Now Offering Primal Blueprint Email Support, Meal Plans and More!

A few weeks ago I announced major plans to help you make 2013 your best year yet. Since then I released The Primal Connection and launched, my team held a Primal seminar and cooking class in Phoenix, AZ, and this last weekend was the inaugural Luxury Retreat in Malibu, CA. But I promised much more. Today, I’m happy to announce a variety of new ways to help you achieve your health and wellness goals with the Primal Blueprint. Today’s post details the launch of several new products and services to help you get and stay Primal in 2013 and beyond. Take a look and see what interests you the most. Please call 888-774-6259 or email with questions about these offerings. Our staff is waiting to help!

Primal Blueprint Email Support

Email SupportI’ve received more requests for one-on-one support than for probably just about anything else in recent years. I get hundreds of emails every day from people looking for personalized help and answers to questions about their unique health issues. While I try to answer each and every email that hits my inbox, many questions deserve much more time and care than I can provide alone. Now, with Primal Blueprint Email Support you can get your very own personal coach to engage in unlimited email communication relating to your diet, your fitness routine, and all of your other Primal Blueprint-related goals. You can enjoy this service as needed, on a month-to-month basis, for just $9.99/mo. Upon your enrollment, you will be assigned a coach, who has been extensively trained for this role and certified as a Primal Blueprint expert (we will offer this certification course to the public later this year, stay tuned…). I’ll be hands-on, overseeing the entire operation and coaching strategy. All communications with your coach are strictly confidential and we will support you at whatever intensive level you require to ensure your journey is successful. To learn more about Primal Blueprint Email Support and to begin your subscription, visit the Email Support page.

Primal Blueprint Meal Plan

Meal PlanThe Primal Blueprint eating strategy is simple – eat meat, fish, fowl, eggs, veggies, fruits, nuts and seeds, and a little bit of high-fat dairy. But simple doesn’t mean it’s always easy. Planning for meals and foraging for ingredients can be a challenge – especially if you are new to the Primal Blueprint eating strategy. That’s where the Primal Blueprint Meal Plan comes in. With the Meal Plan, grocery shopping will be a focused, efficient exercise instead of an exercise in frustration and confusion. All your Primal meals are planned out for you, and there are simple recipes to guide you through every meal. The Meal Plan saves you time by presenting recipes that generate ample leftovers. This allows you to plan ahead and make the most hectic times of the week the easiest when it comes to eating.

For just $9.99/mo, the Primal Blueprint Meal Plan delivers new shopping lists, meal plans, and recipes directly to your email inbox every week. If you could use some help organizing your weekly meals and shopping list, and find value in being told exactly what to eat each day to achieve your ideal body composition, this plan is for you. Learn more about the Primal Blueprint Meal Plan, and begin your subscription here.

Get Primal Blueprint Email Support and the Primal Blueprint Meal Plan at a reduced monthly rate ($14.99) when ordered together. Learn all the details here.

Primal Fuel 15-Serving Option

Primal Fuel

When I first released Primal Fuel I pledged to lower the price of it when and where I could (without cutting any corners on quality) through volume sales and larger ingredient buys. With our outstanding initial response to the product, I indeed lowered the price of the 30-serving jug by $10 back in 2012. I have also recently replaced the HDPE canister with a new easier-to-ship and more environmentally friendly poly bag (pictured).

Now, in a continued effort to make Primal Fuel more accessible and affordable, I’ve listened to your requests for a smaller canister option. You can now purchase Primal Fuel in a 15-serving supply at close to half the cost of the 30-serving canister. At only $2.66 per serving, it’s the perfect high-protein, moderate-fat, low-carb meal replacement shake. It’s the most convenient, cost-effective way to enjoy great nutrition and stay Primal when you’re pressed for time. And as thousands of Primal Fuel customers can attest, both flavors (Chocolate Coconut and Vanilla Coconut Creme) are absolutely delicious, too! If you’ve been waiting to try Primal Fuel, there’s no better time than now. To order the 15-Serving Primal Fuel, simply select “15 Serving” before adding Primal Fuel to your shopping cart.

