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Worker Bees’ Daily Bites:

Mark’s favorite items from today’s health news.

1) FDA Approves Deficiency – er, Diet – Drug

Orlistat, an obesity drug, has been approved for over-the-counter use. It ain’t your mama’s diet pill – this drug actually has major side effects, and because it depletes nutrients from the body, must be taken with a multivitamin. Like ephedra before it, we’re giving this product a short shelf life. Unlike previous diet drugs, this is now going to be available at the local Rite Aid. The FDA reminds Americans that we must eat right and work out along with taking Orlistat. In case you were wondering, the FDA’s favorite glasses are rose-colored.

Life's Rosy When You Can Be Glib About Death

There are healthier – and easier – ways to lose weight, friends. Stick around for plenty of helpful tips, every day. We’ll keep you posted on all future Orlistat news, too.

2) Sleep Your Way to Slim

Yesterday’s Tuesday 10 focused on the importance of sleep (scroll down the page a bit to check it out).

Here’s another great thing that’s just been revealed about the connection between sleep and health. Slender days ahead!

is it bedtime yet?

3) For the nerds (you rock)

If you’re into breaking discoveries, and especially cancer news, this is an utterly fascinating new piece of information.

cells are slick little dudes

4) For the curious (you also rock)

If you’re just into really bizarre health news, this is for you.

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