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New and Noteworthy: What I Read This Week—Edition 233

Research of the Week
Vigorous microworkouts every day reduce cancer incidence.

If you have overweight friends, you’re more likely to be overweight yourself..

Exercise makes weight loss healthier.

A retraction of a study about “cancer microbiomes.”

Early curry.

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New and Noteworthy: What I Read This Week—Edition 232

Research of the Week
Nice outline of nootropics.

Cancer transmitted from a parasite.

Creatine enhances immune function.

Shortened eating windows does not impair sleep in obese teens.

Carbs may increase heart disease.

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New and Noteworthy: What I Read This Week—Edition 231

Research of the Week
Statins and insulin resistance.

Higher cholesterol, longer life.

Microeconomics applied to the cell.

Red wine may improve male sexual function.

Circadian health is very important for longevity.

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An Update From Mark

I’ve been seeing a lot of skeptical or downright hostile comments about the Kraft Heinz acquisition of Primal Kitchen and my involvement in the company on ads, Instagram posts, and comment sections. Look, I understand the skepticism, but I want you to know that the decision to partner with Kraft Heinz was not one I took lightly. I wanted to grow Primal Kitchen, but only by working with a company that would fully support the Primal Kitchen mission. While there was no guarantee how things would turn out, almost five years later, I can confidently say partnering with Kraft Heinz for growth has been overwhelmingly positive. Our partners believe in our mission and have given us the tools to bring Primal Kitchen into millions of homes. You can now find us in retailers such as Costco, Walmart, Publix, Sprouts Farmers Market, and Target all over the country now in addition to Whole Foods Market and natural health stores. We are reaching more people in more places, which is actually how I believe we can successfully change the food landscape. Despite all that, Primal Kitchen remains autonomous. We decide what we do, what we produce, how we market, and what we sell. We just have the support and scale to opt into the Primal Kitchen nutritional philosophy. In fact, we’ve had almost the exact same team for the 4 1/2 years since we sold Primal Kitchen, only we’ve added even more talent. The core team remains, including myself and Morgan, my co-founder. As the founder, I am still involved in product creation, research and development, and ingredient and quality oversight. Our commitment to using high-quality Primal-approved ingredients hasn’t changed one iota and never will as long as I’m involved. For these reasons, Primal Kitchen is probably the greatest success story in recent food and beverage acquisitions. We continue to grow every year, we maintain the same team that got us here, and with your help we continue to elevate the quality of food and ingredients on grocery shelves across America. The best part for me is that instead of worrying about hiring and the day-to-day of running a company, I can focus on the fun parts, the stuff that got me interested in starting a food company in the first place: developing new recipes and trialing new ingredients. Actually, that’s also the best part for you all, because that’s where I shine—coming up with great new additions to the lineup. I’ve also been able to expand into other arenas and focus on growing as a person. The hardest part of a startup is getting started and making it viable. Just like how once you get past the newborn years parenting opens up a bit and starts getting a bit more free and clear, once you know your business is going to succeed is when you can really start to grow. I’ve got my new shoe company, Peluva I founded with my son, Kyle. I’m a grandpa twice over now. I get … Continue reading “An Update From Mark”

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New and Noteworthy: What I Read This Week—Edition 230

Research of the Week
The destruction of the bison ruined Plains Indian nations who relied on them.

Short sleep nullifies the benefits of exercise.

Higher soil quality, higher state quality.

Cognitive function and firearms performance.

Eating more calcium and protein reduces falls and fractures in the elderly.

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New and Noteworthy: What I Read This Week—Edition 229

Research of the Week
Income inequality in the Aztec Empire.

Thinking positive about the future reduces stress and anxiety if the thinking is relative to your current task.

Risk taking in humans and chimps is quite similar.

People are spending more money than ever, but the money is spread across a broader swathe of brands. More niche products.

Cannabis legalization doesn’t seem to have reduced opioid usage, unfortunately.

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