The Primal Blueprint 21-Day Transformation Program

21-Day Transformation ProgramRemember the Primal Leap Kit? Well, it’s been out of stock for a number of months as we’ve been retooling the package. The new kit, now available, is called the 21-Day Transformation Program. This comprehensive package delivers everything you need to reduce excess body fat with certainty and safety in a short time. The Transformation program is comprised of multi-media material and online support features (including a month of one-on-one email support from an expert coach), the centerpiece being The Primal Blueprint 21-Day Total Body Transformation guidebook and journal. In addition to the book, you’ll receive:

Additionally, as a 21-Day Transformation Program customer you will receive a discount code giving you 25% off your next Primal Blueprint order AND will receive a 10% lifetime discount for all future orders (excluding Events). You get all this (retail value over $200) for just $127.

If you or anyone you know has struggled to transition to Primal eating, struggled to lose fat or keep it off, or requires intensive support to kick-start a 21-day lifestyle transformation, this program is the ticket. It’s simply everything you need to go Primal and do it the right way in a single package, and your results – for once and for all – are guaranteed or your money back. Learn more here.

Need Help Going Primal? We’ve got you covered. Choose the Package That’s Right for You Here.

About the Author

Mark Sisson is the founder of Mark’s Daily Apple, godfather to the Primal food and lifestyle movement, and the New York Times bestselling author of The Keto Reset Diet. His latest book is Keto for Life, where he discusses how he combines the keto diet with a Primal lifestyle for optimal health and longevity. Mark is the author of numerous other books as well, including The Primal Blueprint, which was credited with turbocharging the growth of the primal/paleo movement back in 2009. After spending three decades researching and educating folks on why food is the key component to achieving and maintaining optimal wellness, Mark launched Primal Kitchen, a real-food company that creates Primal/paleo, keto, and Whole30-friendly kitchen staples.

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  1. The email support is a cool idea. I have often had questions I wanted to ask Mark but never got around to it. Will there be a premium email support where Mark actually answers the questions instead of his underlings for $39.99?

    1. nice idea, however implementing this could be next to impossible unless he has it in very limited availability (ie less than 100 users). even then the potential to be inundated with unending questions from these 100 people could make the task gargantuan.

    2. The existing $9.99 option IS the premium option. Primal Blueprint Certified Experts are highly trained and standing by ready to help!

  2. Great job Mark and team, that’s really useful, especially the email support and meal plans for beginners.

    … think you’ve covered all our Primal needs now!

  3. In your grocery shopping guidelines, you advise that poultry be pasture raised and receive a 100% vegetarian diet. Isn’t this contradictory?

    1. I think chickens should eat bugs. I’ve eaten (and cooked the wickedist omelettes for “neighbours” with) lots of eggs from sorta free range chickens that I’m sure ate bugs (they were always pecking at the dirt) and they were the best chicken eggs I’ve tasted. A golden experience. Those yolks were like steroids with no negative side effects for me.

    1. I agree! Yipee! My prayers have been answered – I’ve been in need of some helpful advice for a few months now. Can’t seem to lose any fat while eating 50grams or less of carbs per day…very frustrating.

  4. Great package of products and services….

    the only thing missing is direct delivery of primal foods to my mouth… I’d be glad to pay 9.99/month for that!

  5. It’s not for me for a few reasons.

    However, this is excellent for people that are on the fence, need that additional motivation or someone simply to consult. Good for you Mark and crew, this will have a positive impact.

  6. Way to go Mark & Company. You’ve monetized the Primal services in a good a necessary way. I must admit I’m a bit disappointed the DVD can’t be ordered separately and the Journal needs to become an App but it’s all nicely done and (of course) you’ll evolve! hehe

  7. Great idea the email support. If it works as it should, would be fantastic. Is there a limit of e-mails to be sent/answered on a monthly basis?

    Or is it possible to email bomb with whathever Primal question we have? Thanks.

  8. Are the meal plans easily adaptable for non US customers?

    Very tempted by this but am very wary of recurrent payments…..are there plans in the future to do one of packages of say 3 or 6 months?

    1. Yes, I’d say the Meal Plan is easily adaptable for non US customers. You can have a look at the recipes we’re starting with (we’ll be adding more recipes in coming months) to get a sense of the ingredients called for.

