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Study: The Link between Body Temperature and Physical Activity

I used to offer extended commentary on new research in a weekly series called “Monday Musings.” I’d cover and summarize a study or two or three, give some commentary, and open it up for questions from the readers. It was a fun and informative way to spend a Monday. Well, with more and more research being published than ever before, and more and more people being interested in health than ever before, I figured I’d resurrect the practice and begin analyzing new research in brief, digestible chunks.

First study is “Historical body temperature records as a population-level ‘thermometer’ of physical activity in the United States.”

I’m not a cold weather guy anymore. Years of living in Malibu and now Miami Beach have softened me. I’ll admit that readily. But back when I was a kid in Maine, I used to brave those cold blustery (even snowy) days without much in the way of cold weather clothing. My friends and I would stay out all day long and never stop moving, never really feeling the cold. We weren’t out there shirtless or anything, but we also weren’t wearing four layers. We weren’t bundled up.

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Weekly Link Love — Edition 94

Research of the Week
The American College of Cardiology reassesses its stance on saturated fats.

Psychological stress makes it harder to recover from DOMS.

How a person uses their smartphone can reveal aspects of their personality.

Dietary lectins travel from the gut to the brain of C. elegans worms. Potential Parkinson’s explanation?

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Weekly Link Love — Edition 93

Research of the Week
More evidence of admixture with ancient hominids.

Vegan and vegetarian weaning of infants is a real bad idea with potentially lasting effects.

In middle aged people, taking 5 grams of collagen every day improved language function and appeared to alter brain structure.

Using a very-low-carb ketogenic diet to reverse super high triglycerides.

Yogic pranayama breathing exercises have remarkable effects on anxiety and negative effect.

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Coronavirus Update: New Developments on COVID-19

It’s been a couple months since I did a post explicitly about COVID-19, or SARS-COV2, or coronavirus, and since the pandemic is still happening and is on everyone’s mind, I’m going to do another one today. This time, I’m going to do a big picture look at where we stand on transmission risks, reinfections, immunity, and what I think we need to keep in mind as we go forward.

Where do we stand with coronavirus?

How is it transmitted—and how can we avoid it?

What’s the deal with herd immunity?

What are my thoughts on the biggest challenges yet to come?

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Weekly Link Love – Edition 74

Research of the Week
Even medical students touch their face dozens of times each hour, almost 50% of the time a mucous membrane.

A clinical trial is underway looking at the effect of chloroquine on coronavirus.

A neutrophil:lymphocyte ratio indicative of insulin resistance predicts severe illness in COVID-19 cases.

ACE inhibitors and coronavirus.

Dairy appears to promote better bone mineralization in post-menopausal women.

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Weekly Link Love – Edition 73

Research of the Week
Malaria drug shows promise against coronavirus.

Coronavirus shows different levels of stability on different surfaces.

Coronavirus patients may have lower cholesterol. No word on causation—could very well be that infection decreases cholesterol.

A study in Thailand finds that hospitalized coronavirus patients tend to have low potassium levels.

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