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The following real life story is from MDA reader, Tallguy. He has graciously submitted his tale of going Primal and in doing so is participating in this season’s Tell Your Story contest. If you’d like to share your story (and photos) with fellow MDA readers submit your own personal story by August 28 for a chance to win a pair of Vibram FiveFingers and a Grok t-shirt. Grok on!

Getting diagnosed with Parkinson’s wasn’t the ideal way to celebrate my 31st birthday, but then again I didn’t really have any choice in the matter. Over the next 9 years I was a good boy and took the pills and potions the doctors prescribed for me, they don’t cure, they just mask the slow deterioration of a once active body. You name a sport and I played it – in retrospect I had probably worn my body out in the first 31 years on our planet!! Whether it be catching, throwing, running, chasing or skiing I was always on the move.

With the onset of the disease came the depression, the sapping of ones self esteem, nibbling away at my abilities to function as a ‘normal’ human being, whether it be buttoning a shirt, tying my laces, walking, in fact all the everyday automatic functions became a constant frustration. I could still eat though and made the most of it and piled on 60lb’s over my ‘fighting’ weight. Last August a few days before my 40th birthday I looked at some photos of myself in my younger fitter days and that was the catalyst, the excess had to go. At first I used CW to shift the weight, it was slow and tedious, but this was the way that we lost weight in the 21st century wasn’t it? If the majority of the population are doing it, it must be right!! Wrong !

I started going to the gym, in fact 2 gyms, I was really keen, totally immersed in macro nutrient ratios, should I be on the 40,30,30 or the 50,30,20 or maybe the best way was 60,20,20 my mind was awash with ZMA, EAA, BCAA more acronyms, I think most were BS though!! Then one day after trawling the net for the next big diet fad I came across MDA, another acronym to get the money out of my pocket I thought. After reading the Mark’s blog, the members forum etc. I felt like I had found a home. Strange way to put it I guess but the internet is a 1000 lane highway with the traffic doing 80 and it just felt like I had exited to a suburban single track country road where you could stop a while and take in the view. I posted on the forum when I first joined, saying what a refreshing change it was for a forum to have such well informed and friendly members.

On receiving my copy of the PB, I read it cover to cover and repeat………….twice!! I took it all on board and am living a primal lifestyle with the odd 21st century indulgence, remember the 80/20 rule! My Parkinsons is still there, but somehow less obvious, this past month or so I have become a true fat burner, my brain fog has disappeared and I am physically and mentally in the best shape I have been since PD. I have lost that stubborn last 10lbs and my body composition has changed and I am in better shape now than in my formative years, all thanks to Mark and his Primal Blueprint. I love my new lifestyle, Cheers Mark.


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  1. Excellent story, I wish you the best as you have a challenge to face, but it seems you are facing it head on with an arsenal of great info!

  2. Wonderful story! I’m glad, especially, that you were able to rid yourself of the dreaded brain fog. I have an entirely different condition but eating a diet high in fatty meat and devoid of fructose has helped me in that regard as well.

    You have my admiration for going against the current and taking the initiative to do whatever it takes to improve your health. Keep it up!

  3. The Primal lifestyle really does change gene expression for the better. I have an autosomal dominant metabolic disorder inherited from my mother’s side of the family–erythropoietic protoporphyria (EPP for short). Someone afflicted with EPP has a strong sun sensitivity and thus must avoid sunlight (not too good for vitamin D levels, eh?). After even 10-15 minutes in the sun the exposed skin starts to burn and itch, and with prolonged exposure becomes inflamed and swells.
    Since going primal I’ve noticed that my sun tolerance has shot way up. In fact, this summer, I’ve been able to go into the mid-day sun with a tank top and shorts (and vibram’s five fingers) for up to an hour at a time with no signs of symptoms! I can only ascribe this change to diet, probably the elimination of grains and especially of industrial vegetal seed oils (which are incredibly pro-inflammatory) and the adoption of good fats such as coconut oil, ghee, butter, bacon drippings, and beef tallow for cooking and regular consumption. Never felt better in my life, and I love the feel of sunlight on my skin. So satisfying!

  4. My father-in-law lived with Parkinson’s for damn near 15 years before it got him at age 78. I’m convinced his positive approach, active lifestyle, and pro-active attack on the disease allowed him to live a full life. He never let it get the best of him. Good luck; sounds like
    you’re already on track.

  5. Congratulations, Tallguy! My father was diagnosed with Parkinson’s three years ago, and I’ll be sharing your story with him. All best to you and your health!