      We don’t have plans for custom time periods of access. You can cancel the subscription at any time by phone or email.

      1. It is the one thing I do have trouble with at times, your ingredients – I live in rural Northumberland in the UK and even some of the less ‘exotic’ ingredients are hard to come by. Or are prohibitively expensive. We don’t have an Asian supermarket or shop for fresh spices. Meat, although we can get good local cuts, is again expensive and vegetables can get very boring and run of the mill. How often can you eat cabbage in week!

  9. I was wondering if there’s anyone that has issues with dairy that is able to tolerate the primal fuel. It’s tempting to me, but dairy and I rarely mix well (it effects my asthma). I can do a little dark chocolate and butter, but not much else. TIA!

    1. I don’t have serious issues with dairy, but milk or cheese gives me major congestion and a runny nose, especially in the morning. I’ve been using the primal fuel for a breakfast shake for 3-4 months now and no sinus issues.

    2. Some stressors that contribute to asthmatic-like systems I allow myself to burdened with.. dark chocolate seems to help in most of those times if my mouth is not too dry – cacao is an endothelial protector. 18% sherry, $7.45 for a 750mL bottle. Grand. Extra money spent on cofee in times of desperation.. dutiful.

  10. YES!!! Just ordered the Email support plan. Being cooped up in Afghanistan with limited activity and various things, I could use some genuinely good ideas outside of the box!

  11. This is great, really…. But Why the heck do I have to call a service representative to cancel??? Normal practice is that you can do it via e-mail.
    I would like to sign up, but I live in Denmark and I am not going to call anyone… Sorry

  12. This is awesome! I previously ordered the 30-Day Intro to Paleo Meal Plan from The Food Lovers Kitchen and loved the concept but disliked the Paleo rather than Primal focus and the emphasis on more expensive food items. The Primal Blueprint Meal Plan looks like the perfect Primal answer. Also, the 21-Day Transformation Program would make a great gift (to the right person) (or to myself!). Awesome!

  13. Bravo, may you reap great profits! Maybe I missed it, but I’d like to suggest a gift option. If I were to order this for someone as a gift, I’d like to able to add a note or have a default, positive note added to the package. Additionally the gift is prepaid and should expire when the terms of the gift end. The last thing I’d want from a gift is to be rebilled or give a reoccuring cost. Nonetheless, I think it could make a great gift package.

  14. I was going to post on your FB page today asking about the Meal Plan and there it is!!


  15. what do you mean by “a little high fat dairy”?? i keep reading your definite guide to dairy but still dont understand what and when i should be eating dairy! (btw- i can tolerate it perfectly). thanks!!

    1. I use heavy cream in my coffee and also put a little in with my scrambled eggs. Others have posted that they eat high-fat yogurt, althgough I don’t know how they use it. I have a little Gouda for a snack when I get the munchies. I believe all these items have been mentioned by others on this blog. Hope this helps!

      1. I have high-fat yoghurt with my breakfast in the mornings, some butter and cheese with other meals, and the occasional cocoa with full milk and whipped cream (no sugar).

  16. Hi I live in UKand have been following your blog and reading your books ,trying to be as primal as I can since Christmas Is there anywhere in the UK I can get your vitamins etc

  17. It’s incredible to see this movement going and growing as strong as it has over the years. I am 4.5 yrs in, 75 lbs lighter and have never felt better. I have had so many people ask me what it is i am doing and i always point them towards this site as a reference, i can now point them directly at the products and services to help them out. really great job guys.

  18. That’s awesome! I would consider getting the email support and meal plan features. However, not sure if I can squeeze it into a student’s budget.

    1. I wanted to add a little comment about keeping a budget. If you will be the only Grok on the meal plan, it is difficult to cut some of the recipes in half. Instead you could make a full breakfast then eat it 4 mornings and not buy the other breakfast ingredients. Similarly you could do this for dinners, lunches etc… It takes out a bit of variety, but if you are budget constrained its likely not much of an issue.

      Additionally, you are effectively “cutting” the meal plan in half; so each week could nearly be 2 weeks worth of plans.

