’s awesome! Thank you for paying it forward 🙂

      To share a graphic on Instagram you can either take a screen shot and post that, or you can download a photo sharing app from the App Store. I use a free app called “Repost.” I hope that helps!

      Good luck and thanks for the love and support!

  10. Congratulations on your anniversary and thank you for allowing us to share your path! #PG1YEAR

  11. I only discovered this book yesterday and I ordered it straight away for my daughter. Cant be signed as it’s UK Amazon 🙁
    But really looking forward to her learning about how the food she eats affects her acne and migraines! She doesn’t listen to me lol

  12. Congrats, Leslie! But I’m no instagrammer either. Do I just lose out?????!?!

    1. Thank you! For this contest in particular, yes. But if you REALLY want to enter, signing up for Instagram takes less than a minute. Not much work for a prize this big 🙂

  13. I don’t have a smartphone either. Kind of ironic that a contest for primal living products requires using the latest technological gadgets. lol

    1. I’m sorry you’re unable to enter, and yes it is ironic, isn’t? Even more ironic that we’re sharing this dialogue online! Does this count as the 80/20 rule? 😉

      1. Sorry Leslie Klenke, didn’t mean to sound whiny. I am behind the majority for that type of thing I’m sure. I mean, I still have a LANDLINE!! It’s a great contest.

        1. I’m behind the majority too. I still have a landline, even though it’s disconnected half the time because it has become an instrument of torture (too many trash phone calls). Don’t have a smart phone or an instagram account. Or a Twitter or Facebook account. My laptop is about 7 years old and I dread the day when I’ll need to shop for a new one–too many options and none that quite fit the bill. Life is a lot simpler when you aren’t an electronics junky.

  14. Congrats on your success Leslie! I will be ordering your book this week and probably gifting it to one of my cousins who is growing into a stellar athlete.

    For those of you griping about the use of Instagram for the contest…honestly, get over it. Instagram is what is “in” with the kids these days, and that is Leslie’s audience, so perhaps this contest is geared toward teen girls and a good way for them to get in to the paleo and primal community. See the bigger picture here! Leslie is doing GREAT things, and that is what really matters. If you can’t enter one (of the MANY) contests because you don’t do social media or don’t have an Instagram, well, then you can’t do the contest. It’s not that big of a deal.

    1. Thanks for the support and kind words. I can’t please everyone—but I’m trying my best. Thank you for noticing! 🙂

  15. Random thought I had today, even before I saw this was the MDA post for the day: I wanted to love this book and I expected it to be of the same quality as MDA’s daily posts, but it wasn’t. I found grammatical errors and, my pet peeve, “everyday” when ” every day” was the correct term. These kind of simple errors would make me (if this were my first foray into Primal) doubt the content of the book. I hope the editing team steps up their game for Paleo Boy, if that ever comes to pass.

    1. I am relived to see that I was not the only one who wanted to love the book but couldn’t and didn’t. And I am not even talking about grammar… I bought it because I trusted Mark and his vision and his standards. But the book did not live up to any of my expectations level-wise/quality-info/tone-wise. Although, I am delighted to hear about Leslie’s success, because I think it is healthy to be happy for other people and I wish her all the best, her book was a waste of money for me.

      1. Thanks for the feedback, Mamapreneur. I’m sorry Paleo Girl fell short of your expectations. I felt an immense amount of pressure writing the book because I knew there would be plenty of people out there who may not like it. As the saying goes—you can’t win ’em all—but that didn’t stop me from trying my best. I suppose if everyone worried about pleasing everyone, nothing would ever get done!

        Thank you for the support otherwise 🙂

    2. Thanks for pointing the grammatical errors out, Kv. Writing a book is a lot of hard work, and grammar admittedly not my strong suit. I’ll be sure to let our editor know if the book ever goes to reprint!

  16. Congrats on you year anniversary. I would love to enter the contest. I am with the others. I do not want to have another “social network” to mess with. If it is that easy and most of us are getting an email or have Facebook, please, next time, have that in addition to the other networks. Thanks and congrats again.

