The Oreo Pizza

The Oreo Pizza gives you an Oreo mustache. And that’s the selling point…

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9 thoughts on “The Oreo Pizza”

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  1. It’s funny, oh, how can something be so funny and yet so unhealthy?

    I salute you, clever marketers, and may you someday be hired by worthier employers.

  2. Milk gives you a mustache, and the’ve made a whole celebrity endorsement out of it, but this is just nasty. Although unhealthy, i cant help but admit it probably does taste good, but the commercial completely turns my off. As i a kid i used to get mad when my dad didn’t shave one day and his “five o’clock shadow” who appear and would be all stubbly when i went to kiss his cheek. This is kinda worse than stubble, its like you leave a trail of trans-fat when you show any affection!

  3. Great commercial! Entertaining, I mean. Makes me never want to look at another Oreo, however. Blech.

  4. I think this commercial is hilarious, and I’ve laughed every time I’ve seen it on television so far.

    It does make me want to eat an Oreo pizza. Admittedly, I do have a soft spot for Oreos. There’s just something about that chemical cream in the middle that makes me crave more. Luckily, Oreos are a very, very once in a while treat, and I don’t think I’ll ever be trying a slice of the pizza.

  5. The commercial cracks me up, but I don’t ever want to eat Oreo pizza. I love Oreos, but almost never buy them because I have trouble eating just ten.

  6. I love this commercial! I think it’s hilarious. But that “Oreo pizza” looks (and sounds) downright nasty. I am not fond of Oreos to begin with (that same chemical cream mentioned above makes me gag and coats my mouth). Although… it seems most of this pizza is on the face of the guy, and not actually being eaten by him. Which is actually healthier than actually eating it. Maybe they are starting the newest diet craze: smear your favorite bad foods on your face to get your fix, but don’t actually ingest any! Yipee!

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