      PS- I live in an area where organic is hard to come by (Walmart is the best grocery store), for me if organic isn’t available or is outrageously priced, I don’t sweat it; it is still WAY better then procesed fast food. I’m also currently buying whatever organic things I can in bulk online.

      Sorry for the long post, just excited about getting back into Paleo!

  19. hah i am so broke i barely make rent and as an organic farmer made less then one retreat costs for the whole of last year….you folks going to these soirees better enjoy the shit out of these things and dont let any excuse get in the way of you getting healthy…….!

  20. I think the deal for primal email support sounds pretty good. As long as the counsellors respond quickly and efficiently then about $10 a month is a pithy price for focused, spot-on advice. But a charge for the meal plan? Not right. That should be free. How hard is it for experts to tell someone what they should eat?
    MDA is my favourite website. Mark and company would make the cut for my tribe.. but don’t make a money grab. With million dollar giveaways you must be wealthy enough to enjoy enough luxuries to be a club of the good life and enjoy all its benefits.. and no question or doubt that you already do an astounding amount of good for free.. but for the upkeep of righteousness.. don’t overcharge. That’s all.

    1. Do you think Grok, when admired for his skill with a spear, would make some young upstart in the group give him a bit of his share of dinner for a guided practice session?

      1. One of the most empowering protein fixes is a can of sardines. 18 grams or so the nutrition facts say, but you’re eating almost complete fish bodies. 18 grams of protein with a bunch of nutrients such as all the vitamin D you need for a day (great to have in the morning to get your metabolism dieseling and supplement a day’s worth of sunlight if necessary, along with a plethora of extra benefits, like skeleton support to name one), is better than 20 grams of pure protein (as awesome as free-basing is!).

        1. Capitalism is essentially what caused an ancestral health movement to be necessary.. let’s be careful with it. Walking on a fence is fun, productive.. jumping off is more than a step down.
          All this must sound excessively melodramatic.. just greasing the groove!

    2. I think we’re in a modern world and Mark (and company) needs to make a living.

      IMO, There’s nothing wrong with charging for a meal plan either. It is, hands down, still my biggest challenge after all these years. If they’ve spent hours/days pulling together meal plans I think they probably deserve some cold hard cash for sharing them.

      As it is, if you have more time than money, between this site and other 3 billion recipe sites on the net, you could pull together your own. Once you understand the concepts, Primal isn’t difficult. It’s the organizing and behavior that are the ongoing struggles — that’s what he’s offering help with.

    3. Yes, I’ve done that, too. Enjoy the hundreds of Primal recipes on MDA, no charge:

      The Meal Plan organizes recipes and ingredients into daily meals and shopping lists. This takes careful thought and effort. Hence the nominal monthly fee.

      It won’t be for everyone. And that’s fine. If you’re a Primal veteran and have everything dialed in, then it may not be for you. For Primal newbies, and those struggling to find the time to plan and forage for Primal meals it’s a very useful service we’re providing.

      1. I think if we all sent Mark a check for how his free advice has helped us, then he’d be the wealthiest man in the world. I just don’t have the funds to pay him what he deserves!

        Thank you Mark!! I hope you are rolling in the $$$,$$$,$$$!

  21. And you want to lose fat? Catabolize through effort and starve yourself (not too much.. but if you’re not consistenly feeling hungry you are pampering yourself)! Make sure you can handle it (might have to pig out on nutrient high food first to help you manage the calorie wear off.. but it’s like winding up for a stronger hit.
    I just spent about four days eating enough cheese to make a cow run. Almost three pounds of blueberries. Not much else. Low-carb, based on what I’m doing now. Bit of bee pollen (superfood.. not your typical snack but it’s relentless in helping your adaptogenic processes). I boozed. Not too much to be problematic but I tread on thin ice (literally.. walked on some ice just lately enough to still feel the aftermath. : ) ). But the result of the deductive tunneling function (that is, fatigue adaptapation, going going going like a duracell battery (rechargable, +cough+) and dimming in energy, but not stopping. Like a toy monster truck blowing some kid’s mind.. because I’ll be more alive after. My tired heart is going to chill and be ready for something harder next time.

