New Natural Bad Breath Cure Also Relieves Stress (Plus Bad Breath Tips)

Magnolia bark extract is a traditional Chinese medicine that alleviates fever, headache, and stress. Recent research has also shown that magnolia bark nixes the germs that lead to ulcers. Now, magnolia bark extract has been shown to be effective against bad breath, as well!

When Wrigley researchers added the extract to gum, trial chewers experienced fresher breath. This natural antibacterial treatment works by killing the bacteria behind most bad breath. The actual source of bad breath – outside of your wild nights with garlic – is the sulfur that results as a byproduct of bacteria breaking down proteins in the mouth.

Tips to Tame That Dragon:

1. First, proper dental care. Brushing after meals is important, but flossing is essential, too.

2. Avoid sweets and soda. Sugars and stickiness = recipe for bad breath bacteria.

3. Drink water with your meals and throughout the day to purify your mouth.

4. Follow sensible, healthy living habits: exercise, get plenty of sleep, don’t smoke, and manage stress.

5. Invest in a tongue scraper (they’re only a few dollars).

6. If you have persistent bad breath, go to the doctor and the dentist to ensure you don’t have an underlying health condition or dental decay.

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