    1. I hear you on not wanting another social network to mess with! These days Instagram is the only one I use, so it made the most sense for the contest to be held there. Thanks for understanding, and next time I’ll make sure everyone can participate 🙂

  17. Really? I don’t even now how to make a post on Instagram. So I can’t share the info, only comment on her Instagram. Oh well….

    1. Sharing a graphic on Instagram is easier than you think! The most simple way is to take a screen shot, then post that. Or, you can download a photo sharing app from the App Store. I use a free one called “Repost.” I hope that helps! 🙂

  18. #PG1YEAR

    Thanks for the opportunity to receive gifts! Thanks for all you do

  19. Congratulations! Too bad Instagram is a necessity to enter the contest. I don’t have an account. 🙁 I guess old folks need not apply! 😉

    1. Thank you! And I love old folks! If I could I’d sign you up myself, but that might be against the rules! 😉 Keep your eye out for the next contest—not all of them are tied to social media. 🙂

  20. Also, congrats on your success – where do you expect tagging occur? @LeslieKlenke

    1. To enter the contest, you must have an Instagram account. If you don’t already have one, it takes less than a minute to sign up. You can find me there @LeslieKlenke! Good luck 🙂

  21. Hey, everyone,

    If you’re a regular reader you know that I typically hold several sweepstakes, contests, giveaways every month of the year. Not every contest is going to appeal to every single person reading. Some are for US residents only, some are for anyone in the world. Some have prizes that are of interest to some people, but not others. Some ask little to nothing of the entrant (leave a comment, for example), while others have all kinds of stipulations (record a Primal workout and upload it to YouTube, or submit your favorite Primal recipe with pics, etc.). If you don’t have an Instagram account, no worries. Check back at a later time for the next event.

    Grok on!


  22. Congratulations, Leslie! Sorry to see you are getting complaints on here. Best wishes to you xxx

  23. Leslie Klenke – I loved your book and I think it is amazing that you wrote this for teen girls (I am one). It is really great since it gives teens a chance to take their health into their own hands and I think that’s really powerful. Thank you!

  24. That does it, I will lift my self imposed personal ban on social media websites for this contest.

    I’m super excited about it because it looks like a ton of people who would otherwise enter the contest can’t/won’t, which should greatly increase my chance of winning!!!!!

    My daughter just turned 13 a couple of days ago. She was raised vegetarian (as was I) until we discovered Paleo in 2012. Because of her upbringing until that point she patently refuses to eat anything that has fur. I feel I’ve made a grave error over this but what can we do as parents other than use the knowledge we have at the time? I am excited to get this book to share with her and hope it will help her to understand how dropping the carbs will help her.

    Leslie you look absolutely amazing and your success story is super inspiring. Thanks for all of your hard work and also for putting yourself out there. You are sure to inspire my little girl!

    1. That’s so sweet, Adam! Thank you for the support. I too was vegetarian and it was the most unhealthy I had ever been. I’d highly suggest you and your daughter also check out this month’s issue of Paleo Girl Magazine. There’s a really great article in it from a beautiful friend of mine named Kinsey called “From Veg to Paleo—How I Ate Away My Autoimmunity.” It’s her story as a recovering vegetarian. She was once wheelchair bound and balding, and now she is thriving and a picture of health! You can signup for a subscription and instantly download the issue at

      1. Done! Thanks!

        Looking forward to winning your contest, there’s lots of great stuff in there, I can’t wait!

  25. Thank You, Leslie for such an awesome giveaway! I have an Instagram account, but never posted, but a couple of days later – bam! I now know how to post, etc. no worries 🙂

  26. Also not an instagramer, but that’s ok. Wanted to give a shout out because I know your hometown (I think). I went to Sidney HS myself, but student taught at Vandalia HS (as well as went to various sporting/academic events between our schools). Graduated in 2000.

  27. Hi Leslie:

    I just started eating Paelo and just recently lost 38 pounds. Thank you for the contest 🙂

  28. #PG1YEAR

    Thank you Leslie Klenke for helping me to lose 30lbs and the other women figure this out.

  29. Signed up for Instagram, but have no clue as to how or where to put #PG1YEAR or how to “tag” you. I will try to read “Getting Familiar with Instagram.” It you know how to use something, it seems easy, but when it’s brand new, not always the case.