    1. Hey so you’re a free man? No more heavy-handed judge?

      1. Sounds rhetorical, but maybe. I wasn’t all that close to my usual commenting state of mind making what remarks I did a little earlier. Strung out at the time, I admit.
        Sometimes the jack in the box busts out and goes on sort of an opinionated rant, might cause stress (or annoyance) no matter if I have good intentions.

        1. And some of what I said sounds like pure gibberish. I assumed people would understand everything I meant.
          Since then I’ve been more careful about my non-food intake. I’m basically in morning-after mode, with the “night” encompassing the last 8 years or so.

  22. Really interested in the meal plans but I am from the UK and so guess they wont be that relevant. In the future please consider doing UK friendly rewrites /options. There is a massive market here waiting for you!

  23. Love the meal plan idea and will be buying a sub when i get home. Any chance that a smartphone app could be in the seen in the future? An app would be killer if it was an area that collected primal recipes and interactive shopping lists, as well as a calorie / activity counter.

    1. You could also tie the weekly meal plans to the / an app if you wanted.

  24. Is Primal Fuel thick, rich and shake-like, and therefore filling like a MetRx or LeanBody meal replacement; or is it thin and soupy like most protein supplements?

    1. I’ve found it depends on what I add to it.

      I use a NutriBullet and spinach is the base for almost all my shakes. I find them to be thin – unless I add some frozen berries then they’re thick like an ice cream shake and YUMMY!!!!!!!!!

      I’m so glad I found the Primal Fuel – first protein powder I have found that I can stomach!

  25. What a great idea! I think a lot of people will really benefit from this. I understand this is a very large and well oiled machine that needs to make money aswell as be a labour of love, however I really really hope this doesn’t lead to becoming a chargeable website to view new/old content… It’s great that us primal’ers have a place to go, wherever we live, to feel connected and surrounded by like minded people. I for one would LOVE to be a certified expert!! Keep us posted if you need em’ in the UK ;D

  26. I was wondering two things about the meal plan:

    How will this be set calorie wise? With people needing different ranges of calories how many calories a day is this meal plan set for?

    How much will the average week cost in groceries?

    Thanks for all you do!

  27. I plan to sign up for the email coach, but I wonder about the meal plans. I’ve tried other meal plans and they didn’t suit me at all and I dropped it. I am a single person who has a full time job and all the usual life to live. I don’t have a lot of time, so I’ve developed the habit of cooking 4+- meals at a time and eating them over the course of a day or two. The meal plans I’ve tried and discarded have a different variety for each meal = more shopping, more cooking, more clean up.

    Will your meal plans be more work for me or will they help simplify my life? I figure Grok ate on the same antelope and same basket of roots for a day or two before leaving camp again.

    Thank you for all you do. You’re my HERO!!

  28. It was such an honor and a great experience to be part of the inaugural Luxury Retreat this past weekend. It exceeded my expectations by far! I was very impressed with the knowledge of the Adam and Vanessa and the evening Q&A sessions with Mark were priceless! Thank you, thank you for an unforgettable, life-changing weekend!!

  29. I tried to order the meal plan and apparently handling is an extra $18.95. How is that possible? (I live in Germany)

      1. Nice to know that there is at least one other paleo person in the UK

    1. I sent in an email asking about the 18.95 handling charge. I live in Canada. Hopefully this will get fixed soon, because I can’t wait to sign up for the meal plan!

      1. If you live outside of the US and would like to place an order for the Meal Plan or Email Support simply call us at 310-317-4414 and we’ll set you up at the correct price. And we’re working on fixing the international handling fee ecommerce quirk. Thanks, everyone.

  30. Just called to place order but rang out. (International Call). Is there working hours?

  31. I have two questions about primal fuel, hopefully no one minds me asking here…

    1) when the ingredient list says ‘natural flavors’ what is that really referring to?

    2) Would this be something safe to give to small children, say a 1.5 and 2.5 year old?

    I’m looking for something for myself for easy, primal breakfasts, and my kids love smoothies too. I want to make sure it would be safe for them to have. Thanks!!

  32. Is there a forum or blog wiith comments from people who have tried the meal plans? I would love to hear some feedback before trying it.